A short rules overview of LoL Worlds

Some of the new rules that will be implemented in LoL Worlds 2015 have already been tried and tested at the Mid Season Invitational (MSI) and they worked marvelously. One such rule is the residency requirement, stating that a player has to have been a resident of the region he’s representing for at least 24 out of the 36 months prior to the 2015 World Championship (in this case).

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Substitutes and Coaches

There are also some new changes concerning roster policy. Teams have to bring one substitute player in case of unforeseen events. The policy has been implemented during the 2015 MSI for the sole purpose of making sure that the show goes on whatever happens. However, teams can only use one substitute player as a means of mitigating the potential of misuse from teams with larger substitute base. Also, all players are required to have a contract with their organization.

Another interesting change is that the presence of a coach in the team is now mandatory. The coaches will have to be on-site when the teams are playing. If a team doesn’t have a coach, they will be able to use their managers as coaches.

The teams will be able to make substitutions in a series, but the coaches have to notify the Worlds committee immediately after the game.

Equipment and Peripherals

If players want to use their own equipment and peripherals (we all know the pain of having to use a new mouse and keyboard when you’re used to your own), they are allowed to do so. However, the equipment has to be approved by League of Legends Worlds officials. They are also the ones that will take care of the equipment after they make sure that it does not somehow give an unfair advantage. If the player’s gear is not approved, they will have to use the one provided by the event.

All players in the team will be required to wear matching, team-branded attire. Coaches will have to wear professional looking attire. Coaches will also be allowed to talk to players during the pick and ban stage, and will have to leave the stage with no more than five seconds remaining from the trading phase.

Side Selection

During the Group Stage side selection will be randomized and since every team will be facing every other team twice, they will be playing on each side. During the Quarterfinals, the higher seed team will be allowed to choose sides on the odd games, while the lower seed team will be allowed to choose sides on the even games. All selections will be submitted before Tuesday, 11:59 PM. If selection is not provided by then, the team’s position defaults to blue. After the Quarterfinals, the side will be determined via coin flip at the night the matchup is decided.

Players will not be allowed to talk to each other if the game is paused. They will be allowed to talk to the referee, however, as a means of finding out what caused the stoppage. If the pause goes on for too long, then players might be allowed to talk to each other.

In summation, most of the policies we’ll be seeing at Worlds have already been seen during the MSI. Worlds officials will do everything in their power to ensure that the spectacle we’re getting is fair to all and that nothing goes wrong. If there are some issues, however, we’re sure that they will be taken care of promptly. At the end of the day, technicalities matter so it’s no surprise that the organization is so good. But when all is said and done, the game is all that matters.

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