LoL World Championship: Quarter-Finals

The Quarterfinals of the LoL World Championship 2014 are running from Friday October 3rd until Monday October 6th. All 4 matches in the Quarter-Finals are played in best of 5 mode. The team that wins 3 matches first advances to the Semi-Finals of LoL Worlds. The top 2 teams from the Group Stage of the tournament were seeded into the Quarter-Finals with the Winner of a group playing against the runner up of another group. While the winners advance to the next round of the Knockout Stage the losing teams will place 5th-8th place and go home with a prize money of $ 75,000. Welcome to the Quarter-Finals of the League of Legends World Championship 2014!

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LoL World Championship | Quarter-Finals

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Schedule and Betting Odds – LoL Worlds 2014 | Quarter-Finals

Quarter Final #1

Samsung White - OGN Team Logo Samsung Galaxy White vs. Logo of LCS NA Team TSM Team SoloMid (3 : 1)
(Oct 3rd, 01:00 PDT/ 04:00 EDT/ 10:00 CEST)

Quarter Final #2

Samsung Blue - OGN Team Samsung Galaxy Blue vs. Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 Cloud9 (3: 1)
(Oct 3rd/4th, 22:00 (3rd) PDT / 01:00 (4th) EDT / 07:00 (4th) CEST)

Quarter Final #3

EDward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming vs. Royal Club - LPL Team Logo Star Horn Royal Club (2: 3)
(Oct 4th/ 5th, 22:00 (4th) PDT / 01:00 (5th) EDT / 07:00 (5th) CEST)

Quarter Final #4

OMG LPL Team Logo OMG vs. Najin White Shield - OGN Team Logo NaJin White Shield (3: 0)
(Oct 6th, 01:00 PDT/ 04:00 EDT/ 10:00 CEST)

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Stats Comparison before Knockout Stage | Quarter-Finals

Team Wins* Losses* Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Samsung White 6 0 10.72 2026.82
Samsung Blue 5 1 6.41 1754.73
Star Horn Royal Club 5 1 6.39 1812.05
Team SoloMid 4 2 4.53 1710.46
Edward Gaming 4 3 4.41 1727.80
NaJin White Shield 5 2 4.20 1688.54
Cloud9 4 3 3.57 1635.98
OMG 3 3 2.95 1593.71

*Including Tiebreaker Matches

Preview and Predictions LoL Worlds Quarterfinals

Samsung White - OGN Team Logo Samsung Galaxy White vs. Logo of LCS NA Team TSM Team SoloMid
(Oct 3rd, 01:00 PDT/ 04:00 EDT/ 10:00 CEST)

LoL World Championship 2014 Quarter-Final 1: Samsung White vs TSM - Match Teaser

Samsung White has proven to the world that they are in the running to be the champions for this season as they have never dropped a single match against their opponent in the Group Stage. White has impressed everyone with their willingness to trade blows against powerhouse teams like Edward Gaming and AHQ. In fact, White has the highest KDA in the tournament so far with 10.72 which is far from the second place with sister team Samsung Blue at 6.41. This high KDA ratio stems from Imp, Mata, and Looper's statistics in the game so far. All three players have placed at the top three spot in terms of KDA with Imp getting 14.1 followed by Looper at 12.3 and then White's popular support player Mata with 10.7. This goes to show just how much White has been dominating this tournament so far.

Then, there comes to challenger to one of the best teams in the world – Team SoloMid. TSM has been one of the underdogs of the tournament even after placing the first seed in the NA region. Everyone believed they would drop out of the Group Stage but to everyone's surprise, Bjergsen and company held their own against a very difficult group. Although TSM might not be made up of flashy players like White or Star Horn Royal Club, they have proven to be very consistent with their plays and their ability to hold on to games even under pressure. But, things will go from dark to darker in this match against White. TSM has to hold their own if they want to take a few games off white. Whenn compared to White, TSM only has a KDA of 4.53 and although they are down on gold per minute against White with only 1710 against 2027, they are still able to beat White in terms of minions killed with 996 against 802. This goes to show that White is more aggressive in terms of laning phase hence they get more gold out of champion kills instead of minion kills. This is further solidified by White's amazing 25.67 average champions killed per match against TSM's 15.17. TSM has a lot in their hands in this match and it will be a grueling best of five match for the North American team.

Lanes to watch: Bot lane, mid lane, and top lane. Wildturtle will have to amp up his game against the best AD carry in the world. Fortunately, he has Lustboy to help him make the laning phase easier but Mata would surely try to make it more difficult for the American team to get out of laning phase unscathed. Against a KDA of 14.14, Wildturtle's minute KDA of 9 will surely be trounced if not for Lustboy. TSM needs to play it safe and calm in order for them to escape the early laning aggression of Imp and Mata. When compared, Imp has far more KDA but lesser minions killed than Wildturtle which means that he wants blood more than the minion. In midlane, Bjergsen will also have his hands full against Pawn who is known to be the only midlaner in Korea to stomp Faker in lane. There is not much dissonance to their overall stats except for the usual aggression and the difference between champion picks. Bjergsen loves the assassin midlaners while Pawn goes for the utility based ones like Syndra and Orianna. At top, long time TSM toplaner Dyrus have finally met his match in the form of Looper. Technically, they have met each other in the tournament before. This time though it will be very different. Looper has the upper hand against Dyrus as Looper's champion pool favors the current meta unlike Dyrus' toplane tanks. With the rise of Rumble in this tournament, each player will want to get their hands on the Mechanized Menace for this best of five match.

Prediction: White is the heavy favorite to win and TSM will need to force themselves to play in their level to take at least a few games off from White. However, strange things have happened in the past and TSM might get what they want from this match. 3-2 for White.

Samsung Blue - OGN Team Samsung Galaxy Blue vs. Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 Cloud9
(Oct 3rd/4th, 22:00 (3rd) PDT / 01:00 (4th) EDT / 07:00 (4th) CEST)

LoL World Championship Quarter Final 2: Samsung Blue vs. Cloud9 - Match Teaser

Cloud 9 is one of the two Western teams to g0t through the Group Stage and into the Quarter-Finals of the World Championship 2014. In fact, Cloud 9 was able to tie their record of 4-2 against Najin White Shield which garnered praise from the Korean League community. This goes to show that the skill gap between the regions have slowly come closer as the season progressed. This time though, Cloud 9 will face an even stronger team in Samsung Galaxy Blue. Cloud 9 is known to have a very difficult laning phase but fortunately, they are up against Blue who share the same feat but the Korean team is far more careful and decisive with their laning phase. When compared, both teams are nearly tied with minions killed at 974 for Cloud 9 and 959 for Blue as well as gold per minute with 1636 for Cloud 9 and 1755 for Blue. However, once the laning phase is gone, the team's stats grow apart. Blue has an overall 6.41 KDA against Cloud 9's 3.57 with an average champions killed per game of 19.33 for Blue against Cloud 9's 10.14. Blue fares better as the game gets to the mid game where teamfights often happen. This is because Blue plays solidly in lane albeit more careful and deliberate than Cloud 9. They try to rack up gold before the midgame fights break out while Cloud 9 is simply trying to match their opponent's record.

Lanes to watch: Top lane. Both are world class toplaners who are known to carry the team. With teamfights breaking in and out of the Rift every now and then, teams heavily rely on bruisers and tanks to initiate them and soak up damage while still being able to dish out a considerable amount of damage or even more to the enemy team. Balls and Acorn embody such feat for both teams. However, Acorn has farm more satisfying outcome than Balls. Acorn has 5.15 KDA with an average of 2.33 champions killed per game while Balls have a measly 3.06 KDA over the course of the Group Stage with an average of 1.57 champion kills per game. Balls will have to step up his game in order to give Cloud 9 the tanky bruiser they need to fill the tank role while Meteos can give the frontline an extra tankiness. Deft and Heart will have an easier time against Sneaky and Lemonnation but Cloud 9 excels at teamfights as well. Watch out for explosive teamfights on this best of five series.

Prediction: Great back and forth between the teams. Cloud 9 is not a team to be underestimated when it comes to playing against Koreans but most likely Samsung Blue will take the win.

EDward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming vs. Royal Club - LPL Team Logo Star Horn Royal Club
(Oct 4th/ 5th, 22:00 (4th) PDT / 01:00 (5th) EDT / 07:00 (5th) CEST)

LoL World Championship Quarter Final 3: Star Horn Royal Club vs Edward Gaming - Match Teaser

The 3rd Quarter-Final is a match that could be seen in this years LPL already as both Star Horn Royal Club and Edward Gaming hail from China where Edward Gaming has won both splits in this season. Edward Gaming came flooding out of the gates in China with their aggression and skillful teamfights while Star Horn provided a good amount of pressure in the laning phase. Edward Gaming is the poster boy of Chinese aggression while Star Horn has incorporated the cold calculative gameplay of Koreans into the Chinese aggressive scene. This makes Star Horn the better team out of the two and it showed during the first part of the Group Stage. Edward Gaming immediatey faltered at their first game against White and suffered thoroughly the entire stage and barely scraped the second spot of their group. Meanwhile, Star Horn was able to adapt well with playing against teams from other parts of the world thanks to their ability to adapt well against other meta. Star Horn had the most favorable opportunity unlike Edward Gaming. Their closed-door strategy did not favor them whereas the overly exposed Star Horn allowed them to adapt to different scenarios.

Star Horn got the better end of the stick in this tournament and it looks like they are more favored to get out of the Knockout Stage compared to Edward Gaming. This is where exposure to international tournaments come in play. Star Horn had better KDA with 6.39 than EDG's 4.41 considering they have superstar NaMei in their roster. In fact, Star Horn also had better champions killed on average per game with 19 than EDG's 16.86. This goes to show that Star Horn had a better time in their matches than Edward Gaming who struggled to get kills to win their matches.

Lanes to watch: Bottom lane carries. It is Uzi versus NaMei for the world to see. The LPL is such a secluded tournament that almost no one outside of China is able to get to see just how much impressive these two carries have been. We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of Uzi's potential in last year's Worlds and with NaMei, he has more things to prove when he is against Uzi in the international stage. Uzi is clearly in the lead with 10.25 KDA against NaMei's 4.53. All across the board Uzi has more outstanding statistics than his archnemesis in lane. This goes to show just how much Star Horn has learned from their experience throughout the entire tournament while Edward Gaming failed to adapt well.

Prediction: Although EDG is the hometown champion, Star Horn has far better experience in international LAN tournaments as well as adaptability. Star Horn 3-1.

OMG LPL Team Logo OMG vs. Najin White Shield - OGN Team Logo NaJin White Shield
(Oct 6th, 01:00 PDT/ 04:00 EDT/ 10:00 CEST)

LoL World Championship Quarter Final 4: OMG vs Najin White Shild - Match Teaser

Out of the three Korean teams that appeared at Worlds, it seems that Shield is the only team to drop two games during the Group Stage. Blue lost one game while White held on to their record of 6-0. This goes to show that Shield has a weakness and people will surely be looking at the replays of the games that they lost. Shield is still top tier but OMG is bound to try to snag their spot in the Knockout Stage. OMG's gameplay might not be perfect but they are trying their damnest to get out of their predicament. OMG is not a team that you underestimate which is what happened to Fnatic during that explosive history-making game. However, the stats do not lie and it looks like Shield is far more favorable to win this match than OMG does.

OMG suffered a lot through the Group Stages and ended up having 2.95 KDA if they are matched against Shield's 4.2. When both teams are compared, OMG pales in comparison to Shield's ability to farm up well with 1689 gold per minute against OMG's 1594. However, OMG has more champions killed on average with 12.33 than Shield's 10.14. This goes to show that Shield knows when to pick fights and know if the fights they start will help them in the long run or not. Shield is intelligeble when it comes to teamfighting whereas OMG decides to go in and do everything they can to win the fight. Although one might think that there is a discrepancy in the statistics due to the long game against Fnatic but it is highly accepted that the game itself would have ended farely well in their favor due to Fnatic's inability to close the game.

Prediction: Shield and OMG are teams at both sides of the spectrum. In this quarter-final you have a careful team with Shield and a brash, aggressive team with OMG. And in this stage of the game, you need to be careful with whom you are dealing with but luck might also be in OMG's favor. No one knows. But, if statistics were to be the basis for each win, Shield has way better chances.

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