Thanks to the organization’s rich history and great performances, Dignitas betting can bring some nice rewards to enthusiastic bettors. Learn about the team and how to bet on them.

Who are Dignitas?

Dignitas is one of the longest-running Esports organizations in the world. Their history goes all the way back to 2003 at which point the organization was created by the merger of Legion Condor and Sweden Kompanix (both Battlefield 1942 clans).

The organization was officially registered as a company in 2004 and has since competed in a countless number of Esports events across many different games.

Currently, the organization has teams in League of Legends (with an Academy team as well), CSGO, VALORANT, Rocket League, and PUBG. However, their League of Legends team is the most well-known one since they’ve been participating since late 2011.

Team History

Going deep into Dignitas’ history would take ages. They’ve been around for so long that their name is instantly recognizable to both old and new Esports fans. Still, it is important to showcase their past and greatest achievements of which there are a couple.

Full Name Nickname Age Esports Prize Winnings
Michael Santana Imaqtpie 29 League of Legends $38,630
William Li scarra 31 League of Legends $34,540
Emil Reif Magisk 23 CSGO $1,519,840
Nicolai Reedtz device 25 CSGO $1,882,681
Andreas Højsleth Xyp9x 25 CSGO $1,902,680

The Dignitas LoL team is by far the most-known one out of all the games Dignitas have teams in. Their first taste of Esports was the Go4LoL ESL tournament (a small-scale tournament for amateurs and upcoming pros with small prizes) where they achieved two 2nd place finishes.

Over the years, the team didn’t achieve the results they dreamed of. Of course, with such a long career certain great results came – in the form of 2nd and 3rd places. But the last 1st place they obtained was in 2012. The team seems to be falling in terms of confidence and performance as they finished 5th in the LCS 2021 Spring Split and lost out in the opening rounds of the LCS 2021 Championship.

Dignitas also have an academy team whose performances warranted a mid-position on the NA Academy results table (though they did win the Unified Grand Prix 2021 Summer tournament).

The second most famous Dignitas team operates in CSGO. Having secured plenty of third-place finishes, one second-place, and one first-place finish in CSGO LAN tournaments, their CSGO campaign can be described as successful.

The Dignitas CSGO team was strongest with the incredible roster they had back in 2016 (Rubino, cajunb, MSL, Magisk, and k0nfig). One of these players would then go on to join the revered Astralis powerhouse – Magisk.

Throughout 2014-2016, the team would always finish 3rd or higher in LAN tournaments. However, nowadays they aren’t as good as they used to be but – the Esports pedigree and respect is still there.

Rocket League is the game that brought Dignitas immense glory. Although their CSGO team was strong, it wasn’t as dominant as Rocket League’s. The RL Dignitas team consisting of ViolentPanda, Turbopolsa, and Kaydop dominated the Rocket League Esports scene for almost a year before the roster was switched up.

This team won the RLCS Season 5 Finals, RLCS Season 6 Europe, and the DreamHack Pro Circuit: Leipzig 2019, decimating strong opponents in the process. They came second in the RLCS Season 6 Finals, losing 1:4 to Cloud9.

ViolentPanda would remain in the team until July 2021 and would go on to win one more S-Tier tournament with Dignitas – RLCS Season 9 Europe (2020). The competitive year would go downhill for them after RLCS Season 9 thanks to some terrible performances. Still, the team seems to be bouncing back to their previous form, although lacking consistency.

Dignitas’ PUBG roster could not follow the same path as their sister teams from other games and as such, it hadn’t managed to win any larger tournaments (A-Tier and higher). Their only 1st place came in 2018 during the DreamHack Austin PUBG Showdown Closer Qualifier.

It’s worth noting that Dignitas did perform well during one S-Tier tournament – the PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas, with a 4th place finish.

Finally, we come to VALORANT. Dignitas’ VALORANT team was a wild one. They’d either play okay, or terrible. There was no in-between. As such, the team disbanded in March 2021.

However, Dignitas’ second roster came in April 2020 in the form of a full-female team. In contrast to the guys, the women are doing great. They started off shaky in 2020 but returned reinvigorated in 2021, winning the Super Girl Gamer Pro Spring 2021 Championships.

Overall, Dignitas’ fame precedes their achievements in most games. Inconsistent performances plagued them across multiple Esports titles but – they are considered an eminent organization. Going back a decade or two ago shows that they’ve always had what it takes to achieve glory.

Dignitas Successes

Game Tournament Placement Date Roster
Rocket League RLCS Season 5 Finals 1st 10.06.2018. ViolentPanda, Kaydop, Turbopolsa
Rocket League RLCS Season 6 Europe 1st 14.10.2018. ViolentPanda, Kaydop, Turbopolsa
Rocket League RLCS Season 9 Europe 1st 29.03.2020. ViolentPanda, Yukeo, AztraL
CSGO EPICENTER: Moscow 1st 23.10.2016. Rubinho, cajunb, MSL, Magisk, k0nfig
FIFA World Championship 1st 2005 Chris Bullard

What Games do Dignitas Participate in?

Dignitas currently harbor 6 rosters across 5 different games (the Main and the Academy team for League of Legends). So there’s plenty of ‘space’ to start some Dignitas betting!

League of Legends

The current Dignitas LoL roster consists of FakeGod, Akaadian, Yusui, Neo, and Aphromoo. The team is an established franchised partner of the LCS which means they’ll still be around for years to come.

The question is whether the team will start putting in great performances and achieving a Worlds spot or not. Because 2021 wasn’t particularly nice to them. Dignitas did not qualify for the World Championship as they finished 7th/8th.

Betting on Dignitas is risky because you never know whether they’ll have a bad day or a good day. More often than not, it’s a bad day. Still, the team can pull some surprising performances out of nowhere, beating a top-table team in the process.

Overall, they’re missing consistency and need to work on their communication.


Dignitas’ CSGO roster is made up of the following players: Friberg, Hallzerk, Heap, F0rest, and Lekr0. They also have a female CSGO team – Emuhleet, Rain, Showliana, Theia, and Stefanie who also make up the VALORANT Dignitas roster!

In recent times, Dignitas’ male CSGO lineup hasn’t exactly shone. They’re ranked as the world’s 57th best team which is a stunning fall from grace. You could always find them near or at the top in 2016 with the legendary lineup of Rubino, cajunb, MSL, Magisk, and k0nfig. Unfortunately, no roster after that one achieved such great things.

Nonetheless, the team is still capable of producing acceptable results but can’t seem to find its footing for the long run. Dignitas did manage to win a couple of tournaments after 2016, but these were either Qualifiers for the main event or smaller CSGO tournaments.

The female CSGO team had their fair share of 1st places in recent times. They won Intel Challenge Katowice 2018 and 2019, and GIRLGAMER Esports Festival 2017 and 2018. There were also a couple of 2nd place finishes in 2020 as well.

Analyzing these achievements, it’s safe to say that the female roster is doing better than the guys. Go girls!


Dignitas’ only VALORANT roster is the female one – with the same players as in the CSGO roster. The women are doing a great job in tournaments they participate in, although they’re still a relatively young team.

The team has a 56% win rate which is good; nothing stellar but still good. If this run of results continues, we might see Dignitas battling it out with the best VALORANT teams today.

Rocket League

The players in Dignitas’ Rocket League roster are ApparentlyJack, Joreuz, and Scrubkilla. The team has recently experienced a revival of their former selves and seem to be putting in some great performances.

Dignitas fans are hoping the team eventually begins the second cycle of dominance in Rocket League, akin to the ViolentPanda, Turbopolsa, and Kaydop era. Nonetheless, things are looking good with the team doing better and better with each tournament.


Finally, the Dignitas PUBG roster consists of Shinboi, Honeybadger, Sparkingg, and Poonage.

The team’s PUBG performances are nothing to write home about since they hadn’t won any meaningful tournaments. However, they did achieve a great 4th place in the PUBG Continental Series 4 Americas in the final days of June 2021. Since then, not a lot has been happening but it seems the team finally got their footing and strategy down correctly.

Upcoming Dignitas Event Participations

Due to the LoL Esports season being over, bar the end-year tournaments, (in which Dignitas isn’t participating), there is only one upcoming Team Dignitas LoL Esports event – the LCS Proving Grounds 2021 Summer. Dignitas’ Academy team is the one taking part in the event that will begin on the 11th of September at 00:00 AM EST.

As for CSGO, Dignitas will participate in the REPUBLEAGUE TIPOS Season 2 from the 20th of September to the 20th of November.

The PUBG roster will take part in the PUBG PCS Series 5 Americas tournament starting on the 16th of September.

Dignitas Esports Betting for Beginners

Starting your Dignitas betting career can be daunting, especially given how volatile each Dignitas roster is in terms of playing ability. Of course, there are times when the team performs well on a consistent basis but this usually doesn’t last long.

It’s been a while since Dignitas had a truly dominant team but at least the situation is improving across all games, especially compared to last year.

As such, knowing when and how to bet on Dignitas begins with getting to know the team. You’ll need to understand their strategies as well as constantly looking at their performances. Only then will you be able to place efficient and potentially winnable bets.

Is Betting on Dignitas a Good Choice?

As long as you are smart with your bets it is. Dignitas is not one of those teams where you are 99% certain they’ll win. In fact, you’ve basically got a 50/50 split even if the odds are much in Dignitas’ favor.

However, this isn’t saying Dignitas is bad all around. On the contrary, they play amazingly well at times and in certain games, though you do need to keep track of how they’re playing. As an example, they’re fairly successful playing on Inferno and Nuke in CSGO, but aren’t as good on Mirage and Overpass.

Because of this, bets must be placed carefully and with enough follow-up knowledge to make them pay off.

Which Types of Bets Should you Place?

It all depends on what game you’re betting on and a couple of other factors. In general, almost all Dignitas teams like to take their time and prepare the field; they rarely rush headfirst and aren’t the ones causing the most damage.

Still, the bet types differ across all five games they play simply due to the nature of these games. Well, at least the game-specific bet types. In any case, here’s an overview of the Team Dignitas Betting strategies.

League of Legends

There are three main League-specific bet types when it comes to LoL betting:

  1. First Blood
  2. First Baron
  3. Game Duration

I’ll tell you right now that the best betting option to choose when Dignitas is playing is the Game Duration one. Dignitas’ average game duration was 30:59 minutes. The next team with the shortest game duration is 100Thieves with 31:51 – almost a full minute longer!

You can easily place bets that range between 20-30 minutes when Dignitas is playing and expect a winning bet.

Also, first Baron is a great bet on Dignitas as well but it doesn’t happen every time. First blood is debatable, sometimes Dignitas gets it, sometimes the enemy team gets it.

However, there’s one aspect here that applies to all Dignitas games – if the enemy team gets an early advantage, Dignitas loses the game. They also don’t get first blood. Ideally, you’d want to avoid placing first blood bets on Dignitas.

As for betting on Dignitas to win – just keep in mind that their win% in LCS 2021 was 44% – not ideal to make reliable bets.


CSGO betting has a couple more variants of bets. Specifically, there are 4 main ones:

  1. Round Winner
  2. Outright Winner
  3. Total Kills (Player/Team)
  4. Handicap

With rounds, you’ll have the simple choice of selecting the team you think will win the round. Remember that CSGO matches consist of 30 rounds so you can place a bet for each of them. With Dignitas, the only way you can make efficient bets is to bet on them when the map suits them.

Outright winner is a difficult bet to make, especially on Dignitas since they haven’t performed well enough to warrant a tournament win from the get-go.

Total kills is an interesting bet type but a fair one to make when you’re betting on Dignitas. It’s best if you compare their kill numbers from previous matches and tournaments before committing to such bets.

Lastly, handicap bets are the most difficult ones. These aren’t ideal for betting on Dignitas simply because the betting odds are never that good for them. Handicap bets should generally be placed only when the odds for the match/outright winner bets aren’t favorable.


VALORANT Dignitas betting should be kept to the simplest betting types as the roster is still relatively new. We recommend betting on the match-winner, correct match score (not round score; round score is much more difficult), and the player with the most kills/assists.

These bets are safe and with a high chance of success given Dignitas’ previous performances. Still, take a look at some of their recent games and results to give you more insight on when to place these bets.

Rocket League

Rocket League is by far the game with the most bet types; it’s also the most complicated one to place bets on. But don’t fret – when you’re just starting out, it’s best not to indulge yourself in every single bet type.

As far as Dignitas in Rocket League, the team isn’t as good as it used to be but they still put in great performances every once in a while.

Our recommendation would be to focus on the outright winner, and total goals/saves/maps but only with the over/under bet type. Guessing the exact score can prove risky since Rocket League isn’t as straightforward as some other games.

Dignitas is typically the stronger team in most cases except when facing Vitality with whom they don’t have a particularly good track record.


You’ll be happy to know that PUBG betting doesn’t involve any complicated bet types. Most bookies offer only outrights, with very few of them offering map winner bet types.

The reason for this is that PUBG is an inherently unpredictable game. Even the best teams in the world can’t keep winning tournaments because, after all, they’re fighting against dozens of other teams.

With that said, Dignitas betting is just a bit too risky to do because even if Dignitas was the best team in PUBG, they probably wouldn’t win – even twice in a row. It’s best to avoid betting specifically on Dignitas altogether.

Best Game for Dignitas Betting

The best game for Dignitas betting (whilst also being the safest) is Rocket League. Betting on total goals, saves, and maps can be quite fun and rewarding if you’re willing to take a couple of risks but if not – betting on Dignitas as the outright winner is viable.

Otherwise, League of Legends can be a good source of winning bets but you need to examine all aspects of Dignitas’ upcoming game – the champion picks, the opponent; everything.

Lastly, you can place bets on Dignitas in CSGO but only do so when the map suits them ie. where the team has a good track record.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Dignitas has a long, valuable history of success and participation in Esports tournaments. They’ve been considered a top team before the 2010s but have since shown some decline as an organization. At least in terms of success.

Even though their CSGO team was winning in 2016, and their Rocket League team dominated for a year, they still haven’t gotten consistent results. The team does well for a while and then either stops performing well or disbands altogether.

Truthfully, there is still room for improvement but it’s not all bleak – they seem to be finally getting back on their feet and chasing those dreams with impunity. All the team needs is to make the next step that will take them above and beyond.

As such, Dignitas betting is a risky business; one moment your bets are immovable, another you’ve lost it all. But that’s what makes it fun; making risky but potentially huge bets. Of course, you shouldn’t just mindlessly throw your money away but when there’s a good chance of the bet pulling through – do it.

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Team Dignitas Betting FAQs

The best method to get good at betting on Dignitas (or betting in general) is to simply do it. You’ll never be able to learn more than through experiencing and placing the bets yourself, even if you lose.

Still, if you want to maximize your chances, you need to properly prepare and learn. Don’t let your emotions run rampant and you’ll be placing smart bets in no time.

Betway and Rivalry are your best bets when placing bets on Dignitas thanks to the betting odds they offer and the bonuses. Another great choice is GGBet.

Keep in mind that the odds differ from game to game, and broker to broker. One broker might offer better LoL odds but the other provides some crazy CSGO odds.

You’ve got the most chances of a winning bet by placing a game duration bet of 20-30 minutes (or choosing under/over) when Dignitas is playing. However, sometimes the games last between 30-40 minutes but that is rare since Dignitas’ has the shortest average game time out of all LCS teams.

Total goals/saves/maps is an interesting one and can bring you some winnings but it would be better to focus on the outrights as they’re somewhat safer. Still, you need to be careful when placing Dignitas Rocket League bets as the game is fairly chaotic and Dignitas doesn’t always play to their advantage.

Take a deep, hard look into Dignitas’ success rate on all CSGO maps and only bet on them when the map they’re playing on brought them glory in the past. Look for at least a 60% win rate on a specific map; as long as they aren’t playing top teams, you’ll win some cash from your bets.

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