Your Guide to Valorant Champions Tour 2021

By far the most exciting circuit in all of esports is here. In this piece, we will present you with all you need to know about Valorant Champions Tour, starting with the challenger stage, followed by masters, and wrapped up by the main event called Valorant Champions. We believe that this circuit is perfect for betting since there are a lot of x-factors that can be spotted if you do the research. Let’s get straight into it.

Where to Bet on Valorant Champions Tour?

When it comes to a majority of Valorant betting sites, you can easily spot that not a lot of Valorant matches are covered. From our point of view, this is a big problem because there are a lot of matches taking place daily and operators are simply not covering them.

This is why we prepared a list of 3 operators that will provide you with excellent coverage, various betting markets, and excellent promotions.

  1. bet365
  2. Unikrn
  3. Pinnacle



If you are into betting, then bet365 is an operator you definitely heard of. Not only will this betting site provide you with everything you need regarding Valorant Champions Tour 2021 betting, but it will also cover other esports games as well.

High odds, excellent promotions, various betting markets, and by far the best coverage on the market are just some of the reasons why we believe that bet365 is a great fit for your Valorant and esports bets. For more information, do not hesitate to go over our bet365 esports review.

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Crypto betting gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It allows bettors to deposit and withdraw funds anonymously. Unikrn acknowledged that and they built their betting site around cryptocurrencies. They did not limit themselves just to Bitcoin, but they also accept 15+ other cryptos as well.

On top of that, their odds are always competitive and they tend to reward their customers with various perks and promotions such as deposit bonuses and free bets. If you are unsure about this site, go over our Unikrn review to find more information about this operator.

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We all know why Pinnacle is a go-to place for most esports bettors. Pinnacle odds simply can’t be matched by any other operator and that is a fact. They also offer a lot of betting markets that you can utilize alongside live betting on esports games. Pinnacle covers the Valorant Champions schedule in great depth.

However, this bookie does not offer any sort of promotions. If you do not mind that, you simply can’t go wrong with this operator. To get more information about this site, read our Pinnacle esports review.

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Valorant Champions Tour Schedule

As mentioned above, this is a circuit based on numerous events that will take place throughout the year. In December of 2021, things will be decided at the Valorant Champions event which is basically Valorant’s version of LoL Worlds. The event itself is split into three sections that look like this:

Valorant Champions Tour Timeline

Valorant Champions Tour Timeline. (Image Credit:


Valorant Champions Challengers

From the betting perspective, Challengers are your best chance to make money while betting on Valorant. We can freely say that this is a typical approach Riot Games has towards their events to make them more frequent and entertaining as there is always something to fight for. Valorant Challengers bracket is played at the regional circuit that already took place. A total of 9 regions participated and here are the winners for the first Valorant Challengers bracket:

  • North America: Sentinels, Team Envy, FaZe Clan
  • Europe: Ninjas in Pyjamas, Alliance, Guild Esports
  • CIS: One Breath Gaming, One Breath Gaming, tyeasy
  • Turkey: Cyber Skull Esports, No Org Found, Cyber Skull Esports
  • Korea: DAMWON Gaming, Vision Strikers, APEX PEOPLE
  • Japan: REJECT, Absolute JUPITER, REJECT
  • SEA: Thailand: X10 Esports, NG. Black, X10 Esports, Philippines: Bren Esports, Bren Esports, ArkAngel, Malaysia & Singapore: Reality Rift, Only One Word, JustLose, Indonesia: BOOM Esports, Team nxl, BOOM Esports, Hong Kong & Taiwan: Only One Word, Anti Eco Eco Club, Looking For Sponsor
  • Brazil: FURIA Esports, Gamelanders, Imperial Esports
  • LATAM(North – South): North Winners: LazerKlan, LDM Esports, Akave Esports, South winners: Wygers Argentina, Australs, Stampede Gaming


At the second stage, top teams from the Challengers Finals will book themselves a spot in the Masters event. Here are the results for the Challengers that have already been played:

  • North America: 100 Thieves, Sentinels
  • Europe: FunPlusPhoenix, Fnatic
  • CIS: forZe, Gambit Esports
  • Turkey: Futbolist, BBL Esports
  • SEA: Thailand: X10 Esports, FULL SENSE, Philippines: Hashira, Bren Esports, Malaysia & Singapore: Paper Rex, Kingsmen, Indonesia: BOOM Esports, Team nxl, Hong Kong & Taiwan: CBT Gaming, CBT Gaming
  • Brazil: Team Vikings, Gamelanders
  • LATAM(North – South): North Winners: Infinity Esports, Border Monsters, South winners: KRU Esports, ATROPELADOS
  • Japan: Northeption, REJECT


Valorant Champions Masters

Now that we have wrapped up the regional qualifiers, it is time to switch our focus towards the Masters. These events are going to be held in March, May, and September. Bear in mind that the first Masters is going to be held in every region while the remaining two are going to take place in Iceland and Germany. Here are the Valorant Champions tour dates for the Masters:

  1. Regional Masters – FINISHED
  2. Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Masters – Reykjavik – May 24th – May 30th
  3. Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Masters – Berlin – September 9th – September 19th


Given the fact that Valorant Champions Tour for the first Masters has been played, here are the winners for every region that competed:

  • North America: Sentinels
  • Europe: Acend
  • CIS: Gambit Esports
  • Turkey: Futbolist
  • Korea: Vision Strikes
  • Japan: Crazy Raccoon
  • Southeast Asia: X10 Esports
  • Brazil: Team Vikings
  • Latin America(South – North): South: Australs, North: LDM Esports

*keep in mind that the winner of the Berlin Masters will automatically book a spot in the Champions event!


Valorant Champions 2021

When it comes to the Valorant Champions tour format, this is the event where teams will come and play for money, fame, and the first “big” trophy in Valorant history. A total of 16 teams from the regions above will look to leave their mark in the Valorant esports history.

Regarding Valorant Champions tour dates, you should know that this event is scheduled to commence on November 29th, while the grand finals should be played on December 12th.


Valorant Champions tour explained

In order to summarize everything, here is a brief explanation on how this circuit works: Valorant champions tour EU and every other region kicks off with open qualifiers where teams fight for their spot in the Challengers stage. Teams that claim 1st spot in the Challengers stage will book a spot in the Masters 1 event. On top of that, teams that won their regional Masters will get a ticket for the second Masters, that being Reykjavik one. The final Masters will take place in Berlin where the best team will get a Valorant Champions tour bracket invite.


Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Odds

Now that you have learned all there is about the Valorant Champions tour EU, NA, etc., it is time to present you with the most interesting thing regarding this circuit, that being Valorant odds for this event. Since we do not know which teams qualified for the Champions stage of the event, betting sites can only provide us with the odds regarding the upcoming Masters in Reykjavik. Here are the odds presented by bet365:

Valorant Champions Tour bet365 Odds

Valorant Champions Tour bet365 Odds


Sentinels – 3.25

Team Liquid – 4.00

Fnatic – 4.33

Version1 – 7.50

Team Vikings – 10.00

NUTURN Gaming – 15.00

Shark Esports – 15.00

Crazy Raccoon – 34.00

KRU Esports – 41.00

X10 Esports – 61.00


As you can see from the odds above, bet365 is not sure on which team to favor. Both Sentinels and Team Liquid are their favorites. However, we believe that the competition is going to be fierce in this one, and with one bad game, both these favorites could find themselves in a lot of trouble.

All in all, the smart money is definitely not on either of the favored teams. Valorant is still the newest esport on the scene and all of the teams competing in Reykjavik are here to bring out their best. On top of that, they are here for a reason since they dominated their regional scene. Even though betting sites favor two teams, we do not agree that this should be the case. There are a lot of unknowns and for all we know, X10 Esports could prove to be unbeatable with their strategy and the way that they approach the game, so be careful with you outright picks, if you are considering betting on the favorites such as Sentinels our Team Liquid.

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Most Popular Betting Markets For Valorant Champions Tour

Since Valorant is very similar to CS:GO, it really is not hard to migrate betting markets from one FPS title to another one. A simple match-winner bet becomes boring over time and it does not offer much space for you to make money. However, you can utilize betting markets, and get the most value for your money. Here are the most popular betting markets punters utilize for this circuit:

PISTOL ROUND WINNER – pistol round is a crucial round to win since it allows teams to get a head start versus their opponents. Winning this round will secure better equipment, more abilities, and stronger weapons which eventually leads to more round victories. Certain teams like Sentinels and Fnatic are winning more than 65% of their pistol round. Once you add that these bets are mostly a coinflip(1.85 – 1.85), you can easily find value here.

CORRECT SCORE – at times, big favorites will come with low odds that represent no value and you get almost nothing in return. If a match is played in the best of 3 format, opt-in for a clean sweep(2-0) and you will be rewarded with improved odds.

ROUND HANDICAP – to even out the playing field, betting sites will add + rounds to the underdog, while the favorites will start with a deficit or a -. Basically, teams with a plus to their name start the game with an advantage while teams that carry a – will have a deficit when starting.

TOTAL ROUNDS PLAYED(OVER/UNDER) – placing wagers on total rounds played is fun and quite profitable, to be honest. Since one team needs 13 rounds to win, a couple of bad rounds for their opposition team can spell a whole world of problems for them and they will not be able to mount a comeback. This presents a solid chance for the “total rounds played” bet to come in handy.

MAP WINNER – just like in CSGO, map veto was introduced to Valorant as well. Basically, both teams get one ban before their picks. As usual, some teams are good on one map while they are poor on other maps. Spotting this comes from experience and watching a lot of games played. The best thing about this betting market is that the odds are quite rewarding.


Valorant Champions Tour Prize Pool

Given the fact that Valorant Champions tour EU has been finished alongside other regions as well, we can do the math and calculate Valorant Champions tour prize pool money that has already been dished out for participating teams.

When it comes to summing up the Valorant Champions tour bracket, around $1.000,000 has been distributed to the teams that attended qualifiers, challengers, and the first masters. From our point of view, this is not a lot of money that Riot Games decided to distribute and hopefully, the Champions event will have a massive prize pool attached to it.


Where to Watch Valorant Champions Tour

There is no denying that is a go-to platform for popular esports that want to have a wide audience reach. Certain promotions tried to use Facebook and YouTube, but they did not find much success there. Riot Games will broadcast this event on their official Valorant esports channel where they gathered over 800,000 subscribers already.

The link for the broadcast can be found here –>Valorant Champions Tour Twitch Stream


Valorant Champions Tour Teams

When it comes to the Valorant Champions tour NA schedule, over 100 esports teams participated. Combine that with other regions and you have 400+ teams that tried to qualify for the Challengers. We believe that it is pointless to talk about all of these teams hence why we will go over the teams that are going to compete in the upcoming Masters in Reykjavik.

Sentinels – a lot of Valorant fans are labeling Sentinels as the best Valorant team right now. To be honest, we agree, but the upcoming event is going to be a big test for them. However, they do have a lot of experienced FPS and esports players that had solid CSGO careers like TenZ, dapr, or SicK. NA Challenger is by far the most competitive one and Sentinels had it their way quite easily.

Version1 – to be honest, Version1 is a team that looks exactly like Sentinels. Betting sites acknowledged that as well since these two teams are current favorites to go all the way and win the second Masters. Regarding the Valorant Champions tour NA schedule, Version1 claimed the second spot, just behind Sentinels in the Challengers Finals.

Team Liquid – this European-based roster is built around two players, ScreaM, and Jammpi. When your nickname is “headshot machine”, you simply know that ScreaM’s aim is insane. Combine that with one of the hottest prospects on the Valorant esport scene. Combine this, and you have a team that can beat anyone.

Fnatic – it was a close match between Team Liquid and fnatic in the European Challengers. Luckily, both teams were able to book themselves a spot in the upcoming Masters. It is also important to mention that fnatic is one of the few teams that does not have ex-CSGO players on their roster and this could come back to haunt them as they will lack experience.

NUTURN Gaming – we were not amazed by what we have seen from this team in the Korean regionals. They struggled in most of their matches despite playing against weak competition. Eventually, they were able to win one event that could have easily gone the other way around. Honestly, we are not expecting a lot from this team as they will have much tougher competition in front of themselves.

Team Vikings – just like the Korean scene, Brazil does not have much to offer regarding the quality of competition. However, Team Vikings did lose just one map in the playoffs and that stands for something. Beating Shark Esports, paiN Gaming and Gamelanders was not easy, but the Brazilians did it in style.

Shark Esports – there is no denying that Shark Esports are the second-best team in Brazil. This only means one thing, they will not have a lot of chances in the Masters where they will compete against the best teams from all over the world. They were unable to beat Team Vikings in two of their bouts and to be honest, they were not even close to winning it. All in all, we do not think that Shark Esports have what it takes to cause an upset here.

KRU Esports – creating a successful organization in Argentina is not hard, especially when your founder is one of the best strikers in modern football, Sergio “Kun” Agüero. He gathered the best talent in that region and they qualified for the upcoming Masters easily. However, they barely had any competition there, and it is going to be interesting to see whether they can do something against top dogs.

Crazy Raccoon – the only Japanese team competing in the second Masters steamrolled through the entire regional competition. They won every event they played and this team is a potential underdog. To be honest, you never know what to expect from the Asian teams as their playstyle is much different once compared to the other regions. All we know is that Crazy Raccoon brings aggression with them so you can expect fast-paced games that could catch top favorites off guard.

X10 Esports – just like their Japanese rivals, X10 Esports won most of their regional events as well. However, they did not look dominant at all as most of their matches went to distance. This roster also went through roster changes and it is going to be interesting to see how well they adapt against the best Valorant teams in the world.


Valorant Champions Tour Betting Tips

Now that you have learned all there is about Valorant Champions Tour, it is time to hook you up with betting tips that are going to help you profit from this event. This list is going to consist out of 5 tips based directly around these events so do not miss out.

  1. Don’t bet on the biggest favorites until the opening matches are played
  2. Right now, odds on underdogs to go all the way and win this event are very high, use that to your advantage
  3. Top contenders such as Fnatic are coming to this event without any prior “big stage” experience. This could easily lead to them being eliminated early.
  4. Do not be afraid to shop for the highest odds on the market. Do not forget, odds represent value and a potential profit.
  5. Expect a lot of bonuses and promotions that you can utilize since this is the first big Valorant tournament.


Who the Smart Money is on in This Event?

If we had to take our pick with the esports tournament betting or so-called outright betting, we would skip betting on the likes of Sentinels or Version1. Even though both of these teams are rightful favorites, we simply do not know how will they react to playstyles teams from different regions will bring to this table.

There are a lot of x-factors that simply do not justify a bet on one of these teams to win the event at such small odds. From our point of view, it is either a dog or pass pick for us.

But, when it comes to betting on matches, we believe that Team Liquid has a solid chance of beating almost everyone. The best thing about it, odds are going to be more than generous and there is a reasonable chance to expect players like ScreaM and Jammpi to deliver. Trust us when we say it, these two can win matches single-handedly. 


Valorant Champions Tour F.A.Q.

Who Qualifies For Masters Valorant?

Valorant Champions tour explained: teams compete in three stages that consists out of Challengers, Masters, and Champions stage. Teams go through the open qualifiers in order to qualify for the Challengers. Top teams from the Challengers stage will advance through to the Masters stage. Finally, the most successful teams will play in the Champions stage where they will fight for the trophy.


Who Won Valorant Champions Tour?

So far, Challengers have been played and there were over 20 different winners. Teams like Sentinels, Version1, Team Liquid, and Fnatic won at least one of these regional Challengers. The Champions tour winner will be decided in December of 2021.


Who is the Best Valorant Player?

Jugging by the recent performances and the amount of kill potential someone brings to the table, we have to agree that TenZ is currently the best Valorant player. His style is unpredictable and the amount of frags he is able to put on board for his team is through the roof.


Did Sentinels Qualify For the Valorant Masters?

Yes, Sentinels qualify for the Valorant Masters in Reykjavik by winning the North American Challenger.

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