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As one might expect Riot Games did things in style again and assessed the prize pool for the 2016 League of Legends Worlds at the amount of $2.130.000 US-Dollars. Thereby the lion's share of one million dollar will fall into the hands of the tournament's winner – the undisputed 2016 League of Legends World Champion. While the second place team will go home with the quarter of a million, the amount of money for the teams on the rear seats will go downhill rapidly. Nevertheless even teams that won't win one single game will gain $25.000 USD of prize money. Whereas the tournament's prize pool didn't change for 5 years straight the League of Legends community became suddenly wide awake. As a successful organisation Riot Games has an annual turnover of approximately 1.6 billion USD, the game designer could easily pay the prize money of 2 million dollars from the petty cash. Similar games like Dota 2 throw much more money around at their big tournaments e.g. the International. Whether Riot Games will increase the prize money one day or not is still written in the stars.

Prize Money: $ 5,070,000

Update 1: About one week before the start of Worlds 2016, Riot Games announced that 25% of the sales of all Championship Skin of Zed and the Championship Wardskin will be added to the total prize money of the World Championship. It is estiameted, that this action will at least double the prize pool. The total prize money of the World Championship might be only known after the end of Worlds since the Skin sale is running until November 6th. We will keep you updated!

Update 2: Just in time before the start of the quarterfinals Riot Games decided to share the first projections of the extended prize pool including the stake of all sold Championship skins. Therefore the prize money has already skyrocketed and doubled its amount to $4.134.000 USD. Because the final amount of prize money isn't fixed yet we breakdown the money for the ranks as percentage. Riot Games will keep us updated with new information about the prize pool, next time right before the grand finals.

>>Prize Pool of the LoL World Championship 2017

Distribution of prize money

You can find the exact listing of prize money for the tournament right here. As stated above, this years prize pool consists of about 2 million dollars (+ money from skin sales). Last year the reigning champions of SK Telecom T1 were able to go on homeward journey with one million dollars in their pockets. Who will win the World Championship this time?

Position Prize Money
World Champion 40% of all prize money
2nd Place 15% of all prize money
3rd – 4th 7.5% of all prize money
5th – 8th 4% of all prize money
Group Stage Position Prize Money
1st Advance to Quarterfinals
2nd Advance to Quarterfinals
3rd 2.25% of all prize money
4th 1.25% of all prize money
 If 3rd and 4th are tied 1.75% of all prize money

LoL Worlds 2016 Prize Pool in comparison

Although the prize pool of over 2 million dollars seems ridicolous high at first glance, the biggest annual League of Legends tournament ranks among other games only in eleventh place. With a payout of $20.770.650,00 US-Dollars at the TI6 the game developer Valve blesses the best professional Dota 2 gamers with a stockpile of money. The top ranking places are occupied by different Dota 2 tournaments as well as Smite and Halo Championships. Despite the enormous popularity of Counter Strike (CS:GO) not a single tournament of the classic game can be found in the Top 15. (Image source:

comparison prize money tournament lol dota2 halo call of duty smite

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