Free Fire Betting Guide 2021: Bets, Streams and Betting Sites

Our comprehensive guide explains how to bet on the popular esports mobile game Garena Free Fire, including betting markets and the most exciting Free Fire tournaments in the world in 2021. We also explain why this Free Fire battle royale mobile game has succeeded in India after PUBG was banned there.

The Best Free Fire Betting Sites

  1. Rivalry
  2. Betway

Although there are not many Free Fire betting sites available yet for esports games, more opportunities for betting on Free Fire are set to arise as the game becomes more popular and big events take place. Nevertheless, there are places to find Free Fire betting.


Rivalry is one of the best modern betting sites around and it sometimes has odds for Free Fire betting. At, you can also bet on Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends, plus there are markets for battle royale esports games, such as Apex Legends bets and Fortnite betting.

If you fancy joining to get ready for betting on Free Fire when they next have Free Fire tournament odds, you can join now and get a 100% esports deposit bonus up to $100. Garena Free Fire bettors using Rivalry will have 30 days to complete a qualifying deposit and unlock the welcome offer.

Bet on Free Fire at Rivalry



It is also a good idea to check Betway as the World Series Singapore approaches in April 2021 because, until recently, they featured betting on Free Fire in their esports section.

Betway has CS:GO bets, LOL betting and you can bet on Valorant. There are also opportunities for Rainbow 6 betting and StarCraft betting.

It is one of the leading esports sites available and it has an Esports Club which gives players a €10 free bet every week that they bet €25 on esports doubles, trebles or accumulators. Moreover, new players can get a 100% deposit bonus up to €30. Check out our Betway esports review.

We hope more esports betting sites that cover Free Fire betting will be launched soon. You can rest assured that we will provide reviews on them.

Bet on Free Fire at Betway


Free Fire Betting Markets

At the time of writing, there are no major Free Fire matches taking place so it isn’t possible to find specific odds for betting on Free Fire, however, in this section we will outline the markets you can expect to find when those big competitions burst into action later in 2021.


Outrights on Free Fire

With two World Series tournaments this year in May and November respectively, and an All Star event in July, keep an eye on your favourite Free Fire betting sites for odds on teams to win each competition. These outright bets are some of the most common markets for esports, including Free Fire.


Win/draw/lose odds on Free Fire

Other popular Free Fire betting markets you can expect to find at online bookmakers are win, draw and lose. If Free Fire betting odds are hard to find online, these are some of the markets you are more likely to encounter. They are quite straightforward and the more you know about Free Fire esports teams, the better chance you have of making a successful bet.


Luck Royale

As Free Fire is a free-to-play game, it needs ways of making money but this also gives players a chance to try their luck and unlock valuable features for free. One of the game’s main sources of income is its Luck Royale system. Luck Royale is a little like a casino slot machine in that you can spin for special items.

In Luck Royale, there are several features which accept different forms of currency. These features are Diamond Royale, Gold Royale, Weapon Royale, Incubator, and Character Royale. One cool facet of Luck Royale is that the more spins you take, the higher your ‘Lucky Counter’ and the greater your chance of winning on your next spin. Not something you see in online casino games!

Any rare items you win in a Lucky spin can be used and crafted in the incubator. You can then transform these items into something more valuable.

Furthermore, in Diamond Royale, players can win attractive in-game items, such as character skins, emotes, outfits and parachute designs. It is also possible in Diamond Royale to receive boosts to the amount of gold or experience points you get for certain achievements. You need Free Fire diamonds or Diamond Royale Vouchers to spin in this mode.

In addition, Gold Royale is where you can use Gold Coins and win prizes like an outfit and character skins. One good thing about Gold Royale is you can take it for a spin without spending any real money. Just use gold or diamonds if you have any.


The Biggest Free Fire Tournaments

The 2019 Free Fire World Series attracted more than two million concurrent viewers online, so why not join this large fanbase by betting on Free Fire events in 2021 and beyond? No mobile esports tournament has received as many viewers as the Free Fire World Series in 2019, which shows how successful Garena Free Fire has already become, and gives an idea of the potential this relatively young esport possesses.

You should try to come back to Free Fire betting sites this May and November when the Free Fire World Series is set to happen. Also, there is a new event in July 2021 called Free Fire All Stars. In this tournament, Free Fire betting fans can enjoy seeing influencers from the game’s community go head-to-head with professional Free Fire esports players.


Free Fire Continental Series

The Free Fire Continental Series was an online competition in 2020 which replaced the cancelled World Series. It will not be repeated in 2021 but it is good to know which teams performed well if you want to know the best teams to back in Free Fire betting now and in the future.

The event had tournaments across the world, one in Asia, one in the Americas, and one encompassing European, Middle Eastern and African teams (EMEA).

Each region held a contest in November 2020 to round off the year’s Free Fire competitive season, each with an impressive prize pool of $300,000. The winning team in Asia was EXP Esports from Thailand, in the Americas it was Team Liquid from Brazil, while in EMEA it was Sbornaya ChR from Russia. These glorious winners took away $80,000 each in tournament prize money.

For Sbornaya ChR, it was a case of going one better, having finished second in the Free Fire World Series in 2019. Team Liquid had won the Liga Brasileira de Free Fire 2020: Series A – Stage 1 but this Continental Series triumph was their biggest money win. For EXP Esports, it was also their biggest cash haul and the first time they had won a major competition.

Read our guide to betting on Liquid team here.


Free Fire League Latino America

The Free Fire League in Latin America was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19 but it returned in January 2021. This year’s LATAM league had an overall prize pool of $123,750 with the winner, Team Aze, qualifying for the World Series Singapore finals and claiming $51,500 in prize money.


Brazilian Free Fire League 2021

There’s an honourable mention for the first season of the Brazilian Free Fire League 2021. Free Fire is very popular in Brazil and this is where most of the world’s best players come from. Newcomers team Fluxo enjoyed beginner’s luck by winning and taking home the $19,001 first prize. With this victory, Fluxo also qualified for the finals of the World Series Singapore.


Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore

After a year away from the action, the Free Fire World Series is back in 2021 as an offline tournament and it is already making its presence felt. There is a planned €2 million prize pool for the event this year, which is set to take place in Singapore, from May 22 to May 29.

There will be 22 teams taking part, with 10 teams directly invited to the Finals and another 12 teams battling it out in the play-ins section for the remaining two Finals spots.


Free Fire Betting Tips

Although any success while betting on Free Fire is ultimately down to luck, there are ways to make smarter, more informed, bets. We go through a few Free Fire betting strategies in this section.


Keep your eyes peeled

One of the best ways to become knowledgeable about Garena Free Fire and prepared to place smart bets on this esport is to watch as much professional gameplay as you can. We tell you some of the best places to find Free Fire live streams later in this article.

By watching teams, you will also get a better idea of how they react to certain situations. For example, some teams will habitually start tournaments or matches slowly but then improve and be hard to beat, while others will perform best when they sense their opponent is having problems.


Know the history

It is worth informing yourself about previous winners of Free Fire tournaments. When a team has won under pressure before, there is a better chance they will win when things get tough the next time around. Find out which players and teams in a new tournament have little competitive experience – these players, on the other hand, could crack under the strain of a high profile match.


Get to grips with weaponry

You should be an expert when it comes to Free Fire inventories. For instance, one team might be set up in a way that takes advantage of their rival’s weak points. The weapons they choose might work particularly well in certain scenarios so pay attention to this.


Where to Watch Free Fire Streams

You can watch Free Fire esports live streams from virtually anywhere in the world and in almost any language, but most come from places where the game is more popular. Brazil and India have lots of Garena Free Fire players so there are many streamers from these areas.


Garena Free Fire has its own Twitch channel with eight million followers. It features numerous videos relating to Garena Free Fire. Moreover, Gabriel “bak” Lessa aka “Loud_bak” from team LOUD has an incredible 1.2 million followers on Twitch. During a recent charity live stream of Free Fire gameplay, he broke the record for the biggest ever Portuguese language audience with 511,000 concurrent viewers.


Nimo TV

Nimo TV is a streaming platform dedicated to gaming content and it also features Garena Free Fire live streams. Just like Twitch, you can follow and subscribe to your favourite streamers. You’ll find Free Fire content from Focus98, JuanChito, and many more.


Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming are hot in India. They have nearly nine million subscribers on YouTube and they stream Garena Free Fire matches on a daily basis. This is a channel you should subscribe to if you want to learn a lot about Garena Free Fire in a short space of time.


Garena Free Fire’s top players

If you’re thinking of betting on Free Fire players and teams in upcoming tournaments, you should do your homework on the talent expected to perform at the Free Fire World Series in Singapore. The 10 teams who received a direct invite include LGDS, VIP Esports and Silence. In Taiwanese team LGDS, ETA looks to be on form after helping his side win the Free Fire Spring Cup in 2021.

VIP Esports won the third edition of the Free Fire Arab League in March 2021, which earned them a direct invite to Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore. Watch out for their captain, Saadallah Djamel Eddine, in future matches.


Carlos César aka FIXA

FIXA is ranked number one for individual earnings in Free Fire, with more than $41,000 in prize money to his name. Being part of team Corinthians who won the Free Fire World Series 2019 in Rio de Janeiro and a prize of $200,000 helped him boost his bank account. FIXA has since joined a new team, God E-Sports, with who he has won the Liga Brasileira de Free Fire 2021: Series A – Stage 1.


Wattipong Ngarmrod aka D-Long

D-Long joined the Thai team EVOS Esports in February 2020 and is in the top 10 for all-time Free Fire career earnings. He will have had to earn in place in the team which is the number one-ranked esports team in Southeast Asia. In his Garena Free Fire career, D-Long has earned over $26,000 in prize money.

Ajay Sharma aka FozyAjay

FozyAjay is a member of the hugely popular Total Gaming Free Fire team from India. He ranks highly for Free Fire earnings and he has more than 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. His team has an even more impressive following though – 22.7 million people are subscribed to the official Total Gaming YouTube channel.

Other Total Gaming members to look out for when betting on Free Fire are MAFIABALA, Javaboy and Prince..!.


What is Garena Free Fire?

Free Fire is a free esports game, of the battle royale genre, that you can download on Android and iOS mobile devices. It is the most downloaded mobile game ever.


Free Fire Overview

In the mobile game, players compete against 49 others in 10-minute sessions on an island map. The idea is simply to be the last one standing but other players can kill you with various weapons. Plus, there is a ‘safe zone’ that constantly shrinks, killing any players who forget to stay inside its sanctuary.

Of course, the smaller the safe zone becomes, the more difficult it is to avoid confrontations with other players.


Free Fire History

The game set a record in May 2020 for having a staggering 80 million daily active users. It’s a game that burst onto the scene breaking records one by one. In addition, Garena Free Fire has a 4.3 out of 5 rating on the Google Play store from more than 81 million votes.

Garena Free Fire was developed in Singapore by 111 Dots Studio and the game has enjoyed great success in India, Southeast Asia and South America. In September 2020, India banned 118 Chinese mobile apps, including PUBG, which means PUBG betting in India became much more difficult. However, Singaporean Garena Free Fire survived, meaning it has a great opportunity to claim the Indian mobile gaming and esports betting markets as its own.


Garena Free Fire Betting – FAQ section

Is Garena Free Fire free to play?

Yes, you can download Free Fire for free on iOS and Android However, there are microtransactions available in the game.

Can I play Garena Free Fire on PC?

No you cannot play Garena Free Fire on PC unless you use an emulator.

Is there a Garena Free Fire tournament?

Yes, there are several major Free Fire esports tournaments each year, including the World Series.

What are the upcoming Free Fire tournaments in 2021?

You can search for Free Fire betting on the World Series in Singapore and Free Fire All Stars.

Where can I watch Garena Free Fire live streams?

There are several Free Fire streaming channels on Twitch, YouTube and Nimo TV. One of the popular channels is Total Gaming on YouTube.


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