If you’re looking for ViCi Gaming betting advice, you’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive ViCi esports betting guide covers everything about ViCi’s best rosters and when and where to bet on them in the coming months.

Who are ViCi Gaming?

ViCi Gaming, sometimes called Rare Atom, are one of the leading esports organizations out of China. You can find them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Weibo. ViCi Gaming was founded in 2012 by a former esports player Fengdidi, who scouted top players from the Chinese Dota scene.

ViCi now have rosters in Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends (LoL), League of Legends: Wild Rift and King of Glory. In those nine years since forming, ViCi Gaming have earned around $15 million in prize money, with most of that coming from Dota 2 competition. Historically, Lu Chao (Dota 2), Zeng Jiaoyang (Dota 2) and Xu Linsen (Dota 2) are the best players to ever represent team ViCi. If you'd like to know more about ViCi Gaming, make sure to visit their very own Facebook page!

ViCi Gaming Dota 2

ViCi Gaming’s past is firmly rooted in Dota 2 esports, so it is no surprise that currently their Dota 2 team is one of their greatest sources of pride. The current ViCi Gaming Dota 2 roster can be seen in the table below.

ID Name Join Date
poyoyo Yang Shaohan 2020-09-15
Ori Zeng Jiaoyang 2017-01-09
Old eLeVeN Ren Yangwei 2020-09-15
Pyw Xiong Jiahan 2019-09-21
Dy Ding Cong 2018-09-09

Ding Cong is the captain, Yao Yo is assistant coach, Lu Chao is head coach and Xu Xiaoyun is the manager.

ViCi missed out on the top three places in The International 10 2021, however, they achieved a respectable 5th-6th place finish, which bagged them $1.46 million in prize money. They were dumped out of the tournament with a 2-0 defeat by Invictus Gaming, at the Upper Bracket Round 2 stage.

It was reported by ViCi Gaming’s analyst and translator Lyon Arthurt Lee that some members of ViCi Gaming’s Dota 2 might have contracted covid-19 at The International in Romania, however test results are yet to be publicised.

At TI10, Team Spirit from Russia took first place beating PSG.LGD in the final. The Russians took home $18.2 million in prize money. For ViCi, one of the highlights of the tournaments was beating T1 2-1.

This wasn’t the team’s best performance at The International though. They came fourth in 2015 and second in 2014. After their recent 5th-6th place finish, you can see that it’s worth considering betting on ViCi Gaming in future Dota competitions.

ViCi Gaming CS:GO

ViCi’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is currently ranked 78th place in the world. However, this is misleading. ViCi Gaming’s CS:GO team performed very well at the recent Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Fall 2021 Asia. They finished second to TYLOO, who are ranked 64 in the world.

ViCi CS:GO put in another impressive performance when they won the Douyu Fall Cup 2021, which helped them qualify for the BLAST Fall Showdown. ViCi beat Chinese team Lynn Vision 2-0 in the final.

However, they then had to pull out of the BLAST Fall Showdown to concentrate on the IEM Fall Asia. It’s amazing how often things change in the world of esports betting but the unpredictability is one of the reasons we love it!

The ViCi esports team for CS:GO, which mainly features Chinese talent, apart from Kaze, who’s Malaysian, is shown in the table below.

ID Name Join Date
advent Liang Zhuo 2018-09-03
zhokiNg Zhong Weijie 2018-08-10
aumaN Liu Zhihong 2018-09-03
Kaze Andrew Khong 2018-09-03
JamYoung Yang Yi 2019-12-01

ViCi Gaming (Rare Atom) LoL

ViCi Gaming’s League of Legends (LoL) team is called Rare Atom. The roster is in the table below.

ID Name Position Join Date
Cube Yang Shaohan Top 2021-01-02
Aix Zeng Jiaoyang Jungle 2021-01-02
Leyan Ren Yangwei Jungle 2021-01-02
FoFo Xiong Jiahan Mid 2021-01-02
iBoy Ding Cong Bot 2021-01-02
Hang Fu Ming-Hang Support 2021-01-02
Maestro Hu Jian-Xin Support 2021-01-02

The team’s total earnings together stands at $288,055. Arguably their biggest achievement was winning major tournament, NEST 2020, which earned them a $60,948 prize. Rare Atom also won the National Electronic Sports Open in January 2019 with a prize of $28,793. What’s more, they came 5-6th in the LPL Summer 2021.

ViCi Gaming (Rare Atom) Wild Rift

ViCi Gaming’s Wild Rift team is called Rare Atom and they were formed in 2017 by ViCi Gaming. Their roster can be seen in the table below.

ID Name Position Join Date
Axing Zheng Xin Baron 2021-07-20
Zzzz Zhang Qijun Jungle 2021-07-20
Ingrid Zhao Tiancheng Jungle 2021-07-20
yezi Ke Zhi Mid 2021-07-20
Sunday Ying Qiwei Dragon 2021-08-30
Noamor Wang Longjie Support 2021-07-20
Nala Guo Bowen Support 2021-08-30

Unfortunately, their results in the Wild Rift League 2022: LPL qualifiers recently have been poor, so think twice before betting big on this team. They lost against LNG Esports, FunPlus Phoenix, Oh My God and Team WE.

Nevertheless, some of the teams achievements so far have been finishing 13-17th in the Wild Rift League 2022: LPL Qualifier and 6-11th in the LPL Warm-up Cup. The Wild Rift League, aka WRL, is a regional league in China. ThunderTalk Gaming came first in the WRL this year, gaining qualification to the Wild Rift Horizon Cup, so they might be a better betting option if you want to bet on Wild Rift markets.

The best ViCi betting sites

It is easy to find ViCi esports betting odds because they mainly compete in well-supported games. You can find odds on ViCi Gaming’s CS:GO and LoL teams on most betting sites, but you might need a sharper focus to find markets on their Wild Rift and King of Glory teams. In this section, we point you in the right direction with some suggested ViCi Gaming bookmakers.


GGBet is one of the most popular esports betting sites right now and you’ll easily find ViCi esports betting odds there. It has a modern design, with different esports along the left of the page, so it’s easy to find markets you want. They have esports odds on CS:GO, LoL, StarCraft 2, Dota 2, King of Glory, Rainbow Six, Valorant, Wild Rift and WarCraft 3. That’s most of ViCi Gaming’s esports teams covered for betting. Read our full GGBet review here.


Well, what is there to say about Betway that hasn’t been said before? They are at the top of the game in terms of esports betting sites. You probably knew that. They’re a good shout for ViCi Gaming betting too, with coverage of games the organisation competes in, such as odds on LoL, CS:GO and Dota 2. They also have markets for King of Glory, WarCraft 3, StarCraft 2, StarCraft BroodWar, VALORANT and Rainbow Six, if you want to bet on other teams too.

The bonus of betting at Betway is its esports offers, such as its new Power Pick’ems promotion. You can win a free bet if you predict the winners of five matches, and entry is free. They also have esports tournament special bets. One of them is if the team you bet to win their LoL Worlds playoff match wins the first map in the game, Betway will pay out your winner bet. Plus, the Betway Esports Club gives you a €10 free bet every week when you bet at least €25 on esports multiples the week before. Read our complete Betway review here.


Arcanebet has ViCi Gaming betting for you, with esports like CS:GO, Dota 2 and LoL covered. They also have a mobile-optimised website for seamless esports betting fun on-the-move. When we visited, they had CSGO odds on esports tournaments like the PGL Major, the ESL Championnat National and the ESL Mistrzostwa Polski. As you can see, they have esports odds on competitions all around the world. Arcanebet also have a €30 welcome offer. Read or Arcanebet review.


EGB is another of our favourite ViCi Gaming betting sites. Why? For one, as its old name EgamingBets suggests, it’s a betting site with its roots firmly planted in the esports world. So, you can expect odds on authentic esports tournaments and games, curated by electronic sports experts.

At EGB, you will find betting on Dota 2, CS:GO and LoL, games ViCi esports are involved in. For an example of odds they provide, for the LoL Worlds match between Gen.G and Cloud9, they had Cloud9 to win 2 maps, first blood on map 1, Cloud9 will not win 2 maps and more. See our review of EGB.

EGB Odds Screenshot
Bet on ViCi Gaming in LoL at EGB.com. Source: EGB


Pinnacle is a popular esports betting site where you can also find ViCi esports betting. They even have a cool new website design with a dark blue theme plus odds on Wild Rift, Dota 2 and LoL. Pinnacle doesn’t have a mobile app but it is optimised for handheld devices.

When we visited, they had odds on CS:GO events like the PGL Major Stockholm, the ESEA Advanced Division Europe, the WH Cup, and the ESEA Cash Cup America. You can be sure when there’s a major CS:GO event in Asia, there will be odds on ViCi Gaming too.

Pinnacle Odds Screenshot
Bet on ViCi Gaming in CS:GO at Pinnacle. Source: Pinnacle
Pinnacle Odds Screenshot
Bet on ViCi Gaming in CS:GO at Pinnacle. Source: Pinnacle

Read our Pinnacle.com review.

When to bet on ViCi: esports betting tips

After their second place at IEM Fall Asia and winning the Douyu Fall Cup 2021, it’s clear that ViCi CS:GO are worth a bet when they compete at events in the Far East.

Baidu Cup Invitational

One such event is the Baidu Cup Invitational, which will come to a head on November 13, 2021. All matches in the group stage are best of one (Bo1) while in the playoffs, it will be best of three (Bo3). Moreover, the prize pool for the Baidu Cup Invitational is 90,000 CNY.

The King Pro League Fall

ViCi Gaming have a good chance of winning prize money at the King Pro League Fall, a King of Glory esports tournament. There’s a prize pool of $2.9 million for the event which is taking place in China and comes to a head on December 19. You can get bet on King of Glory odds at Pinnacle and Rivalry.

22bet Odds Screenshot
Bet on ViCi Gaming against Royal Never Give Up at 22Bet. Source: 22Bet

You can also find odds on the King Pro League Fall at 22bet plus other major betting sites.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

If you’re the kind of punter who’s interested in betting on teams in Asia or more specifically, China, and if you have good knowledge of these teams, we recommend checking out ViCi Gaming. Their CS:GO team have recently won the Douyu Fall Cup and their King of Glory team looks strong too. Plus, as they have teams in LoL and CS:GO, if they continue to improve, you will definitely be able to bet on them in the future on all the best betting sites. Keep a look out for more news on ViCi Gaming at esports-betting.pro.

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ViCi Gaming Betting FAQs

ViCi Gaming’s League of Legends team was renamed ‘Rare Atom’ in January 2021.

ViCi Gaming are an esports organisation from China.

If you want to bet on an Asian esports event, ViCi Gaming could have a chance of winning. The organisation’s teams tend to perform best at tournaments in the Far East, so look out for the team’s next games in the region.

ViCi Gaming’s CS:GO team is ranked 78th in the world but they won the Douyu Fall Cup 2021. Consider betting on them in Asian competitions.

It’s possible. ViCi have a chance of winning the King Pro League Fall and the lion’s share of the $2.9 million prize pool.

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