Made in Brazil, commonly referred to as MIBR, are an esports team that was re-established by Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) in January of 2018. The roster was recreated with key members of the Luminosity Gaming/SK Gaming roster. In this article, we will give you the best MIBR betting tips, odds, and betting sites for 2021.

MIBR Esports

MIBR is one of the leading esports organizations in the world. It has several skilled, professional teams that were reformed in 2018 with the revival of the company. Top players like Stewie2k were highlighted in the Forbes 30 under 30 list of 2019, proving the organization’s validity as a reputable contributor to the community.

The Brazillian esports club gained popularity with their increased performance after being bought out by Immortals Gaming Club in 2018. Shortly after the company’s revival in August, MIBR won the 2018 ZOTAC Cup Masters. The next few months followed with victories like second place in the Istanbul BLAST Pro Series in 2018.

The MIBR organization has partnered with the established financial services company, Itaú Unibanco, among others.

MIBR Esports Top Achievements

Date Event Game Place Prize Money
2020-04-19 FlashPoint Season 1 Global Offensive 2nd $250,000
2019-11-20 CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 Global Offensive 3rd-4th $50,000
2018-09-22 FACEIT Major: London 2018 Global Offensive 3rd-4th $70,000
2020-11-29 Brasileirão 2020 – Finals R6 Siege 1st $40,000
2021-04-25 Copa Elite Six – Season 2021: Stage 1 R6 Siege 2nd $31,250


The MIBR CS:GO competing men’s team ranks as one of the highest in the game’s history. With players such as Ricardo “Boltz” Prass who has been a professional in the industry since 2014, and Marcelo “Chelo” Cespedes who was crowned the MVP of CBCS Elite League Season 1, the team has a solid foundation to achieve greatness.

They have developed a record-breaking reputation as a rare team who not only had the ability to win two major titles back to back but also managed to defend a Major title under two separate banners.

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Nickname Name Role Join Date
chelo Marcelo Cespedes Rifler (entry fragger) 15/01/2021
boltz Ricardo Prass Rifler (support, entry fragger) 15/01/2021
Apoka Alessandro Marcucci Coach 15/01/2021
exit Raphael Lacerda Rifler 30/03/2021
WOOD7 Adriano Cerato In-Game Leader 6/10/2021
Tuurtle Matheus Anhaia Rifler 6/10/2021
JOTA Jhonatan Willian Rifler 18/10/2021

MiBR CS:GO Female

MiBR signed on a women’s CS:GO team with a few veteran players like Bruna “bizinha” Marvila who has been playing professionally since 2011, and their coach Guilherme “Walck” Moreno who began a professional career in 2009. This experienced group of talented gamers went on to win the first split of the 2021 Grrls League with a prize of over $6,000.

MIBR Rainbow Six

After acquiring the company in 2018, MiBR transferred the Rainbow Six Siege team to MiBR which was the company’s first expansion team away from CS:GO. Their signing led to talk of MiBR looking to add even more rosters to their organization.

The team has a very notable lineup, including players such as reduct, Faalz and LuKid. The team has seen great success ranking 1st-3rd in recent events from 2021.

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Nickname Name Role Join Date
reduct Tassus Issi In-game leader 5/03/2021
Faallz Kaique Moreira Player 5/03/2021
LuKid Luca Sereno Player 5/03/2021
FelipoX Felipe De Lucia Player 5/03/2021
Rappz Enzo Aziz Player 5/03/2021
SKaDinha Luiz Salgado Player 11/09/2021

Most impactful MIBR Signings

Nickname Name Game Role Biggest Achievement Total Earnings
FalleN Gabriel Toledo CS:GO In-game leader, AWPer 1st MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016 $1,129,842.41
fer Fernando Alvarenga CS:GO Rifler 1st ESL One: Cologne 2016 $1,064,743.90
TACO Epitàcio de Melo CS:GO In-game leader, Rifler (support) 1st Esports Championship Series Season 3- Finals $1,081,958.27
Faallz Kaique Moreira Rainbow 6 Siege Player 1st at Challenger League Season 9 $63,266.67
FelipoX Felipe De Lucia Rainbow 6 Siege Player 3rd at 6 Invitational 2021 $66,522

Where to find the best MIBR betting odds


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Betfair operates as the world’s largest and first online betting exchange. This offers users a great sense of security, as they can set their own bets and odds in order to win money from their peers. Along with esports betting, they offer a sportsbook and online casino. They report their user-base has over 4 million customers, and that they are expanding to many markets around the world.

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MIBR Betting Tips

The best of the best esports bettors have confident strategies that they use to ensure success in betting. They follow essential tips that strategically improve chances for success. Use these tips for a more organized betting plan.

1. Use MiBR betting stats!

It is crucial to follow the trends of the source directly to better guide your judgment as an esports better in regard to making profitable decisions. Going through this data directly will lead you to making clearer decisions with your money. Visit the official website of MiBR or HLTV for helpful resources and information.

2. Manage your bankroll well!

No one can win every bet, so it is important to secure funds to cushion on in case of a bad bet. Poor bankroll management is one of the leading causes for betters to lose drastically. Being able to properly assess and manage your bankroll will guide betters away from substantial losses and help increase chances to profit by adding another layer of strategy to your betting plan. One smart way to manage your bankroll is to divide it into equal units and bet one or more units, based on how sure you are of the outcome. Bet responsibly!

3. Do not be afraid to shop around for the best odds.

Betting odds will vary slightly from platform to platform. That is why it is important to carefully go over every option available, that way you can place each bet more confidently. Pay attention to which sites offer the most competitive odds because they will reward with greater returns.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict on MiBR Betting

MiBR has two reputable CS:GO teams along with a Rainbow Six Siege team that are exceedingly experienced in their field, and we expect big things for them in the future. If you have been looking for the most reliable place to invest in MiBR esports betting, try considering some of our recommended platforms. You will find exclusive bonuses, convenient banking methods, and a large array of games from which to select. Enjoy a prime esports experience on sites like 1xBET, bet365, Betway, Arcanebet, or Betfair through the links provided in this article! Bet responsibly!

Esports Betting Cover

MIBR Esports Betting FAQs

If you’re fascinated by MiBR, and want to bet on their teams, consider the top-rated esports betting sites like 1xBET, bet365, Betway, Arcanebet, or Betfair. With this list of sites, you are sure to find one that fits your banking method and gaming style, and that accepts players from your region.

MiBR is a growing organization that currently has both women’s and men’s Counter Strike: General Offensive teams, along with the inclusion of Immortals own Rainbow Six Siege team that was integrated when they bought the company.

MiBR is legal if you are signing on with a licensed platform in a country free of betting restrictions. As long as you check your location’s limitations and find a site feasible for your requirements, you should have a safe time betting!

As mentioned earlier in the article, a user placing bets can overwhelmingly increase profits by following the advertised tips. By following the official team stats, having proper bankroll management, and crosschecking the best places to secure their bets, a bettor/investor can confidently enjoy their experience knowing they have made a researched play.

The re-established MIBR team has a reported net worth of over 22.3million dollars. Their teams have secured massive earnings to date.

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