Peacekeeper Elite League is the biggest PUBG mobile tournament in China. There are numerous related esports tournaments held all year round, which we will discuss in this guide.

The Best Peacekeeper Elite League Betting Sites

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  4. Pinnacle Esports
  5. bet365

What is the Peacekeeper Elite League?

Peacekeeper Elite League, abbreviated as PEL, is the highest-level professional Chinese league of the Peacekeeper Elite. Notably, this is the rebranded edition of PUBG Mobile. The PEL is known to be the most well-organized PUBG Mobile-based tournament world. Top esports teams from China battle in two stages; Regular and Finals.

The first Peacekeeper Elite League was held in 2020, where 20 teams battled for a prize pool of over $2 million. The All Gamers were crowned the winners, while Four Angry Men and X-Quest F came in second and third. During the regular season, out of the 20 teams, 15 are guaranteed to proceed to the next season. On the other hand, the rest of the 5 teams are demoted to Peacekeeper New Power League. Every season that a team participates grants championship points to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

The Peacekeeper Elite League 2022 is set to take place from March 4th to May 22nd. There will be 21 teams competing for a grand prize of $4,345,000, spread among the teams and players. With top teams such as Nova Esports and The Chosen, esports betting fans around the globe are looking forward to an exciting tournament.

History of the Peacekeeper Elite League

On May 7th, 2018, Tencent Games, a renowned video game developer, shut down its Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) in China. But even before the fans could come to terms with the ban, the company released its new battle royale game. Ideally, the game mechanics, maps, and even the logo had a striking resemblance to PUBG Mobile.

The main reason for this change was due to approval by the Chinese government. Ideally, before a game is published, it has to pass two verifications systems. These include the content rating system and the verification system. The content rating system is highly used in North America, Europe, and Japan. However, China is hell-bent on the verification system for game publishing. Thus, factors such as violent imagery affect the approval of a game’s content.

In 2018, the Chinese government passed a political proposal which saw the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television of The People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFTTPRC) shutdown some previous government functions. The freezing of game approvals for nine months gave Tencent time to develop and restructure its game. However, the nature of the battle royale genre was considered too violent for Chinese audiences.

Because of this, they could not monetize their product. It was not until November 2018, when Tencent registered a new trademark, ‘PUBG Game for Peace,’ that they got approval. They also had to change some aspects of the game, such as adding the ‘peace’ name. This approval led to a spike in interested players and more people embracing the name Peacekeeper Elite.

Peacekeeper Elite League Previous Winners

Since its launch, this esports game has seen significant growth, and the introduction of the Peacekeeper Elite League has skyrocketed its popularity. Here is an outline of previous winners since 2020.

Year Season Date of Event Prize Pool Winner
PEL 2021 Season 4 November 2021 ¥2,470,000 Six Two Eight
PEL 2021 Season 3 October 2021 ¥4,140,000 Nova Esports
PEL 2021 Season 2 June 2021 ¥3,240,000 Tong Jia Bao Esports
PEL 2021 Season 1 April 2021 ¥2,550,000 Team Weibo
PEL 2020 Season 3 October 2020 ¥2,970,000 Four Angry Men
PEL 2020 Season 2 August 2020 ¥1,080,000 Nova Esports
PEL 2020 Season 1 June 2020 ¥600,000 All Gamers

Peacekeeper Elite League Teams

The number of teams varies every season, and for the Peacekeeper Elite League 2022, there will be 21 teams. The prize pool for this tournament is a whopping $4 million divided among the participating teams and players.

These teams include;

No. Team No. Team
1 Action Culture Technology 12 Six Two Eight
2 All Gamers 13 Still Moving Under Gunfire
3 Four Angry Men 14 TeamPai
4 J Team 15 Team Weibo
5 JD Esports 16 The Chosen
6 KONE Esports 17 ThunderTalk Gaming
7 LGB Gaming 18 Tianba
8 Nova Esports 19 Titan Esports Club
9 Petrichor Road 20 Tong Jia Bao Esports
10 Regans Gaming 21 Vision Esports
11 ShowTime

Peacekeeper Elite League Spring 2022 Schedule

The final Peacekeeper Elite League tournament is scheduled for May 19th to 22nd. However, the pre-season will begin from March 4th to 6th, where the 21 teams will be split into 3 groups. The competition is played using the round-robin format, and the top 6 teams will qualify for Weekly Finals- Week 1. The teams in the 7th through to the 21st place will play in the Breakout-Week 1.

Regular Season

The regular season will begin from March 10th to April 17th and will include 6 weeks of Regular Season, each featuring 2 stages; Breakout and Weekly Finals.

In the Breakout stage, there will be 15 teams involved. Out of these, 9 teams will proceed to the Weekly Finals. Teams in 10th and 15 positions will move to the breakout round of the next week.

In the Weekly Final stage,15 teams will be featured, and out of these, 9 teams will qualify for the next weekly finals. The teams ranking in the 7th to 15th position will be part of the following week’s Breakout.

Notably, the points accumulated during the Weekly Finals contribute to the overall standing in the Regular Season.


The Peacekeeper Elite League’s playoff will take place from April 28th to May 8th as follows;

Day 1-2: Top 15 teams from regular season where the winner qualifies for the Finals

Day 3-4: A total of 15 teams (14 teams from the previous day and the team in 16th place in the regular season) will compete, and the top 2 will qualify for the finals.

Day 5-6: Out of 15 teams (bottom 13 teams from the previous day and teams on 17th to 18th in the regular season), the top 3 teams will proceed to the finals.

Day 7-8: The competition will include 15 teams (bottom 12 teams from the previous day and teams in 19th-21st in the regular season. 9 teams will proceed to the finals, while 6 will be eliminated.

Finals: The finals will also include 15 teams, and there will be 20 matches. The points accumulated in the playoffs go a long way to boost a team’s position.

PEL Betting Markets

The available Peacekeeper Elite League betting markets are similar to PUBG mobile betting. Popular betting options at top esports betting sites include outright, match winner, first blood, and most kills.


This requires you to bet on the winner of the match. For this bet, you can consider the winners of the previous seasons and the current performance of the favorite teams. Also, before placing real money bets, be sure to take note of the teams with high-ranking players. Nova Esports, the World Champions, are the favorite to win the Peacekeeper Elite League Spring 2022.

Match Winner

In addition to the final Peacekeeper Elite League tournament, you can also bet on the Regular Season and the Playoffs. Although these are not highly covered like the main events, you can still place outright bets and live bets during the matches leading to the main event.

First Blood

This is another interesting betting market where you predict which team will make the first kill. Knife Round is another similar PUBG betting market where you can stake on the team to get the first kill of the specific game.

Most Kills

In addition to betting on the ultimate winner, you can also bet on the team with the most kills.

Best Betting Sites for Peacekeeper Elite League Betting

With the Peacekeeper Elite League Spring 2022 getting close, PUGB Mobile betting sites have rolled out betting odds. Our top recommendable PUBG Mobile sportsbooks include Thunderpick, LOOT.BET, and Luckbox.


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LOOT.BET offers impressive odds for pre-match and esports live betting. The site supports numerous payment options, including e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, and credit cards including Visa and Mastercard. The customer support team is friendly and highly responsive, and you can get in touch with them via live chat.


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Peacekeeper Elite League FAQs

Top esports betting sites that offer impressive odds for Peacekeeper Elite League betting include Thunderpick, LOOT.BET and Luckbox.

They are similar but not the same. Due to stringent regulations in China, Tencent Games had to change some features and themes in the PUBG Mobile. Nevertheless, the theme and gameplay of both games are the same.

Nova Esports are the favorites to win the Peacekeeper Elite League since they are the defending World Champions. Other top teams who are likely to give Nova Esports a run for their money include Six Two Eight, The Chosen, and Four Angry Men.

The first season of Peacekeeper Elite League for 2022 is scheduled for May 19th to 22nd. The pre-season begun on March 4th and will progress to regular seasons through to the playoffs.

The betting markets for PEL available at top esports betting sites include outright winner, first kill, first blood, and match-winner.

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