is a Russian esports organization with teams featuring in a number of major esports tournaments around the world. The team presents rosters in many different esports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Rainbow Six and PUBG. In this guide, we’ll be giving you tips and insights on betting and the best esport betting sites to stake at. Overview (also known as VP) is an esports organization that maintains a solid reputation in the esports betting landscape. It is mostly known for its formidable Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 teams, having won top-level tournaments.

With the team participating in a couple of major esports competitions, betting has become a top choice to many bettors. Let’s delve into the team’s history and other important details about esports organisation. History esports club was founded 1st November 2003 in Russia as a main competitor in the Counter-Strike European series tournament. The team would later put up laudable performances that saw them become prominent in Counter-Strike competitions worldwide.

As a team to be reckoned with, the Counter-Strike team won 4 nationwide competitions in 2003. These include the KPRF Cup – Moscow, KPRF Cup – St. Petersburg, KPRF Cup – Yekaterinburg and the SKS Cup Open #1.

Following the restructuring of Counter-Strike and the upgrade to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, assembled a roster known as the Polish Golden Five CS:GO team. The roster went on to win the ESL Major Series One Katowice in 2014. Furthermore, the team won in 2015 the ESEA Season 18 – Global Invite Division, ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational and finally in 2016 the ELEAGUE Season 1.

The CSGO team has also performed well recently, winning the Flashpoint Season 2 in 2020 and the CS_ Summit 7 in 2021. The team has just won the Pinnacle Fall Series #1 tournament in September 2021.

With regard to Dota 2, the Dota 2 team has maintained impressive performances all-round. The team has won tournaments totaling over $10 million as of 2021, which represents 62.67% of general winnings.

It is not surprising that the team has won numerous tournaments. Some recent winnings in 2021 include ESL One CIS Online Season 1: Upper Division, ESL One DPC Eastern Europe Season 2: Upper Division. Teams teams professionally compete in different tournaments across the globe. The performance of the teams has made betting really exciting to bettors in Russia and in all other parts of the world. The roster of each team is listed in this section.

CS:GO CSGO Team CS:GO Team – EPICENTER 2019 (Image: Liquipedia, courtesy of EPICENTER | © Epic Esports Events)

The VP Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has been a big part of the global CS:GO movement. Another big CSGO win was recently recorded when the CS:GO team won the Pinnacle Fall Series #1 tournament. Here is the current CSGO team roster:

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Aleskey Golubev Qikert Entry Fragger
Timur Tulepov Buster Player
Sanjar Kuliev SANJI Player
Mareks Galinskis YEKINDAR Player
Ali Dzhami Jame In-game Leader



The Dota 2 team is currently ranked 3rd in global esports rankings. The team hosts talented players who are popular for their charisma in the arena of play. The players have risen to become top favorites to Dota 2 bettors on many esports betting sites. The team has won a number of trophies and performed highly in some others too. The roster includes:

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Egor Grigorenko epileptick1d Player
Danil Skutin Gpk Player
Dmitry Dorokhin DM Player
Illias Ganeev illias Player
Vitaly Melnik Save In-game Leader

R6 Siege Rainbow 6 Siege Team Rainbow 6 Siege Team – Russian Major League Season 6 (Image: | ©

The Rainbow 6 Siege team has been participating in major Russian, European and International Rainbow 6 Siege events. In fact, the first big tournament, the Russian Major League Season 4 the team won. Additionally they have managed to take several third and second places in international leagues and tournaments. They are rated highly in the upcoming stage 3 of European League 2021. See the roster below:

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Alan Ali Rask Player
Andrey Mironov m1loN Player
Eugene Petrishin kharzeka Player
Arytom Morozov wTg Player
Pavel Kosenko p4sh4 In-game Leader

PUBG PUBG Team PUBG Team – PUBG Global Invitational (Image: | ©

PUBG is receiving more popularity on the back of their recent victories. The team won the PUBG Continental Series 4: Europe in June 2021 and the ESL PBUG Masters 2021 Europe Summer in August 2021. This means you can get some good odds for VP betting on any of the listed sites in this guide. Here is the current PUBG roster:

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Dmytro Dubenyuk Perfect1ks Starter
Yaraslov Kuvichko Spyrro Starter
Kirill Lukyanov Lu Starter
Alexander Batulin Batulin In-game Leader Prodigy CS:GO Prodigy Team (Image: | ©

The Prodigy is the club’s academy, where esports youngsters are trained to play the game professionally. The Prodigy consists of rosters for CS: GO and Dota 2; both are listed below.

CS:GO Prodigy Roster

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Nikita Dobrynin BloodyK Player
Armen Eskuzyan Cheerful Player
Ivan Ovsyanik lom1k Player
Eugene Frolov r3salt Player
Alexey Burakov RuFire In-game Leader

Dota 2 Prodigy Roster

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Denis Sigitov Larl Player
Albert Chernoivanov Alberkaaa Player
Evgeniy Ignatenko Noticed Player

Top 5 Total Winnings and Achievements has played in 548 tournaments and won a total of $16,056,141.26 with different teams. This makes them one of the highest earning esports organisations globally. Let's have a look at what they have earned with their different teams below:

Date Esport Event Name Placement Prize
06-12-2020 CS:GO Flashpoint Season 2 1st $500,000
08-08-2015 Dota 2 The international 2015 5th-6th $1,197,924.85
23-05-2021 R6 Siege Six Invitational 2021 Disqualified $30,000
28-03-2021 PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 main Event 10th $150,648.00 Top 5 Players in Terms of Winnings

Just like the VP esports teams, the players have also earned money for their remarkable skills and performance at different tournaments. Only earnings with the club are included below:

Player Name Gaming ID Total Amount So Far Esport
Vladimir Minenko Noone $1,527,802.14 Dota 2
Alexei Berezin Solo $1,491,602.14 Dota 2
Roman Kushnarev RAMZES666 $1,460,735.47 Dota 2
Pavel Khvastunov 9pasha $1,446,702.14 Dota 2
Vladimir Nikogosyan RodjER $927,445.33 Dota 2

What is the Future for

It is interesting to note that Dota 2 team will be taking part in The International 10. This is the final tournament in the Dota Pro Circuit and the biggest Dota 2 competition in the world. The International 10 2021 has a prize pool of $40, 018, 195 and is held in Bucharest, Romania from October 7th to October 17th, 2021. In view of this, the Dota 2 team has become a recipient of positive reviews ahead of the competition.

Top Tournaments and Competitions for Betting

As an esports giant, resonates with many bettors, which is why the odds could be favorable on some betting sites, especially those listed in this guide. Considering the reputation enjoyed by teams, VP betting has become quite attractive. Here is a brief look at some tournaments that you can bet on and where the club will be competing:


PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Tournament Start Date End Date Prize Pool
PGL Major Stockholm 2021 23-10-2021 07-11-2021 $2,000,000

Best Esports Betting Site for CS:GO: Rivalry


The DOTA 2 International 10

Tournament Start Date End Date Prize Pool
The International 10 07-10-2021 17-10-2021 $40,018,195

Best Esports Betting Site for DOTA 2: Pinnacle

R6 Siege

Russian Major League Season 7

Tournament Start Date End Date Prize Pool
Russian Major League Season 7 14-10-2021 20-10-2021 $16,454

Best Esports Betting Site for R6 Siege:


PUBG Mobile Pro Series Season 2

Tournament Start Date End Date Prize Pool
PUBG Mobile Pro Series Season 2 02-10-2021 31-10-2021 $62,896

Best Esports Betting Site for PUBG: Luckbox Betting Tips

For esports enthusiasts who already fancy esports betting, you probably have a betting strategy that has been mastered. For new bettors, these tips would offer some assistance with betting:

  1. Invest time in research. Try to thoroughly research available betting markets and understand them, check out statistics on latest games, current rosters, recent performances, and individual player ratings, etc. Without comprehensive research you might put your bets at risk.
  2. Always have a bankroll and be disciplined with it. Bankroll is the money you play with. You should set aside your gambling money before betting on teams. Being disciplined with your bankroll will always help to keep you on the right track.
  3. Play it safe. As a beginner always bet on the more simple markets. For example, instead of betting on accumulators or other more complicated bets, it’s best to play low odds and on markets that are easy to understand. Betting on the match winner, map winner or tournament winner will give you greater chances of success.
  4. Set a budget. Never try to chase your losses, this is a bad idea. You need to set a budget when betting and never bet what you cannot afford to lose. This will help you gamble responsibly and will give you total control.
  5. Leverage bonuses and promotions as much as you can. To start your betting, it is always favorable to begin your journey with a betting bonus. Most esports betting sites provide tipsters with different kinds of promotions that will help you start your VP betting. You will be able to use the operator’s money and not yours meaning less risk and greater rewards.

When considering esports betting, the following markets are the most popular on many betting sites:

  • Winner – You can bet on who wins some other market options, such as outright winner, group winner, group of winner, round winner, tournament winner, etc.
  • Handicaps – The handicap market usually offers one team an advantage over the other, mostly against the stronger team.
  • Scores – This requires that you predict the total scores, score per map, round scores, correct scores, amongst others.
  • Kills – A bet on who to kill and how many kills is available on many sites, as well as last kill, total kills, most team kills, total map kills, kill spread, etc.
  • Under/Over – This market provides the opportunity to bet that a given team will score more or less than a particular number of goals, concede fouls, kills, totals, etc.
  • Maps – You have to bet on the maps provided along with the markets, such as winner, handicap, rounds, totals, map advantage and so on.

Best esports Sites for Betting

Esports is big business to a lot of punters out there. It’s for this reason that we want you to bet only at betting sites where betting is safe, secure and taken seriously. You should check out our sites of choice in this section. is a secure betting site that offers countless betting markets on many esports tournaments. This site also offers live betting, so you can bet while your favourite esports match is ongoing to offer an even more exciting experience.

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Bet365 is a household name for VP betting and all other esports games. It has a comprehensive site that details all useful information to assist you with placing bets seamlessly. Bet365 also has a user-friendly app for android and iOS bettors.

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Get up to £100 in bet credits on 1st deposit
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Thousands of betting markets
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At Betway, you get value for your money with attractive odds and top-notch customer support. Betway was one of the first operators to dedicate a section for esports, and has been offering solid esports betting ever since. The platform also offers customized esports bonuses and promotions to bettors.

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100% Match Free Bet up to €/$30
  • Unique mobile app
  • Well-detailed website
  • Fast transactions

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Esports enthusiasts witness an avalanche of tournaments, some of which participates in. teams compete in different top-tier competitions across CS:GO, Dota 2, Rainbow 6 Siege, and PUBG. This makes the organisation a popular esports entity around the world.

The Dota and CS: GO teams are known for their epoch-making achievements. All of these continue to convince enthusiasts to give the nod to betting. Check our esports guide and discover the arsenal for esports betting options and keep having fun!

Esports Betting Cover
FAQ betting FAQs

We have listed some of the best betting sites with their bonuses, payment options and fantastic user interface for you in this article. Check them out and enjoy your betting. betting requires you to visit an esports betting site, check out the tournaments, events, leagues or qualifiers available. Then select your market and stake your preferred amount.

VP esports has a roster for CS: GO, Dota2, PBUG, and Rainbow 6 Siege. It also has a roster for the youth academy division of CS: GO and Dota 2 known as Prodigy.

Collectively, all teams have won a total of $16,056,141.26, making the club a highly ranked esports organisation.

You can bet on many markets according to what the site offers to bettors. But the most popular markets are Winner, Handicaps, Scores, Kills, Under/Over and Maps.

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