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Arena of Valor Esports Betting

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It is all about Arena of Valor: In eSports-Betting we know only a few esports games come along with so many names. AOV is probably also publicly known as Realm of Valor, Strike of Kings, or after the unofficial translation into English – Honor of King or King of Glory. But you can forget these names in the second you learned them; as highly requested not only by the developer, Arena of Valor must be called only Arena of Valor.

Maybe a lot may not know that Arena of Valor was released on August 10, 2017 in the EU, after it had already a great success story in Asia in the 3rd quarter of 2016. Mentionable is also, that AOV decided to conquer the European market way before the US-Market. However, at the end the success is indisputable for every western-region, as according to Sensor Tower, the game had probably already generated 140 million dollars in two years. This fact and the fact that AOV was nominated as discipline at the Asia Games 2018 also attracted the interest of many esports bookmakers. In the following everything about Arena of Valor bets and odds and much more!

Arena of Valor | Everything you need to know about the game

Arena of Valor Esports Betting

Some might be tempted to say “AOE is a mobile MOBA for smartphones”. Indeed, they would be objectively right, but would not do the game the honor its deserve. Arena of Valor is a way of life and that not only in Asia anymore. The game sees itself as the little brother of League of Legends. And in fact the two games might have a lot of shared characteristics:

There are two teams trying to tear down the base of the opponents with incarnation as heroes. Once you've gotten used to the intuitive touchscreen controls, all that matters is your skill. And then there's a competitive ranking and micro-transactions – there is: “League of… Arena of Valor”.

The publisher focused first on the smartphone and tablet market, but the developers were busy working on a Nintendo Switch version that was released in the third quarter of 2018. AOE is completely free to play – so why not trying it out?

What are the main Arena of Valor Leagues to mention?

Arena of Valor Esports Betting

Besides a vary many small tournaments in AOE, the biggest advantage of that game was to be part of the Asian Games 2018. Starting from that achievement international attention doubled. From a qualifying tournament in Hong Kong to the grand final, all eyes were on AOE. At the end it was China, who claimed the gold medal. Taipei won silver and Vietnam achieved the bronze medal.

But not only on the game itself, also the methodology of the whole tournament was under observation. 8 teams played in a Bo3 double elimination, i.e. winner and loser rank, to make it to the final. Still, we have to criticize the entry of Indonesia, which, as host of the games, included the Indonesian teams without any participation at the qualification tournaments. Apart from that, the tournament was a great success and Arena of Valor defended its reputation. Publisher Tencent also has a great vision for the future of Arena of Valor eSports. In the following we want to introduce you to the most important leagues of Arena of Valor, which are divided into regional tournaments and a world championship.

Leagues and tournaments

  • Valor Series: 2018 was the year the professional mobile eSports League for EU and NA was released! Starting in April 2018, the best teams from each region competed against each other on 6 tournament days. Winners from each region not only won $50,000 in prize money, but also qualified for the World Championships in Los Angeles.
  • Arena of Valor World Cup: AOE once again surprised everyone. Nominated, planned, done – a perfect Western World Championship in Los Angeles for more than a half a million dollars prize money was provided for the fans. But even this is not the end of the vision, the developers want to reveal more news about the eSport future of the game soon…

Arena of Valor eSports Betting: Where to Bet

 A good Bookie should always present the best betting odds, but more than that have a lot of different types of bet and releases the arena of valor odds long time prior the game. Though, AOV gains more and more importance in the European market, there are still this three indisputable Bookmakers to mention. Who wants to read more about types of betting in general, we can kindly refer to our betting academy page! If you have not yet dealt with payment methods, we strongly recommend that you read our Payment Methods Review. Even in the most beautiful moment – the withdrawal, one can give away a lot of money if choosed the wrong payment method. Check our recommendations on the top of the page.

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What types of betting exists for Arena of Valor?

There are many different types of eSports bets. Especially Arcanebet scores in addition to the mentioned bets with a large live betting offer. Like all other Mobas Arena of Valor offers besides the classic bets also many possibilities to make special bets!

  • Betting on Score: The better must bet on the correct score for one specific Round!
  • Winner 1st Round: The second most common bet is on the winner of the 1st Round. It is the classic prematch betting, which usually comes with odds long before the actual tournament.
  • Winner 2/3 Round
  • First Blood in 1st Round (2/3): What team is achieving First Blood?
  • First Turret in 1st Round (2/3): What team is destroying the First Tower?
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