LoL PCS: Your Betting Guide to the Asia-Pacific

The Pacific Championship Series is a region with a reputation that is unbefitting of its history. From the Taipei Assassins in Season 2 to the historic Flash Wolves of old, the PCS is a region with potential waiting to be unlocked. Get to know the underrated region in our betting guide.

Best Sites for LoL PCS Betting

  2. Rivalry
  4. Betway
  5. GG.BET
  6. 1xBet
  7. Pinnacle
  8. Nitrogen
  9. Arcanebet
  10. EGB

How to do PCS Betting in 2022

The PCS has always just been on the verge of success. After being stuck in the quarterfinals for the past half-decade, it won’t be long until the region can finally get its breakthrough. As such, now is the time to place your bets on this up-and-coming region. From the historic Taipei Assassins, the Flash Wolves, and to the current representatives PSG Talon, talented teams are up and about in the PCS and you should always keep this in mind when Betting.

Although its regular season is still set in best-of-ones, its playoffs follow a double-elimination best-of series. As such, there’s going to be quite a selection of games for you to bet on. All the way from moneylines to the more complex prop bets, you can follow along our comprehensive betting guide or get to know the basics below.

Moneyline Betting

In a league that is as volatile as the PCS, moneyline betting is the default for those looking to place their money on the league. Given that there are players and teams coming and going every year, you could see to benefit from bets placed on the right time, on the right day. Follow how the teams shape up from day-to-day and season-to-season to follow which teams are worth the risk. You can start out with bets on one or two teams that have been shown to perform like PSG Talon or J Team to get your groove on.

Best betting sites to use for Moneyline betting: Rivalry

Total Betting

If you want to go outside your usual moneylines, when PCS betting, you can try out total bets or otherwise called over/under betting. In this form of betting, you predict whether the game will go over or under a defined metric. Common betting markets include game time, number of kills, or even more complex stats like total dragons or Baron Nashors slain.

For total betting, you only have to remember that the longer a game goes the higher the chance for it to have more dragons, barons, towers, and kills taken. This means that for teams that like to play slow, there will be less objectives taken and the opposite when teams like to play fast and hard. As such, bet over or under accordingly after you do your research and check a region and team’s playstyle, game time, and meta!

Best betting sites to use for Prop betting: LOOT.BET

Prop Betting

If you want to take bigger risks on the PCS, propositional betting or prop betting is your way to go. In prop bets or what we call as special bets, you can try predicting what will go down in a match from the minute a team steps out of the fountain to their Nexus being destroyed.

In Rivalry, these are a few examples of prop bets that you can bet on:

  • Both teams to destroy an inhibitor
  • First team to slay Baron Nashor
  • Team to take down the first Tower
  • Team to take First Blood

Talking from our own experience in solo queue, taking Baron doesn’t necessarily mean that you win the game. As such, prop bets are a betting market that can elevate your betting experience. But before going forward, do your PCS betting research by looking up important stats on platforms like Games of Legends and Oracle’s Elixir. With stats like First Baron Rate (FBN%), First Blood Rate (FB%), or First Tower Rate (FT%), you can immediately see how teams like to play and therefore, reduce your risk.

Best betting sites to use for Prop betting: LOOT.BET, Rivalry

Handicap Betting

Handicap bets can be confusing. But just as its name suggests, it’s self-explanatory. Handicap betting sets ‘handicaps’ on teams by requiring them to be within a set margin to get their payout. As Pinnacle explains it, handicap betting balances the playing field so that odds for the underdogs stay competitive. In the PCS, handicap bets come in the form of the number of kills a team should be ahead by at the end of a game. Come playoffs, this extends to the number of games won in a series.

In betting markets, there are positive or negative handicaps. For kills, a -6.5 kill handicap placed on PSG Talon against J Team means that PSG needs to be ahead by at least seven (7) kills in order for you to cash out. Meanwhile, a +4.5 kill handicap in the same matchup would mean that even if PSG were behind by four (4) kills, then you would still win your bet.

Meanwhile for map handicaps, a +1.5 map handicap means that a team only has to win one (1) game in a best-of-three series and two (2) games in a best-of-five series. Notice here that the team doesn’t necessarily have to win the series, but just has to be within that set margin. But on the other hand, a -1.5 map handicap means that your team needs to win two straight games in a best-of-three or a 3-1 result in a best-of-five to claim your winnings.

Best betting sites to use for Prop betting: Pinnacle

Where to Place your Bets when PCS Betting

For PCS Betting, look no further than our own recommended bookmakers such as Rivalry, LOOT.BET, and Pinnacle. To get a deeper insight into our recommendations however, you can read up on our bookmaker reviews on esports betting.

But if the PCS quite isn’t your style, then you might want to look towards the LPL and the LCK that plays out best-of series matches in the regular season. If you want to look towards the West, then the LCS and the LEC are great alternatives.


Rivalry prides itself as an esports betting platform dedicated for gamers. With betting markets spanning across titles and tournaments, Rivalry is a must visit for punters in esports. Read our in-depth Rivalry betting review to get to know this top-tier bookie made by gamers, for gamers.


LOOT.BET is an esports-focused bookie run by esports marketing and operations company Livestream Ltd. It is based in Nicosia, Cyprus and offers a conveniently organized user interface for punters looking to place their bets on esports all the way from FIFA to League of Legends. Get to know the bookie with our comprehensive review on LOOT.BET.

BetOnline was founded two decades back in 2001 when it initially just served traditional sports betting. All the way till today, where it now serves as a great betting platform for esports. The bookie has integrated esports well into its services and is a reliable go-to for punters. Read our detailed bookmaker review on BetOnline to know more.

LoL PCS: Betting Odds and Predictions

The PCS has teams competing from all over the Asia-Pacific. As such, it still features promotion and relegations to allow for only the best teams in the league. Keep your eye out for up-and-coming teams to put your money on in the PCS when betting!

What is the PCS?

The Pacific Championship Series is the Asia-Pacific’s premier League of Legends regional league with teams coming from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. It was born from the ashes of the League of Legends Master Series (LMS) and the League of Legends SEA Tour (LST) which ran their own separate leagues before the league’s formation in 2020.

The PCS was created to represent the best that the Asia-Pacific has to offer with originally, a permanent franchise league system planned out. But to promote competition within the region, they shifted to the current promotion-relegation system. While the PCS has always been a step ahead of minor regions, it has struggled to consistently take down the top dogs in Korea, Europe, and China. Thus, it has yet to be recognized as a major region despite winning a World championship in 2012.

History of the PCS

As mentioned, the PCS was born out of separate leagues coming from the Asia-Pacific. One of which was the LMS which had teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. Then the LST which had teams competing from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. With Riot wanting to take a more active step towards managing League of Legends esports within the Asia-Pacific, they then created the PCS.

But before 2015, these teams were formerly a part of the Garena Premier League (GPL) which was managed by an independent Southeast Asian operator Garena. In here, you would have historic Asia-Pacific titans like Taipei Assassins, ahq eSports Club and the famed GIGABYTE Marines represent the region in Worlds.

The predecessors of the PCS

Historically then, the PCS has had commendable performances internationally. Of which, are a few of the LMS, LST, and GPL’s top placings across the past decade are as follows:

Event Date Prize Pool Place Runner-Up
MSI 2021 May 6 – May 23, 2021 $25,000 3rd – 4th PSG Talon
MSI 2018 May 3 – May 20, 2018 $133,626 3rd – 4th Flash Wolves
MSI 2017 Apri 28 – May 21, 2017 $169,000 3rd – 4th Flash Wolves
IEM Season 11 World Championship February 22 – February 26, 2017 $75,000 1st Flash Wolves
MSI 2016 May 4 – May 15, 2016 $50,000 3rd – 4th Flash Wolves
Worlds 2015 October 1 – October 31, 2015 $75,000 5th – 8th ahq eSports Club
Worlds 2015 October 1 – October 31, 2015 $75,000 5th – 8th Flash Wolves
Worlds Season 2 October 4 – October 13, 2012 $1,000,000 1st Taipei Assassins

While it has been a while since the Asia-Pacific has won a championship, the PCS and the teams that came before it have been able to place in the Top 4 in tournaments such as MSI and Top 8 in Worlds. Nevertheless, the region has produced top tier talent as of late like Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan, Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung, and Chen “Ziv” Yi.

Past Winners of the PCS

Event Date Prize Pool Winning Team Runner-Up
PCS Spring 2022 February 11, 2022 – April 17, 2022 $80,000 PSG Talon CTBC Flying Oyster
PCS Summer 2021 July 09, 2021 – August 29, 2021 $80,000 PSG Talon Beyond Gaming
PCS Spring 2021 February 19, 2021 – April 18, 2021 $80,000 PSG Talon Beyond Gaming
PCS Summer 2020 June 20, 2020 – August 30, 2020 $80,000 Machi Esports Talon Esports
PCS Spring 2020 February 29, 2020 – May 03, 2020 $80,000 Talon Esports Machi Esports

Tournament Format of the PCS

In the regular season, the ten participating teams of the league square off in a Double Round Robin played in best-of-ones to see who advances to the playoffs. The top eight teams then qualify for a double-elimination bracket in the said playoffs.

In the past 2022 season, the top two teams in the regular season received a bye to Round 2 of the winners’ bracket. Round 1 of the playoffs is played in shorter best-of-threes while Round 2 and onwards are played in more stretched out best-of-fives. This gives the higher seeded teams an advantage seeing the draft and playstyle of the teams before them.

But at the end of the day, this tournament format allows only the undisputed best team to hoist the championship trophy with its double-elimination. And to top it all off, the winner of the Spring playoffs gets to represent the PCS in the yearly Mid-Season Invitational which is only a step behind Worlds in its prestige.


Afterwards, the bottom two teams from the regular season are sent to relegation with teams from their own regions sending a representative to challenge for their slot. As of right now, the PCS is among the last remaining leagues to feature a promotion and relegation structure. And to much of their credit, it has worked with one of its former teams Resurgence being relegated by the Singapore-Malaysian team Impunity in 2021.

Ranking the Teams of the PCS

With all these teams from all these countries across Asia, the PCS is perhaps one of the most diverse leagues across the world. However, if you’ve noticed, teams from Taiwan and Hong Kong have been leading the charge for LoL Esports in the PCS. Perhaps, this could change in the future but for now, we’ve ranked the top teams that have been dominating the PCS since its inception.

The Apex Predators

1. PSG Talon

Uniting one of the most dominant teams in the Asia-Pacific, Talon Esports, with the French football club Paris Saint-Germain, you have PSG Talon. This super team has top tier players who have stayed with the team all the way since the team joined the PCS in 2019. Throughout the years, what has made PSG so dominant has been their bottom duo in Unified and Kaiwing. No matter what, these two have held down the fort throughout countless playoffs, MSI’s and Worlds.

ID Name Position Join Date
Taiwan Flag Icon Hanabi Su Chia-Hsiang Top 2020-01-02
Taiwan Flag Icon Azhi Huang Shang-Chih Top 2021-12-09
South Korea Flag Icon Burry Jeong Seung-hwan Jungle 2022-06-13
South Korea Flag Icon Gori Kim Tae-woo Mid 2022-06-05
Hong Kong flag icon Unified Wong Chun Kit Bot 2020-01-05
Hong Kong flag icon Kaiwing Ling Kai Wing Support 2020-01-04

In 2022, PSG Talon hopes to finally break their curse as they have always fallen short 9th-12th in Worlds. Last year, they were even one game away from making it out of groups – a landmark for a wildcard region trying to make it into the big leagues. While they have an all-new Korean jungle-mid duo in Burry and Gori, we shall see if that will be enough to get them further into Worlds once and for all.

2. J Team

J Team is the team that took over the Taipei Assassins after it was acquired by JY Entertainment, which is owned by Taiwanese personality Jay Chou. Back in the LMS, the team had its time in the limelight taking down ahq eSports Club in 2019 and ending 9th-12th in Worlds. But in the PCS, they have yet to replicate the same success.

ID Name Position Join Date
Taiwan Flag Icon Driver Shen Zong-Hua Top 2022-01-27
Taiwan Flag Icon Rock Tsai Chung-Ting Top 2022-06-18
Taiwan Flag Icon Kongyue Hsiao Jen-Tso Jungle 2021-12-06
Taiwan Flag Icon Uniboy Chen Chang-Chu Mid 2022-01-27
Taiwan Flag Icon Lilv Chen Chin-Han Bot 2017-10-02
Taiwan Flag Icon Enso Liang En-Shuo Support 2021-12-06

In the past offseason, J Team picked up mid lane star Chen “Uniboy” Chang-Chu who just came from playing in the LPL. With his arrival, Hsiao “Kongyue” Jen-Tso and Uniboy have finally been reunited since they were loaned out to PSG Talon in Worlds 2020. Now, the duo is hoping to reclaim the throne as one of the most oppressive mid-jungle tandems in the league.

3. CTBC Flying Oyster

As confused as you are by their name, don’t be. CTBC Flying Oyster is just Machi Esports in disguise. But jokes aside, CFO is operated by CTBC Sports Entertainment hence their name. The team acquired the former Hong Kong Attitudes, who were at one point, Worlds attendees.

ID Name Position Join Date
Taiwan Flag Icon Rest Hsu Shih-Chieh Top 2022-01-26
Taiwan Flag Icon Gemini Huang Chu-Xuan Jungle 2022-01-26
Taiwan Flag Icon M1ssion Chen Hsiao-Hsien Mid 2022-01-26
Taiwan Flag Icon Atlen Sung Ya-Lun Bot 2022-01-26
Taiwan Flag Icon Shunn Chao Ying-Shun Bot 2022-03-11
Taiwan Flag Icon Koala Lin Chih-Chiang Support 2022-01-26

If we were to remember their glory days in 2020, Machi succeeded with the duo of Huang “Gemini” Chu-Xuan and Chen “M1ission” Hsiao-Hsien. And now that they’re back together, it’s no wonder that the newly formed team has done well in the league as they placed second in the 2022 Spring playoffs. Leading to the playoffs and onwards, the team will have to dig deep with their all-new top laner to reach Worlds once again.

4. Beyond Gaming

Ever since the team was formed in 2021, Beyond Gaming has always played second fiddle to the untouchable PSG Talon. This team, with former standout players like Chiu “Doggo” Tzu-Chuan, qualified for Worlds in their debut year. However, one of their key players was banned during Worlds 2021 due to leaking their draft to tip over bets which consequently, hurt their chances at the tournament with a 17th-18th placing.

ID Name Position Join Date
Taiwan Flag Icon Liang Wu Liang-Te Top 2021-02-04
Taiwan Flag Icon Likai Liao Li-Kai Top 2021-12-09
Taiwan Flag Icon Husha Huang Zi-Wei Jungle 2021-02-04
Taiwan Flag Icon Minji Lu Po-Wei Mid 2021-12-09
Taiwan Flag Icon SeNBon Wu Si-Yu Mid 2021-12-09
Taiwan Flag Icon Wako Tsou Wei-Yang Bot 2021-12-09
Taiwan Flag Icon Kino Wu Hsin-Jung Support 2021-02-04
Taiwan Flag Icon TNS Huang Po-Wei Support 2021-02-04

In 2022, the team has struggled to find the same fire they once had with their roster being a shadow of what it once was. And although they had a great start to the Summer split, it seems that they are still such an inconsistent team. BYG has shown that it can dance with PSG but can still struggle against the bottom-tier teams in the league. We shall see if this team can regain its footing coming into playoffs or it will have to make changes come the offseason.

5. Deep Cross Gaming

Funnily enough, almost all of Deep Cross Gaming’s players have come from J Team at one point in the past. This maybe explains how the team has been competitive in the PCS in its debut season. Of its roster, jungler Chen “Hana” Chih-Hao was a part of the former ahq roster that won the 2019 LMS Summer playoffs alongside Chu “FoFo” Chun-Lan. Meanwhile, we have Hsu “Nestea” Bao-Yuan and Lin “Woody” Hung-Yu who placed first in the 2020 Summer regular season of the PCS.

ID Name Position Join Date
Taiwan Flag Icon Leaky Chang Tsu-Chia Top 2022-01-29
Taiwan Flag Icon Hana Chen Chih-Hao Jungle 2022-01-29
Taiwan Flag Icon Nestea Hsu Bao-Yuan Mid 2022-01-29
Taiwan Flag Icon Cryscata Chang Che-Lin Bot 2022-01-29
Taiwan Flag Icon Woody Lin Hung-Yu Support 2022-01-29

With veteran jungle and support duo and a solo laners like Nestea and Chang “Leaky” Tsu-Chia (who has had competitive experience in China), Deep Cross Gaming has just the right amount of experience, synergy, and talent to make deep runs in the league.

The Bottom of the Barrel

6. Frank Esports

Frank Esports is an up-and-coming roster with former mid laner Ng Jason “Pretender” Cheuk Lun from PSG Talon in the wings. Although they have been seen to contend with teams like BYG and DCG, they can’t seem to break the upper tier of teams like J Team, PSG, and CFO.

ID Name Position Join Date
Hong Kong flag icon Jazkit Chan Cheuk Kit Top 2022-02-11
Hong Kong flag icon Kirt Tsang Ka Kit Top 2022-02-11
Hong Kong flag icon YSKM Chau Shu Tak Top 2022-06-18
Hong Kong flag icon Holo Tsang Dek Lam Jungle 2022-02-11
Hong Kong flag icon Pretender Ng Jason Cheuk Lun Mid 2022-02-09
Hong Kong flag icon MnM Wong Ka Chun Bot 2022-02-11
Hong Kong flag icon K2 Law Chi Kit Support 2022-02-11
Hong Kong flag icon Rebirth Fu Chun Kit Support 2022-02-11

7. Impunity

Impunity is a Singaporean team that relegated Resurgence in a close 3-2 series in the PCS 2021 Spring Promotion, being the first-ever team to have ever been promoted through the system. The team definitely has what it takes to reach playoffs, but it’s still unclear if they can push further than that.

ID Name Position Join Date
South Korea Flag Icon JackPoT Park Jin-soo Top 2022-07-11
Taiwan Flag Icon Alex Chen Yu-Ming Jungle 2022-06-19
Taiwan Flag Icon Apex Hsieh Chia-Wei Mid 2022-06-19
Taiwan Flag Icon Anex Chou Chun-An Bot 2022-06-19
South Korea Flag Icon Yusin Kwak Yu-sin Support 2022-07-11
Taiwan Flag Icon Husky Huang Chin-Cheng Mid (Sub) 2022-06-19
Taiwan Flag Icon Lz Yang Zi-Li Bot (Sub) 2022-06-19
Taiwan Flag Icon Winnie Shen Tzu-chun Support (Sub) 2022-06-19

8. Meta Falcon Team

Despite being the sister team to university team Hungkuang Falcon of Hung Kuang University, Meta Falcon Team has shown that it can play in a regional league like the PCS. However, it seems that the team is a standstill being unable to go past the likes of mid-tier teams like CFO and DCG.

ID Name Position Join Date
Taiwan Flag Icon Taco Fan Zhao-Fu Top 2022-02-06
Taiwan Flag Icon 665 Wu Yi-Han Jungle 2022-02-06
Taiwan Flag Icon Wen Syu Nai-Wun Mid 2022-02-06
Taiwan Flag Icon Hong2 Shiu Yong-Hung Mid 2022-06-18
Taiwan Flag Icon Whale Chang Tzu-Wah Bot 2022-02-06
Taiwan Flag Icon Renhao Lau Ren-Ho Support 2022-02-06
Taiwan Flag Icon 1SSUE Chao Yi-Chieh Support 2022-06-18

9. Dewish Team

Dewish Team had their slot in the PCS given to them by Hurricane Gaming which formerly known as Alpha Esports. The team was on the brink of relegation in 2021 after finishing last place in Summer, but with their all-new roster, perhaps they can start their long, long journey back to the top.

ID Name Position Join Date
Taiwan Flag Icon Lacunae Huang Xu-Chen Top 2022-06-18
Taiwan Flag Icon WSL Le Shao-Wei Jungle 2022-06-18
China Flag Icon aoliao Li Jun-Yao Mid 2022-06-18
Taiwan Flag Icon BangTwo Huang Jyun-Kai Bot 2022-06-18
Taiwan Flag Icon EnHoa Cai Hao-En Support 2022-06-18
Taiwan Flag Icon Happiness Chen Hsin-Fu Top (Sub) 2022-06-18

10. SEM9

Despite acquiring the spot of the former Berjaya Dragons, SEM9 has struggled at the bottom of the PCS after much of their roster left at the end of 2021. Now, they only have jungler Beckham “Arashi” Ang Jing En left with a squad of rookies to lead. However, time might not be on their side with relegations coming soon.

ID Name Position Join Date
Taiwan Flag Icon Noname Chen Jia Wei Top 2022-06-23
Malaysia Flag Icon Arashi Beckham Ang Jing En Jungle 2021-11-23
Malaysia Flag Icon QaspieL Eric Sia Sze Pin Jungle 2021-11-23
Malaysia Flag Icon Lezar Wei Lun Lim Mid 2021-11-23
Taiwan Flag Icon XieDoDo Chiang Tung Chun Bot 2022-06-19
Malaysia Flag Icon Felia Alvin Lim Ming Siang Support 2021-11-23

Where to Watch the PCS

For the Spring and Summer seasons, you can tune into what the Asia-Pacific has up its sleeve on Twitch, YouTube, and Huya. For bettors from the region itself, you can watch the PCS on Twitch in Cantonese and Mandarin. There are even alternative platforms such as eGG Network and YahooTV, if Twitch and Huya aren’t your cup of tea. Matches begin as early as 00:00 PST ending at around 06:00 PST from Friday to Sundays. Follow the league’s day-to-day updates on Facebook, Twitter, and on LoL Esports.

LoL PCS Schedule

In the past year, the PCS 2022 Spring split began on February 11, 2022, which gave teams enough time to rest and train for the upcoming season following the offseason. The Spring season then ended after the playoffs which ran from March 31 to April 17, 2022. Games were held from Friday to Sunday as early as 00:00 PST ending at around 06:00 PST.

Unfortunately, the PCS is still currently being held fully online because of the difficulty in setting up a league with teams coming from countries all across the Asia-Pacific. However, with the increasing shift towards franchise-based leagues, we could soon see the PCS being held on LAN.

Meanwhile, the PCS Summer season begins around early July and ends with the playoffs in early August.

What’s at Stake: PCS Spring Split Prize Pool

For those in the region, winning the PCS means more than just the money. You should always keep this in mind when PCS Betting. It means representing the Asia-Pacific and fighting for the chance to put the region back on the map. By winning the playoffs of the PCS Spring split, the champion gets to take home $30,000 from a total of $80,000 prize pool. Furthermore, they get to represent the PCS in MSI. This is the equivalent of getting the qualifying spot for Worlds at the end of Summer split.

LoL PCS Key Stats

  • In the 2022 Spring season, the PCS had an average of 18,089 viewers among Western audiences on Twitch and YouTube
    • This might be because of the wave of iconic teams that withdrew from the league after the 2021 season
  • Viewership peaked at 64, 442 viewers during the Grand Finals when PSG faced CBTC Flying Oyster
    • This is considerably lower than the 2021 Summer Grand Finals which had a peak viewership of 93, 528 viewers
  • However, this does not mean that no one is following the league as the PCS is streamed on streaming platforms like Huya, eGG Network, and YahooTV

PCS 2022 Spring Betting FAQs

What are the best sites for LoL PCS Spring Betting?

Betting platforms that offer bets on League of Legends usually offer betting markets for the PCS. These are as follows Rivalry for moneyline bets, LOOT.BET for prop and total bets, and for handicap betting!

Where can I watch the PCS?

Follow the PCS on Twitch, YouTube, or Huya from Fridays to Sundays as early as 00:00 PST. In the How to watch section we’ve listed more ways you can watch the PCS.

What is the prize pool for the PCS Spring split?

In the past 2022 Spring season, the champion brought home $30,000 from a total prize pool of around $80,000.

When will the playoffs begin for the PCS Spring Season?

The playoffs for the PCS Spring split begins a week or two following the regular season. For the 2022 Spring split, it ran from March 31 to April 17, 2022. We can expect next season’s Spring split to kick-off somewhere in February!

What’s the format of PCS Spring 2022?

The PCS still follows a promotion-relegation system with a Double Round Robin regular season and a double-elimination playoffs bracket. The regular season is played in best-of-ones while the playoffs are played in best-of-threes and best-of-fives.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

As it stands, PSG Talon is finally having a run for its money as teams like J Team, Beyond Gaming and CTBC Flying Oyster are catching up to the indomitable hawk. Then, you have up-and-coming teams like Deep Cross Gaming and Frank Esports building up their own rosters that can take games off the top dogs. Be on the lookout for usurpers to the throne coming into the 2023 season. But for now, we can say that PCS Betting is safer when betting on PSG Talon to take the one-way ticket to Groups in Worlds with J Team coming up clutch to secure Play-Ins.

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