Are you interested in WoW betting? After all, its popularity has bettors from around the world drawn to placing their own wagers and winning big on this esport game.

This guide will take you through the different odds you can bet on in WoW, some niche strategies that will prove very useful and help you massively, the different Wow tournaments you can bet on at esport betting sites and plenty more.

Let’s dive in!

Where to Bet on WoW

  1. 1xBet
  2. Rivalry
  3. bet365


WoW Betting Sites

You are almost there, almost ready to place your first WoW bet. Before you go, here is our list of our favourite WoW betting sites and what they offer that is unique to them.



Offering one of the most generous welcome bonuses and odds out there, Rivalry is a great option for beginners as well as seasoned WoW bettors. Not to mention, they have a great customer support service and always strive to ensure the best odds are given to their customers.


Bet365 WoW Betting 

Bet365 have taken esports betting with open arms and the reputation and success that they have in sports has definitely been replicated in this field. They prove time and time again that no matter the esport in question, they will offer the most competitive odds, a range of markets to bet on, and an easy experience when cashing out. Check out our Bet365 esports review.

The World of Warcraft esports scene

World of Warcraft (also known as WoW) has had an interesting journey into and within the esports scene. Although the World of Warcraft Arena World Championships is noted as the core tournament for WoW fans to watch and bet on, there has been a rise in Wow’s other events that have seen recent success and are definitely worth betting on.

Whether you enjoy the classic player-vs.player (PvP) aspect  of WoW, or are interested in knowing more about the player-vs.environment esport that they offer, there is an event for anyone to enjoy, get educated on, bet, and win big.

We will be taking you through the differences in each of these events, going into detail about how these events are structured and the top teams/players competing in each.


World of Warcraft Arena World Championship

Let’s start with the biggest event for World of Warcraft: The Arena World Championship. The Arena World Championship is often abbreviated to AWC, and has been a staple within the Wow scene since its start in 2014. This event allows the best arena players from the Americas and Europe to compete for one of eight spots at the AWC Circuit for their region.

Blizzard, the developer of WoW and the organiser of the AWC, allow any player to compete, regardless of skill level, and teams who are eligible must simply sign up for the next Arena Cup in their region. This event structure is quite unique as it does not deal with franchised teams, but rather gives anyone the opportunity to take part and become a contender for the AWC Circuit. Due to the success of the tournament, the AWC will be expanded to two seasons which will come to a head in the AWC: Shadowlands 2021 Grand Finals.

WoW Arena The Season1 and 2 Finals brackets
The Season1 and 2 Finals brackets. Credit: World of Warcraft Website


AWC points are the indicator for which teams will make it the Seasonal Championships in Europe and North America. The top eight teams from both North America and Europe will go ahead and qualify for the Circuit after the four cups have crowned their winners. The Circuit consists of a four-week round robin format and the top four teams from each region will win a spot to compete in the Season 1 Finals. After the winner is crowned for Season 1, Season 2 will hold a competition in an open Relegation Cup, with the top six regional teams from the prior event automatically advancing the Season 2 Circuit. Similarly to Season 1, the Season 2 teams will fight for an extended prize pool and to be crowned as the AWC: Shadowlands 2021 Grand Finals Champions.

This event is the most anticipated in the WoW esports space and is especially important for bettors. This esport tournament attracts viewers from North America, Europe, Latin America, as well as those from Asia and India. Due to the huge audience, the betting markets for this event are huge.


Top teams and players in the AWC

The top North American teams in the WoW AWC 2020 were Cloud9, Spacestation Gaming, Golden Guardians, and M2KC.

Cloud9 displayed complete dominance through their performance in all cups with their Mage, Lock, and Healer composition. Golden Guardians also came out strong within the region and were the only team to become victorious against Cloud 9. However, after a grueling season, M2KC took their final victory against Charlotte Phoenix and were crowned the NA champions.

The top European teams in the championships were Wildcard Gaming, Method Black, Diabolus and nLite.

Specially, Wildcard Gaming and Method Black had a strong hold in the region, the former focusing on spell cleaves and the latter mixing up compositions and having the most success with the Rogue, Mage, and Healer structure. Ultimately, Wildcard Gaming triumphed 4-1 and secured the title as the European Champions.


World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International (WoW MDI)

The World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International is a unique PvE esport event. This event allows all players with accounts in good standing to play in the open qualifiers and prove they are the best dungeon-running team out there.

The tournament starts as a qualifier stage where teams battle it out to show their skills and dominance, with the best progressing to the Tournament Realm where, over the course of the season, the teams compete for points.

Each season is formatted in four cups that are up for grabs, with the top eight teams globally each week advancing to the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) Cup. Blizzard has separated China into its own regional program and the rest of the world compete in the global event that spans over two seasons. Once the four cups have been played through, the teams with the most points qualify for the Global Finals.

The Global Finals have the top six teams from the four cups and two from the dedicated China MDI WoW season. Read more about esports betting in China here.

The MDI WoW is a favourite for those who enjoy watching PvE esports and garners a lot of attention from spectors. It is worth understanding the World of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion and learning the format of the MDI WoW so you can place good wagers and possibly win big throughout the two seasons.


The top teams in the WoW MDI

The top teams in the WoW MDI 2020 were GG, Ethical, Complexity Limit, and Wunderbar. In the Global Finals, GG and Wunderbar made it to the upper finals, with Wunderbar taking the win and celebrating with a $300,000 prize pool.


WoW Tournament: Mythic Dungeon International Spring/Summer Finals

Similarly to the Arena Spring and Summer Finals, the Mythic Dungeon Internations (MDI) Spring and Summer Finals invites the teams with the most points to a split finals to compete for a $100,000 prize pool and a spot in the MDI Global Finals.

The Mythic Dungeon International
The Mythic Dungeon International. Credit: World of Warcraft Website


 The Spring and Summer splits are divided into two seasons, with the global teams and the China division playing games to gain points and dominate the leaderboard.

The Spring and Summer finals are an important stage for the teams competing as it guarantees them a place in the MDI Global Finals. Because of this, it is equally as advised to keep up the date with how the season is going so you can place some great wagers on the teams that have been performing well throughout the season or for your favourite underdog that you believe can turn it around.


WoW betting: The types of bets you can place

World of Warcraft betting has an array of betting markets available. Because of the unique nature of the esport, ranging from PvP tournaments and more niche PvE events, you can have a lot of fun with your bets.

Just remember, the more you know about World of Warcraft, the more exciting and intricate wagers you can place. And with that can come some great wins. Double the fun! Let’s take a look at the most popular betting options, as well as some more specific bets you can place. Read more about possible esports bets types in our Esports Betting Academy.



Moneylines are generally the most straightforward and popular betting market for esports betting. This is also the case for World of Warcraft betting as it does not require an extensive pool of knowledge of the game to place bets and win. If you’re a beginning to WoW betting, this is a great option for you!

This World of Warcraft betting option gives you the chance to place a wager on which team you think will win an individual series between two teams. You do not need to input how many matches within the series you think a team will win, how they will win, or anything else – All you need to focus on is figuring out who you think will dominate the other and win.

The Mythic Dungeon International 2020 Standings
The Mythic Dungeon International 2020 Standings. Credit: Website


Having a look at the standings through the AWC and MDI is a great way to keep track of how the teams are performing. For a more in depth understanding, you can also take a look at if the two teams have competed against each other previously and see who reigned supreme. is a great tool to use to stay posted on how the teams are doing throughout the seasons and in previous events.

This type of betting market is presented by bookmakers in the form of odds for matches, with you betting on either the favourite or the underdog on who you think will win the match outright.



Handicaps betting markets are popular for those who want to make a more precise wager as there is an increased element you must consider when placing your bets. For World of Warcraft esports, this betting option gives you the opportunity to bet on the underdog when there is a clear favourite and still make some cash. This type of bet gives you the opportunity to place a wager by “taking away” from the favourite and “giving” those points to the underdog.

In both the Arena World Championships (AWC) and the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI), the matches are best-of-three so your handicaps are typically presented as +1.5 or -1.5. As well as figuring out who you think will win the match, you must also consider how many points that team will win by. If you place a bet on the spread that offers +1.5, you are indicating that you believe that the series will go 2-1 or the underdogs will win outright. If you opt for the -1.5 spread, you are stating your belief that the favourite will lose by two games.

This betting market is a great option for those who are more familiar with World of Warcraft but also those who want to bet on the underdog as you are able to cash out on the underdog, regardless if they only win one round and lose the match outright. This is definitely a safer option to bet on the underdog than moneylines but is riskier if you are siding with the favourite in the matchup.

To put it simply, if you are super confident that the favourite will come out with a clean 2-0 victory, go for this type of bet but if you are unsure it is best to stick with a moneyline betting market for the favourite.



Outrights/Futures are straightforward bets presented to those who simply want to bet on who will win the entire event. That means you will only have to make a simple guess on which team you think will win the Arena World Championships (AWC) or the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI).

These betting markets are only available before the start of the seasons and are typically not accepted after the season commences because you are meant to decide before you see any of the teams compete against each other. There are few bookmakers who will amend odds during the event and will continue accepting bets, but this is not common. Unlike the AWC where you must decide who will win the season outright, your bets for the MDI specifically are presented as who you think will complete a required dungeon first.

This betting option is quite tricky as the AWC and MDI are structured as open qualifiers so you will often find new teams competing and will not be too familiar with their play style or how they match up with seasoned teams like Cloud9 and Team Liquid.

However, if you have a solid understanding and experience in WoW esports, this might be a great option for you and can give you great payout as long as you place your bets when you have enough information to make a well thought out decision.


Specials/ Prop bets

Specials (also known as prop bets) are a type of spread that allows you to bet on very specific scenarios that can happen during a game of World of Warcraft. Although this betting option is the least common in WoW esports and is not offered by many bookmakers, if you can find a site that offers this betting market you can have fun with it as a seasoned WoW bettor.


WoW PvE betting

Player-vs-Environment (PvE) matches in World of Warcraft are growing rapidly within the WoW esports scene. Because of this, bookmakers are starting to offer betting markets for this type of match. As explained earlier, the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) is a tournament centered around a PvE game mode that puts players against the hardest dungeons out there. You can place wagers on these types of matches through moneyline, outrights/futures, and handicap betting options.


WoW PvP betting

Player-vs-Player (PvP) game modes are definitely more common in the esports world than Player-vs-Environment. The biggest titles in esports such as League of Legends (LoL), Call of Duty (CoD), and Overwatch (OW) are all PvP games that have a very competitive and traditional esports vibe.

When it comes to World of Warcraft, the inclusion of a PvP mode in the Arena World Championships (AWC) is vital and very popular among fans of WoW as well as esports more generally. Like the PvE mode and the MDI tournament, bookmakers offer moneylines, futures/outrights, and handicap betting markets to fans.

One thing to note when betting on PvP WoW esports is that betting on the AWC can be quite tricky if you are new to World of Warcraft. This is because it can be quite difficult to predict on PvP matches due to the constant influx of new players and teams every season. However, that does not mean it is impossible by any means, just make sure you follow our betting tips below to give you the best chance of pocketing big wins on your bets.


WoW betting odds types

The way odds are presented in the esports world is very similar to that in traditional sports. Depending on where you live, these display themselves in either a fractional, decimal or moneyline odd.

We will run you through where you will typically see each odd and how you can understand these in a concise and easy way.


Fractional odds

Let’s start with fractional odds as they are the type of odds that are displayed for UK esports and sports betting. Fractional odds are pretty clear and once you are familiar with how you can work out your winnings and what the odds’ presentation means, is pretty easy to understand.

As the name suggestions, fractional odds present who the bookmaker believes is the favourite and the underdog in fraction form. You can read a bet in one of two ways: If the number on the left is greater than the one on the right it means the bookmaker thinks that the team you wish to bet on is an underdog. If the number on the left is smaller than the one on the right however, it means that they are seen as the favourite in the match up and are likely to win.

Here is an example of how this would look and how to figure out the probability you will be successful in your bet:

Odds: Wunderbar to win against GG

1/5 – This fraction displays that Wunderbar is the favourite in this match up and has a 83.3% chance of winning the series.

To convert this fractional odd into a percentage of implied probability we did: 5/(5+1)*100% = 83.3%.

Now that you have done the tricky bit which is not so tricky with this simple calculation (we advise you to screenshot this to keep to hand), all you have to do is find out how much the payout will be if your bet is successful. Just look at the number presented in the fraction.

The fractional odd in the above example indicates that for each £5 you put in, you will receive £1 profit in winnings. That is not a very good odd as you will not be making much profit from this option and this is why betting on clear favourites is not always the best option.

Here are some examples of fractional odds that would be worth betting on:

20/2 – For each £2 you place on a wager, you will win £20 = £18 profit

80/30 – For each £30 you place on a wager, you will win £80 = £50 profit

8/1 –  For each £1 you place on a wager, you will win £8 = £7 profit


Fairly straightforward right? If you are familiar with traditional sports betting, this format of betting options will be a piece of cake. If you’re not, with the way we have explained it you will get the hang of it in no time.


Decimal odds

Decimal odds are becoming more and more common in the UK betting scene and will eventually take over fractional betting so it is good to know how odds are presented in this way too. Note that with decimal odds combine your stake and winnings, but it is very easy to calculate if the wager is worth placing and figure out your payout.

Simply, all you have to do to calculate your payout of a wager with decimal odds is divide the decimal by 100% or if the decimal is higher, then you know there is less chance of a high profit as it means the team is a clear favourite.

Some examples of what decimal odds look like as percentages:

1.25: 100% / 1.25 = 66.7% chance of winning = clear favourites

4.5: 100% / 4.5 = 22.2% chance of winning = underdogs

7.8: 100% / 7.8 = 12.8% chance of winning = clear underdogs


Figuring out the percentage of each decimal odd makes it easy to understand roughly how much payout you will get from each wager you place. To work this out, you multiply the wager amount by the decimal odd assigned to your wager.


Payouts on a clear underdog with a 7.8 WoW decimal odd:

£10: £10 x 7.8 = £78

£25: £25 x 7.8 = £195

£150: £150 x 7.8 = £1,170

The odds are really great here but because the payout is so high, the likelihood this underdog will win is quite slim.

Payouts on an underdog with a 4.5 WoW decimal odd:

£10: £10 x 4.5 = £45

£25: £25 x 4.5 = £112.50p

£150: £150 x 4.5 = £675

The odds are pretty good for this so it would be worth placing a bet if you are confident the underdogs will win.

Payouts on a clear favourite with a 1.25 WoW decimal odd:

£10: £10 x 1.25 = £12.50p

£25: £25 x 1.25 = £31.25p

£150: £150 x 1.25 = 187.50p

As you can see, unless you bet big, you will not get much of a payout when betting on a clear favourite.


Remember that these calculations include your wager and your winnings so to figure out your profit, minus the wager amount from the total payout.


Moneyline odds

Last but not least, moneyline odds are most often used in the US and demonstrate the implied probability of bets in relation to -100, changing in respect to the probability a team will win or lose a match up. The negative sign (-) displays the favoured side and the plus sign (+) presents the underdog. These symbols also depict either how much you will win if you bet $100 and how much you need to bet to receive $100 respectively.

Here’s an example of how this looks:

Wunderbar -200


GG + 225


Wunderbar is the clear favourite here, with GG being presented as the underdog. This is because there is a negative (-) attached to Wunderbar and a positive (+) assigned to GG. In practice, that means that you will need to bet $175 to win $100 if you place a wager on Wunderbar to win and you will win $250 if you place $100 on GG to take the W.

Take these easy set of calculations for you to keep and use when deciding which bets you want to place using moneyline odds:

Positive moneyline odds: Stake * (Odds /100) = Your winnings

Negative moneyline odds: Stake / (Odds / 100) = Your winnings

Whether your chosen bookmaker uses fractional, decimal or moneyline odds to present the implied probability of a match, the more practice you have reading them the easier they will be to understand and utilize the best possible options available to you at the time.


WoW Betting Tips

Now that you are clued up on the different betting markets typically offered for WoW betting and know how to read the three main types of betting options, let us go through some top tips to maximise your winnings and elevate your WoW betting experience.


Be clear on when to bet on the favourites and the underdog

Whether you are betting on traditional sports or esports, it is very important to know who the clear favourites are and who the underdogs are in any tournament. This becomes especially important for WoW tournaments, particularly the Arena World Championships (AWC), as these events have open qualifier options at the beginning of each season. The constant change in who is competing makes it harder to predict which teams do well and which do not as some teams may have never competed professionally before.

You can get a better understanding of this through research on teams that have competed previously but also through the twitch streams/social media of the new players on the scene. As well as this, it is wise to listen to the bookmakers predictions, the odds are presented the way they are for a reason after all. Just be aware that you will need to put more money down on your wager to win back on a favourite. Betting in this way is a good way to make some quick cash and get your foot in the door if you are new to WoW betting.


Really understand the game and the meta

World of Warcraft is not your run of the mill game – it is quite complicated with a lot of moving parts. More so, it is an MMORPG which is uncommon in the esports world so it takes extra research to really understand how this game presents itself in the world of esports betting. You need to be able to understand the different game modes WoW offers competitively and how different classes, characters, and spells can be used to make or break a match. Not to mention, the meta constantly shifts when Blizzard rolls out new patches and it's imperative you know how this can affect pro play as it can be the definitive factor to a team winning or losing.

So roll your sleeves up and start getting clued up on the expansion, Shadowlands, as there have been some key changes that you need to know about when watching the pros fight it out in the arena and dungeons. Dottz Gaming has a video on his Youtube Channel that goes into great detail about everything you need to know and if you can spare the time, you might as well play a bit of WoW too.

Understanding what the games’ objectives are and how each class functions, as well as knowing how the meta is changing, is essential and will help you more than you will ever know when it comes to placing bets on WoW.


Do your research and become a part of the WoW community

Once you have developed your understanding of the game and its core values, you can start researching the evolution and current climate of WoW esports. Liquipedia is a great tool to use to start figuring out which teams have competed and are seasoned in the        Arena World Championships (AWC) and the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI), as well as the new kids on the block going into the next season.

You can also dabble through a few Reddit threads and join some of them  to keep up to date on what the community thinks of the state of the game and about the teams/players competing in the upcoming season. This will solidify your knowledge of the game even if you do not play often and provide you with a detailed understanding of each teams’ strengths and weaknesses. The most popular Reddit pages are r/wow and r/worldofpvp which cover both PvE and PvP modes and have a bustling and friendly community.


Bet as smart as you can

You have to be self aware and really understand your level of knowledge when it comes to WoW. If you are a beginner to WoW and WoW betting, you can still place bets that can give you some great winnings, you will just need to set aside a comfortable amount and see how it goes. With experience, you can then start placing riskier wagers and dabble in more complex betting markets. Just make sure you are being smart, are betting comfortably, and more importantly having fun!


Get clued up on the different WoW tournaments

We have a whole section going into detail about the different tournaments WoW offers its fans and we must stress the importance of knowing what each of these events entail. Do some research into what type of game mode you enjoy watching and betting on (whether that be PvE or PvP) and make sure you know the fundamentals of the game mode you are betting on. More so, try to create a list of your favourite teams as it is always funner to have a team you are rooting for rather than merely betting for the sake of it. The more you watch, the more likely a team will catch your eye during the season and you will understand their play style is much more that you will be able to make more complex bets and win big.


Choosing the right WoW betting site for you

There are many bookmakers to choose from when it comes to esports betting these days, it can be pretty overwhelming. Do not worry, whatever bookmaker you choose, we have some tips and things you should look out for to make sure you are picking the best one for you.


Reputation of the bookmaker

Reputation is king and when it comes to WoW betting, it is no different. It is essential that you do your research on the bookmaker you are choosing to spend your money with as you have likely not heard about many of these esports betting sites until recently. Make sure you read reviews about the site, look for the licences and regulations that they have, check the founding date, and only bet with sites that you have no doubt are legit. If there is anything suspicious that pops up when you are doing your due diligence about a certain bookmaker, that is a red flag.


The odds that the bookmaker is offering for WoW bets

In any type of betting, the margin of error is huge. This can be even huger with a complex game such as WoW. That is why we recommend you take a look at a few bookmakers before sticking with just one to make sure the site you stick with offers you the best odds possible. A quick way you can do this is by picking some of our favorite operators that are listed below and comparing the odds for one singular match to see which one is offering the most generous odds. Remember, we have outlined how to work out moneyline, fractional, and decimal odds above with formulas.


Keep an eye out on promotions

Some traditional and esports exclusive bookmakers offer promotions for newcomers to grab your attention and get you to bet with them. This is a great opportunity for you so you can try out different betting markets and dip your toes into the world of WoW betting. Just be aware that some sites will need you to select a certain number of bets before you can withdraw your winnings from these promotions.


Live streaming and customer support

Some bookmakers offer live streaming right from their site which is great and definitely a bonus when looking for the right one for you. If they do not though, we would not worry too much about that as you can easily stream it from YouTube. Another perk that is good for a bookmaker to have is a strong customer support option. When you are betting your own money on games and something goes wrong, you will know that you are in safe hands and it will be resolved quickly, giving you the chance to enjoy your winnings even when technology has it’s occasional hiccup.


WoW gameplay explained

World of Warcraft is not the easiest game to understand at first glance. Due to the complexities of the MMORPG genre and the plethora of things to do in the game, we will take you through the basics so you get a general understanding of what Blizzard’s game is all about.


The basics

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG, meaning it is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Tongue twister, we know. Blizzard released this game in 2004 and up until 2018, it had six expansions. It is widely popular with a player count of almost 10 million five years after its release.

Essentially, players take control of a character avatar within the game world and you can explore the world, fight monsters, complete quests, and interact with other players. The objectives of the game are catogorised into two modes: PvE and PvP which we will explain in a moment. When entering the game, you must pick one of two realms, normal which allows you to complete quests and play the PvP mode, and RP which focuses on roleplay activities.


PvP vs PvE

Player-vs-Player (PvP) and Player-vs-Environment (PvE) modes differ greatly. PvP allows you to play against other players in different combat options.

Dueling is a 1v1 combat made that is set in a controller environment. Although you cannot play this mode in cities, small twins and areas surrounding the entrances of capital cities are a popular place to duel other players.

Blizzard also incorporated an Arena PvP system that allows on-going tournaments that take place between players of the same faction and opposing factions. You can play this game mode in 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 formats, with players creating teams and winning to strengthen their team rating and earn Arena Points. PvP rewards change based on each PvP season and these seasons often last roughly a year (this is subject to change based on expansions and patches).

Finally, Battlegrounds is a game mode that allows for Horde vs Alliance combat in a competitive environment, giving you rated battlegrounds which were given to winners as a type of currency that can be used to purchase rewards from PvP vendors.

In contrast, PvE is used to refer to any other type of play that does not include combat against another player. Dungeons, raids, sceneries and quests are all types of PvE and as a PvE player you can join or create guilds. Several PvE choices include talents, enchantments, and gear which is only beneficial for PvE.

Although PvE is preferred over PvP, the latter does have a significant audience and is the most esports friendly mode of the two. However, PvE and PvP modes have done well and pleased many WoW fans and both have their own thrilling esports scenes.


What has changed in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Shadowlands, has changed some key features in the game. Although these changes don’t really impact the upcoming seasons of the Arena World Championships (AWC) and the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI), it is useful to know the key changes if you decide to play around.


The main changes are the leveling system, with players capped at Level 60. This makes leveling up easier and is the chance for new players, now more than ever, to explore PvE. Global class changes include healing received debuffs have been doubled in PvP but remain the same in PvP, group buffs have been halved and now grant 5% of their original stats to party members, and most non-periodic damage and healing capabilities will now have a 5% variance on each use.


The different WoW classes

To become World of Warcraft betting expert you need to know classes available in the game. Each class presents itself with different strengths and weaknesses that can be used in many situations within PvE and PvP. Here is a quick rundown of these classes. If you want a more in depth understanding of the classes, check out WoW’s classes page.


Warrior: This class uses raw strength through their specialisations of Arms, Fury, and Protection and Rage resources to cast spells and abilities.

Paladin: This class uses holy magic and the power of the Light to either kill their enemies or shield themselves and their teammates. Their three specialisations are Holy, Protection, and Retribution, using Mana as the resources and Holy Power to improve their offensive spells and increase Intellect.

Hunter: This class is known for being trackers, tamers, or marksmen. They are the only ranged class in WoW and use arrows and bullets to deal damage instead of spells. Their three specialisations are Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, and Survival, which use Focus as their resource to cast abilities.

Rogue: This class are tactical fighters that have three specialisations: Assissination, Outlow, and Subtlety. Each specialises uses Energy and Combo Points resources.

Priest: This class has three specialisations, Discipline, Holy, and Shadow, and use holy and void powers to heal allies and kill enemies. The resources used for Holy and Discipline is Mana to utilise healing aspects and Insanity for Shadow, to increase DPS.  

Shaman: This class uses the powers of water to heal teammates and use earth and fire to defeat enemies. Their specialisations are Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration, using Mana to cast abilities and spells, as well as Maelstrom for the former two.

Mage: This class attacks enemies with fire magic, frost magic, and arcane magic. This class assists allies with refreshments, provides transport, and transforms enemies into less harmful creators. Their three specialisations are Arcane, Fire, and Frost and they use a resource called Manner to cast spells and abilities.

Warlock: This class is a spellcaster that uses the powers of shadow to kill enemies. Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction are the three specialisations for this class and they use Mana and Soul Shards as resources to cast abilities and spells.

Monk: This class utilises their martial arts skills, healing techniques, and mists to assist allies, with their Brewmmaster, Mistweaver, and Windwalker specialisations. Respectively, they use Energy, Mana and Stagger, and Energy and Chi as their resources to cast spells and abilities.

Druid: This class' purpose is to protect and maintain the balance of nature and they shapeshift into different animals and creatures to assist allies. Their four specialisations include Balance, Feral, Guardian, and Restoration. The resources needed for this class depending on the specialisation equipped are Mana, Astral Power, Energy, Combo Points, and Rage respectively.

Demon Hunter: This class works best when tracking and destroying the Burning Legion. Their strengths include enhanced eyesight, warglaives, and demonic energy of their enemies. Demon Hunters have two specialisations, Havoc and Vengeance, which assist in agility. These specialisations use Fury and Pain resources to cast spells and abilities.

Death Knight: This class utilises undead minions, plagues, the chill of the grave, and their enemies to their advantage. Their specialisations include Blood, Frost, and Unholy, all three using strength as their primary stat, wearing plate armour and using Runic Power and Runes to cast abilities and spells.


WoW terms explained

World of Warcraft has many terms to describe what is going on during a game. We have compiled a list of terms that you will likely hear through your WoW betting journey.


MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, the genre of WoW

Cooldown: A cooldown is used to refer to empowering abilities that are used by players for a short duration of time. The cooldown is usually between 2-4 minutes, depending on the class and spec

Externals: External cooldowns are abilities that benefit someone other than the one casting the ability

Crowd Control: Also known as CC, this is when a target is being held in place and prevented from doing damage for a short period of time. This comes in the form of a stun, a slow, or a longer Hex or Polymorph effect

Kite: To kite is to move around the map with an enemy following you without taking damage

Trinkets: A trinket is an item that breaks all crowd control in an arena setting

Spell: A spell is a move that deals damage, heals damage, reduces damage, and creates crowd control

Pot: This is short for “potion”, something that gives you effects such as invisibility, health or mana

Line of sight: Abbreviated to LoS, this is when you break the line of sight from an enemy by standing behind a wall or around a corner. This is done to avoid the subject targeting you with ranged spells

Adds: This refers to additional enemies that you may encounter in a boss fight

DPS: Stands for damage per second and is used to refer to damage output or to name a damage-dealing role

Combat/Battle rez: A skill that is only available for two charges and gives a player the chance to be resurrected in combat

Lust/Bloodlust/Heroism: This is a raaid-wide cooldown that increases all players’ haste by 30%

Mind-controlled: Also known as MC’d, this is when a boss mind-controls plays and turns them into hostiles

Weakauras: An add-on that tracks skill cooldowns, buffs, debuffs, and boss abilities


WoW Betting FAQ:


What is the difference between World of Warcraft and League of Legends?

The difference between World of Warcraft and League of Legends is that the former is an MMORPG and the latter is a MOBA. Each genre has a completely different objective, with WoW having PvP and PvE game modes that include quests, battles, and boss fights, and LoL being a 5v5 team based fight in order to destroy the enemy team’s structure.


Who is the top World of Warcraft player?

For PvP, Restful and Snutz are considered the best World of Warcraft Players as Rogue and Warlock classes.


How is World of Warcraft an esport?

World of Warcraft is an esport because of its PvP aspect. The 3v3 mode allows players to compete professionally in the Arena World Championships. Their unique PvE esport tournament, Mythic Dungeon International (WoW MDI) also gives teams the chance to fight it out in dungeons competitively to win and be crowned champions.


How to get into World of Warcraft esports?

To get into World of Warcraft esports, we strongly recommend you do your research on the game as well as play yourself to get a good understanding of it. You can also watch YouTube videos and Twitch streamers who play the game and explain what is going on.


How does WoW Arena work?

WoW Arena is a PvP game mode that allows players to play against other players in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 matches.


How does betting work in World of Warcraft?

Betting in World of Warcraft is similar to that of traditional sports and other esports titles. You can bet on many markets, from moneyline, to futures/outrights, handicaps, PvE, and PvP options.


What is the best World of Warcraft betting site?

Bet365 is considered the best World of Warcraft betting side as it provides competitive odds, an easy system to read and place bets, promotional offers for newcomers, and many betting markets to choose from. Take a look at our full Bet365 esports review.


Is it possible to do 1v1 betting on World of Warcraft?

Yes, you can do 1v1 betting on World of Warcraft in the Arena World Championships (AWC).


Is Bet365 good for World of Warcraft betting?

Bet365 is great for World of Warcraft betting as it offers great odds, a plethora of betting markets to whet your appetite, and promotions for new customers.


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