Let’s face it, LoL All Star is one of the most entertaining esports events out there and placing bets on it is even more entertaining. This is why we prepared a LoL All Star betting guide for you where we will discuss the most important aspects of this event so do not miss out. Check our guides to other esports tournaments here!

LoL All Star 2020 Picks & Predictions

LoL 1v1 All Star kicks off on Friday(December 18th) with 4 one versus one matches announced. Here is our take on the upcoming matches + the highest odds on the market.


369 vs beishang

Amongst the first LoL All Star picks, we believe that we have found a surprise right away. 369 is a top laner with insane reactions and focus. On the other hand, beishang is a solid jungler that is not used to taking duels. This Chinese match-up should be a one way street as 369 is way more comfortable in 1v1 situations. Rightfully so, odds represent that and 369 is one of the biggest favorites.


Doinb vs Mole

This mid-laner match is going to be tense. We noticed that odds do not really represent that and Doinb is a sizeable favorite in this match. From our point of view, this really is not the case. Even though this match is a coinflip that can easily go both ways, it would be for the best if we played the odds.

To be honest, Doinb is one of the best prospects that emerged from China, but Mole is not bad by any means. As mentioned above, this is a coinflip, but the odds are not even close and this is the main reason why the smart money is on Mole.

Prediction: Mole to win
Odds: 2.30
Betting Site: bet365


Xiaohu vs Bin

If LoL All Star betting is based on top laner and mid laner battling it out, we are all over this bet. Xiaohu is by far one of the biggest contenders in this event(at least in our opinion). His individual skill is through the roof and once compared to Bin, we believe that Xiaohu has what it takes to snatch a win in this one.

However, LoL betting sites do not agree with us and they are all giving a slight edge to Bin in this one. From our perspective, betting on Xiaohu to win is one of the best LoL All Star bets you can make.

Prediction: Xiaohu to win

Odds: 2.40
Betting Site: bet365


Zoom vs Puff

If someone asked you, who is more talented for winning individual duels, ADC or top laner, who would you go for? In our opinion, bot laner will always have an edge because he is constantly engaged in a fight. Puff is a veteran that has been playing League of Legends for quite a while now.

On the other hand, Zoom is still trying to find his groove with JD Gaming and honestly, he is not looking that good. This is definitely going to be a close match, but still, we are leaning towards Puff in this one.


LoL All Star Betting Tips & Tricks

Now that you found out who do we favor in the Asian 1v1 LoL All-Star, here is a couple of tips and tricks that you can use while making your own picks for the upcoming series of matches.


Do The Research

This is by far the most important betting tip that we can give you. Prior to every single bet you make, it is important to do the research and find value in your picks. It is pointless to start betting on something you have no idea about nor you are interested in scanning through betting picks from someone else. Invest your free time in research and you will reap the rewards.


Shop For The Highest Odds

On paper, this seems like a simple thing do to, but most punters forget about this. In today’s world, odds represent value. In order to maximize your potential profit, you should always be on the lookout for the highest possible odds, right? The highest the odds, the bigger the profit. The best way to approach this is to create accounts with several betting sites and check who offers the highest odds on the market.


Utilize Promotions

LoL All Star event is nearby and certain operators will offer exclusive promotions for this event. In most scenarios, there are barely and wagering/rollover requirements put in place which means that you can essentially claim free money and we all like that.


LoL All Star Betting Options

We dug deep in order to find out whether betting sites provided outright betting for LoL All-Star. Sadly, no one is offering odds neither on 1v1 event nor on full 5v5 tournament. This means that we are left with two options, in-play betting and pre-match betting.


LoL All Star Pre-match Betting

This is a typical term used for placing a bet on a match that did not start yet. Bear in mind that pre-match betting on LoL All Star is available for every single match offered. However, there are not any special bets for the 1v1 matches while you will enjoy 20+ specials for 5v5 matchups that we will discuss down below.


LoL All Star In-Play Betting

Live LoL All Star betting is an excellent way to come out on top and profit from betting and here is why. There are three ways to win. Kill an enemy two times before the 7-minute mark. Kill your opponent once after a 7-minute mark or destroy your opponent’s tower. Keep in mind that you will barely ever see the tower being destroyed, your best bet are kills. Pay close attention to the gear and champion scaling. If you know the basics, then you will get a feeling when will a particular champion have an edge over an opponent.


LoL All Star Special Bets

Betting on match-winner is not the only option in today’s markets. Betting sites are constantly coming up with new ways to offer diversified betting that everyone will enjoy. This is why we decided to hook you up with several popular special bets not only for LoL All Star betting but for every other League of Legends event as well.


  • Total Maps Played – Over/Under
  • Correct Score
  • Map Handicap
  • First Blood
  • Who Will Destroy the First Turret
  • Map Winner

*special bets are not available for LoL All Star 1v1 matches.


LoL All Star Betting Sites

To be honest, LoL All Star betting is not covered in such great depth and most traditional betting sites do not offer odds on this event. However, we dug deep in order to hook you up with the absolute best LoL All Star betting sites that you should not miss out on. Check out the full list of esports betting sites here.


LoL All Star Betting on Bet365

Bet365 is by far the most popular sportsbook on the planet. With an insane number of active punters, bet365 constantly strives to provide the best service for their customers. Alongside a decent welcome promotion, you will also enjoy various other promotions such as free bets, etc.

It is also important to mention that this sportsbook covers every single LoL All Star match which includes both 1v1 matches and team matches. Bet365 tends to offer the best odds if you go for LoL All Star betting + a decent number of special bets dedicated to this event. For more information about this bookie, make sure you read our bet365 esports review.

LoL All Star Betting on Betway

Betway is one of the first operators that acknowledged esports betting. They made their presence by sponsoring various tournaments such as ESL and Intel Extreme Masters. Betway also took things one step further by sponsoring esports teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas and MiBR.

Moving on to why this is an ideal operator for LoL All Star betting. First and foremost, the coverage is excellent. You can bet on every single match, including 1v1 matches. Furthermore, special bets are a thing here and there are roughly around 20+ offered per match.

Even though crypto deposits are not available at Betway, you will be glad to hear that PayPal is an option, alongside credit cards and other eWallets like Neteller and Skrill. To summarize, Betway is an ideal operator for your LoL All Star bets that will allow you to test things out by providing up to 30€ in free bets once you sign up.


What is LoL All-Star?

League of Legends All Star 2020 is the 8th All Star event. Due to the COVID pandemic, this is the first All Star event that is going to be played online. Basically, top players from each region will compete in 1v1 and 5v5 tournaments where we will look to find out who is the absolute best LoL player.


Lol All Star Format

Unlike prior events, this edition of ASE will see two stages being put in place, Underdog Uprising and Superstar Showdown.


Underdog Uprising

The entire event will kick off with Underdog Uprising on December 18th. Neighboring regions(including small regions) will have a hard time as they will look to surprise the big dogs. It is important to mention that teams will be drafted from the top pros who are here from the LoL All Star voting.


Superstar Showdown

Starting on December 19th, three teams from the strongest regions will battle it out between themselves. A special Red Bull 1v1 competition will also go live where players from all of the strongest regions will compete. Superstar Showdown is also split into three parts: “All Star ”(LoL All Star voting will take place and pros from regions will play a BO3 showdown), “Legends(veterans will compete in BO1 match)” & “Queue Kings”(influencers will compete in a BO1 match).


LoL All Star Winners

As mentioned above, this is the 8th edition of LoL All-Star. This is why we decided to hook you up with past winners. Hopefully, this will aid you in your bets.


2013 All Star Winners

In 2013, we have seen players battle it out in every single position. Here are the results.

  • Top Lane: Toyz
  • Jungle: InSec
  • Bottom Lane: PraY & MadLife
  • Main Event: Korea Champions(Shy, InSec, Ambition, PraY, MadLife, Reach)


2014 All Star Winner

The second edition of the All Star event had a lot of changes. In the show match, fans chose which heroes are going to be played in a match where Fire played against Ice.

  • Main Event: SK Telecom T1 K(Impact, bengi, Faker, Piglet, PoohManDu)


2015 All Star Winner

This time around, the best LoL players at the time competed on two teams, Team Ice and Team Fire. After all of the matches have been played, only one player could come out on top.

  • Main Event: Bjergsen


2016 All Star Winner

In Barcelone, we have once again seen the exact same format and overlay. Best teams from around the globe got matched against each other and only one player could come out on top.

  • Main Event: Uzi


2017 All Star Winners

After being fed up with a series of 1v1 matches, Riot took a different approach and this time around, they also added a standard 5v5 format.

  • 1v1 Tournament: Uzi
  • 5v5 Tournament: LPL AllStars


2018 All Star Winners

In 2018, 64 pros participated in a real brawl. It is also important to mention that Riot introduced a 2v2 charity tournament.

  • 1v1 Tournament: Caps
  • 2v2 Charity Tournament: LCS


2019 All Star Winners

A lot of entertaining matches were introduced in the 2019 edition of LoL All Star . However, they did not live up to the hype as the only important mode was that 1v1 tournament.

  • 1v1 Tournament: Bwipo


Where to Watch LoL All-Star?

If you want to get it on the action, you will be glad to hear that the League of Legends All Star event is going to be available on both Twitch.tv and Riot Games YouTube channel. For the sake of it, you can watch the matches on December 18th right here on our site so do not miss out on your chance to profit while the best League of Legends players battle it out to prove who really is the best.

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