ENCE is a top-ranking Finnish esports team in CS:GO, and with SC2 player Serral, they have the most successful non-Korean player in the world. Meanwhile they also have up-and-coming NHL and PUBG squads. This article covers essential ENCE esports betting tips, and we will get you the top esports betting sites for the best odds and promotions. Read further to dig deeper into ENCE betting!


ENCE is an esports organization from Finland. The brand was founded in 2013 with active rosters in Hearthstone, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, StarCraft II, Battlegrounds, among others. Mika Kuusisto is the brand’s CEO, while the manager is Willkey. Some of the team’s sponsors include Republic of gamers, Red Bull, Nitro Casino, Wolt, and Logitech G.

With total winnings of over $1 Million, ENCE is one of the top-rated teams in the world of esports. Other members of staff at ENCE esports include Juha Kurpa (CTO), Joona Leppanen (Marketing Director), Niclas Hukka (Head of Marketing), Jani Latvala (Content Assistant), Aleski Sillanpaa (Content Assistant), Jasmin Parkka (Content Manager).

These days, ENCE focuses on its CS:GO squad and its star SC2 player Serral. In 2019, they also launched a PUBG squad, from which we expect great things as that esport continues to grow. They also have an NHL player, and we expect them to branch out into more esports in the future.

ENCE Esports Top Achievements

Date Place Esport Event Score Prize Money
3/11/2018 1st SC2 2018 WCS Global Finals 4 : 2 $280,000
3/03/2019 2nd CS:GO Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Katowice Major 2019 0 : 2 $150,000
11/05/2019 1st CS:GO BLAST Pro Series: Madrid 2019 2 : 0 $125,000
14/10/2018 1st CS:GO StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 6 3 : 2 $125,000
24/11/2019 2nd CS:GO CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 0 : 2 $100,000


Back in 2018, ENCE managed to put Finland back on the map in the world of CS:GO. In that year, the team came to the limelight when they took second place at the official HLTV team rankings. They continued their success in 2018, coming in second at IEM XIV Chicago, DreamHack Masters Dallas in 2019, as well as the IEM Katowice Major in the same year. After some struggles with the team, they opted to bench and part ways with AleksiB, leading to an entire team rebuild. The team line-up now comprises top talents from Denmark, Israel, and Poland. The current line-up is:

Snappi – In-Game Leader

Snappi is an experienced on-game leader, whose name should be familiar to new and old CS fans alike. He made his first successes in the CS 1.6 scene of the 2010s. After taking a break from professional competition, he returned to play CS:GO in 2015. He is looking to lead the new ENCE squad to the top of the biggest tournaments.

sAw – Coach

sAw is a long-time fan of the Counterstrike franchise, starting with 1.6 in 2004. He started competitive LAN tournaments with CS: Source in 2010. He continued this interest into CS:GO, where he led many Finnish teams to victory. After retiring in 2020, he continues his professional career as coach.

Dycha – Rifler

Dycha is one of ENCE’s riflers, known from his performances at ESEA and FACEIT. So far, he has two years of professional experience, and after trialling with Polish Team Kinguin, he recently joined ENCE.

Spinx – Rifler (Entry Fragger)

This young rifler from Ramat Gan, Israel started playing CS 1.6 at a young age, and his skills and passion have finally brought him to the big stage, along with his more experience teammates.

Hades – AWPer

After allu decided to take a break from professional completion, ENCE was on the lookout for a new AWPer. Their choice fell on the young Polish player Hades roster. He won his debut event, LOOTBET Season 9, with an average rating of 1.34, bringing the team to its first victory in almost two years.

Doto – Rifler (support)

Doto is a fresh face on the Finland esports scene. After playing for KOVA and HAVU, he found his home as a rifler for ENCE. He is always ready to support his team and his remarkable headshot percentage has brought the team quite a few victories already.

ENCE Starcraft II (Serral)

StarCraft II is often compared to chess as it is considered one of the most tasking games in esports. Apart from the ability to think out of the box, the game also requires fast mechanical skills. If you are looking to bet on a real-time strategy game that offers exciting esports moments, you might consider Starcraft II betting.

Joona “Serral” Sotala is a top ENCE Starcraft II player; he joined the team in 2016. He transformed dramatically into an exceptional player during these years. Starting as a promising young talent, he has grown into one of the most talented SC2 players around the globe. He has a huge list of achievements including:

  • He was the first non-Korean player to participate in and win the Global Championship in 2018.
  • He is the only player who managed to qualify for all four 2017 WCS Circuit Events through the European Qualifiers (along with Nerchio).
  • He is the only non-Korean player who has won two Triple Crowns.

This inspiring athlete has shown that not only Koreans can be competitive on the world SC2 stage.

Serral’s top esports achievements to date:

Date Place Event Name Score Prize Money
3/11/2018 1st 2018 WCS Global Finals 4 : 2 $280,000
1/11/2019 3 – 4th 2019 WCS Global Finals 2 : 3 $51,000
17/03/2019 2nd World Electronic Sports Games 2018 3 : 4 $40,000
17/03/2018 3rd World Electronic Sports Games 2017 3 : 1 $40,000
5/08/2018 1st 2018 GSL vs the World 4 : 3 $26,901


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is another fascinating esports game played by ENCE team. The ENCE PUBG Team was created in 2019. The brand delved into the PUBG world with the signing of Roster O1ne and went on to sign top ENCE PUBG players including Rustanmar, D1gg3r1, Skuijke, Sentex, and Tiikzu.


The ENCE NHL is a formidable team with remarkable achievements in esports. EKi is a professional player on the team. He is famous for his outstanding passing skills, which have paved the way for the team both locally and internationally.

ENCE Esports most impactful signings

Nickname Name Game Role Biggest Achievement
Serral Joona Sotala Starcraft II Zerg player 1st WCS Global Finals 2018
Allu Aleksi Jalli CS: GO AWPer 2nd Intel Extreme Master XIII- Katowice Major 2019
Sergej Jere Salo CS: GO AWPer 2nd Intel Extreme Master XIII- Katowice Major 2019
Rustanmar Miro Ruotsi PUBG 1st Nordic Esports League S1
Kantoraketti Juhani Tolvonen Rainbow Six Siege 1st Six invitational 2019

Where to find the best ENCE betting odds

1. Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a reputable betting site that offers some of the most attractive betting odds in esports. The website offers great pre-match odds, making it a perfect choice for players looking for an excellent pre-match bet. Furthermore, the platform offers a vast selection of banking methods for fast and convenient transactions. Apart from that, the website is easy to navigate. In addition, it can be accessed through a vast selection of internet-enabled devices, including PC, tablets, and smartphones, among others. It has a great esports section, with betting odds for most ENCE events.

2. GG.bet

Established in 2016, GG.bet covers all major esports games. It offers a 100 percent welcome bonus of up to 200 GBP to its new customers. It is a highly recommended platform for players who like to bet on fascinating esports games like Dota 2, LoL, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Starcraft 2, among others. GG.bet is easy to navigate as it features a simple and attractive user interface.

GG.bet partners with top-rated payment providers like Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, etc. The platform offers highly competitive odds on esports betting. The betting site holds a license from MGA and its customer support service is available around the clock.

3. Betway

If you are looking for a reliable betting site that offers attractive esports betting odds, consider Betway. Apart from the high odds, the website features a broad range of betting markets with generous bonuses and promotional offers. Some of the esports games you can play on this platform include LoL, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, among others.

Furthermore, the betting site offers helpful information about teams and match up to enable players to make an informed decision. The platform is user-friendly and it offers excellent customer support.

4. 1xbet

If you are looking for a trustworthy betting site with the best odds, consider 1xbet. The sportsbook offers attractive welcome bonuses and other generous rewards. The platform is compatible with mobile devices, and it offers live betting. 1xbets features an impressive range of esports games, including CS: GO, LoL, DOTA, Call of Duty, among others. Some of the payment options available at 1xbet include Visa, Bitcoin, MasterCard, etc.

1xbet also offers a mobile app for quick and easy access to the platform via Android and iOS devices.

5. bet365

Bet365 is a notable sports betting site established about two decades ago. This betting site offers an impressive range of esports games with competitive odds. This platform features King of Glory, PUBG, Overwatch, Fortnite, LOL, and CS: GO betting. Furthermore, the website features a broad range of ENCE betting options, making it an ideal choice for players looking to bet on ENCE CS:GO and other games.

The sportsbook features a wide range of esports betting markets, including correct score and live score. In addition, the betting site offers a generous welcome bonus to all its new players. The platform supports safe and reliable payment options like MasterCard, Visa, Paysafecard, among others.

ENCE betting tips

1. Use ENCE betting stats!

You can boost your winning chances by betting based on available data, including past results, players’ details, and more. To get reliable data for ENCE betting, you should not hesitate to visit the ENCE official website. Furthermore, you can also get useful stats from HLTV and Gol.gg.

2. Follow ENCE Players on Twitch and social media!

One way to get yourself acquainted with ENCE esports team is by following its players on Twitch and social media. This way, you will get to learn more about the strength of these players. This knowledge will help you tremendously when making decisions on ENCE betting esports. You can also follow the team on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Choose the site with the best odds!

Betting odds determine the amount you receive when you win a bet. The disparity in odds is one of the major differences between bookmakers. You can boost your returns on ENCE esports betting by going for a betting site with better odds. Hence, it is advisable to base your betting decision on available odds rather than feelings.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict on ENCE Betting

No doubt, ENCE esports is one of the top brands with a standard esports team, and we are likely to see them doing well in the upcoming majors. Of course, we recommend you always bet on the team you think will win, based on research and not just your favourite team. Get yourself acquainted with ENCE betting stats and follow the players on the social media platforms to acquire enough information to help you to make an informed betting decision. Finally, select the betting site with the best odds for higher returns whenever you bet on ENCE esports matches.

Esports Betting Cover

ENCE Esports Betting FAQs

Several top betting sites feature ENCE esports matches; these websites include Betway, 1xbet, Pinnacle, GG.bet, among others. Register and deposit on any of these platforms to bet on ENCE CS:GO, StarCraft II, PUBG and more.

ENCE has four vibrant esports teams; they include ENCE CS: GO team, ENCE Starcraft II, ENCE PUBG, and ENCE NHL.

Of course, ENCE betting is legal provided you bet on a legitimate website with a valid license. Apart from that, the betting site must be operating legally in your jurisdiction and you must be an adult in order to bet.

You can enhance your profitability in ENCE betting if you follow the right betting tips. For instance, you can improve your earnings by taking advantage of the odds, managing your bankroll smartly, and keeping up to date on the latest esports trends.

Yes, live betting on CS:GO is an excellent way to make money and have fun at the same time. Some of the CS:GO live betting providers include GGbet, Arcanebet, and Betway.

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