Street Fighter V or SFV is one of the most iconic and entertaining esports games around so we’re not surprised you want to know more about Street Fighter betting. Street Fighter esports betting is still relatively small, even underground, but if you know when and where to look, you’ll find some SFV betting action. Read on to find out more.

Top Street Fighter V Betting Sites 2022

  1. 1xBet
  2. Rivalry
  3. Unibet
  5. Pinnacle

An introduction to Street Fighter Betting

While Street Fighter isn’t big enough as an esport yet to offer frequent markets, there are still major tournaments like the Capcom Pro Tour and Evo Championship Series. This means that there are at least some options for Street Fighter V betting in 2022. In this article, we will discuss when these events happen, where to find odds when they do, and give you tips on how to bet on SFV.

Street Fighter V Betting Markets

Some of the typical markets in Street Fighter 5 come from traditional sports betting but there are others which relate more closely to the game and its mechanics. Here are some of the most popular Street Fighter V markets to place your money on.

Match Winner or Money Line Bet on match winner
Round Winner Bet on round winner
Handicap Bet on a match winner with extra advantage
First Combo Bet who will land the first combo
Longest Combo Bet who will land the longest combo (most damage)
Right Time/Time Remaining Bet how much time will be left (over/under)
First Attack Bet on the player to conduct the first attack
Perfect Win A perfect win in Street Fighter is when a player knocks out an opponent without taking any damage.
Number of Winning Rounds Bet how many rounds they think each player will win during the match.

What is Street Fighter V?

Street Fighter V is a fighting game from Japanese video game developer Capcom, who also created Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. There are two players who go toe to toe for three rounds, using normal attacks, V-Skills, V-Triggers, V-Reversals, throws, Recovery and EX Moves.

Street Fighter History

Although many of us might feel a twinge of nostalgia when we hear the words “Street Fighter”, you’d be mistaken in thinking it’s a thing of the past. The Street Fighter series, which entered our lives in 1987, selling 400,000 copies, had its sales peak way back in 1991 with 20,780,000 copies sold. But even 17 years later, Street Fighter IV sold 9.3 million units.

In 2016, Street Fighter V, the subject of this article, became the fifth most popular Street Fighter game of all time with 5.2 million sales. Compare this to Street Fighter’s main fighting game rival, Tekken, which has had very similar sales in the same period, with Tekken 7 selling 6 million units in 2017 and Tekken 6 selling 3.5 million copies in 2009.

There was even a joint game called Street Fighter X Tekken, which was released in 2012 making 1.97 million sales. Other popular esports fighting games include Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros. and Soulcalibur.

Since its release, Street Fighter V has remained popular. This success has led to several updates and DLCs. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition saw its release on 2018. It boasted an improved interface, along with a badly needed arcade mode, that used to be synonymous with the genre. In 2020 Street Fighter V: Champion Edition included all fighters and costumes from the fourth season.

Since 2013 the Capcom Pro tour has been the number one destination for Street Fighter esports, adopting SFV as its competitive version from 2016. Recently, major esports tournaments such as Dreamhack Anaheim and EVO have begun featuring the game, though most important tournaments of 2020 and 2021 were cancelled.

Betting on Street Fighter V Esports Tournaments in 2021 and 2022

Any version of Street Fighter creates exciting action and competitive matches. One of the best places to bet on these moments is when the biggest tournaments come around. Due to Covid-19, various SFV events had to be cancelled or changed in 2021, with the after-effects lingering on into 2022. Here are some of the biggest competitions in 2021 and what to look forward to into 2022.

Capcom Pro Tour

The Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) is the main avenue for Street Fighter competition. Instead of the regular format, Capcom opted for smaller, regional online tournaments, in Asia, North America, Central America and Brazil due to the pandemic.

Capcom Cup VII 2021

Due to the global health situation, Capcom cancelled the 2021 event and replaced it with a special 5v5 Street Fighter V: Champion Edition exhibition team tournament. It will include ROBTV and BRIAN_F as team captains.

The date for Capcom Cup VII 2021 is February 17 – 20, 2022.

Besides that, there will also be three days of exhibition matches, which will include 31 players who qualified for the 2021 Capcom Cup, along with 9 invites. Players compete for a $5,000 prize.

Topanga Championship 2021

Topanga is an annual league that attracts some of the biggest names Japanese Street Fighter esports, like Tokido, Fujimura, Momochi and Daigo. The 2021 edition was won by HB|Kawano in July, and we are still waiting for the schedule for 2022.

Dreamhack Anaheim 2022

DreamHack organizes esports tournaments around the world. In fact, it hosts the world’s largest LAN party and computer festival, and it’s more or less the most exciting esports company around.

While the organisation is most famous for DreamHack CSGO, DreamHack also holds tournaments for Street Fighter and other fighting games like Super Smash Bros, Tekken and Pokkén (Pokemon). Moreover, in 2020, Anaheim in California was the city to host Street Fighter esports, among other events.

Unfortunately, Dreamhack Anaheim 2021 and 2022 were both cancelled.

EVO Championship Series 2021 and 2022

Evo is behind the biggest and oldest fighting tournaments around. Unlike DreamHack, it’s focused only on fighting esports. EVO 2021 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, USA was cancelled. But fortunately, EVO 2022 is scheduled for August 5-7, 2022.

The Best Street Fighter V Betting Sites Reviewed

1. 1xBet

1xBet is one of the world’s most popular betting sites. They accept players from virtually every country, and have a wide array of payment options available, including cryptos, e-wallets, prepaid cards and more. They have odds on major and minor esports events and offer odds on most SFV tournaments. New players get 100% bonus on the first deposit up to 100 EUR.

Check out our full 1xBet review here.


Rivalry is an esports betting site started in 2018 by Steven Salz (CEO), Ryan White and Kevin Wimer. These are the guys who started Loot Market. The site also has general sports betting. There are all kinds of esports covered at, including Street Fighter betting. You can also bet on CSGO, Overwatch, Dota 2 and more on their site.

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3. Unibet

Unibet is one of the most popular betting sites in Europe, the UK and beyond. Here you can enjoy safe and fast payments at a site licenced in the UK, Malta and various other countries. Bet on any sport, plus plenty of major and niche esports.

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4. Pinnacle

We’re big fans of Pinnacle. They offer odds on a range of esports, including Street Fighter V, backed by a database of statistics that helps bettors make more informed bets. They also have a comprehensive beginner’s guide to Street Fighter betting. Although this bookmaker doesn't offer esports betting bonus it is well known for exceptionally high odds and impeccable customer service.

If you want to learn more about this excellent bookie, we invite you read our Pinnacle esports review.

5. cuts no corners when it comes to providing esports and Street Fighter betting excellence. Their website is one of the sexiest-looking esports sites we’ve seen and there’s a truly impressive range of esports covered with betting odds. You can choose between LoL betting, FIFA betting, KoG betting and plethora of other games.

We have a full article on esports here.

Street Fighter V Betting Tips

If you want to do well in Street Fighter V betting, it helps to do your homework. Here are a few ways to prepare yourself to make some smarter bets.

1. Research the Best Players

One of the best ways to predict the outcome of a match in SFV esports is to consider each player’s history in professional competition. Find out what the players have won in the past and how much experience they have of competing in high-pressure events.

You can also see how Street Fighter esports players match up by looking at the SFV world rankings. They give you a player’s rank, their rating (and if it is rising or falling), plus their win/loss record. And at FGC Rankings, you can search for a player’s name.

In addition, you can see the Esports Earnings website to see which players have earned the most money in competitive Street Fighter V as far back as 1998.

Read our article about esports earnings here.

2. Look at Head-to-Heads

Some players just don’t perform well against certain rivals. Maybe it’s something about their playstyle or maybe there’s an unconscious inferiority complex going on. On the other hand, some players might perform especially well against opponents who are very aggressive, for instance. Betting sites like Pinnacle, will show recent form and head-to-head statistics.

3. The Wisdom of Crowds

Another way to bet smart is to harness the knowledge of the internet. See what the Street Fighter community says about esports players. Also, pay attention to community votes where fans decide who will qualify for the final space at a certain tournament – this might give you a tip for promising outsiders to bet on.

Moreover, it is always worth searching the Street Fighter V subreddit to see what punters are saying about the winning chances of players at tournaments.

Where to watch Street Fighter V

You can watch live streams of SFV on various esports betting sites, plus Twitch and YouTube. There’s never been a better time to see all the action from home or on-the-go on your mobile device.

Juked is a great-looking esports site which hosts the latest news, event information and live matches. Their aim is to ensure esports fans and bettors don’t have to miss any of the best events and content from the esports world.

You can find out all the upcoming esports matches and then watch them live at Juked. Just head to their website and there are live streams virtually 24/7. There are live matches shown along the top of the screen and you can watch any of them just by hovering over and pressing ‘Click to VIEW’. When we were there, we could watch LoL, CS:GO and Dota 2. It’s just a matter of time until the next SFV event is available to watch at Juked.

Capcom Fighters TV

For excellent production values on the Capcom Pro Tour and the Street Fighter League, head to the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel. Join 244k subscribers to watch replays, highlights, tutorials and full events.


One popular Street Fighter channel to follow on Twitch is VesperArcade. He teaches viewers about the ins and outs of the game and streams gameplay, plus news updates.

Esports-Betting.Pro: Our advice on SFV Betting

If you want to bet on SF5, there are some options. While the esport may not be as big as say LoL, CS:GO or DOTA, its esports scene is healthy and still growing. While several events have been cancelled in 2021 and even 2022, you still have the Capcom Cup VII 2021 and with any luck, the EVO 2022 as well. These are available at select betting sites. Remember to choose licenced esports betting sites for any bets you wish to place.

Esports Betting Cover

SFV Betting FAQs

You can watch SFV esports on betting sites and apps like 1xBet, but also on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and more.

The Capcom Pro Tour, from the makers of the game, is probably the biggest event of the year and one that will provide betting markets.

We think 1xBet,, Unibet, LOOT.BET, and Pinnacle are the best Street Fighter betting websites and apps.

You can bet on which player will get the longest combo, the player with the first attack, who will get a perfect knock out, the match winner, and more.

If betting on esports and sports betting are legal in your territory, and you are a legal adult, you can bet on SFV legally. Make sure to always bet at licenced betting sites.

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