Preview of DreamHack Open 2021– Betting Odds, Predictions, and Tips

DreamHack Open September 2021 is set to take place from 22nd to 26th, featuring North America, South America, and ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) teams. This guide covers everything you need to know about the tournament, including the tons of betting opportunities available and the best DreamHack Open betting sites.

The Best DreamHack Esports Betting Sites

  1. bet365
  2. Loot.Bet
  3. Rivalry
  4. Arcanebet
  5. BetDSI
  6. Vulkanbet
  7. GG.Bet
  8. Luckbox
  9. Pinnacle
  10. Betathome

Esports Betting Sites with Good DreamHack Open Season 46 Odds

We have already listed the best esports betting sites for DreamHack Open September, but we would like to give a rundown of the offers available on some platforms that top our list.


This is one of the largest online betting sites and offers diverse esports titles. For CSGO betting, bet365 offers an impressive selection of DH Open markets, including outright winner, teams to reach playoffs/finals, map winner, total maps, round handicap, the number of rounds played, over/under, and more.

bet365 odds screenshot

Odds correct as of 14/09/2021, 10:00

Bet365 also supports live betting and outright betting. You can also live stream the DreamHack Open event on the site as long as you have made a bet within the last 24 hours. In terms of betting odds, bet365 esports odds margin is lower than other bookies.


Although relatively new in the industry, Loot.Bet has managed to gain popularity among esports bettors mainly because the site specializes in esports markets. For CSGO betting, Loot.Bet offers three types of betting; pre-match betting, live betting, and outright betting.

Loot.Bet Odds Screenshot

Loot.Bet will not only be your go DreamHack Open betting site but also for other CS: GO tournaments such as ESEA, Blast Pro Series, DreamHack Masters, and the CBCS Season, among others. The available betting markets include match winner, first map, map winner, first pistol round winner, the total number of rounds, handicap betting, and more. Loot. Bet is a great option if you are looking for a platform with competitive odds for DreamHack esports betting.


Unlike bet365, Rivalry is also relatively new but has managed to keep up with the competition by offering an extensive range of esports titles and impressive esports betting markets. What makes Rivalry recommendable for DreamHack CSGO betting is that their CSGO matches are live-streamed, which allows you to watch as the action unfolds.

The CSGO Rivalry odds are decent and compare favourably to bet365 and Loot.Bet. When it comes to DreamHack CSGO events, they also offer betting markets for Summer, Fall, and Winter editions.

Rivalry Odds Screenshot

DreamHack Open-September Betting Odds, Tips, and Predictions

The DreamHack Open September 2021 comes with numerous betting opportunities where 16 teams will be competing for a prize pool of $100,000. While there are tons of esports betting sites where you can bet on this event, we would recommend checking out the bookies listed above to take advantage of their competitive DreamHack CSGO odds.

DreamHack Open Betting Odds

The esports betting sites recommended on this page offer reasonable odds and vary depending on the market you choose to bet on. The DreamHack Open September odds will be available as soon as the qualifiers are completed. To show you how competitive these odds can get, here is an overview of the currently available DreamHack North America Qualifiers:

Qualifiers Match GG.Bet Winner Odds Rivalry Winner Odds Arcanebet Winner Odds
Third Impact
GGPR Esports

Tips for DreamHack Open Betting

Understand the odds

E-sportsbooks offer varying odds on different betting markets, and it is essential to do your due diligence before placing your wager. To save you the headache, we have provided you with recommendable betting sites that offer competitive odds, including Vulkanbet, GG.Bet, and Luckbox.

Take advantage of the bonuses

Most esports betting sites offer impressive event-based bonuses for major esports tournaments. As the event nears, create an account, claim the welcome offers, and keep an eye on the promotion section for DreamHack Open offers and any other esports bonuses.

Do the Research

If you are looking to increase your chances of winning, you should be willing to go the extra mile. To begin with, take your time to understand the current form of the teams. You want to stick to clubs that have had success in the last couple of esports games. You can get incredible insight into a team’s past matches at HLTV. Also, note teams that lost key players from their roster or any changes in the group that could impact their performance.

Learn/Play the Game

If you have never played CSGO, you are less likely to know the economy of the game. You are also less likely to have an idea of how maps can reflect the odds. But you can start playing now before the event and take the time to learn CSGO basics.

Know the Format

DreamHack Open matches are played in different formats starting from the group stage, playoffs, and the grand finale. The type of format can influence the final result. Ideally, the Bo1 structure has an increased chance of an unexpected result, while the Bo5 format tests a team to be excellent across different maps. Betting on the favourites in the Bo3 is almost always a reliable real money bet.

DreamHack Open Betting Prediction

With 10 invited esports teams and 6 from closed qualifiers, the DreamHack Open September matches will be heated up as we see renowned teams such as Renegades, GODSENT, RBG Esports, paiN Gaming, and Team One fight for the top prize.

9Z is another team to keep an eye on, mainly if they make it past the group stage since they have had a significant performance this year. While South America seems to have promising teams in this tournament, ANZ also seems strong, especially if ORDER and VERTEX win the closed qualifiers.

We are inclined towards Renegades winning for this tournament because they were the last DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 Oceania winners and have shown their competitiveness in ESEA Season 38.

History of DreamHack Open

From humble beginnings at a school’s basement, DreamHack has become one of the world’s largest digital festivals. It started as a small event with a couple of friends and schoolmates in a school in Malung, Sweden, in 1994. Currently, this even holds the Guinness World record for hosting the largest LAN Party ever. Over the years, this organization has run and produced several professional esports tournaments, which include;

  • DreamLeague- for Dota2
  • DreamHack Open FT. Fortnite
  • DreamHack Masters-for Counter-Strike
  • DreamHack Open- for CSGO
  • DreamHack Starcraft 2 Masters
  • DreamHack Warcraft 3 Open
  • UKLC- For League of Legends
  • NLC- For League of Legends

DreamHack Open was launched in 2012 as DreamHack’s premier esports circuit (before the introduction of DreamHack Masters). Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heart of the Swarm, and StarCraft II were the main titles included in the circuit. In 2015, CS: GO became the official title of the DreamHack Open event.

DreamHack Open Past Winners

Here is an outline of past winners and runners-up of various DreamHack Open tournaments.

DreamHack Open Event Prize Pool Winner Runners Up
DreamHack Open June 2021: Asia $30,000 Team Renewal Checkmate
DreamHack Open March 2021: North America $70,000 Extra Salt paiN Gaming
DreamHack Open January 2021: Europe $70,000 Team Sprit FunPlus Phoenix
DreamHack Open December 2020: Europe $100,000 sAw
DreamHack Open November2020: Europe $100,000 Gambit Esports Team Spirit
DreamHack Open Fall 2020: Europe $115,000 Heroic Team Vitality
DreamHack Open Summer 2020: North America $90,000 FURIA Esports Team Liquid
DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019 $100,000 North CR4ZY
DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019 $100,000 Heroic Sprout
DreamHack Open Summer 2019 $100,000 OpTic Gaming Team Ancient
DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 $100,000 Team Kinguin ENCE
DreamHack Open Austin 2018 $100,000 Space Soldiers Rogue
DreamHack Open Winter 2017 $100,000 Natus Vincere mousesports
DreamHack Open Atlanta 2017 $100,000 Team EnVYUs Heroic
DreamHack Open Summer 2016 $100,000 Immortals Ninjas in Pyjamas
DreamHack Open Austin 2016 $100,000 Luminosity Gaming Tempo Storm
DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 $250,000 Team EnVYUs Natus Vincere

DreamHack Open Betting Options

As one of the most popular esports tournaments featuring over ten events throughout the year, bettors have access to many betting options. With the DreamHack Open esports betting sites above, you will find three main betting options; pre-match betting, live betting, and outright betting.

Pre-Match Betting

This is the most preferred betting option for most CSGO bettors since it lets you wager on a match before starting. With this, you are more likely to find better odds, and most special bets are only available for pre-match betting.

Live Betting

Live betting is popular among veteran bettors who understand how the system works and are better equipped with the teams’ and individuals’ performance statistics. As a new bettor, this may not be the best betting option.

Outright Betting

Also known as futures betting, outright is the latest addition to CSGO betting. It gives you a chance to place a bet before the event begins, but rather than betting on the outcome of the match, you will be wagering on the tournament’s outcome. An example of an outright bet could be ‘which team will win the tournament.’ Special bets in this category include group winner and which team will reach the finals. It is crucial to remember that these bets are hard to predict, but they are very rewarding if you are lucky.

DreamHack Open Betting Markets

While the match is yet to begin, you can already check out the available betting opportunities on CSGO betting sites. There are many esports betting sites you can opt for; we have provided you with a list of recommendable esports bookies with high DreamHack odds. These platforms also feature diverse DreamHack Open betting markets, which are discussed below.

Outright Winner

This is the most common and easy bet where you predict the team that will win DreamHack Open #46.

The best esports betting site for Outright Winner betting: bet365

bet365 odds screenshot

Odds correct as of 14/09/2021, 10:00

Handicap Bet

With this type of bet, you will be wagering on whether the team with the handicap advantage or disadvantage will win the tournament. For example, a bet on Heroic to have a 3 round advantage against TeamVitality, if 5-7 is the final score, this means that the revised score will be 8-7

The best esports betting site for Handicap betting: Rivalry

Map Betting

Bet on the team that performs best on the map being played, such as Train or Dust2. Most betting sites will have the option to bet on the map winner, and for such wagers, it is vital to understand a team’s strengths and weaknesses on certain maps.

The best betting site for Map Betting: Luckbox

Luckbox Odds Screenshot

Most Kill

This is another common bet market where you wager on which player will end up with the most kill during the DreamHack tournament.

The best betting site for Most Kills betting: Loot.Bet


Bet on the number that an esportsbook predicts for certain statistics in the DreamHack tournament (mostly a combined score of two teams or total kills). Predict whether the actual result of the game will be higher or lower than the bookie’s odds.

The best betting site for Over/Under betting: Arcanebet

Arcanebet Odds Screenshot

Correct Score

Bet on the team that will win the best-of-three or best-of-five. Other options under the correct score bracket include betting on the exact number of maps or the number of rounds played.

The best esports betting site for Correct Score betting: BetDSI

Total Number of Rounds per Map

Predict the over/under the total number of rounds played. This option gives you a wide range of betting possibilities since a map can end up with a score of 16-0, 16-13, or 31-28.

The best esportsbook for Total Number of Rounds Per Map betting: GG.Bet

GGBet Odds Screenshot

DreamHack Open Tournament Structure

The DreamHack Open #46 is a tournament in the DreamHack Open series, and it features teams from North America, South America, and Australia & New Zealand. This is a Challenger tier tournament that is part of the ESL Pro Tour. Thus, the competing teams will earn points that will contribute to the ESL Pro Tour Championships: IEM Katowice and IEM Cologne in 2022.

North America Division Tournament Structure

The teams in the North America division will start in the group stage format using the GSL system, and the matches are played on a best-of-three (Bo3) basis. The 2 winning teams of each group will proceed to the playoffs, where the matches will also be on a Bo3 single-elimination. These Bo3 semifinalists qualify for the grand final, where they play on a Bo5.

North America Open Qualifier

The Open qualifiers feature unlimited teams which play in two groups on a Bo1 single-elimination bracket. The winning teams then play the qualifying matches on a Bo3 basis. Top 2 qualify teams proceed to closed Qualifiers.

North America Closed Qualifier

The matches are played on a BO3 double-elimination bracket and feature 4 qualifying teams from the Open Qualifiers and 4 invites. Only two teams qualify for the main event.

South America Division Tournament Structure

The teams in South America division will start off in the playoffs with the Bo3 double-elimination bracket, and the qualifying team will proceed to the Grand Final. The Grand Final is on a Bo5 basis with a 1-0 advantage to the team in the Upper Bracket.

SA Open Qualifiers

Unlimited teams play on a Bo1 single-elimination basis, and the winners proceed to the playoffs, where the qualifying match is played on a Bo3 format. Only 2 teams move to the closed qualifies.

SA Closed Qualifiers

The match features 2 invited teams and 2 qualifying teams from the open qualifiers and is played on a Bo3 double-elimination bracket. Only 2 teams qualify for the main event.

Australia & New Zealand Division Tournament Structure

The teams in the ANZ division will start off in the playoffs with the Bo3 double-elimination bracket, and the qualifying team will proceed to the Grand Final, which is played on a Bo5 basis with a 1-0 advantage to the team in the Upper Bracket.

ANZ Open Qualifiers

With unlimited teams invited, the elimination match is played on a Bo1 basis, and the winners proceed to the qualifying matches, which are played on Bo3 bracket. Only 2 teams proceed to the closed qualifier.

ANZ Closed Qualifiers

This match includes 2 teams from the open qualifiers and 2 invited teams. Playoffs are by Bo3 double elimination, and only 2 teams proceed to the main event.

DreamHack Open Participating Teams

North America Division Teams

DreamHack Open #46 will feature 6 North America invited teams and 2 from the closed qualifiers.

South America Division Teams

There will be 2 invited teams and 2 qualifier teams from the South America division.

Australia & New Zealand Division Teams

There will be a total of 4 teams from the ANZ division, 2 invited and 2 from the closed qualifiers.

DreamHack Open Prize Pool Structure

DreamHack Open Sepetember will have a total prize pool of $130,000 split into the three regions as outlined below.

North America- Prize Money: $70,000

EPT Points Prize Money
100 $35,000
80 $15,000
40 $6,000
40 $6,000
20 $2,500
20 $2,500
0 $1,500
0 $1,500

South America-Prize Money: $30,000

EPT Points Prize Money
60 $16,000
40 $8,000
20 $4,000
0 $2,000

Oceania Prize-Price Money: $30,000

EPT Points Prize Money
60 $16,000
40 $8,000
20 $4,000
0 $2,000

Dreamhack Open FAQs

Which is the best betting site for DreamHack Open September?

The best esports betting sites for DreamHack CSGO include bet365, Loot.Bet, Rivalry, Arcanebet, and BetDSI.

Is DreamHack Open betting Legal?

Yes. Betting on DreanHack CSGO is legal as long you bet at a licenced and regulated gambling site. We have provided you with a list of the top 10 best esports betting sites for DreamHack Open.

Who won DreamHack Open last fall?

Heroic was crowned the winner of DreamHack Open Fall 2020 while Team Vitality came in second.

When will DreamHack Open September 2021 be held?

The DreamHack Open #46 is expected to kick off on September 22nd to 26th.

How many teams will be competing in the DreamHack Open September series?

16 teams will be competing in DreamHack Open #46 this September. 8 teams from the NA division, SA (4), and ANZ (4).

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

DreamHack Open September is an exciting event to look forward to. With only a few weeks to the main event, we have highlighted the betting markets to look out for. Check out our predictions and previous teams’ statistics to give you an idea of which teams are looking more competitive. We have also provided you with the top 10 esports betting sites that have impressive odds.

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