How to Bet on Clash Royale

Coming from the success of the iconic Clash of Clans, Supercell launched the one-of-a-kind Clash Royale which stormed onto esports with its distinct style. With timeless, repeatable gameplay, Clash Royale continues to draw in millions. Read on to know more about Clash Royale Betting.

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What is Clash Royale?

At its core, Clash Royale is a game with its own genre: tower rush. It takes elements from classic genres such as tower defense, collectible card games, and multiplayer online battle arenas to create an all-new gameplay experience. Today, the real-time strategy title has over 56 million downloads worldwide and its own competitive league with regions spanning from Japan to the United States of America.

In Clash Royale, the objective is simple: destroy your opponent’s towers. Each player will have two Princess Towers and a King’s Tower to defend on their side of the map. Each Princess Tower corresponds to one crown and the player with the greatest number of crowns is declared the winner. The destruction of the King’s Tower results in an instantaneous win, much like the Nexus or the Fountain in League of Legends or Dota.

Tower Defence, but not really?

While the objective of tower defence remains in Clash Royale, you have to simultaneously attack while defending your own towers. To do that, a player has “elixir” which is a resource that is generated over time which can be used to cast spells and summon units on the board. Of which, come from a pool of units otherwise called one’s deck. A deck consists of eight (8) cards with varying rarities.

A duel lasts for 3 minutes, but if no player has taken down a single tower by the end of that period, the match goes into overtime. In this 2-minute period, any player who destroys a single tower wins instantaneously. If there are still no towers destroyed by the end of overtime, all the towers rapidly lose health and the player with the lowest health tower loses. As such, victory in Clash Royale is all about proper elixir management and timing.

Clash Royale: Terms Explained

Just as in every card game, there are three types of cards in Clash Royale: troops, spells, and buildings. These cards cost elixir and have varying effects. Troops are units that can move and deal damage on the field. Spells can be cast anywhere and can be defensive or offensive. Meanwhile, buildings are stationary and can be used for combat or utility (such as generating elixir). All of these cards have different rarities all the way from Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. But for troops, the highest rarity is the Champion troop which is limited to only one (1) per deck.

These cards have archetypes familiar to players of card games such as Hearthstone and Legends of Runeterra. Deck archetypes employ a particular strategy to take down towers and win matches. As an example, a common strategy is using a beatdown deck where you build a push with a tank and damaging units behind it. Another one would be a cycle deck where you use low-elixir cost units to overwhelm your opponent with numbers. One archetype will usually do better against another, all depending on the meta or most effective tactics available.

Aside from those mentioned, here are but a few of the deck archetypes up for play:

  • Siege (building cards such as Mortar and X-Bow)
  • Bait (niche troops such as Goblin Barrel and Skeleton Army)
  • Control Deck (building cards such as Inferno Tower and Furnace)

With all these cards and deck strategies, you can see how there are endless possibilities to be had on the battlefield. You can potentially lose it all with one misstep. But on the other hand, you can win it all in a matter of seconds. Given how short it takes for each match, try it out yourself on iOs or Android to gain a better understanding of how the game truly works!

Clash Royale Esports Betting Tips

Across the year, Supercell hosts amateur tournaments in-app alongside its own competitive league in the yearly Clash Royale League. With a limitless number of tournaments to bet on all-year long, keep in mind these reminders when choosing which odds to bet on in Clash Royale.

Cards, Cards, Cards

Since its release, Clash Royale has expanded greatly with its mechanics and gameplay available for its player base. These almost monthly updates greatly affect how the game’s played and which effectives are most effective at any given time. As an example, in the coming 2021 World Finals, players will have to deal with learning the all-new Champions which are supposedly the highest-tiered troops now in under a month’s time. These champions (The Skeleton King, Archer Queen, & Golden Knight) have abilities that they can activate unlike the rest of the troops and are limited to one champion per deck only. These champions can change the tide of matches on their lonesome and mastering them will be crucial to a player’s success come the World Finals. Aside from champions, balance changes such as changes to the stats or how certain cards work can put them into the spotlight.

As such, always be on the lookout for all-new cards that can change the meta as fast as the night changes. There is a breadth of resources such as Stats Royale and RoyaleAPI where you can look up the winningest decks of the week. Stats Royale and RoyaleAPI provide pick rates of cards being used in ranked play and the match histories of esports players in the leaderboard. They even provide guides for the most popular decks and their respective win rates.

This matters heavily in pro play because what sprung a player to the top of the leaderboards, might not be enough to keep them at the top anymore. Look to the in-game leaderboard at all times to see which players have adapted and are thriving in the current meta. This way, Clash Royale betting becomes instantaneously easier.

Choose Your Players

At any given time, you can check the same leaderboard used for qualifiers in the Clash Royale League at RoyaleAPI or in the in-game app. The season leaderboard has players across the world from Brazil, Japan, Spain, South Korea, and the rest of the globe. Therefore, you can easily find and tune into the players you will be betting on in future tournaments. By looking at their match histories and seeing what they are playing right now, you can get a feel if they’ve gotten a grasp of the meta given their win rate and relevant stats.

Furthermore, you can see how diverse their ranked climb has been thus far which matters a lot in the coming World Finals. This is because you are asked to bring four (4) unique decks. Among these decks, one is banned out while you have to try and win with two (2) of the remaining three (3) to win in a best-of-three match. With the deck archetypes we mentioned earlier, some decks are meant to beat other types of decks. Thus, if a player knows a wider array of decks, they have a higher chance of making their way through the bracket.

Use these platforms to give yourself an advantage against the competition. For example, Mohamed Light of Baguettes Esports, the top-ranked player worldwide, has been experimenting with the Archer Queen and the Golden Knight in his ranked games. Which only means that we’ll be definitely seeing the newly released Champions all over the World Finals.

Aside from Mohamed Light, here are a few of the top players you can look forward to seeing in the 2021 World Finals:

Team Full name IGN Age Country
ChaeMacGaming Lucas Vinicius Batista Rocha Lucas Brazil
Tribe Gaming Sandbox
Tribe Gaming José Luis Serrano Hernandez Anaban 17 Mexico
Xufeng Liu Higher China
Rising Sun Esports Pandora 17 Japan
Team Liquid Egór Akhmetzyanov Khazardy 17 Russia

Players You Can Follow

Clash Royale has audiences worldwide and as such, has streamers all the way from Spain, Germany, and the United States. Get to know how players from different regions play the game by tuning into their streams. And from watching them play, maybe you can learn a thing or two to help you out in Clash Royale betting.

Beñat “BENIJU” Juarros Ugarte

A world champion and a fan favorite, it’s no wonder how BENIJU is one of the most followed Clash Royale professional player and streamer in the world. With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and quarter to a million followers on Twitch, the Spanish streamer has gotten quite the following with his ingenious strategies and play-by-play commentary. His analytical commentary is one of his greatest assets that you can tune into in his scheduled streams. BENIJU plays under the team, Team Queso, which has one of its players (the 2020 World Finals MVP, TQ Ruben “RUBÉN” Garcia Gonzalez) in the upcoming 2021 World Finals.

Marco Fernández “WithZack” Cardoso

One of the biggest personalities in Clash Royale, WithZack has been a part of the scene since it launched in 2016. The Spanish streamer has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and half a million followers on Twitch all thanks to his wacky personality and fun gameplay. But aside from Clash Royale, the streamer is the Content Creator Officer in Team Queso as a part of their staff. Tune into his streams for a cheesy time playing Clash Royale in ways you wouldn’t expect!

Lucas “BigSpin” Nägeler

Now if you’re looking for the close calls and big plays, BigSpin is the player for you. The German player and content creator has nearly 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and 350,000 followers on Twitch coming from his entertaining, near-clickbait streams. Despite his playful attitude, BigSpin is always on top of the meta and showcases his unique decks with his thousands of viewers. Like BENIJU, BigSpin plays for a team called SK Gaming where his teammate Morten “Morten” Mehmert will be joining the 2021 World Finals to represent their organization.

The History of Clash Royale Esports

Clash Royale was launched globally half a decade ago last March 2, 2016. Being a completely free-to-play title with a rewarding progression system, it was to be expected to see millions (56 million in 2020) playing the game on their devices. With the looks of Clash of Clans but the feel of an all-new real-time strategy title all on its own, Clash Royale continues to draw in tens of thousands of viewers today.

Clash Royale began its esports tournament series in 2017 with the Crown Championship Global Series. From 2017-2020, there was a three-stage path to the World Finals. Thanks to the game’s built-in leaderboard and tournament feature, qualification would be initially done through there. This would be followed by regional live events in Europe, Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia, and the rest of the world. Then, the recruited teams from the combine compete in the Clash Royale League in 1v1, 2v2, and King of the Hill matches until the final qualifiers of the World Finals are decided.

  • Stage 1: 20-Win Challenge
  • Stage 2: Combine
  • Stage 3: Clash Royale League
  • Stage 4: World Finals

Aside from that, the Asian Games in 2018 and the World Cyber Games in 2019 included Clash Royale in their line-up of games.

Past Winners

Championship Date Player Team Prize
Crown Championship World Finals 2017 December, 2017 Sergio “SergioRamos” Eduardo Ramos Nova Esports $150,000
Asian Games 2018 August, 2018 Ridel Yesaya “BenZer Ridel” Sumarandak Indonesia
Clash Royale League 2018 World Finals December, 2018
  • Francisco “Javi14” Rodríguez
  • Gabriel “Gabo” López
  • Hugo “kiki” Flores
Nova Esports
World Cyber Games 2019 July, 2019 Jackson
“JuicyJ” Wahl
Clash Royale League 2019 World Finals December, 2019
  • Cristian “KaNaRiOoo” Hernández
  • Diego “DiegoB” Becerra
  • Egór “Egór” Akhmetzyanov
  • Frank “Surgical Goblin” Oskam
Team Liquid $150,000
Clash Royale League 2020 World Finals December, 2020
  • Ruben “RUBÉN” Gonzalez
  • Joan “iAmJP” Rodríguez
  • Pérez “Cuchii Cuu” Sánchez
  • Beñat “BENIJU” Ugarte
Team Queso $100,000

Incoming Tournaments

Heading into the end of the year, we will be seeing the world’s greatest players come head-to-head in the Clash Royale League 2021 World Finals. With over $1,020,000 USD up for the taking, 32 players will be fighting in two phases. The first round will see all 32 players face off in a single-elimination bracket until 16 players are left. After that, the remaining players will face off in a double-elimination bracket for the title. All matches are to be played in best-of-threes with bans to be made per match. 24 of these players qualified for the World Finals through a point system by competing in the season leaderboard. The last 8 qualified through a last chance qualifier held last October, 2021. You may see who qualified so far through their official website.

Tournament Structure

For 2021, Supercell decided to revert to individual competition in the Clash Royale League. To first qualify for the league, you must be on the Top 1000 on the global trophy leaderboard by the end of the season. Of which, they earn points based on their ranking. At the end of the season (with each season lasting a month), these players compete in 1v1 best-of-three duels in a Swiss format. This is done until 32 players are left to play a double round robin format. Then, the top 8 players duke it out in a monthly final that sees the champion earn a good number of points to qualify for the World Finals.

There are 8 seasons across the year with the Top 24 players ranked in the season leaderboard qualifying for the World Finals. Joining them will be the Top 8 players in the Last Chance Qualifier held in October resulting in a total of 32 players at the Worlds Finals. There, the games are played in a single-elimination bracket in best-of-three duels with bans. In these matches, players bring four (4) unique decks where the first player to two (2) deck wins taking the victory. As one can see, there are a lot of tournaments for all your Clash Royale betting needs.

Popular Bets for Clash Royale Betting

Clash Royale esports has seen changes come and go when it comes to its competitive league’s format. From team competitions to individual duels, the game has gone far and made for close, thrilling matches since its launch in 2016. Despite being a well-established title, Clash Royale only has stakes in the following types of betting.

Moneyline Betting

Due to the game’s fast-paced nature, there are only a few markets to bet on in Clash Royale. Moneyline betting is one of these bets. With matches lasting around five minutes, there’s only so much you can predict in a duel. Moneyline betting is predicting who outright wins the match (i.e. has more towers destroyed). As such, simply predict which side of the match you’re favouring and place your odds. Remember, always take note of the format of the tournament you’re betting in.

For example, the Clash Royale League 2021 World Finals will have a best-of-three, single-elimination format. As such, the first player to win with two out of their three available decks wins the match. So as long as you place your eggs in the right basket, winning becomes no problem at all.

Handicap Betting

As its name suggests, handicap betting puts a handicap in the favour of the match by requiring them to win by a set margin for it to be considered a win. In Clash Royale, you can place handicap bets for matches won in best-of series. Handicap bets are easier explained by example.

For instance, a +1.5 match handicap for a best-of-three series means that the team you’re betting on only needs to win one (1) game to secure your payout. On the other hand, a -1.5 map handicap means that they need to win in a straight 2-0. This puts the burden on the stronger team to win convincingly when compared to the +1.5 map handicap which doesn’t require the team you’re betting on to win the series.

Clash Royale League 2020 World Finals Key Stats

  • The average viewership for the 2020 World Finals was at 66, 291 viewers
  • Viewership peaked at 112, 578 viewers during Day 2 or the Semifinals of the World Finals
    ○ This saw Japan and Spain go head-to-head in a close 3-2 series
  • The tournament saw eight (8) teams compete from all over the world
    ○ Qualification in the past year was divided based on region (i.e. East versus West)
  • Team Queso, the current world champions, has a returning representative coming for the throne in the 2021 World Finals

Clash Royale Esports Betting FAQs

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a mobile game on Android and iOS with the genre of tower rush, a combination of tower defense, collectible card games, and multiplayer online battle arena. It is made by Supercell.

How to bet on Clash Royale esports?

Look out for tournaments to bet on ESL with the upcoming Clash Royale League 2021 World Finals in December, 2021. You can bet on platforms such as 1xbet, Ggbet, and Betway.

Is Clash Royale’s esports scene still active?

Yes! The last 2020 World Finals saw 112, 578 peak viewers and over a million hours watched. The incoming Clash Royale League 2021 World Finals will also have a million dollars up for grabs!

How can I watch Clash Royale esports?

You can follow all the Seasonal Tournaments and the World Championship on Twitch and their vods on YouTube!

When will Worlds be for Clash Royale Esports?

The Clash Royale League 2021 World Finals begins on December 3, 2021 and will run until December 5, 2021. The tournament will feature the world’s Top 32 players with a $1,020,000 prize pool!

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