Semifinals – LoL Worlds 2015

The semifinals of Worlds 2015 are the second last round of the Knockout Stage. 4 teams are remaining in the tournament and entering the finals in only one best of 5 series away. 2015 seems to be the year of Europe (EU LCS) and not very surprisingly South Korea (LCK) – all other regions have already been eliminated from the World Championship. The two losing teams in the semi-finals will each take home $ 150,000 in prize money. As there is no match for 3rd place the losers are moreover eliminated from the tournament. The two semifinal matches are running on Saturday, October 24th and Sunday, October 25th, starting with Origen vs. SKT T1 on Saturday, followed by Fnatic vs. Koo Tigers on Sunday. We will see who comes out on top – welcome to the semifinals of the League of Legends World Championship 2015!

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Schedule and Betting Odds – LoL Worlds 2015 | Semi-finals

Semifinal #1: Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen vs. SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom    0  3  
(Oct. 24th, 07:30 PDT/ 10:30 EDT/ 16:30 CEST/ 23:30 KST)

Semifinal #2: Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic vs. KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers   0   3  
(Oct. 25th, 06:00 PDT/ 09:00 EDT/ 14:00 CEST/ 22:00 KST)

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Preview and Predictions

After getting 3/4 of the Quarterfinals correctly predicted along with Fnatic pulling out a surprise clean sweep against EDG we'll be taking a look at the Semi-finals with the Korean powerhouse SKT vs Origen and Fnatic going against the KOO Tigers! Can the Europeans come out on top? Take a look at my analysis and predictions below to find out my thoughts!

Semifinal #1: Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen vs. SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom

(Oct. 24th, 07:30 PDT/ 10:30 EDT/ 16:30 CEST/ 23:30 KST)

It certainly didn’t come easy for Origen as they ended up getting their series victory at game 4, just as the Flash Wolves started to fight back. With their comfortable picks and superior late-game shot calling they have shown just why they’re a top team. But now they’re going against SKTT1 who had a clean sweep against AHQ and to be blunt, they made it look easy. Origen could possibly be having the hardest game of their careers as they go into this series and with SKT being prepared for each and every team with their off-meta picks and large champion pools they’re bringing a lot to this game that could be difficult to deal with.

Origen - LCS Team LogoOrigen – Through their fantastic shot calling they’ve made it to the semi-finals but now they might just have their early game weakness picked apart by the relentless SKT. After their great showing against the Flash Wolves they’ve shown that they can adapt throughout a series and can rely on many of their team members to carry the game. Neils, Origen’s marksman, had a phenomenal showing and with their mid-laner xPeke on control mages they’ve show a few niche picks of their own that can catch an unprepared team off guard.

SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team LogoSKTT1 – With the ability to swap their mid-laner out for a substitute they’re even more difficult to deal with, having separate play styles that will need to be adapted to. Any team that has gone against SKTT1 has to face the difficulty that is their ability to pressure the entire map and execute anyone who over-steps their bounds. With excellent vision control throughout the game and their players all having the ability to carry they’re the real deal and the biggest threat in the way of other teams taking the Summoner’s Cup.

Origen are in a tough position with SKTT1 being the fan favourites to take the series however after Origen’s amazing showing against the Flash Wolves some questions have been raised. Origen will need to make subtle improvements to their early game as it’s their weakest point. If they can increase map pressure throughout the early game and keep an eye on SKT through superior vision control they should be able to stall the game out to the point where their late-game shot calling could carry them. SKT however usually take early control of vision with their wall of pink wards in the riven. Their early game vision has yet to be beaten by any team and this poses a huge threat to Origen. Not only that, SKT apply a lot of early game pressure and each of their players have no fear when it comes to flash engaging to punish an enemy. If Origen happens to fall behind early it’ll be a deal breaker for their strategies unless they draft a heavy wave-clear composition and fall back on their mid-lane Anivia pick. SKTT1 are likely to pick some carry champions such as Fiora and Ryze, these can pose as early game threats to Origen as well as bringing great strength to the late game. Origen will be looking for their comfort picks to survive and stall the game out, if they can manage that they might just be able to take down the Korean powerhouse but they might bite off more than they can chew.

Prediction: SKTT1 Victory, even though Origen has made huge improvement since their formation I think they’ll be lacking the team experience to take down the Korean Powerhouse. With their early game being their biggest issue SKTT1 are more than likely to punish this and gain an early gold advantage on multiple occasions that I expect to give them the series. Origen might be able to contest a few of the victories and stall out the games, similar to AHQ, but by the end of the series I expect SKTT1 to come out on top.

SK Telecom vs Origen Semifinal Teams LoL worlds 2015

Semifinal #2: Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic vs. KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers

(Oct. 25th, 06:00 PDT/ 09:00 EDT/ 14:00 CEST/ 22:00 KST)

Fnatic had a phenomenal showing against the Chinese powerhouse Edward Gaming, netting themselves a 3:0 victory and striking fear into every other competing team. A lot of people thought the finals would be between EDG and SKT but Fnatic certainly put a halt to that. KOO Tigers also showed great performance against KTRolster winning their series 3:1 whilst showing their ability to adapt and bringing new strategies to the game. We can expect to see some extended games in the series between these teams as both sides will look to control and out manoeuvre their enemies.

Koo Tigers - LCK Team LogoKoo Tigers – After taking down the expected winners of their last series, KT Rolster, the KOO Tigers have shown that they’ve got more strategies up their sleeves. Bringing out a few niche picks and using them to siege and pick off their enemies allowed KOO to win games even when they were significantly behind. If they can bring as strong a performance once again they’ll be an extremely difficult opponent to overcome.

Logo of LCS EU Team FnaticFnatic – After taking down the Chinese powerhouse in a quick and clean sweep Fnatic managed to prove that Europe is no region to mess with. Showing a lot of champion diversity and mastery they’ve shown the world and all other competing teams that they’re a threat that shouldn’t be underestimated.

I think Fnatic are coming into this series with the upper hand, they had dominating victories over EDG whereas KOO had to fight and claw their way back to their victories which only happened because KT were making mistakes all across the board and making bold and risky movements that KOO were able to capitalise on. Fnatic are less likely to make these mistakes thus making it more difficult for KOO to bring a game back however if they make a few adjustments to their early map movements and punish the laners of Fnatic in a similar fashion to their first game against KT they should be able to secure an early lead, which they won’t easily give up. Along with a few macro decision improvements and they’ll certainly be able to take victories of FNC. Fnatic are going to want to come into the series well prepared for the KOO global pressure, they’ve shown that they lack fear when it comes to 5 man diving in the early game and often focus heavily on champions that can get across the map, such as Tahm Kench and Rek’Sai. If Fnatic pick of ban these champions away or are prepared for such a strategy they should be able to play a comfortable game and edge their way to victories through their superior shot calling and macro decision.

Prediction: Fnatic Victory, although KOO had a pretty good performance against KT I refuse to take the dominating victories of EDG lightly. If they’ve made even a few minor adjustments then they’re going to be more than prepared for this series and will be looking to make it to the finals. Expecting KOO to be ready we could be looking at a 5 game series, finally.

Fnatic vs KOO Tigers Semi Final Teams LoL worlds 2015

Live Stream / Vods – Semifinals League of Legends Worlds

Watch the english live-stream of all semifinal matches of the League of Legends World Championship Knockout Stage right here. After the live stream has ended the two semifinal matches will be available as Vod!

Youtube Vod / Live Stream – Day 1

Origen - EU LCS Team Logo Origen vs. SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom

Youtube Vod / Live Stream – Day 2

Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic Fnatic vs. KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers

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