China’s foray into the esports world has been excellent and very successful. Being a powerful esports country, Chinese teams such as IG, EDward Gaming, and Top Esports have left a strong mark in esports’ history and they continue to challenge the top tournament spots. Here’s all you need to know about Top Esports betting and the team itself!

Who are Top Esports?

Top Esports are one of the newer Chinese esports organizations having been formed in 2017. The first esports game they started professionally participating in was League of Legends by entering the Demacia Championship 2017.

Over the years, Top Esports have gone from being the laughing stock of the LPL (League of Legends Pro League) to becoming an inconceivably difficult opponent to beat. However, the team has encountered a bit of a slump, with 2022 looking to be a mediocre year.

The Top Esports organization also has a team in Arena of Valor that competes under the name ‘Top Esports Armor’. Their main sponsor is TopSports, a Chinese sports clothing company. The organization also competed in PUBG Mobile and Starcraft II however, they did not find much success.

As is the case with EDG, Top Esports are completely focused on their League of Legends team. Nowadays, the team still presents a challenge to opposing teams but, unfortunately, they haven’t been at the top of their game and it shows. You can watch a stream or two of their games and see how disconnected they sometimes are.

What Games do Top Esports Participate in?

Although one could argue that Top Esports are a multi-game type of organization, the truth is that virtually all of their resources are focused on the League of Legends team. Simply put, they want to be the best in LoL and that can only be achieved by winning the biggest LoL esports tournaments.

With that said, they do have an Arena of Valor team that is currently active which we’ll cover soon.

League of Legends

Top Esports’ current LoL squad has been together since December 2021. It’s a new roster consisting of:

  • Zoom/Qingtian/Wayward (Top lane)
  • Tian/Xiaopeng (Jungle)
  • knight (Mid lane)
  • JackeyLove & Zhuo (Bot lane).

Top Esports often rotates their squad trying to find the best player combination. This leads to some volatile games where the team’s playstyle changes which can influence punters looking to place down some bets.

Nonetheless, the team is strong and can hold their own against most opponents in the LPL esports league. Unfortunately, due to the recent departures of 369, Karsa, and yuyanjia, the team’s coherence has been affected.

They’re currently in the middle of the LPL standings but this might change in the future. We still aren’t sure how their roster will perform once they settle on the main 5 players.

Arena of Valor

The Top Esports AoV team has been around since 2018. They’ve managed to win a lot of prize money but haven’t really been able to put in the necessary performances that would immortalize their victories.

They’ve had a couple of impressive performances but nothing consistent enough to be considered a strong team.

Their current roster consists of:

  • MiGod/Sumo (Confront),
  • Xiangjun/GuXing (Jungle),
  • HuaJuan/yChen (Mid),
  • Ambition/XiaoPeng (Farm),
  • XiaoDun/KoKo (Sup).

Team History

League of Legends

Top Esports was originally called Topsports Gaming and was later rebranded into the name they go by now. Topsports is their parent organization and sponsor, and they joined the LPL esports league in 2018, following their participation in the Demacia Championship 2017 where they placed 11th.

In 2018, things would change. Their LPL campaign that year wasn’t particularly successful, but in the two tournaments that followed (NEST 2018 and the Demacia Cup Winter 2018), they were runners-up.

2019 was the first year where Top Esports started looking scary. The beginning of the year was better than in 2018, but their true form would get revealed in September. The team finished 3rd in LPL Summer 2019, and 2nd in the LPL Regional Finals 2019, narrowly losing out on 1st place by losing to IG 2:3.

And then domination came. Top Esports finished 2nd in the LPL Spring 2020 Split, but then they started absolutely overpowering the competition.

They won the Mid-Season Cup 2020, LPL Summer 2020, and the Demacia Cup 2020. Sadly, they couldn’t quite put in the performance necessary to win the 2020 World Championship and they finished in 3rd place.

And as it began, so it ended. Top Esports’ golden period in League of Legends was over. Mind you, they were still strong in 2021, but not good enough for the top spot on the podium. LPL Spring 2021 saw them finish in 4th place. LPL Summer 2021 was even worse and the team finished 7th.

With that said, Top Esports managed to win the Demacia Cup 2021 – a great achievement and motivation booster for the new roster.

Arena of Valor

Top Esports Armor (Top Esports’ AoV division) has competed in only 9 esports tournaments since they joined the Arena of Valor esports scene.

Their first competitive outing was in 2019 near the end of the year but the results were negligible. 2020 was no different, with three tournaments entered and terrible results.

2021 would be slightly different with the team managing an impressive 6th in the King Pro League Spring 2021; a result that won them $169,743. Top Esports Armor also participated in the Honor of Kings World Champion Cup 2021 but they couldn’t do much, eventually finishing in 11th place.

Top Esports also fielded teams in Starcraft II and PUBG Mobile but these teams were short-lived without many victories during their existence so it’s not really worthwhile mentioning them in detail.

Most Impactful Top Esports Signings

Full Name Nickname Age Esports Title Winnings Date Joined
Bai, Jia Hao 369 20 League of Legends $182,299 15.05.2019 – 14.12.2021
Zhuo, Ding Knight 21 League of Legends $179,211 20.11.2018
Yu, Wen Bo JackeyLove 21 League of Legends $162,275 03.04.2020
Hung, Hau Hsuan Karsa 25 League of Legends $162,275 06.12.2019 – 14.12.2021
Liang, Jia Yuan yuyanjia 24 League of Legends $153,074 14.12.2019 – 14.12.2021

Top Esports Successes

Game Tournament Placement Date Roster
LoL Rift Rivals 2019: LCK vs LPL vs LMS vs VCS 1st 07.07.2019. 369, Xx, Knight9, LokeN, Ben
LoL Mid-Season Cup 2020 1st 31.05.2020. 369, Karsa, Knight, JackeyLove, yuyanjia
LoL LPL Summer 2020 1st 27.08.2020. 369, Karsa, Knight, JackeyLove, yuyanjia
LoL Demacia Cup 2020 1st 27.12.2020. 369, Karsa, Knight, JackeyLove, yuyanjia
PUBGM PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals 1st 28.07.2019. WhiteCat, KKsKr, FireShow, Years
PUBGM PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals 2nd 01.12.2019. Eagle, KKsKr, Years, HOPE

Upcoming Top Esports Event Participations

Top Esports is currently participating in the LPL 2022 Season (All Splits). The Spring Split will last until the 20th of March and the Summer Split will follow, although the dates have not yet been confirmed.

Additionally, Top Esports Armor (Arena of Valor team) will compete in the King Pro League Spring and Summer 2022. Keep in mind that the King Pro League Spring 2022 event has already started and will last until sometime in May (the exact date is yet to be confirmed).

Top Esports Betting for Beginners

Having gone through Top Esports’ entire esports history, it’s time we talk a bit about betting on this team. What you need to know is that, although their performances in the past weren’t good (apart from League of Legends), the organization is still young.

Their LoL team has been refreshed with a new roster (to limited success) and their Arena of Valor existence hasn’t been smooth.

Before you start betting on Top Esports, you need to look at all the angles. How good have Top Esports been playing recently, what’s their esports pedigree like, have any new players replaced old ones in the team, etc.

All of these questions will provide you with the necessary context to start betting.

Is Betting on Top Esports a Good Choice?

Continuing from the previous section, betting on Top Esports is rather risky at the moment. So you should practice caution and place only bets that have high chances of winning, as well as when the team is playing weaker teams.

Additionally, you should avoid placing large bets on Top Esports for the time being because their new LoL roster hasn’t quite settled in yet. As for Arena of Valor, avoiding it altogether is the best choice you can make.

Which Bets Should You Place on Top Esports?

Bet Type Pros Cons
Match Winner
  • Relatively good chances of winning
  • Great against weaker teams
  • Odds aren’t always good
  • Risky
Match Duration (Over/Under)
  • High probability of winning
  • Acceptable odds
  • Impossible to predict
  • Not a popular betting choice
Special Bets (First Blood, First Dragon, etc.)
  • Entertaining
  • Great odds
  • Risky
  • Impossible to predict in most cases

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Judging by the organization’s determination to continue being a top team in League of Legends, it is evident that they will always give their best.

Every new roster needs time to adapt and for Top Esports, it might take a few months. Throughout this time, you need to be careful with your bets because their performances are uncertain.

As for Top Esports, only time will tell whether they’ll emerge as the LoL powerhouse from 2020 or experience a fall from grace and be a bottom-standings team. Or maybe they’ll stay in the middle, causing constant stir-ups against stronger teams. Whatever the case, remember to be mindful and careful when betting on Top Esports.

Esports Betting Cover

Top Esports Betting FAQs

Top Esports are a Chinese esports organization that competes in League of Legends and Arena of Valor tournaments. You can start betting on Top Esports by first visiting one of our recommended bookies (GG.BET, Thunderpick, 1xBet are all great choices), opening an account, and setting up your preferred payment method.

Realistically, if you want any chances of winning your Top Esports bets, they need to be related to League of Legends. It’s the only game where Top Esports are still good at; just be careful when they’re playing strong teams as they aren’t as good as they used to be.

Top Esports’ latest performances haven’t been really good, so we don’t see them winning the LPL or the World Championship in 2022 (if they qualify). This essentially means you should avoid placing outrights on them. With that said, match-winner bets and a special bet or two are the only betting markets that might bring you some cash.

Coincidentally, that would be Bai ‘369’ Jia Hao. All his prize winnings in professional League of Legends have come while playing for Top Esports. Sadly, he left the team in December 2021 but he earned $182,299 after competing in 9 LoL esports tournaments during his tenure with Top Esports.

Top Esports, albeit weakened and with a relatively fresh roster, are still a worthy opponent in the LPL. They can take down stronger opponents but often struggle when they fall behind and are unable to turn the game around. If you’re looking to bet on them, be always mindful and make sure you’ve researched the team enough to know which bets to place.

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