Worlds Collide – The official song of LoL Worlds 2015

Greetings Summoners. Hello friends of eSports. Welcome, League of Legends Worlds enthusiasts. We know that you’ve waited for such a long time already but there are just few days before all the excitement around LoL Worlds begins. We know you can’t wait, but you’ll have to for just a while little while longer. In the meantime, Riot has released the official anthem of the 2015 League o Legneds World Championship. The song is a spiritual successor to last year’s “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons and is called “Worlds Collide” (which is quite fitting). It’s written and performed by the Riot music team, with Nicki Taylor on the vocals. Her beautiful voice breathes life into the song. It allows you to feel all the emotion that went into performing and recording it. It also allows you to foretaste the epicenes of the tournament.

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About the artist:

nicky taylor - singer of the LoL Worlds anthemNicki Taylor is a League of Legends streamer and a freelance voice actor. She knows the ins and outs of the game, making her perfect for the Voice of the Worlds anthem. This is not her collaboration with Riot. In 2012 she performed “Here Comes Vi”, and the song became quite popular. At any rate, we’re certain you’re going to enjoy listening to her angelic voice.

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The lyrics of the anthem to LoL Worlds 2015

Do we fight to hold our heads up high,
And beat the drum to what we love?

Risk the fall, oh we have felt it all,
come crashing down from far above.

Stars arising, countless worlds colliding,
only one will take it all.

Can we bring to fall the giants,
Can we make the final call.


We are the ones,
To ignite the darkened skies.

The champions,
Of a world that we defy.

A solemn reign,
Of the few who rise up high.

And we all fight,
at the last light.


Hearing voices from afar,
join the madness when the curtain falls.

Risk it all, hold nothing back,
Seize the day, we must attack.

Stars arising, countless worlds colliding,
only one will take it all.

Can we bring to fall the giants,
Can we make the final call.



Can we bring to fall the giants.


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