Mobile Legends Betting Guide – How to bet

Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. It was released in 2016 by Moonton and can be accessed on iOS or Android. This concise Mobile Legends betting guide sheds light on the game and how you can benefit from it.

Best Betting Sites to Play Mobile Legends

  1. 1xbet
  2. Betonline-ag
  3. Betway
  4. GGbet
  5. Lootbet
  6. Pinnacle
  7. Arcanebet
  8. Energybet
  9. Mybookie
  10. William Hill

Mobile Legends Gameplay: How to play Mobile Legends

Before you begin Mobile Legends Betting, it is necessary to understand how the Mobile Legends gameplay works. Your aim in this battle arena game is to emerge as the victorious team.

When playing, you are paired to play as members that make up a five-a-side team that controls the heroes. They have their distinct abilities and can play various roles including Tank, Fighter, Support, Mage, Assassin and Marksman.

The aim is to control the Top, middle and the bottom lanes that serve as the connection between yours and the enemy base. Additionally, you have to strategize to reach the enemy base in order to destroy it, while also at the same time protecting your own. Moreover, the game spawns’ minions for both teams, they are computer-controlled characters that assist in fighting the rival team and turrets.

During battles, teammates are able to communicate amongst themselves, launch attacks, initiate a retreat, and call for backup. With each hit and kill you make; you are rewarded with gold coins. You can use these coins in upgrading from the default Mobile Legends free skin. Furthermore, you can also purchase heroes and skins using the in-game currency – Mobile Legends diamonds.

Mobile Legends Heroes

Mobile Legends characters are known as “heroes”. These all have their distinct abilities, specialties and best lanes and can function better in certain roles. It is necessary to know the different distinct abilities when betting on Mobile Legends, especially in in-play betting.

The roles of heroes include:

  • Tank: The tanks usually lead the charge and are the most durable of all the heroes. They guard and protect the Mage, Marksman and Support when their health is low by attacking enemy combatants.
  • Fighter: The fighters function well in close range combat. They possess durability, disruption, damage and mobility. Being fighters, they can attack, as well as defend.
  • Assassin: They are specialized killers, whose role is to strike at the perfect time and finish off opponents.
  • Mage: A mage has the ability to cause damage via magic. This makes them important and unique to the rest of their teammates.
  • Marksman: This role is essential in defeating enemies from afar and causes high damage to them. They are very helpful in destroying enemy towers.
  • Support: They assist the other team members. This is done by shielding or healing teammates and even sacrificing themselves. The role involves “taking one for the team”.

We have provided a summary table about some of the latest and upcoming heroes, their roles and special abilities below.

Nr. Hero Best Role Special Abilities
1. Aamon Assassin Chase, Magic Damage
2. Aulus Fighter Damage, Crowd Control
3. Floryn Support Poke, Guard
4. Natan Marksman Burst, Magic Damage
5. Phoveus Fighter Chase, Control
6. Phylax Tank/Marksman Crowd Control, Burst
7. Valentina Mage Burst, Reap

Mobile Legends Betting Odds

GGBet Screenshot

Odds on Mobile Legends vary based on the bookies. Betting odds in esports is a way of calculating the implied probability that predicts the likelihood outcome of the betting. Odds in Mobile Legends include:

  • American Odds: They are popularly known as moneyline odds. The odds inform you on how much you must wager to win a certain amount in Mobile Legends bet. When betting moneyline, there is a favourite team (with a – symbol ) and underdogs (with a + symbol). For instance:
    Blacklist International -120
    SEE YOU SOON +120
    What this means is if you are betting on Blacklist International, you must wager $120 to get $100 profit. Whereas, if you are wagering on SEE YOU SOON, you must wager $100 to win $120.
  • Decimals: These are the most commonly used odds due to their ease of understanding. They also apply to several markets. They are usually offered by new bookies.
  • Fractions: This is typical of older bookies. They display odds in fractions. Fractions show the possible gains if the wager should be successful. So, where odds are 2/1, and you wager $5; $10 is the possible profit. Meaning, where you win a bet, you get $15 – both profit and stake gained back.

When you stake with our recommended esports sites, whether it is pre-match betting, live betting, or outright betting, you get competitive betting odds. You can check out our full review on the best esports odds.

Mobile Legends Betting Markets

1xBet Screenshot

Mobile esports games have different betting markets due to the various aspects of the gameplay involved. However, there are certain betting markets just like other esports games that are best for Mobile Legends betting. They include the following:

Match Winner

This betting option is one of the simplest to predict. The match winner bet involves betting on which of the two teams will end up as the winner of the match.

First Inhibitor/Tower

Betting market involves placing bets on the team that will kill the first inhibitor/tower. This option is normally one of the first to settle early in the game.

First Baron or Dragon

The betting option allows you to stake on the team that will destroy an enemy’s first Baron or Dragon. Your understanding of the strengths of each character will give you an insight on which team to back.

Total Number of Kills

In this case, you are betting on the number of kills a player or team will score. The bet option also has other variations such as total kills odd/even.


For the handicap market, a sportsbook rates a team as an underdog while the opposing team is the favourite. The handicap market allows you to bet on the perceived chances of a team winning more equally.

Most Kills

This market involves betting on the team or player who you think will kill the most assassins, fighters, marksmen or any of the other heroes on a map. You need to know the roles of each hero in the game to know who to bet your funds on.

First kill

It is one of the markets that is decided early. You must successfully wager on the team or player to first kill a hero of the rival team.

Outright Winner

This option allows you to make pre-match/tournament predictions. You are wagering on which team you think will emerge victorious in a particular game or the overall winner of the tournament.

Mobile Legends Live Betting

Mobile Legends live betting involves staking on an ongoing match. You can see the events taking place in real time and bet on your favourite in-play market. This is helpful in making a more guided bet and you can change your strategy based on happenings during the game.

Among the markets above, some of the best betting markets for Mobile Legends live betting include First Kill, First Inhibitor/Tower and First Baron/Dragon.

Top Tournaments and Competitions for Mobile Legends Betting

Mobile Legends has different esports competitions which come with their different betting markets and prize pools. We have provided some exciting esports tournaments where you can bet on Mobile Legends:

Tournament Prize Pool Winner Venue Date
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (Msc 2017) US$100,000 IDNS Mall Taman Anggrek − Jakarta, Indonesia September 1–3, 2017
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (Msc 2018) US$100,000 Aether Main Jakarta International Expo − Jakarta, Indonesia July 27–29, 2018
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (Msc 2019) US$120,000 ONIC Esports Smart Araneta Coliseum − Manila, Philippines June 21–23, 2019
Mobile Legends World Championships (M1) 2019 US$250,000 EVOS Legends Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia November 15–17, 2019
Mobile Legends World Championships(M2) 2021 US$300,000 Bren Esports Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore January 18–24, 2021
Mobile Legends World Championships (M3) 2021 US$800,000 TBA Singapore December 6-19, 2021

Some popular competitions which have been held for Mobile Legends betting include:

Punta Mandala Esports Cup

Punta Mandala Esports Cup has only been held once. It was hosted in the Philippines in 2019 and there were 64 teams competing. The total prize pool of the whole tournament was $60,000, with the winner of the tournament, Virgo Mobile, taking home $30,000.

Mobile Legends UAE

It was held in Dubai during the month of Ramadan in 2021. The Mobile Legends UAE event required participants to create content for Meet the Champions: Mobile Legends Bang Bang. In turn, players received $1 dollar for 1000 views. The prize pool amounted to $200,000.

FirstDataCorp MOBA Tournament

The FirstDataCorp MOBA tournament was an online tournament held in the Philippines in 2019. The aim was to foster friendship amongst FirstDataCorp employees.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Legendary Throne

The Mobile Legends Legendary Throne tournament took place in Malaysia in 2019. At this event, in each round players were merged, making up random teams. The winner of the rounds then qualified for the final on the subsequent day.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championships

The Bang Bang World Championships is the major annual Mobile Legends esports tournament. It started in 2019 and has continued ever since. In 2020, it was won by Bren Esports and the total prize pool was $300,000. The 2021 tournament is to be held in Singapore from December 6th – 19th with an impressive prize pool of $800,000.

Top 5 Mobile Legends Teams

The top Mobile Legends esports teams are ranked in order of their accumulated points. When engaged in Mobile Legends betting, you should ensure that you bet on the teams with higher rankings. According to Gosugamers, the top 5 teams are listed below:

Rank Team Prize Won Win Rate Players
1st Blacklist International $32,000 71%
  • Dexter Louise Alaba (“DEX STAR”)
  • Edward Jay Dapadap ( “Edward”)
  • Mark Gerardo (“ESON”)
  • Johnmar Villaluna (“OhMyV33NUS”)
  • Danerie James(Wise)
2nd SEE YOU SOON $15,000 80%
  • Leng Kimhak (“FELIX”)
  • Seng Monyoudom (“EMBER”)
  • Sok Virea (“BOXI)
  • “ATEV”
3rd ONIC Esports $68,102 59%
  • Muhammad Julian (“UDIL”)
  • Nicky Fernando (“KIBOY”)
  • Irvan Yusuf (“MAIPAN”)
  • Adriand Larsen Wong (“DRIAN”)
  • Maxhill Leonardo (“ANTIMAGE”)
4th Todak $70,900 69%
  • Zikry Bin Shamsuddin (“MOON”)
  • Wan Usman Bin Wan Imran (“4MEYZ”)
  • Muhammad Danial Bin Mohamad Fuad (“CIKU”)
  • Idreen Bin Abdul Jamal (“MOMO”)
  • Mohamad Farhan Bin Wakiman (“MOYY”)
5th EVOS SG $53,600 67%
  • Andrew Lim (“POTATO”)
  • “SWOOP”
  • “AEON.”
  • “LUN.”
  • “KIDDD”

Wild Rift VS Mobile Legends – Which is the Better Mobile MOBA?

Initially, the name on everyone’s lips was League of Legends (LoL). In 2016, Mobile Legends developed by Moonton was released and the close similarity led to copyright litigation. This copyright infringement led to Mobile Legends making some changes to its software. While in direct competition to Mobile Legends, Riot Games provided another battle arena title, Wild Rift.

Being software of the same developer, Wild Rift is like playing League of Legends on mobile. In determining which of these titles is the better one, we have compared them based on the following factors:

  • Gameplay: The gameplay in both titles have their distinct concepts. While playing Wild Rift, the gameplay rewards players who play together – that is a cooperative gaming strategy. When it comes to Mobile Legends, the game does not necessarily favour greater teamwork. Rather, a good single player in a team can be the strong point and help to win a match.
  • Skill tree: Whether the skill tree suits a player, it depends on if such a person is a newbie or a seasoned player. Being a newbie, the skills tree in Wild Rift is more favourable. But, in Mobile Legends, the skills tree favours the experienced gamers who have developed their skills over time.
  • Mechanics: Mobile Legends has several skills and in-game abilities; however, Wild Rift has way more that requires some getting used to. On Mobile Legends, you do not need any prior experience whereas adapting to Wild Rift may take a longer time. So, new players will find the mechanics of Mobile Legends easier to master.
  • Esports Potential: Since Mobile Legends has been in existence since 2016 it has been able to garner a good following. Hence there have been several Mobile Legends esports competitions held, especially in Asia. As for Wild Rift, having been established only recently, it could take some time to catch up. However, considering that Wild Rift is a Riot Games product, and has expanded its server regions, it has huge esports potential.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Legends Esport Betting

Pros Cons
  • Variety of betting markets
  • Frequent tournaments
  • Attractive betting odds
  • In-play betting
  • Compatible with mobile browser
  • Not available on many esports sportsbooks
  • Mostly only popular in South-East Asia

Best esports Sites for Mobile Legends Betting

When looking for Mobile Legends esports betting sites, there are certain things that you should pay extra attention to. Some of the factors to consider include bonuses offered, security and payment methods available. Here are the best three Mobile Legends esports betting sites:


1xbet offers some of the best markets for Mobile Legends betting. The site is secured with an SSL-encryption system, therefore your details are always protected and safe. 1xbet also offers pre-match and live esports bets. You can find more in our in-depth 1xbet review.

Bonus Pros
Cashback bonus offer
  • Live esports betting
  • Several betting markets
  • Mobile Legends betting app is what you can refer to as the home of esports betting. The site offers up to 26 esports games to wager on. has attractive odds and the website is user friendly, making it easy to use. Before you begin betting we advise you to read our latest in-depth review.

Bonus Pros
€100 first deposit bonus + 35 free spins
  • Exciting esports games
  • Multiple payment methods
  • 24/7 customer support


Betway is a household name in sports betting. And, its array of esports games are growing. When you register, you can partake in the Esports club promotion which gives £10 in Free Bets weekly. It is also great for Mobile Legends betting since it offers a first map wins promo. Our full Betway review lets you know how you can get these bonuses.

Bonus Pros
£10 in Free Bets
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple betting markets
  • Impressive betting odds

Mobile Legends Betting FAQ Section

What is the best Mobile Legends betting site?

You can bet on Mobile Legends on any of the esports sites we have provided in this review. The best places include 1xBet, LootBet and Betway.

What are the best events for Mobile Legends betting?

The best Mobile Legends events you can bet on include Mobile Legends World Championships and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup. Keep an eye on our site as you will most probably find out more about the events here in the near future.

Who are the best Mobile Legends teams to bet on?

The top three mobile legends teams are Blacklist International, See You Soon and Sonic Esports. They are also the best in South-East Asia.

How do I play Mobile Legends?

First of all, simply download the game from the Google Play or Apple App store. Then choose any of the top Mobile Legends teams and go straight to battle.

Is Mobile Legends betting legal?

Mobile Legends betting is legal. The game is provided legally on both the Apple App and Google Play Stores. Also, the esports sites that offer them have proper licences from requisite gaming authorities.

Our Final Verdict on Mobile Legends Betting

Mobile Legends has already established itself as one of the top MOBA games available. However, it is important for Mobile Legends to attract fans beyond Asia in order to avoid falling behind to direct competition like Wild Rift in the near future.

In this guide, we listed the upcoming tournaments. This means you can still benefit from Mobile Legends betting. Simply register on one of the listed esports sites and place your bets on your preferred team.

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