FURIA Esports are a leading competitive gaming organisation hailing from Brazil. The esports organization competes in some of the biggest esports tournaments. In this team guide, we reveal all you need to know about FURIA esports betting.

Who are FURIA?

FURIA Esports is a competitive esports organization that was started in 2017 by Brazilian CEO Jaime Pádua. They have had a wealth of success in recent years, with seven first places since July 2019, and that’s despite a pandemic slap dab in the middle. Here, we introduce some of their most famous teams.

FURIA Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

FURIA’s CSGO team consists of KSCERATO, VINI, yuurih, drop and arT is the in-game leader (IGL). Behind the lineup is the legendary Nicholas ‘Guerri’ Nogueira as their main coach. Yuurih is the longest-serving member of the team, having been involved since November 2017.

They have won $1.48 million from 117 tournaments with 2021 being an illustrious year, in which they have earned $200,000 so far. Their biggest achievements in 2021 so far are winning the Elisa Invitational Summer 2021 playoffs for $50,000. They also finished 3rd-4th in the ESL Pro League Season 13, winning $45,000.

FURIA Feminina CS:GO

FURIA Feminina (FURIA Esports Female) is the esports organization’s women’s team. They are made up of OL6A, kaah, GaBi, izaa, gabee, and coach segalla.

In December 2020, FURIA Feminina won the BGS Esports Bicampeonato for the second time. In the final, they beat Severe 2-0. It was 19-17 on Overpass and 16-13 on Inferno.

FURIA League of Legends

FURIA LoL’s current roster includes Tyrin, Diamondprox, Anyyy, ST3PZ, Jockster, and Beenie. Most of the team was formed early in 2021, except Anyyy, who has been a member since 2019. Partly due to them being a new team, FURIA Lol haven’t won a lot yet, with third at the CBLoL Summer 2020 being arguably their best achievement so far.


FURIA recently put together a team for VALORANT competitions and since then, they have impressed in Brazilian events. In 2021, they’ve earned three 1st-2nd places, two 3rd places and three 3rd-4th places, never finishing outside of the top four. The team comprises of xand, Quick (qck), Mazin, Khalil, Nozwerr and head coach, Carlao.

Nozwerr, xand and qck from FURIA VALORANT (Image: Globo Esporte | © Divulgação/FURIA)

FURIA Rainbow Six

FURIA Rainbow Six consists of h1gh, in-game leader LENDA, Miracle, Fntzy and R4re. They put up a decent performance in the Six Invitational 2021, coming 9th-12th and winning $75,000. Overall, the team have won almost $110,000 together and are currently competing in the Brasileirão 2021. Their last match was against Ninjas in Pyjamas where they lost 8-7. However, they beat Santos 7-2 recently and defeated Natus Vincere 8-7 in August in the Six Mexico Major 2021.

FURIA Free Fire

FURIA Free Fire compete in the Brazilian Free Fire League and are one of the best ten Free Fire teams in Brazil. Their current squad is made up of memgod, BIEL7, Bolin7, ratin, taste and ALTMAN. They came ninth in the Brazilian league in 2021, winning $10,503.

The best FURIA betting sites

Currently, you can find odds on FURIA gaming matches on most betting sites but we prefer to play at certain bookmakers. In this section, we recommend some FURIA betting sites that we have recently visited and tell you why we like them.


GGBet is an excellent place for esports, including FURIA betting on Rainbow Six and CS:GO. GGBet has menus for live betting and video on the left side of the screen. You can also pick different markets based on how long they last, from 10 minutes to 90 minutes. Around 60% of matches had live streams available too. So, there is everything an esports fan could need to enjoy FURIA betting.

What’s more, there’s a Featured section that shows you the biggest competitions that you can currently bet on, such as BLAST Premier: Fall 2021.


There’s a reason bet365 is the most popular betting site in the world and you can see our review here. Bet365 offers odds on esports like StarCraft, Overwatch, LoL and there’s also Dota 2 betting. Moreover, there are usually 15 or more bets on each match so betting on FURIA will never be boring.

Some of the esports bets available are match winner, map winner and correct map score. Plus, there are several payment methods accepted like Visa and Mastercard, Paysafecard and e-wallets, such as Neteller and PayPal.


With FURIA being one of the leading esports teams right now, it’s arguable that whatever the biggest betting sites are will be the best for finding FURIA bets. This is because these sites tend to have the widest range of markets on the major esports, several of which FURIA compete in. And it’s hard to deny one of the leading esports betting sites around is Betway.

Betway has an Esports Club where you can claim a €10 free bet every week when you bet at least €25 on doubles, trebles or accumulators. They also offer free bets on exciting esports tournaments, such as €5 on the BLAST Fall 2021. They even give you Betway Boosts – price boosts on esports markets.


FURIA Esports betting will be easy at Bethard. They have a fantastic-looking yellow and black website, plus a special esports section. When we were there, we saw odds on the League of Legends World Championship, CS:GO E-Sports Entertainment Association League (ESEA) and CS:GO Dreamhack. There’s also a daily match list for the next seven days. Some of the esports teams featured were Cloud 9, GODSENT and Infamous.

Also, you can watch live streams of games, plus there are statistics on each team to help you bet smarter. Some of the data available include the teams’ last five results, map win percentage, pistol rounds win percentage and the teams’ best and worst map.


When we recently visited Unibet, they had esports betting for the CS:GO Dreamhack Open North America (NA), the Dota 2 Beyond the Summit (BTS) Pro Series: Americas, and the Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Fall: NA.

In the IEM, Unibet had outright odds on FURIA, plus their rivals like Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses. The bookmaker had FURIA at 3/1 to be outright winners of the event, second favourites behind Liquid.

Esports Tournaments with FURIA Esports betting odds

FURIA Esports will be competing in most major CS:GO events for the foreseeable future and they will even have an outside chance to win on the biggest stages. Here are some tournaments to look out for where FURIA could be victorious.

PGL Major Stockholm

Teams haven’t yet been confirmed for the PGL Major in Stockholm starting on October 26 and with a prize pool of €2 million. FURIA will need to earn enough points to qualify and their results have been inconsistent recently. They have lost four and won three of their last seven games, literally going from a loss to a win each time. Out of those, five games were part of the ESL Pro League S14, in which FURIA (3.03) lost to Entropiq (1.37), beat One (1.37 to 3.03), lost to heavy favourites Gambit Esports (6.99 to 1.09), beat Ninjas in Pyjamas despite being underdogs (6.04 to 1.15) and lost in a close game to Team Liquid (odds of 4.40 to 1.20).

So far, the results have tended to follow the odds, except on a rare occasion. This suggests you can rely on the accuracy of esports odds. It will be good to see the PGL Major return after it took a year off due to Covid-19. Astralis were the winners in 2019 and took home €500,000.

Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Winter

Apart from the opportunity to win €100,000 in the Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Winter, there’s excitement that the competition in December 2021 will feature the updated version of CS:GO. In the update, competitors can drop grenades, while Desert eagle damage to the body is nerfed. What’s more, on Dust2, players can no longer see the middle CT spawn from the base T.

The teams and location haven’t been announced yet but, with FURIA also competing in the IEM Fall NA, there’s every chance they’ll appear at the winter stage too.

When to back FURIA: esports betting tips

FURIA are one of the favourites to win the North America division of the IEM Season XVI – Fall. They are 0.49/1 to beat Evil Geniuses (1.54/1) in their first match, although they will have to overcome a strong Team Liquid to win the tournament.

GGBet Odds Screenshot
FURIA were favourites to beat Evil Geniuses at the start of the IEM Season XVI – Fall North America. Source: GG.BET

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

It’s an exciting time to bet on FURIA Esports as they look to cement their place as the best team from Brazil and try to break into the top 10 CS:GO teams around. FURIA have achieved great things recently so look out for them on your favourite esports betting sites.

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FURIA Esports Betting FAQs

FURIA’s male CSGO team is probably their best team to bet on. They have had the most success over the years.

Like their CEO, FURIA are from Brazil but they compete in North American competitions and have had non-Brazilian players.

Yes. Made in Brazil aka MIBR have earned more through esports competition than FURIA but recent results suggest FURIA is now the best esports team in Brazil.

Andrei Piovezan, or arT, is the in-game leader for FURIA CS:GO.

Yes, FURIA are currently ranked one of the top 15 CS:GO teams in the world.

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