Paris Saint Germain is a well-known name in the world of French and European football. Does their Esports division live up to its famous name? The short answer is yes. The long answer… Is detailed in this user’s guide and don’t worry; your PSG Esports betting adventure will be aided with valuable information as well.

Who are PSG Esports?

Paris Saint Germain’s Esports division was created in 2016 with Paris as their Headquarters. Since then, the organization has participated in a couple of Esports games including Rocket League, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Arena of Valor.

They’re currently active in League of Legends (as PSG Talon), FIFA, Dota 2 (as PSG.LGD), and Brawl Stars. Although their game participations aren’t as numerous as some other Esports orgs’, they achieved surprising success since their inception.

One exceptional aspect of this organization is their active Youth Player system; originally started in December 2020, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Esports division prides itself with enticing opportunities for youngsters and upcoming professionals alike.

This youth system primarily operates in France but is otherwise spread across the globe. The PSG Esports division is partnered with Betway, one of our recommended bookies for this team.

Being one of the newer Esports teams, many doubted PSG’s ability to clinch the top spots in their respective Esports tournaments. However, they’ve done that, and more, over the course of almost 5 years. Let’s take a better look at their competitive history.

Team History

PSG Esports’ competitive career has been a grand one. In every game they entered, they’ve won a couple of tournaments and events. Soon after their arrival to the Esports scene, fans and other organizations around the world started recognizing PSG’s talents.

Full Name Nickname Age Esports Winnings
Wang Chunyu Ame 24 Dota 2 $3,406,591
Thibault Grzesiak Chausette45 20 Rocket League $153,842
Zhang Ruida Faith_Bian 23 Dota 2 $3,241,113
Lucas Cuillerier Daxe 21 FIFA $109,785
Zhang Yiping y’ 23 Dota 2 $3,259,674

They’ve achieved a great deal over the years, but we’ll start with Rocket League which was one of the first games they competed in after joining the Esports world.

Paris Saint Germain Esports’ first Rocket League tournament was the RLCS Season 4 – Europe where they finished 4th.

PSG Esports’ Rocket League division was immediately recognized as capable and dangerous to the top teams but – as far as premier tournaments in 2017 are concerned, that was about the extent of their success.

2018 was better but not as much as they hoped. The team won DreamHack Open Leipzig 2018 after defeating G2 in the finals.

The first half of 2019 was not a good one for Paris Saint Germain Esports but they still came in an impressive 3rd in the RLCS Season 7 – Europe tournament. The team also won the DreamHack Pro Circuit: Valencia 2019. PSG’s Rocket League team disbanded after this.

The organization joined Dota 2 powerhouses LGD Gaming, thus creating a merged entity called PSG.LGD. The original lineup from LGD would stay but the team would be slightly rebranded with a new name and everything else that follows.

Their first tournament under the PSG.LGD name was the EPICENTER XL – which they promptly won. So too did they win the next one – MDL Changsha Major. Following the Changsha Major. PSG.LGD came close to winning The International 2018 but they lost 2:3 in the finals against OG.

PSG.LGD also came 3rd in The International 2019.

The 2021 Dota 2 competitive season would start with fewer Covid-19 restrictions and things were back to normal. Including PSG.LGD winning some events! The team came 1st at the WePlay AniMajor and OGA Dota PIT Invitational. Their The International campaign was very successful, albeit just short of eternal glory. PSG.LGD lost 2:3 to Team Spirit in the Grand Finals.

As for their League of Legends run, the team (called PSG Talon after the partnership was started in 2020) has been somewhat successful. Their career under this name began at PCS Spring 2020 where they won against Machi Esports in the finals. PSG Talon also won the Mid-Season Showdown 2020.

Their performance at the 2020 World Championship wasn’t good. The playoffs eluded them as they finished 3rd in groups. A story that would repeat itself for the 2021 World Championship.

PSG Esports is also well known for their FIFA successes. After all, how would a real-life football giant avoid having a FIFA Esports team?

Agge won DreamHack Winter 2017 for PSG Esports, as well as the Legia Esports Cup in 2016. Whilst his compatriot DaXe brought two incredible titles – the Electronic Sports World Cup in 2016 and 2017.

Unfortunately, their performances dwindled in the following years and the team hasn’t yet returned to their old form.

Paris Saint Germain Esports also have a fairly capable Brawl Stars team as well; a team that managed to clinch the Brawl Stars World Finals 2020 title after beating INTZ 3:0.

And lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Paris Saint Germain Esports are in the process of acquiring an Arena of Valor roster so expect to see some activity on that front relatively soon.

PSG Esports Successes

Game Tournament Place Date Roster
Brawl Stars Brawl Stars World Finals 2020 1st 22.11.2020. CoupDeAce, Relyh, Response, Scythe
FIFA Electronic Sports World Cup 2016 1st 31.10.2016. DaXe
Dota 2 EPICENTER XL 1st 06.05.2018. Ame, Somnus’ M, Chalice, fy, xNova
Dota 2 MDL Changsha Major 1st 20.05.2018. Ame, Somnus’ M, Chalice, fy, xNova
Dota 2 The International 2021 2nd 17.10.2021. Ame, NothingToSay, Faith_Bian, XinQ, y’

What Games do PSG Esports Participate in?

Paris Saint Germain currently have 4 teams with the 5th one coming rather soon. The games they compete in are FIFA, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Brawl Stars. Out of these, their Dota 2 roster is the most successful and powerful one so you can expect positive results with your PSG betting campaign.


The current PSG FIFA roster is made up of 2 players – Maniika and Nkantee. This roster is a young one; Nkantee has joined the organization in April 2021 whilst Maniika is a repeating name in the PSG FIFA roster. He left the team in 2018 but came back in April 2021 as well.

The only tournament that this roster has competed in was the e-Ligue 1 2020-2021 where they finished 5-8th. Most of PSG’s Esports’ success comes from DaXe and Agge, the former of which brought the organization victories at the Electronic Sports World Cup in 2016 and 2017. Agge won DreamHack Winter 2017 and the Legia Esports Cup in 2016.

DaXe also came close to winning the e-Ligue 1 2018-2019 Finals but narrowly lost out against Dijon FCO’s Maestro 3:4. Fans are hopeful that the return of Maniika and the signing of Nkantee will bring back reasons to celebrate.

Dota 2

Chinese Dota 2 powerhouse LGD partnered with PSG back in 2018. That roster managed to win two tournaments as soon as this partnership happened (EPICENTER XL and the MDL Changsha Major). They came 2nd in The International 2018.

The current roster hadn’t yet achieved as much as the old one, but they’ve sure done a lot to prove themselves worthy. The PSG.LGD roster, consisting of Ame, NothingToSay, Faith_Bian, XinQ, and y’, won the WePlay AniMajor and the OGA Dota PIT Invitational. Unfortunately, they lost against Team Spirit in The International 2021 Grand Finals but still got an impressive 2nd place.

Overall, the team is in a good place and in good hands; fans are excited about what the future brings. If we’re looking at their current performance, they’ll definitely be the team to beat in most upcoming Dota 2 tournaments.

League of Legends

In mid-2020, Talon Esports signed a partnership with PSG Esports, and thus, the name was converted to PSG Talon. Only one roster change followed a few months after the partnership began – Candy left the team whilst Maple joined.

What’s interesting is that their League of Legends tenure didn’t begin with Talon Esports; they originally participated as their own team called Paris Saint-Germain Esports but the team was rather unsuccessful.

Nowadays, the roster consists of Hanabi, River, Maple, Unified, and Kaiwing. The team recently finished 3rd in the 2021 World Championship group stage, thus missing out on going deeper in the tournament. Even so, they won the PCS Summer and PCS Spring Major tournaments which is positive for their future.

Brawl Stars

Lastly, we come to the PSG Brawl Stars lineup. The team originally started playing Brawl Stars in 2019 and managed to achieve some marginal success such as a 2nd place at Gamergy Masters 2019.

The 2020 roster won a couple of tournaments, the most important of which was victory at Brawl Stars World Finals. That roster included CoupDeAce, Relyh, Response, and Scythe.

Currently, the roster features a couple of new players and consists of Relyh, Scythe, TengHoong, and Elliot. Unfortunately, they haven’t done a lot in 2021; no major tournament victories or satisfactory results.

Upcoming PSG Esports Event Participations

There are currently no upcoming PSG Esports event participations. With that said, PSG Talon will most likely play in the PCS 2022 season, as well as a couple of Dota 2 tournaments but unfortunately, no info is known as of now.

PSG Esports Betting for Beginners

Paris Saint Germain Esports is a great choice for betting, especially if you plan on doing so while they’re playing Dota 2 or League of Legends (at least in the PCS). In Dota 2, they’re considered as one of the best teams in the world and should have no issue grabbing wins against even the toughest of opponents.

League of Legends is slightly riskier, predominantly because they can’t seem to find a footing against international teams, especially those from the LCK and LPL regions. FIFA is currently an enigma; they seem to be slowly getting back to form but the roster is new and they haven’t had many chances of showing off their skills.

Lastly, regarding Brawl Stars – you should stay away from betting on them for the time being. It’s obvious there are some performance issues at the moment so it might take a while for them to get going.

Overall, you can learn more about the Paris Saint Germain Esports teams by watching streams or VODs; make sure to watch their The International run to the finals as it both provides great entertainment and plenty of knowledge about the team.

In any case, make sure to do your research before placing any bets, although you should mainly be safe when Dota 2 and League of Legends are concerned.

Is Betting on PSG Esports a Good Choice?

Absolutely! PSG Esports has become a household name in Esports. Their Dota 2 team, PSG.LGD, has been at it for a while and even their current roster is doing great. Ame especially is a player that can turn the tides of battle.

Just make sure to avoid Brawl Stars for the time being and be careful with FIFA. Other than that, you should be good!

Which Types of Bets Should you Place?

Each bookie offers both universal and specific bets depending on the Esports title. This means that no betting experience is the same, especially across multiple games. Even so, you should be fairly safe when placing bets on PSG Esports as they truly have skilled Esports teams.

Dota 2

  • Great betting choice for most bet types as well as tournaments
  • Outrights and match-winner bets have high probability of being successful
  • You can also place special bets (ie. first to kill Roshan, betting on a player to get a rampage, etc.) though make sure to research PSG’s last couple of games

League of Legends

  • Outrights are great for smaller tournaments or the PCS
  • Match-winner bets should only be placed when they’re facing a weaker or equal team
  • If you’re betting on match duration, you’ll have the highest chance of winning if you place a 30-40min duration bet
  • Avoid all other bet types (although you could probably get away with winning a few First Blood ones but only if PSG Talon are playing PCS matches)


  • Betting is somewhat risky at the moment as the new team just formed
  • Could potentially aim for number of goals or a match-winner bet here and there

Brawl Stars

  • You should wait for a while before placing any Brawl Stars bets in order to see how the team is doing

Best Game for PSG Esports Betting

Definitely Dota 2! The team has been doing pretty well and have achieved a stellar 2nd place in this year’s The International. Not an easy feat considering they had to go through some of the best Dota 2 teams in the world. And after missing out on getting 1st place at Dota 2’s most prestigious and largest Esports tournament, they are sure to come back even stronger next year.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

To say that Paris Saint Germain Esports is not successful would be foolish. Yes, the organization might not be as decorated as some others, but they’re still very much capable of producing great results.

Their Dota 2 team has been playing out of their minds and with a 2nd place at The International 2021, they now know they’re capable of even more. The League of Legends lineup is doing good, albeit still lagging behind other teams on a global scale.

The FIFA and Brawl Stars rosters are looking to get back on track very soon, and we will most likely have a 5th PSG Esports division in the works – Arena of Valor.

Overall, you can expect positive betting results and wins from placing Dota 2 and League of Legends bets on PSG. Who knows, maybe this possibility of winning expands to other games as well.

In short, this organization is a great one to place bets on, as well as being very interesting and fun to watch. And with that, this betting guide is concluded. We wish you the best of luck in your betting endeavors!

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PSG Esports Betting FAQs

For starters, betting on Dota 2 PSG Esports matches will bring you enough success to easily expand into other titles. Once that happens, make sure you constantly check on their performances, especially during tournament participation.

This can easily be done through the use of live streams or VODs to get a glimpse into how the team plays and what you can expect. And lastly, it all comes down to experience; make sure to use the information to your advantage instead of listening to your heart if you’re a Paris Saint Germain Esports fan.

Definitely match-winner for the Dota 2 and League of Legends teams (PCS-only for LoL though). Outrights are also good for Dota 2. Special bets can be risky but they are immense fun so it might be worth tackling them on as well.

Anything related to Brawl Stars and potentially FIFA, although FIFA is debatable. You could try to guess how many goals a PSG Esports player will score but other than that, nothing is really worth it.

There has been no new info on this as of yet but if rumors are to be believed, it should happen shortly. The scouting process is well underway so most likely in the following few months.

As for betting on them, it might be best to wait and see how they’re doing; at least for the first few professional tournament appearances.

Betway is the official sponsor of PSG Esports so naturally, this is what we would choose. You might even find some exceptional betting odds there as well! Alternatively, you could take a look at Rivalry or GGBet as they also have great odds and some interesting bet types for both new and experienced punters.

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