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Developer Capcom released Street Fighter V already 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Windows. We want to provide you a guide for the best SFV esports betting providers and some tips for your successful Street Fighter V eSports betting! Street Fighter V is still a classic Beat 'em up. More than 16 characters to choose from, only two at a time battle it out in a duel. Capcom did a great job to keep the player busy. Beside a classic Arcade Mode the player is able to duke it out in a Versus Mode and even a Challenge Mode with more difficult stipulations. They stayed true to their roots during the 30 year run of the franchise. Like every game in the series the best fighters take on each other in a big tournament. On the way to glory they defeat great evil and big villains. This background story is highlighted through cutscenes in the Arcade Mode.

But the most value a hardcore gamer will find in the game is the Online Mode, where the wheat separates itself from the chaff. The best of the best compete in worldwide tournaments to determine the true Street Fighter and the player who trained their character's combos well.

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Street Fighter V | Everything you need to know about the game

Beat 'em ups already have a long journey behind them. The success of Street Fighter began in 1987. Back then the first part was produced for the Turbo CD and the C64, but the great worldwide success for the series came with the second title Street Fighter II. The consoles of choice were Nintendo and Atari and even the home computers got one of the best fighting games. Now in 2019, Street Fighter V still battles with the best and tries to keep a hand on the crown for the Beat 'em up throne. Not only is it viable in our living rooms, but also in the competitive esports scene. Therefore the betting providers feed the risk-loving people with some intriguing bets and odds. If you are not sure about the various reputable betting sites, have a look at at our comparison of esports betting sites.

Biggest tournament

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Capcom Cup 2018

The only thing that matters for Street Fighter veterans is the yearly Capcom Cup. Players can qualify for it through a special leaderboard, of which 32 fighters will step up to the finals, consisting of one runner-up and the last year's winner. In 2018 the Capcom Cup topped their price pool to a fantastic of 500.000 USD.

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Street Fighter V eSports Betting | Top 3 Bookmakers recommendations!

Street Fighter V has firmly established itself in the eSport betting market and delights many betting fans with exciting tournaments. The betting providers of bet365 and betway give the risk takers in this world the opportunity to bet on their favorite players. Nevertheless, it is nice to see that the somewhat niche genre of Beat 'em ups is also provided with bets. See here for an overview of the esports betting providers and betting sites.

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In the meantime, check out our Esports betting academy guide about some phrases in Esports betting that you should know.

Betting tips for SFV – Bet the right way


As for all sports disciplines, there are some betting tips to follow so that your first Street Fighter V eSport bet also becomes a successful one! SVF has some particularities as mainly by player popularity, many players also stream during the year and tell a lot about their tactics. Maybe the strengths or weaknesses of one or the other player already shine through. Besides that here are three general betting tips for Street Fighter V:

  • Game statistics: It is best to take a look at the odds of the bookmakers and look for the players in the middle of the odds. A favourite bet could be very risky as the discipline is often dynamic. How did the players perform in the middle of the odds?
  • Which Clan: The Clan of a player is playing a big role in expected outcome
  • Stage veteran? It happens to many players that suddenly nothing should work on stage anymore. The professional players are in the spotlight and I'd rather bet on an experienced player than one who plays in such a tournament for the first time.

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