Excel Esports betting can be quite rewarding, but you need to look at the whole picture if you plan on betting on Excel. Make efficient and smart bets by getting to know the team and players.

Who are Excel Esports?

Excel Esports was created in 2014 in the United Kingdom. Over the years, Excel has become an established name in Esports and franchised partner in the LEC (League of Legends European Championship) since 2019.

The organization’s headquarters is located in Twickenham Stadium; more commonly known as XLHQ. Excel Esports also has teams in Fortnite and VALORANT (since 2019 and 2021 respectively) and has enjoyed a short spell in Rocket League as well (2017-2018).

Lastly, they harbor a League of Legends Academy team as well under the name of BT Excel (previously known as Excel Academy).

Team History

Since its inception, Excel Esports hasn’t achieved the forms of success they’d wanted in any of the games they participated in (apart from some great showings in Fortnite). However, they have been around for a long time.

By now, almost all League of Legends fans know about the Excel LoL team, especially in the newer era of LoL Esports. This is mainly due to how long the team has been around and not necessarily due to their success.

Their best result in the LEC was 7th place (out of 10) in 2020 and 2021. Looking at their history, it’s evident the team is moving upwards in terms of potential but they’re still a long way from being a powerhouse.

The VALORANT team started their professional career in March 2021 and has participated in one C-Tier tournament (taking 2nd place) until now.

Players for the Excel Esports Fortnite side did manage to win an event; the BDS Cup 2 was won by ‘Wolfiez’. This same player finished 2nd in the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational: Chapter 2 Season 2 Week 2 and Grand Finals.

Excel used to have teams in games such as Rocket League, FIFA, Hearthstone, and more but ultimately never continued participating in those events.

Overall, Excel Esports has gone through a lot of roster changes and game changes but has left a mark on the Esports world as a whole.

Excel Esports Successes (top 5 achievements table)

Game Tournament Placement Date Roster
Fortnite FNCS Invitational: Chapter 2 Season 2 Grand Finals 2nd Place 24.05.2020. Wolfiez
League of Legends ESL Premiership 2017 Autumn Finals 1st Place 11.04.2017. Shikari, Taxer, Kruimel, Innaxe, Aux
Fortnite BDS Cup 2 1st Place 26.05.2020. Wolfiez
League of Legends Neosurf Cup 2020 1st Place 12.01.2020. Send0o/Expect, Taxer/Caedrel, Mickey/Special, Patrik/Deadly, Tore/kaSing
League of Legends LEC 2021 Summer 7th Place 01.08.2021. Kryze, Dan/Markoon, Nukeduck, Patrik, denyk/Advienne

What Games does Excel Esports Participate in?

Currently, Excel Esports competes in three games: League of Legends, Fortnite, and VALORANT. Their VALORANT roster is the freshest having been created in March 2021.

Excel Esports also had rosters for Rocket League (disbanded after 1 year of play), Call of Duty, FIFA, Hearthstone, Gears of War, and Street Fighter. The organization hasn’t had much high-end success in those games.

Excel Esports League of Legends

2019 marked the year Excel Esports would join the LEC as a franchised partner of the competition. This came about after talks between LEC and other Esports organizations failed and Excel Esports was approached to fill out the final few spots left.

Their first season wasn’t a particularly good one, although they did manage to evade being the last in the league. At least during the Spring Split. They finished last at the end of the LEC Summer Split but – the team was new and so was the roster.

LEC 2020 was a welcome surprise for Excel Esports fans as the team finished 7th in both the Spring and Summer Splits. The roster at the time consisted of Kryze (top lane), Caedrel (jungle), Mickey/Special (Midlaner, Spring/Summer Split respectively), Patrik (Marksman), and Tore (support). Excel managed to pull out some pretty stellar performances throughout the year but consistency issues plagued them which ultimately meant a fairly low finish.

This is considered the highlight of their League of Legends professional career for now.

The team is still improving in 2021 and has acquired a few new players in the form of Markoon, Dan, Nukeduck, denyk, and Advienne. They finished 7th alongside Astralis in LEC 2021 Summer.

Excel Esports also has an Academy League of Legends team called BT Excel that seems to be doing great on a relatively consistent basis. They’ve won the NLC 2021 Spring and Spring Playoffs as well as coming 2nd in the European Masters 2021 Spring Main Event.

Excel Esports Fortnite

Fortnite being a predominantly solo-play game means that there is no apparent team roster. Just a couple of professional Fortnite players. Still, Excel Esports was successful in a couple of Fortnite tournaments thanks to the skills of their player ‘Wolfiez’.

Wolfiez joined Excel in 2020 and has since been their star Fortnite player. Excel recently expanded their Fortnite player roster with the addition of Verox who, before joining Excel, finished 3rd in the DreamHack Open Solo Finals!

The team can be proud of their Fortnite accomplishments with Wolfiez being their main guy.

Excel Esports VALORANT

Excel VALORANT performances are just starting since the team was assembled at the beginning of 2021. Still, they have already tasted the first Esports tournament matches by participating in the VALORANT Open Tour: France Spring Qualifier C-Tier tournament.

The team achieved resounding success but falling short of taking home 1st place after losing 0:3 to MGST. What was surprising about their final placement was that they’ve beaten Vitality (also a popular Esports organization) 2:1, thus sealing their spot in the finals. The team earned $4,263 for their troubles and got 2nd place.

Upcoming Excel Esports Event Participations

The Summer season of larger and medium esports events is over. All of the upcoming LoL, Fortnite, and VALORANT tournaments do not yet have teams known and so, there are currently no Excel Esports event participations pending.

Excel Esports Betting for Beginners

Betting on Excel is a wee bit interesting because of how the organization performs across the three games they play.

To give you more insight, their Fortnite players are great and have had a couple of stellar performances. Their VALORANT skill is still a mystery seeing how they’ve only participated in one C-Tier tournament and a couple of qualifiers though they never reached the main event. The League of Legends team is definitely their leading roster in terms of longevity and experience.

Knowing when to bet on Excel Esports requires careful planning because the team isn’t very consistent in any of the three games. Here’s what you have to know:

Is Betting on Excel Esports a Good Choice?

It can be a great choice if the placed bet is a smart one. One aspect that makes Excel different than the rest is that they can pull out some truly amazing performances in a sea of mediocre ones. Take their LoL team for example – they managed to defeat both G2 and MAD Lions in the LEC 2021 Summer Split. Both of these Esports organizations are established names; G2 took part in Worlds and MAD Lions qualified top of the pack in the Summer Split.

As long as you carefully analyze who they’re playing and if they have a chance of winning, you’ll be able to make relatively safe bets with nice returns.

Which Types of Bets Should you Place?

We’ll give you an overview of the Fortnite and League of Legends Excel Esports teams only, without VALORANT. This is simply due to the fact that the VALORANT team is still new and placing bets can be extremely risky since there aren’t any reference points.

League of Legends

One of the most popular bet types for League of Legends matches is the game duration one. This entails the bettor to choose when they think the match will end (the winner doesn’t matter here).

There are two types of game duration bets:

  1. Higher/Lower than the prompt – The broker’s website gives you a prompt (ie. 26th minute) after which you select either higher or lower.
  2. Choosing an array – With this type of bet, you get to pick several options including 20-30 minutes, 30-40 minutes, 40-50 minutes, etc.

The average duration of LoL matches currently is 32 minutes with the shortest match lasting for 22:56 minutes and the longest 43:30 minutes.

As for what you should choose for Excel matches, their Summer Split match duration is the 4th longest so it’s better to make bets aiming for 25-30+ minute games.

The First Blood bet type is a gamble and can go to both teams relatively equally.

As far as the First Baron bet is concerned – Excel is a very safe and rewarding bet. The team usually focuses a lot on game objectives and can even snag the first Baron of a game from a stronger team.

In short – go for 25-30+ minute duration bets and First Baron bets; avoid the First Blood bet on Excel.


The Excel Fortnite roster has only two players so the betting odds for these players are very favorable towards bettors. Their veteran player ‘Wolfiez’ has done great in the past and is looking for his next tournament victory but he’s still not an established name in Fortnite Esports.

As such, choosing him to come out on top is risky both due to his current skill & experience and to how Fortnite works. There can be only one winner (or two if we’re talking Duos) which means you roughly have a 1% chance of winning the bet.

Alternatively, the safer and more plausible bet type is Region (which server region’s team will win). All you’d do here is place a bet on Europe for example (‘Wolfiez’ server region) and hope a team from Europe wins.

Lastly, we’ve got the Top 3 Finishers bet type though this one is risky because you have to choose three players instead of just one.

To revise: Either go for the winner-takes-all bet (one/two players depending on whether it’s solo or duo respectively), and Region.

Best Game for Excel Betting

The best game for betting on Excel Esports is League of Legends, no contest. If not for their experience and time in the LEC, then for the sheer number of possible winning and interesting bets.

League of Legends betting gets more interesting the closer we get to the Worlds Championship by which point, betting types such as Pentakill, gold lead, and more appear. It will provide plenty of entertainment and fun, alongside the potential to win some money betting on Excel.

Fortnite is a close second whilst their VALORANT team is still in its infancy.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Excel Esports betting can be an electrifying & entertaining, yet risky and potentially defeating experience. There are chances where you can place certain bets and win, although you need to be more careful than when betting on other teams.

Excel Esports has just one recognizable team – the League of Legends team. They’re just starting out in VALORANT and have 2 players in Fortnite who are both very good. However, this doesn’t allow a lot of flexibility in terms of the number of Esports titles they compete in.

This, in turn, leaves only Fortnite and League of Legends (for the time being) which might feel constricting to some bettors.

Still, betting on Excel does have its benefits and can be enjoyable if you make smart bets. So go for it and good luck!

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Excel Esports Betting FAQs

You can get good at betting on any team as long as you do your research. Excel Esports is a volatile team in terms of performance so proper preparation and knowledge is key to placing winning bets. Understand the qualities and flaws of the team and make bets with that in mind.

Bet365 and Betway are both great choices for placing bets on Excel. The odds are very inviting and the welcome bonuses are nice as well. Another alternative is ArcaneBet that offers LoL betting on Excel as well.

The best winning probability bet type would be either the match duration (any of the two subtypes will do) or First Baron. Excel Esports generally grab the first Baron of the game so a bet on them would most likely be a winning one. As for duration, you should aim for anywhere between 25 and 30 minutes, though you should always take the matchups, enemy playstyle, and team strategy into account.

The best Excel Fortnite bet to go with is the Region bet type. The highest possibility of a winning bet is there but, alternatively, you can go for the Winning player (or duo) bet for some risky but very rewarding bets.

Because Excel Esports’ strategy in League of Legends is going for the mid-to-late game, they probably won’t be getting a lot of First Bloods (as is also evident from their past performances). These should generally be avoided unless you’re feeling frisky; but we generally advise against it.

You also shouldn’t place Excel VALORANT bets just yet – we’ll see how the team is doing in a few months’ time which is enough to gain some extra knowledge on where they stand skill-wise.

Lastly, the Top 3 Fortnite bet is a difficult one as you’d need to know all of the players and their abilities to make a proper Top 3 bet. Plus, if you get a single player wrong – the bet is lost.

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