DreamHack Open November 2022 – The Best DreamHack Open Betting Sites, Predictions, & Tips

DreamHack Open November 2021 kicks off from 10th to 14th and will be solely for teams in the EU region. The esports teams will be competing for a $100,000 prize pool, and the tournament will be held online. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about this tournament, including the invited and qualified teams and the tons of DreamHack betting opportunities available at the best DreamHack esports betting sites.

The Best DreamHack Open Betting Sites

  1. Rivalry
  2. GG.Bet
  3. Vulkanbet
  4. bet365
  5. Arcanebet
  6. BetDSI
  7. Betathome
  8. Pinnacle
  9. 1xBet
  10. Bethard

Top DreamHack Open Esports Betting Sites

The DreamHack esports betting sites listed above offer incredible odds on DreamHack events, which is why we always recommend them. They won’t disappoint in this season either as they have an impressive range of betting markets, and the odds are competitive. We would like to highlight our top three recommendable DreamHack Open betting sites; Rivalry, GG.Bet, and Vulkanbet.


Rivalry tops our list of the best esports betting sites for DreamHack Open season 47. Although relatively new in the industry, they have managed to keep up with the competition by offering diverse esports markets for CSGO betting, Dota 2 betting, Overwatch betting, and more. Since the DreamHack Open November will be held online, you can watch all the action from Rivalry’s CSGO live stream.

They offer incredible odds for all DreamHack Open events, and here, you will find betting opportunities for Summer, Fall, and Winter editions. The platform is easy to use and as a beginner, take advantage of the free live streaming to watch the teams before wagering.


GG.Bet is another recommendable DreamHack betting site whose odds favourably compare to Rivalry and Vulkanbet. The site not only offers diverse betting markets for CSGO but is also an excellent esports betting site for StarCraft 2 betting, LOL betting, Call of Duty betting, and more. All the CSGO tournaments and matches are live-streamed, and this is the best site to place live DreamHack Open bets. Among the available betting markets include outright winner, map winner, first kill, and handicap bets.


Vulkanbet is an outstanding DreamHack betting site for both new and season bettors. The website is easy to navigate, and they offer an impressive selection of betting markets that cover things like draw no bet, map handicap, map winner, and odd/even results. These markets can get diverse when it comes to larger CSGO tournaments such as the DreamHack Open series.

Their odds are pretty superior, which gives value to your bets. They also understand the need of Counter-Strike betting fans which is why they have put on a top-class in-playing betting service. They offer free live streams for in-play betting, allowing you to mix and match your bets according to the live-action.

DreamHack Open-November Betting Odds, Tips, and Predictions

The DreamHack Open November will feature 8 teams from Europe competing for a prize pool of $100,000. There will be many betting opportunities seeing that the DreamHack tournament features some of the most competitive teams, including ENCE, Complexity, Team Spirit, mousesports, and BIG Clan. In the section below, we will highlight the best odds for DreamHack betting as well as tips and strategies to get you started. Also, check our DreamHack Open Predictions for some insight on the teams that are favourite to win.

DreamHack Open Betting Odds

With the DreamHack esports betting sites mentioned above, you are guaranteed to have the best odds. The odds for the DreamHack season 47 will be available soon seeing that the winners of the closed qualifiers have already been determined.

Tips for DreamHack Open Betting

Compare the Odds

From the DreamHack esports betting sites outlined below, compare the available odds for the market you wish to bet on and settle for the most valuable. Most of these sites offer favourable odds, and our top recommendable esports bookies for high-value bets include Rivalry, GG.Bet, and VulkanBet.

Utilize the bonuses

Any additional bankroll is always welcomed since it allows you to play for longer, which boosts your chances of winning. The gambling sites recommended above offer impressive esports welcome bonuses for new players and rewarding promotions for on-going players. These bookies often have special bonuses for major events such as the DreamHack Open, so be sure to check the promotion section or email for such offers.

Do your due diligence

Before betting on the favourite or popular team, it is essential to research more on the teams and the players. Crucial information on the team’s current form and the lead players can go a long way in identifying promising betting opportunities. Check the teams’ past matches and statistics from reliable platforms such as HLTV. Take note of any changes that affect a team’s performance, such as a new signing or resignation of a key player.

Understand the game

Leaning or playing Counter Strike-Global Offensive helps you know the economy of the game. While you do not have to play professionally to bet on DreamHack Open, understanding the basics is crucial. You can start by watching other players’ live streams on Twitch or YouTube.

Risk Vs reward balance

Which DreamHack open betting and any other form of gambling, it is always important to understand the ‘real’ odds of a match. For example, if Fnatic is the favourite to win with odds of 1.2, this means that a $100 bet will yield a $20 profit. However, based on your research, an underdog team such as Mousesports has had recent improvement, and while esports bookies have given the team a 20% chance to win, you are certain that the team could have a 40% chance of winning. In this case, if you bet on the underdog and they end up winning, you will have made a significant profit compared to betting on the favourite.

DreamHack Open Betting Predictions

The DreamHack Open November series features highly competitive teams, and it is hard to predict who the outright winner will be. Team Spirit, the winners of the previous DreamHack Open January 2021: Europe seems competitive now than ever. They also came first in the Pinnacle Cup II held in July 2021, beating Endpoint 2:1. But with other high-ranking teams such as mousesports, ENCE, and Complexity, no team will go down without a fight.

The competition will be stiffer with MAD Lions, forZe, Team GamerLegion, and Fnatic proceeding from the Closed Qualifiers. Some of these team’s latest achievements include;

forZe Recent Achievements
Position Tournament Result
1st Gjirafa50 Masters League Season 2 in October 2021 3:2 Against Team BLINK
1st Spring Sweet Spring #1 in May 2021 2:1 Against EPG Family
Sinners Esports Recent Achievements
Position Tournament Result
2nd Malta Vibes Knockout Series #2 1:2 Against 1win
1st ESEA Season 37: Premier Division- Europe 3:0 Against AGO

Fnatic has a strong CSGO roster with the new signings of mezii (William Merriman), who has previously played for Endpoint and Cloud9, and ‘ALEX’ (Alex McMeekin), a former Cloud9 player, is the current in-game leader. The current Fnatic roster includes KRIMZ, Brollan, ALEX, and mezii.

History of DreamHack Open

DreamHack began in the early 1990s in the basement of an elementary school in Malung, Sweden, where a small group of friends and schoolmates competed. In 1994, the event was moved to the school’s cafeteria and attracted more players, becoming one of the largest regional events. It was this first event that was called DreamHack.

From humble beginnings, this even has seen significant growth, and it currently holds the Guinness World record for hosting the largest LAN Party ever. DreamHack includes other esports tournaments for various esports games including Dota 2, Fortnite, StarCraft 2, Warcraft 3, and League of Legends.

DreamHack Open was launched in 2021 as a premier esports circuit featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II, and Heart of the Swarm. It was not until 2015 when CSGO became the official title of the DreamHack Open event.

DreamHack Open Past Winners

Here is an outline of the previous DreamHack Open winners.

DreamHack Open Tournament Prize Pool Winner Runners Up
DreamHack Open September 2021: North America $70,000 GODSENT Extra Salt
DreamHack Open September 2021: South America $30,000 Shark Esports 9z Team
DreamHack Open September 2021: Oceania $30,000 Renegades LookingForOrg
DreamHack Open June 2021: Asia $30,000 Team Renewal Checkmate
DreamHack Open March 2021: North America $70,000 Extra Salt paiN Gaming
DreamHack Open January 2021: Europe $70,000 Team Spirit FunPlus Phoenix

DreamHack Open Betting Options

There are over ten DreamHack tournaments held every year, which gives punters numerous betting opportunities. DreamHack betting sites offer three main betting options for this event including pre-match betting, outright betting, and live betting.

Pre-match betting

This is the most common betting option where you bet before the tournament begins. Most esports bookies will have pre-match betting odds up immediately after the closed qualifiers are completed. With pre-match betting, you are likely to find decent odds, and most of the special bets are only available for pre-match betting.

Outright Betting

Outright betting is also known as futures betting, where instead of betting on the outcome of a single game, you will be betting on the outcome of the entire tournament. These bets are usually available before the event begins, and an example of an outright bet could be ‘which team will win the DreamHack Open #47’.

Live Betting

This is another popular betting option among seasons bettors who understand the game and how the odds system works. Live betting requires in-depth knowledge of the teams and individual players, as well as how to take advantage of specific odds. This option may not be suitable for beginners.

DreamHack Open Betting Markets

The DreamHack betting sites we have recommended in this guide offer live, outright, and in-play betting options. They also offer an impressive selection of DreamHack Open betting markets discussed below.

Outright winner

This is a straightforward bet where you will betting on the team to win the DreamHack Open November. The odds of this bet are quite similar in the DreamHack betting sites mentioned above.

Maps played in a series handicap

Most DreamHack Open Qualifiers are played on the best of three basis. Thus, 2.5 over/under handicap bets on the total number of maps played are common. The ‘over’ bet wins if the match goes three games, and an ‘under’ bet wins if either team wins 2-0. Apart from the over/under option, some bookies offer odds/even betting options.

Final Score

Rather than just picking the winner, bettors have the option to predict the final score in the best-of-three or best-of-five series. For example, if Sinners Esports and Complexity end up in the finals, you can pick Complexity to win with a final score of 2-1 or Sinners Esports to win via 2-0. If you are lucky to predict the exact score, this bet can offer great value. However, a bet on Complexity to win 2-1 against Sinners Esports will not pay off if they win 2-0.

Number of maps won by a team

The same final score bet can be presented in multiple ways by DreamHack Open betting sites. For example, the number of maps won bets requires you to pick how many maps either of the team will win during the tournament. Punters can predict BIG Clan to win zero, one, or two maps. Picking BIG Clan to win two maps is the same as predicting that they will win the series. On the other hand, picking ENCE to win zero maps against BIG is functionally the same as picking BIG Clan to win 2-0.

Map pistol round 1 and 2 winners

CSGO games are split into two halves, with each team getting 15 rounds on offense and 15 on defense. Every half begins with a ‘pistol round’, and the players are required to start with limited funds, forcing them to use just pistols and grenades. These rounds are crucial in a team’s ability to gain an advantage. This is why most bookies offer lines on which teams win either pistol round for a specific map.

DreamHack Open November Tournament Structure

The DreamHack Open November is the 47th DreamHack Open series. The tournament will take place online and will run from November 10th to 14th. The games will be played in two formats; the Group Stage and Playoffs.

The group stage features 8 teams split into 2 groups of four playing in a GSL format with all matches played on a best-of-three basis. The top 2 teams in each group will proceed to the playoffs.

The playoffs are played in a single-elimination bracket, and the semi-finals are played on the best-of-three basis. The top 2 teams proceed to the Grand Final, which is played on a best-of-five bracket.

DreamHack Open Participating Teams

The DreamHack tournament will include the best 8 teams in Europe competing for a $100,000 prize pool. 5 teams get a direct invitation to the tournament, while three are the winning teams from Closed Qualifiers.

DreamHack Open November 2021 Participating Teams

(Image: Liquipedia)

DreamHack Open Prize Pool Structure

There is a $100,000 prize pool to be split among the eight teams as outlined below.

EPT (ESL Pro Tour) Points Prize Money
100 $50,000
80 $20,000
40 $10,000
40 $10,000
20 $3,000
20 $3,000
0 $2,000
0 $2,000

DreamHack Open Betting FAQs

Which is the best betting sites for DreamHack Open November?

The best esports betting sites for DreamHack CSGO include Rivalry, GG.Bet, Vulkanbet, 1xBet and Bethard.

Who won the previous DreamHack Open series in Europe?

Team Spirit won the DreamHack Open January 2021: Europe tournament and FunPlus Phoenix were runners up.

Is DreamHack Open betting legal?

Yes. DreamHack CSGO betting is legal in countries where online gambling is allowed. Also, make sure you are wagering in a licensed and regulated gambling site.

When will DreamHack Open November 2021 take place?

The DreamHack Open #47 is set to kickoff from November 10th to 14th.

Which teams are competing in the DreamHack Open November series?

There are 8 teams from Europe set to compete in the DreamHack CSGO this November. This list includes; BIG, Complexity, ENCE, Mouz, Team Spirit, MAD Lions, Fnatic, and GamerLegion.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

The DreamHack Open series is an exciting tournament to look forward to and is a great opportunity for bettors seeing that there are more than ten tournaments every year. Before the year ends, you have a chance to bet on your favourite team in the DreamHack Open November series. Take advantage of the impressive bonuses available at the top 10 esports betting sites mentioned above.

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