LoL Worlds Newsfeed #1 – Who has qualified so far?

The exciting time of Worlds is almost upon us. The cheering crowds, the millions of people watching at home, the players competing against each other to prove that they are the best in the world – it’s the most exciting time of the year in the League of Legends community. Some of the teams that have qualified for the most prestigious tournament are already known, and some of the others we’re still waiting for. The plot thickens and the mystery of who will compete in Worlds is unveiling. In this article we’ll explore the topic and talk about who’s already qualified, whom we’re still waiting for.

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Teams that have qualified for the 2015 League of Legends World Championship

North America gets three seeds, same as Europe, China, and Korea. Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau and the wildcard regions get two seeds each. You can find out more about the wildcard tournaments in the article that covers that topic.

The first team from NA that qualifies for Worlds is Logo of LCS NA Team CLG Counter Logic Gaming. They are the winners of the LCS Summer Split Playoffs, granting them a ticket to the tournament. Their performance during the regular season wasn’t spectacular, but they definitely deserve to be here. The second seed from NA is Logo of LCS NA Team TSM Team Solomid, because they have the highest number of championship points. To many it was a surprise they didn’t win the playoffs. In fact, many were shocked at how poorly they did in the finals. It’s entirely possible they were weary, or there maybe another reason for their performance at the end. Still, they managed to reach it, so that definitely means they are worthy for a spot in Worlds. The 2015 NA LCS Regional Qualifiers will determine the third seed (more about that below).

In Europe, the first team that qualified is obviously Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic. They completely stormed the regular LCS Season 5 and broke the record by qualifying for the summer playoffs without a single defeat, a feat they almost managed to repeat during the playoffs, themselves. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Fnatic is one of the best teams in the world right now. Many fans hail them as the champions of the world. However, this is yet to be determined. Just because they’ve played well so far doesn’t mean that they will keep winning. We’ll wait and see. The second team from Europe that’s qualified is H2K Gaming - LCS EU Team Logo H2k-Gaming due to gaining the highest amount of championship points. The team’s performance over the last two seasons has left a lot to be desired, but they’ve still managed to gain enough points to make it to Worlds.

Besides SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom T1, the teams from Korea (LCK) are still unknown (SKT T1 will either qualify for winning the LCK Summer Playoffs or having the most Championship Points). The first seed from China (LPL) is unsurprisingly LGD Gaming - LPL Team Logo LGD Gaming. They have the highest amount of championship points and they’ve managed to win the playoffs, proving once more that they are still as strong as ever. The other two seeds are yet to be determined.

The teams qualifying from Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (LMS) are Ahq e-Sports Club - LMS Team Logo ahq e-Sports Club, the winner of the LMS summer split, and yoe Flash Wolves - LMS Team Logo (yoe) Flash Wolves – the winner of the LMS Regional Qualifiers. The wildcard regions teams are yet to be determined in the two Wildcard Card Qualifiers in Brazil/Chile and Turkey.

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Regional Qualifiers for Worlds 2015

The LCS Regional Qualifiers will determine the third seeds in Europe, NA, and Korea, as well as the second and third seeds in China. The format for Europe and NA is pretty interesting – all games will be a best of 5. The four teams that will compete are seated into brackets based on the Championship points they’ve earned. There will be three series of games. The first one will be third seed vs. fourth seed. The winner from that game will play against the second seed in game 2, and the winner from that – against the first seed. The winners qualify for Worlds as a third seed in their respective regions.

The Regional Qualifiers in Korea are a single elimination tournament and the placement in the bracket is based on the Circuit points the teams have earned. All games are best of 5.

In China, there will be a Double Elimination tournament with all games best of 5. The final two teams will qualify for Worlds.

Technical difficulties in the International Wildcard Turkey

The International Wildcard Turkey is one of the tournaments that will determine one of the representatives of the wildcard regions in Worlds. However, the games on the 26th of August were delayed with a full day due to technical difficulties. The rest of the games have also been rescheduled but everything is back on track now. The final was supposed to be played on the 29thof August and for now it seems that the schedule will be kept and no changes are expected as of now. Riot Turkey has been criticized for allowing these issues to postpone the matches, as well as for not handling the situation better. We’re hoping that there will be no more problems and delays.

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