Ever since StarCraft first appeared back in 1998, RTS enthusiasts were eager to test their skills on a variety of maps. Luckily, the constant development of this esport brought a lot of different maps for people to compete on. In this piece, we will be taking a look at all there is to know about StarCraft 2 maps, so read on!

What Are StarCraft 2 Maps?

First and foremost, StarCraft 2 is a real-time strategy game, wherein players battle against each other by choosing one of the four available factions, and of course, StarCraft 2 maps, where they will compete.

Maps are nothing more than structures and layouts of the field that basically even the odds between opponents. StarCraft 2 custom maps are created by enthusiasts from many countries, but most of them are from Korea. Map design itself creates obstacles and helps players use certain aspects of the map as an added layer of protection.

There are plenty of StarCraft 2 maps available on the market, but if you are into StarCraft betting, then you are probably only interested in the maps that are played in big tournaments and leagues. Do not worry, we will touch base on this later on.

What You Need To Know When Looking at StarCraft 2 Maps

  • Choke Point – The most important thing about choke points is the control of them. Whoever has control of either a natural choke or an artificial one will probably have success in both defence and offence. A choke point is a place on the map where the terrain becomes more narrow, which stops possible surroundings.
  • Resources – This is as simple as it gets. There are three main resources in StarCraft maps: Vespene gas, supply, and minerals. Players need to utilise them to their full potential in order to get an edge over opponents.
  • Xel’Naga Tower – This tower is an indestructible neutral structure that grants vision, but it has to be activated by one of the units. The usual placement of these towers is in important locations that will allow players that are controlling them to have an advantage in regard to vision.
  • Destructible Rocks – Once again, we are talking about neutral structures on the map. This time, however, these types of rocks can be destroyed by any unit that can attack ground units. Once their health reaches zero, destructible rocks will crumble.

StarCraft Map History

StarCraft has been around for a very long time and the fact is, it set pillars for many other relevant video games out there when it comes to real-time strategies.

There are over one hundred maps that were played at some point in StarCraft 2 custom maps history. However, not many maps were played for an extended period of time, hence why updates and newly-built maps were always more than welcome.

It is also important to mention that map pool and ladder maps are different for some hosts. For instance, GSL maps differ from the ones used in the latest edition of IEM Katowice.

Current Active StarCraft 2 Map Pool

As mentioned above, map pools are often very different and depend on the tournament host and their desires. Best StarCraft 2 custom maps are allowing organisers to have a big enough map pool to make things more interesting for viewers and to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Below, we list the competition maps for the most popular tournaments such as GSL or IEM Katowice, which have already taken place or that will be played in the near future.

Map Pool For Global StarCraft League
Eternal Empire
Ever Dream
Golden Wall
Purity and Industry
Map Pool For DreamHack StarCraft 2 Masters 2022 Valencia
Cosmic Sapphire
Inside and Out
Tropical Sacrifice
Map Pool For Global StarCraft 2 League Season 2
2000 Atmospheres LE
Berlingrad LE
Blackburn LE
Curious Minds LE
Golden Wall LE
Hardwire LE
Nautilus II
Map Pool For IEM Katowice 2022
2000 Atmospheres
Curious Minds
Glittering Ashes
Pride of Altaris

Ladder Maps

If you've ever stumbled upon LE right next to the map name, you probably raised your eyebrows and wondered what it means. In short, LE stands for Ladder Edition, which comes with bug fixes and updates. The initial map creation belongs to someone from the community.

However, in order to make the maps bulletproof, without problems during the tournaments and leagues, Blizzard decided to make them ready, hence why they are calling them LE. Below, we provide you with a list of StarCraft 2 skirmish maps that are in the current rotation.

Cosmic SapphireArtic DreamBlack Site 2EConcord
Data-CEmerald CityBuried CavernsFortitude
Inside and OutFields of DeathCanyon of TribulationNekodrec
MoondanceHeavy ArtilleryFlashbackRooftop Terrace
StargazersNightscapeRealities SimulationShipwrecked
Tropical SacrificeReclamationSentinelTropic Shores
WaterfallRhoskallianWhitewater LineTuonela

StarCraft 2 Mapsters

As already stated, StarCraft 2 custom maps are one of the best elements of this RTS esports title. Mapsters from all over the world work hard to provide players with equal and competitive maps that will balance all of the factions.

In recent years, we have seen more and more individuals turn towards gatherings, hence why mapmaking teams emerged. Most popular designers joined forces in order to provide gamers with the best StarCraft 2 custom maps out there – here are three very popular teams that do so:

If you are interested in creating custom maps, make sure you give SC2Mapster a try – you will find a lot of information there regarding StarCraft 2 maps folder and anything needed to build a successful map.

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StarCraft 2 Maps FAQs

There are two options that can help you play StarCraft 2 custom maps. Firstly, you can download them manually and place them in your StarCraft 2 maps folder. The second and easier option is to simply join a game and the map will be downloaded automatically.

StarCraft 2 is all about macro and micro mastering. There are certain practice maps that will allow you to test your limits and improve rapidly.

LE is short for Ladder Edition. Basically, LE maps are the ones that Blizzard worked on in order to improve them and remove any bugs so they can be actively played in ladder matches.

StarCraft 2 is filled with custom maps. At the time of writing, there are over 100 maps built by the community and different modsters. However, not all of those maps are played often.

StarCraft is a relatively old RTS and it seems like a lot of people have abandoned it for something else. However, both the Korean and European regions are still filled with fans and players, which can be seen in the number of followers of tournaments and leagues. All in all, people still play and watch StarCraft.

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