Starting your ForZe betting career entails certain knowledge and experience within the niche. ForZe is a not-as-famous professional Russian Esports organization that was created way back in 2001. Let’s bring some awareness to this team whilst teaching you all there is to know, shall we?

Who are ForZe Esports?

ForZe are an Esports organization that originated back in the year 2001. One of the lesser-known orgs in the rest of the world, ForZe is a fairly big name in the CIS Esports region.

As such, most of their fans come from Russia but the general Esports community is well familiar with ForZe. They’ve meddled in some of the largest, most prestigious Esports tournaments – primarily in CSGO. Their CSGO team has crossed horns with the most famous and most powerful CSGO teams such as ENCE, Astralis, OG,, and the lot.

The organization tried its hand at a couple of Esports games other than CSGO, namely, VALORANT, FIFA, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Dota 2. Unfortunately, they haven’t achieved much in these titles, nor have they stayed long in them.

Team History

There’s not much that is known about ForZe and their history since 2001. Most information sources do not have almost any info about the organization apart from its recent participation in Esports.

It is also difficult to find Russian sources as even they barely have any info about the organization. Nonetheless, we’ll still go over their recent history as that is readily available to us.

Full Name Nickname Age Esports Winnings
Dmitriy Alekseyev facecrack 27 CSGO $120,865
Andrey Mekhryakov Jerry 23 CSGO $125,246
Evgeny Lebedev FL1T 20 CSGO $120,837
Nikolai Lapko zeddy/SADZED 23 VALORANT $15,181
Dmitry Ilyushin SUYGETSU 19 VALORANT $14,549

Let’s start off with CSGO – ForZe is currently ranked as the 13th best team in the world. They’ve been competing in CSGO since their inception – some 20 years almost! The team won the WCG Russia National Championship in 2003 in the original Counter-Strike game.

Though, after that, ForZe struggled to reach worthwhile positions in higher-ranked tournaments. But at least they’ve persevered in Counter-Strike and are still present in CSGO. One of the best results in the organization’s history came in 2019 at the BLAST Pro Series Moscow tournament where they secured 2nd place. Just three months after, they won the DreamHack Open Winter 2019 by beating Tricked Esport in the final.

Moving on from CSGO, their Dota 2 campaign started in 2020 and lasted for only 2 months where they didn’t achieve anything meaningful. ForZe Esports’ Rainbow Six Siege tenure was longer than their Dota 2 one – 2 years but with limited success. The team was at their strongest in 2019; things were looking great when they achieved an impressive (and surprising) 3rd/4th position at the Six Major Raleigh 2019 event. Sadly, the team ended up playing only C and lower-tier tournaments afterward and ultimately dissolved in 2020.

ForZe also participated in PUBG but again – no worthwhile success was achieved. Their FIFA experience was slightly better; the players hadn’t really won tournaments but they did play well and the future is somewhat positive for them. Even so, they hadn’t qualified for the FIFAe Club Series 2021 tournament.

Lastly, the ForZe VALORANT roster began playing in 2020 with limited success. 2021 was a completely different story; the team won plenty of tournaments but never could reach those top teams. Ultimately, their VALORANT adventure was cut short after August 2021 where half of their roster left to play for One Breath Gaming (and their coach left for Natus Vincere).

ForZe Esports Successes

Game Tournament Placement Date Roster
CSGO DreamHack Open Winter 2019 1st 01.12.2019. Facecrack, Jerry, Almazer, Xsepower, FL1T
CSGO BLAST Pro Series: Moscow 2019 2nd 14.09.2019. Facecrack, Jerry, Almazer, Xsepower, FL1T
CSGO WCG Russia National Championship 2003 1st 11.09.2003. Flatra, Host, mAddog, Romashka, Xenitron
VALORANT First Strike CIS 1st 06.12.2020. Art1st, Coffee, hugeon, SUYGETSU, zeddy
R6 Siege Six Major Raleigh 2019 3rd/4th 18.08.2019. wTg, Rask, Shockwave, KaMa, p4sh4

What Games do ForZe Participate in?

ForZe Esports currently competes in three Esports titles – CSGO, VALORANT, and FIFA. The ForZe CSGO roster is currently the best one in the organization, compared to the other two titles, but they seem to be on the up in VALORANT as well. That is… if they can get a roster running. But more on that later!

Officially, their FIFA team is still active though… unofficially, they have all but disappeared from the competitive scene.


CSGO is the game ForZe Esports is most famous for. They’ve been playing it for years (almost 20 to be precise) and have left quite a mark. Although they aren’t the strongest team and have never been, the team has consistently put in impressive performances at least a couple of times throughout each year.

Fortunately, the roster has been doing well lately and is ranked as the 13th best team on the planet. That’s not an easy feat to achieve; after all, the CSGO competitive scene is filled with strong teams and players.

Going back to their beginnings and listing all their achievements would take a lot of time and text, which we won’t do. Instead, in almost every year they competed in, they’ve achieved at least one 1st place (only in 2009 were they without the top podium spot in all events they participated in).

However, the present is much more important to both fans and the organization. The great news is that the ForZe CSGO roster is doing great; plenty of 1st places at C, B, and some A-Tier tournaments and participation in S-Tier tournaments such as ESL Pro League and Flashpoint.

The bad news is that they’ve still a ways to go if they want to bring true glory by winning an S-Tier tournament. They finished 9th-12th in the ESL Pro League Season 14 (in 2021), and 9th/10th in Flashpoint Season 2 (in 2020). Their performances still leave something to be desired but in general, the team is doing better than before and can challenge even the top teams.

Their current roster consists of Jerry, almazer, FL1T, zorte, and KENSI.


After just 6 months of competitive play, the ForZe VALORANT team achieved their first larger victory – winning the First Strike CIS tournament. This might have come as a surprise to onlookers, but it marked the beginning of ForZe’s impressive performances.

This form continued into 2021 with loads of 1st places at C and B-tier tournaments but they couldn’t manage an A-tier victory at all. The highest A-tier position they achieved was 2nd at the VCT 2021: CIS Stage 1 Masters after losing to Gambit Gaming in the finals.

Following their depressive result at the VCT 2021: EMEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs (7th/8th), half of their roster left for One Breath Gaming (Coffee, zeddy, and hugeon are the players who left). Their coach (SmartSeven) who was on trial left for Natus Vincere. Just before all of these players left, 1mpala and kolyaN also departed the team but hadn’t joined a new one yet.

All in all, the future of the ForZe VALORANT team is uncertain at this moment because no new players and replacements have been announced. The only active players on the roster are SUYGETSU and Art1st.

Upcoming ForZe Event Participations

The only upcoming Esports events for ForZe are CSGO-related. Their VALORANT roster is in a tough spot at this moment due to being incomplete, and their FIFA team has all but disappeared (though officially they are still in it).

These CSGO events are REPUBLEAGE TIPOS Season 2 that’s actually started already but lasts until the 20th of November. The second tournament, Gjirafa50 Masters League Season 2 Finals, lasts from October 9th to October 10th. Finally, the ForZe CSGO roster will play at the LAN Sweet LAN 2022 tournament that begins on the 1st of April, 2022.

ForZe Betting for Beginners

ForZe betting is in a weird place right now. This is one of those teams where you think you know everything or will find out what you don’t know about them, but ultimately, you still have no idea what’s happening.

Even though the organization has 3 teams (CSGO, VALORANT, and FIFA) officially, only the CSGO team seems to be active. Well, their VALORANT team was also active but their roster got butchered by players leaving.

So this only leaves you one option at the time being – betting on their CSGO roster. To do this properly, it’s best to analyze their past performances and see what to expect. Don’t let your emotions run rampant; always be smart about your bets.

ForZe is a slightly unstable team regarding performances; they are the 13th best team in the world but can still fail against some lesser teams. And other times, they’ll pull a surprise upset against one of the top dogs. ForZe Esports betting is risky but ultimately rewarding precisely because of this reason.

Is Betting on ForZe a Good Choice?

It is as long as you place bets on their CSGO team. And even with those, you need to be careful; usually, you’d take a look at their previous couple of matches and see how they’ve played. That should give you a good indication of which bets to place and when.

The best way to do this is by watching streams of their matches and analyzing the end result.

Which Types of Bets Should you Place?

Each Esports title is met with unique and specific bet types across all bookies. The bookies determine what kind of bet type they want to assign to an Esports title. For now, it’s best to stick to ForZe CSGO only seeing as their VALORANT roster is at a standstill and their FIFA players haven’t played a match in almost a year.


The most usual betting type there is for CSGO is the Round Winner/Correct Result bet type. With this one it’s simple – just choose which team you think will win the round (a match consists of 30 rounds). For this, we recommend betting on ForZe when they play on Mirage.

They have a staggering 93.3% win rate on this map with 14 wins and just 1 loss. Chances are, they’ll win the rounds on this map with ease. They’re also very good on Dust2 and Ancient with 75% and 66.7% win rates respectively.

Choosing ForZe as the outright tournament winner is not recommended. Neither is trying to place ‘handicap’ bets (predict the correct score based on match length ie. Bo3, Bo5, Bo7).

You can try your hand guessing the correct number of total kills per team or player; these are risky and your chances of winning are lower, but the odds are very attractive.

Best Game for ForZe Betting

The best game for ForZe Esports betting would have to be CSGO. This is the game where their team is most consistent and overall submit some great performances. Their VALORANT competitive position (and existence) is under scrutiny due to half their roster leaving at the end of August, whilst FIFA doesn’t leave many opportunities to show off since most tournaments are single-elimination style. A simple mistake or bad performance means they’re out.

Keep your ForZe betting CSGO-only!

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Truth be told, ForZe is one of the most mysterious Esports teams you can encounter. Of course, this mystery owes itself to the team being mainly popular in the CIS regions but still – to have such lacking information about them is baffling. Most teams have a dedicated ‘About Us’ page whilst ForZe has ‘ForZe is Russian and has been created in 2001’.

Disregarding the lack of info, they have been a recurring team in CSGO tournaments for years now. CSGO is arguably the game they’re most famous for albeit not for their successes and results but more by their longevity and dedication to the game.

Even so, it’s commendable that the organization dipped its feet into a couple of other Esports titles such as Dota 2 and Rainbow Six Siege, whatever their results were. They tried, it didn’t work out, they left and focused on CSGO again.

There’s a possibility that ForZe will start climbing the ladder in VALORANT as well but only if they manage to find players to fill the vacant spots. With that, we wish you good luck in betting, and hopefully, you win some!

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ForZe Betting FAQs

Each time before you place a bet on ForZe, it’s best to look at their previous results. They are an unpredictable team, albeit consistent at times, so proper preparation is key if you want to place smart bets on this organization.

It is risky. Risky solely because the team isn’t yet at the top which means they aren’t a surefire win. Still, the higher the risk, the higher the reward if your bet is a winning one so you shouldn’t shy away from placing them. Just make sure that, for the time being, your bets will revolve around their CSGO team only.

The ForZe bet right now is choosing them as winners on Mirage, Dust2, and Ancient (talking about CSGO here). Alternatively, you could guess the correct score or kills (per team or per player) but just remember that this type of bet has lower chances of winning.

Avoid any bets revolving around VALORANT or FIFA (if you even manage to find them). As for CSGO, don’t make outrights on ForZe and don’t place handicap bets.

It can get difficult. Right now, the only active ForZe roster is their CSGO one. They usually participate in smaller tournaments with a bigger one here and there. This unfortunately means you might not be able to bet on them on some bookie websites. Most bookies cover S and A-tier tournaments with some B-Tier ones. Very rarely will you find any lesser ones which might prove difficult to place your ForZe bets.

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