Quarterfinals – LoL Worlds 2016

Right after the group stage of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship has concluded the quarterfinals herald the start of the knockout stage of the tournament. The teams have been narrowed down from 16 to 8. The remaining teams took the top 2 seeds from their groups and have advantage to the knockout stage, also known as the Quarterfinals. Each series played from this point forward will be a single elimination best-of- 5, dropping a single game is no longer a huge issue as these teams will be able to prove their ability to adapt quickly. We’ve narrowed things down to the strongest 8 teams in the world and every series from this point forward will be action packed! Make sure you catch the games as the League of Legends World Championship 2016 Quarterfinals goes live on Oktorber 10th with the group draw and the encounters kick off from Oktorber 13th! More information about the tournament, the whole schedule, all participating teams and all dates can be found right here at our LoL Worlds 2016 tournament overview.

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Quarterfinals LoL Worlds 2016 | Facts

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Match Predictions for LoL Worlds 2016

LoL Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals – Betting odds

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Quarterfinals betting odds in comparison

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Schedule and Results | Quarterfinals

As far as the bracket for the playoff stage is concerned you may find all the tournament favourites in the first half of the quarterfinal bracket. As a consequence, there is high probability of a surprising World Championship final with a Western league of legends team as participant. The playoffs kick off with the match between Samsung and Cloud9 on October, 13th. The full schedule of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship can always be found right here.

Quarterfinals – LoL Worlds 2016 – Schedule & Results

Quarterfinals – Day 1 – Thursday, October 13th 

Quarterfinal #1: Team Samsung Logo - LoL Worlds Samsung vs. Team Cloud9 Logo - LoL Worlds Cloud9    3  0  
Start Time: October 13th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

Quarterfinals – Day 2 – Friday, October 14th 

Quarterfinal #2: Team SK Telakom T1 Logo - LoL Worlds SK Telecom T1 vs. Team RNG Logo - LoL Worlds Royal Never Give Up    3  1  
Start Time: October 14th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

Quarterfinals – Day 3 – Saturday, October 15th 

Quarterfinal #3: Team Rox Tigers Logo - LoL Worlds ROX Tigers vs. Team Edward Gaming Logo - LoL Worlds Edward Gaming    3  1  
Start Time: October 15th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

Quarterfinals – Day 4 – Sunday, October 16th 

Quarterfinal #4: Team H2k Logo - LoL Worlds H2K vs. Team Albus Logo - LoL Worlds Albus NoX Luna    3  0  
Start Time: October 16th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

Substitutes and Roster Changes

EDward Gaming LPL Team Logo LoL

Due to a death in the family the top lane player of Edward Gaming Yu-hao “Mouse” Chen will return to China and replaced with Yang “Koro1” Tong. The official rules of the tournament allow teams to swap starting players in emergencies if the substitute player was part of the (active or inactive) roster at the end of the summer split 2016. Although Koro1 hasn't played a professional League of Legends game for almost one year he is still member of Edward Gaming, therefore is able to participate in the quarter finals.

EDG Top laner Mouse is replaced by Koro1: Source

League of Legends Icon Quarterfinals – Preview and Predictions

 Quarterfinals #4 – Day 12 – Preview & Predictions 

H2K Gaming vs. Albus Nox Luna - Quarterfinals - 2016 World Championship League of LegendsQuarterfinals #4: Team H2k Logo - LoL Worlds H2K Gaming vs. Team Albus Logo - LoL Worlds Albus Nox Luna

Start Time: October 16th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

H2k came out of the group stage with a surprising and phenomenal week 2, they managed to end the group stage with a formidable 5 wins which even Albus NoX Luna couldn’t pull off. Albus NoX Luna manage to take 4 wins in their group and proceeded as the 2nd seed but will this wildcard team be able to take down the renewed H2k? ANX have taken down strong teams before, being a history making WildCard team, but this could be an entirely new challenge to proceed through the World Championship 2016.

H2K Gaming EU LCS Team Logo LoLH2K Gaming had a rough first week, with their region performing badly across the board many fans and viewers believed Europe wouldn’t make it far in the World Championship tournament. When week 2 of the group stage rolled around things quickly turned, H2k burst in and managed to decimate all of their performances to climb to the top of their group. If they continue to perform at such a high level they could be unstoppable.

Team Albus Nox Luna Logo - LoL WorldsAlbus NoX Luna, a refreshing and lovable fan favourite team, that’s what ANX has become. Many new fans and viewers are now supporting this WildCard team on their journey through the World Championship. They had some truly outstanding performances during the group stage where they were able to take down the strongest opponents in their group. They were a little shook when they were performing so well and said that they even surprised themselves, can they continue to perform at such a high level now the teams have been narrowed down?

Albus NoX Luna has proven to be a phenomenal and well performing team but H2k could still be in an advantageous position. We’ve seen that H2k can lack some consistency; this is evident as their group stage weeks heavily contrast each other. If the Week2 H2k show up for the remainder of the tournament I think they’ve got the potential to push far, this would quickly take ANX down; however if the Week1 H2k show up during the quarterfinals then ANX could be looking at an easier victory than expected. A lot of this series will be down to consistency, the mental fortitude of these teams and players will be tested as the best of 5 series will wear them down. I think H2k still hold an advantage as they’ve got more experience and have proven that they can take down top teams and can be considered a powerhouse on their own. H2k will need confidence, adaption and skirmishes. They were able to put on significantly better performances on week 2 because they were a lot less afraid, they were backed into a corner with a terrible score so they went all out. ANX are going to need to watch out for these earlier fights and should try to strategically starve the economy of H2k with pressure across the map of their own. We could be looking at quite a close series here, possibly the closest of the Quarterfinals.

Prediction: H2k Victory. Albus NoX Luna have done well, they’ve proven that not only are they a fantastic and strong team but they’ve also shown the strength of their region. I don’t think they’ll be able to overcome H2k in a best of 5 though. They would have had better chances in a best of 3 but I think the practice and passionate mental fortitude of H2k will push them ahead in a 3:2 series.

 Quarterfinals #3 – Day 11 – Preview & Predictions 

ROX Tigers vs Edward Gaming Viertelfinale 2016 Worlds League of LegendsQuarterfinal #3: Team Rox Tigers Logo - LoL Worlds ROX Tigers vs. Team Edward Gaming Logo - LoL Worlds Edward Gaming

Start Time: October 15th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

A clash of two powerhouse teams, Rox Tigers managed to dominate their group after taking 5 wins and Edward Gaming can close when they took 4 wins from group C. Both teams have shown a phenomenal amount of skill but Edward Gaming could be hit by a little trouble as recent issues have forced their roster to change. Can they live up to previous standards? I’d like to think so but we’ll have to wait and see.

ROX Tigers LCK Team Logo LoLRox Tigers – Taking 5 wins in Group A was no easy feat. They had to go against a team that had very little public information about them. Albus Nox Luna came into the World Championship and surprised us all, Rox Tigers still managed to prove that they’re the more reliable team though. With fantastic consistency and fantastic ability to adapt throughout their games I can only imagine how well they’re going to be able to perform in a best of 5 series.

EDward Gaming LPL Team Logo LoLEdward Gaming – EDG could be a little on edge, having a more difficult time getting out of the group stage and having their roster a little shaken up could impact this team in drastic ways. They’ll have a substitute player with them for the remainder of the World Championship but do not fear; their substitute has played with the team many times before and has been with the EDG organisation for many years. There should be no issues for the adaption and the best of 5 series gives them a little room to breathe.

Rox Tigers certainly look to be in an advantageous position here, Edward Gaming will certainly run into a few issues with the sudden roster change. The lack of World Championship practice that their substitute player has had could impact EDG in small but malicious ways. Rox Tigers will want to pressure the top lane regularly and open up opportunities from the earlier stages of the game which would be contrasted by EDG trying to skirmish, stall and patiently wait for team fighting opportunities. Edward Gaming will need to steer clear of Rox’s early game engagements and will need to keep an eye on their top lane for a while, making things comfortable on that side of the map could be a challenge but with how experience their substitute is as an individual player there should be very few issues. Rox Tigers had outstanding performances in the group stage, even more impressive than EDG’s, and will look to pressure relentlessly but can they really take down such a formidable team when there’s so much pressure? I’d think so, both teams are no strangers to high stress and valuable matches, the best of 5 format style will only aid Rox in ensuring their pursuit of a higher position but it could also give EDG more opportunities to surprise and rise.

Prediction: Rox Tigers Victory. With EDG’s roster being compromised there’s little certainty about how well their substitute player can perform at this point in time, he may have experience with the team and organisation as well as being a fantastic individual player but that doesn’t make up for a lack of recent practice. I expect Rox Tigers to push for a 3:1 series victory with EDG trying ever so hard to climb and contesting a few games.

 Quarterfinals #2 – Day 10 – Preview & Predictions 

SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up - Quarterfinals - 2016 World Championship League of Legends
Quarterfinals #2: Team SK Telakom T1 Logo - LoL Worlds SK Telecom T1 vs. Team RNG Logo - LoL Worlds Royal Never Give Up

Start Time: October 14th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

SK Telecom T1 put on outstanding performances in their group and only lost a single game, they overcame the Flash Wolves who were regularly proving a problem for them but now they’ve got even more difficult obstacles to overcome. First off in the knockout stage they will be facing off against Royal Never Give Up. RNG have a great Summer Split and made their way to the group stage where they only managed to go 3:3 but we’ve already seen many surprises so more could come out, especially from this team.

SK Telecom T1 LCK Team Logo LoLSK Telecom T1 have always managed to put on phenomenal performances when at the World Championship, each time they’ve made it this far they’ve won the entire thing. They’re the current champions and are looking to defend their title; to do this they’ll need to overcome one of the strongest teams in the world, RNG.

Royal Never Give Up LPL Team Logo LoLRoyal Never Give Up have made it through the group stage, they ran into a lot of trouble on their journey though and there was quite a lot of uproar about them making it over Team Solo Mid. Royal Never Give Up deserved the 2nd seed and had proven this when they overcame Team Solo Mid during every encounter they had, RNG will be looking to throw that same strength at SKTT1 here.

SK Telecom T1 look to be at quite an advantage here, their performances at the World Championship so far have been on a higher level than that of RNG. They’ve also proven to be more consistent and dominant; they’ve made fantastic meta adaptions and are quickly looking like a top contender for this tournament even though they had a bad split in their own region. Royal Never Give Up is going to need to force some early aggression to try and build a lead, adapting throughout the series is a must. If they can keep tabs on the strategies of SKTT1 they might be able to work around them or even build a composition around them to get ahead in the series.

SK Telecom T1 should stick to the meta they know, they’ve got a true mastery in their style of play and should stick to it. With their compositions and use of control on the map they should be able to cause a lot of issues for RNG, or any team they run into.

Prediction: SK Telecom T1 Victory. SK Telecom T1 have shown why they were a more successful team during the group stage. They were able to make quick adaptions throughout a game and during a series that will only aid them more. On top of being able to adapt swiftly they’ve shown great consistency and strength against each and every opponent. Because of this I think they will take the series fairly convincingly.

 Quarterfinals #1 – Day 9 – Preview & Predictions 

Samsung vs. Cloud 9 - Quarterfinals - 2016 World Championship League of Legends
Quarterfinal #1: Team Samsung Logo - LoL Worlds Samsung vs. Team Cloud9 Logo - LoL Worlds Cloud9

Start Time: October 13th, 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST (next day)

As we head into the quarterfinals each and every competing team has had the time to prove their strength and value. We ran into a lot of surprises during the few weeks of the group stage but as we hit the knockout stage each match will be a best of 5 series. We’ll be watching Samsung Galaxy and Cloud 9 battle it out, showing their abilities at adapting through a series and possibly showing some unique strategies.

Samsung Galaxy LCK Team Logo LoLSamsung Galaxy had proven to be the most dominant team in their group. They ended the 2nd week of the group stage with 5 wins and a single loss, clearly the top score in their entire group. They put on some phenomenal performances during the group stage but had also run into a bit of trouble; their weaknesses can be exploited unless small improvements have been made.

Cloud9 NA LCS Team Logo LoLCloud9 managed to scrape through the group stage with a 3 win and 3 loss score. They had a lot of shaky performances but were able to come out on top of those to take their wins, using some phenomenal play making and strategic manoeuvres. Trying to do the same thing against Samsung Galaxy will certainly be challenging but if C9 can stall the game it could be advantageous.

Samsung Galaxy looks to be in an advantageous position here. They ran into spouts of trouble during the group stage but were always able to overcome their opponents, for the most part, to take a win. They only ended up losing a single game whereas Cloud 9 has lost many. Cloud9 ran into a lot of issues during their run through the group stage, when they fell behind they were often defeated and when they gained a lead they always had trouble pushing for a win. This lead to teams being able to make their way back into games against them to contest them; this could give Samsung Galaxy a second light during their game if things go badly. This is one of the few reasons they look to be in an advantageous situation.

Prediction: Samsung Galaxy Victory. Samsung Galaxy has been able to take down teams reliably, confidently and consistently. They’ve proven to have a capacity for adapting throughout a game and this will only be shown more throughout a series. I think Cloud 9 will put up a good fight but ultimately SSG will take the series 3:1.

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