Your Ultimate Guide to ALGS Betting

This is a complete review of ALGS betting in 2022 and the Apex Legends Global Series Year 2. We share betting tips on the competition, and explain how it works, plus we talk about past winners and the types of bet available.

The ultimate ALGS betting sites 2022

  1. Pinnacle
  2. GGBet
  3. Rivalry
  4. Betway
  5. VulkanBet
  6. Loot.Bet
  7. Arcanebet
  8. Nitrogen
  9. LuckBox
  10. EGamingBet

ALGS Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

There are no outright odds for the ALGS yet so let us tell you who we think are the favourites for the competition so you can research the teams and make your own mind up. Our predictions on ALGS betting are based partly on previous finishes and on recent form.

ALGS Betting Predictions

Below are our favourites for the ALGS 2021/2022 from the initial 100 teams invited to the competition, in descending order. There will be 100 more teams taking part, but they will have to qualify via the ALGS Preseason Qualifiers.

North America EMEA APAC North APAC South South America
100 Thieves Team Empire ADRaccoon Reignite Team Singularity
Cloud9 K1CK Crazy Raccoon Sutoraiku Fênix Team
Team SoloMid GMT Esports GameWith Revenant Esports ODDIK
Dudes Night Out Acend FENNEL Dewa United Esports Elevate
Spacestation Alliance REJECT Team Burger Xen

ALGS favourites North America

100 Thieves, formerly known as Kungarna, won the ALGS 2021 in North America and they will return this time to defend their title. The Thieves showed they’re still a team to be feared by coming top in the Box Fight Championship qualifiers on September 10. They were competing against some of the best Apex Legends teams around like Team Liquid and G2 Esports.

ALGS favourites Europe, Middle East and Africa have unsurprisingly voted SCARZ, winners of the EMEA side of the ALGS Championship, Best Team in EMEA. The team is made up of Mikkel Halle “Mande” Hestbek, Can “Taisheen” Öztürk and Dan “rpr” Ušić. The trio had a consistent year, coming first in the ALGS Summer Circuit #3, the ALGS Autumn Circuit #3 and the ALGS Winter Circuit #1.

ALGS favourites Asia Pacific North

Riddle includes the three players who won ALGS APAC in Year 1. They were part of team FENNEL Korea until they left for Riddle the day after their triumph.

ALGS favourites Asia Pacific South

Wolfpack Arctic aka WPack are an Apex Legends esports team from Indonesia. The team is made up of Rizky Nugraha, Juan Jody Tubil and Thoriq Sultan. The first ALGS Championship is the only S-Tier (or Super Tier) tournament in which WPack have finished in the top three.

ALGS favourites South America

Team Singularity has a good chance of winning the South American division. It includes ArtiNN1 and Besk9 from previous winners Paradox Esports, plus Elysium who used to compete for Elite Brasil.

ALGS Betting Tips

It is worth checking the form of previous winners, Team Kungarna, SCARZ and WPack before betting on them in the ALGS. They appear to be just as strong as when they won their respective titles. Plus, Team Singularity has a fierce team ready to take on allcomers in ALGS Year 2.

Popular Types of Bets for ALGS Betting

Are you new to Apex Legends betting and you’re not sure what markets to look out for? In this section, we explain several ALGS 2021 betting options that you should be able to find at good esports betting sites.

Outright Betting

You can bet on who will win the ALGS. There will be outright odds for each regional winner, but you might have to wait a bit before these odds become available at various esports betting sites. So if you are sure who’s going to win, place an outright bet. Of course, the teams that make sense to back with outrights are the favourites to win, although the outsiders could of course win you more money.

Match Winner Betting

The match winner bet gives you more room for manoeuvre than an outright bet. For example, you could bet on Team Liquid to beat NRG Esports and also bet on Cloud 9 to beat Team Liquid in another match.

Map Winner Betting

This is a bet type that gives players with a bit more knowledge the chance to take advantage and back the team they know performs well on a certain map. Map winner is a common bet but if you have in-depth know-how about Apex Legends teams, there is a real opportunity here to put the odds in your favour.

First Blood Betting

You can bet on first blood or the first kill in a match. Who will get the first kill on the board? For this kind of bet, you should know how different teams and players play. Do teams have certain players who tend to rush into the enemy’s spawn? Or maybe they have a sniper who can make the first kill from long distance. One of the beauties of esports betting is that this kind of knowledge can give you an advantage against the bookmaker. Look for bets like this at and

Longest Kill

A bet type you won’t find for every esport, but is available in Apex Legends and Fortnite betting too, is the longest kill. Simply bet whether the longest kill will be over or under a certain distance.

Best Betting Sites to use for ALGS Betting

If you want to find ALGS 2021 betting odds, why not check out the bookmakers we recommend in the following section? Read on to find out what makes these esports bookmakers special.

EGB (EGamingBets)

EGB might be one of the best esports betting sites to look for Apex Legends betting odds. We say this because they have a section where they promise markets on the game. With Apex Legends duo matches coming up in the Premier eSports League and the fall series approaching in the CSUSB, new Apex Legends esports betting opportunities could be just around the corner.


GGBet is one of the coolest betting sites around for esports games. It offers odds on a long list of games like Fortnite and Rainbow Six. Plus, there are bets on League of Legends and you can expect odds on Apex Legends when the ALGS starts to heat up.

One more plus point of GGBet is they have high definition live streams of esports matches. We watched a match between FaZe Clan and OPAA Gaming in the Intel Extreme Masters.


Rivalry has a tasty 100% deposit bonus up to €100 to help you start betting on Apex Legends. Rivalry is one of the most impressive esports betting sites around and it boasts at least 21 games you can bet on. With a €5 million prize pool, you can expect to see betting sites like Rivalry offerings odds on Apex Legends very soon.

Tournament Structure for Apex Legends Global Series

The Apex Legends Global Series offers professional players and now the wider public the chance to compete for a slice of a huge $5 million prize pool.

There are 100 teams automatically invited to compete in the tournament while 100 more must qualify. Plus, there’s a new element to the ALGS this year, with the Challenger Circuit coming in.

What’s more, the commissioner of the ALGS has promised the competition will go out on the road this time, giving the action an extra dimension.

Preseason Qualifiers

The season started on September 11 with four preseason qualifiers. From then, the winners from each region go ahead to Split 1 of the Pro League. Moreover, after the four tournaments, the top 16 teams from each region progress too. Those that don’t qualify here will go into the Challenger Circuit. The Split 2 Pro League Qualifier happens in January 2022. The bottom eight teams from each region’s Pro League Split 1 Regular Season will face the top teams in the Challenger Circuit to decide who goes into the Pro League in Split 2.

Challenger Circuit

There will be four open registration weekend events for teams from North America, Europe, APAC (Asia Pacific) North, APAC South, South America and the Middle East & Africa. The top teams will qualify to Split 2. Split 2 consists of another round of Pro League Regular Season, Playoffs and Challenger Circuit events, with a €1.5 million prize pool up for grabs.

Pro League

Then there’s the Pro League. Split 1 has 40 teams from each of the regions involved, with 20 invited and 20 from the Preseason Qualifiers. Split 2 will consist of the Pro League Regular Season, Playoffs and the Challenger Circuit.


Before the main event gets started, the best teams from each ALGS Pro League split will compete in the ALGS Playoffs. At this stage, there’s $1 million up for grabs.


The best 40 teams qualify for the ALGS Championship, where there’s still a prize pool of $2 million waiting.

History of Apex Legends Global Series

Well, the history of the Apex Legends Global series is a brief one but the competition was launched at a time when the international esports scene, especially offline events, was reeling from the covid-19 tidal wave. The ALGS was a sign that esports could return to its former strength and now we can look forward to the second year of the competition. But now, let’s recap what happened earlier in 2021, who won and how much they won.

Past Results

The ALGS Championship 2021 was the first of its kind. See the tables below for the final standings in each region.

Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2021 winners

North America

Team Placing Winnings ($)
Team Kungarna 1st 265,591
Cloud9 2nd 132,875
Team SoloMid 3rd 78,208
Renegades 4th 46,767
Spacestation Gaming 5th 35,154


Team Placing Winnings ($)
SCARZ 1st 265,591
Fire Beavers 2nd 132,875
soloQgoats 3rd 78,208
UNDERRATED 4th 46,767
Aqualix 5th 35,154


Team Placing Winnings ($)
Tom Yum Kung 2nd 88,272
Athaim 3rd 52,344
Inside The Ring 4th 31,283
REJECT 5th 23,451

Apex Legends Global Series Key Stats

  • The ALGS is organised and run by Electronic Arts (EA).
  • From all of the stages of the competition, there is a total of $5 million to win.
  • The Championship offers a top prize of $500,000.
  • The player or “Apex Predator” with the most kills in the final round of the competition earns €3,000.
  • Even teams that finish from place 31 to 48 will win $9,000.
  • There will also be an Apex Predator prize in the Pro League Split 1 Playoffs.
  • The ALGS can be played on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

ALGS betting FAQs

What is the ALGS?

The ALGS or Apex Legends Global Series is the game’s elite esports competition with a prize pool of $5 million.

Who won ALGS 2021?

Team Kungarna won the ALGS 2021 in North America, while SCARZ won the European competition. WolfPack Arctic won in APAC South, FENNEL won in APAC North, and Paradox Esports won in South America.

How do you qualify for the ALGS?

You can be invited or qualify through preseason qualifiers and the new Challenger Circuit.

Can you bet on Apex Legends?

Yes you can bet on Apex Legends and there is likely to be odds available as the ALGS progresses in 2021 and 2022.

Is Apex Legends an esport?

Yes, Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter which is played competitively. In other words, it is an esport.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

This exciting Apex Legends tournament is sure to produce some intriguing ALGS Championship 2021 betting opportunities. Not only will the action be entertaining but we expect the best esports bookmakers to provide odds, at least on the biggest matches, e.g. in the Championship. The action in the preseason qualifiers has already begun so now is the time to watch and research the teams and pick out your favourites to win the tournament.

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