OGN Champions Summer Finals Preview

OGN The Champions - LogoThe OGN HOT6iX Champions Summer has finally reached its climax as top Korean teams all over the country have battled it out to secure a spot in the Season 4 World Championships. As previously announced, Samsung Galaxy Blue has officially earned a spot at the Group Stages of the Season 4 World Championships. 3 teams from OGN qualify for the League of Legends World Championship 2014- two based on the earned circuit points earned in this season and the last slot is determined by a qualifier tournament (called the “Gauntlet”)running from 08/27/2014 to 08/30/2014. Now, it is up to the rest of the teams to vie for the last two spots into Worlds. This week, SKT T1 S faced off with Samsung Galaxy White and it was total domination for Samsung Galaxy White. It goes to show just how much Samsung Galaxy White has been one of the top tier teams in South Korea and may even have the possibility of landing another spot at Worlds this season. However, they will have to a big contender with SKT T1 K is primed to earn a spot in the Season 4 World Championships as well. Next week, KT Rolster Arrows will face off with Samsung Galaxy Blue for the finals. Will Samsung Galaxy Blue continue their streak and become one of the top contenders for the prize as well as the title of Season 4 World Champions this fall? Find out below in our little preview of the OGN Summer Finals to be held at Haeundae Beach, Busan.

OGN Summer Finals | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

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  • 08/16/2014
  • Mode: Best of  5
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  • Top 2 teams with most circuit points qualify for LoL Worlds
  • Third Worlds slot is determined from 08/27 to 08/30
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OGN Summer Finals Preview and Betting Prediction

KT Rolster Arrows vs Samsung Galaxy Blue (Aug 16 3:00 PDT/ 6:00 EDT/ 10:00 CEST)

KTA - OGN TeamSGB - OGN TeamDuring the Spring season of OGN, Samsung Galaxy Blue suddenly came out of the blue – no pun intended – when they dominated the entire scene and deleted top tier teams like KT Rolster Bullets, SK T1 K, both CJ Entus teams, and Najin White Shield. They went on to become the winner of the split and earned 400 circuit points which boosted their chances of landing a spot for the Season 4 World Championships. By the Summer split, Samsung Galaxy Blue was able to fend off harsh competition from other top tier teams in the OGN but they were grouped together with Season 3 World Champions SK T1 K. However, they have solidified their strategy and sharpened their skills against the former champions. SK T1 K soon found themselves very surprised when they were outclassed by Blue and got a 2-0 out of their matches. The only time Blue lost was against Incredible Miracle 2 but it did not stop them from gaining a spot into the Quarterfinals.

The Quarterfinals seemed to be a breeze for Blue as they faced off a revitalized Jin Air Stealths who also gave CJ Blaze and KT Arrows a run for their money. The only time Blue was in danger of losing the entire split was when they were matched against sister team Samsung Galaxy White but it did not stop them from stomping their sister team to the ground and left them with only one win in a best of five series. This time, Samsung Blue will face off KT Rolster Arrows for the first time if we're not mistaken.

OGN audienceKT Rolster Arrows have had a tough journey since the Spring Split. They were up a gainst SK T1 K and S in the group stage of the Spring Split and ultimately lost to CJ Blaze during the Quarterfinals. By Summer, they found themselves on a good position when they were placed on Group D against Jin Air Green Wings Stealths, CJ Entus Blaze, and MKZ. This time though, KT Arrows finally got their revenge against Flame and the rest of Blaze by sending them packing during the group stages. Arrows emerged from the group stage with only one loss. But things were gloomy for the Arrows by Quarterfinals when they were matched against Najin White Shield. The best of five series took a grueling turn for them as it was a fight or die series. Luckily, they were able to grab a win after the fifth Blind Pick match and moved on to the Semifinals where they were matched against SK T1 S. This one was once again another heartpounding match for KT Arrows as the series went on to the fifth Blind Pick match. As entertaining as the matches were, KT Arrows were on the brink of losing it until they were able to scrap a win. Now, KT Rolster Arrows will have to face Samsung Galaxy Blue in the finals next week.

Based on their performance, Samsung Galaxy Blue has already earned a spot in the World Championships this season but it will not stop them from gaining more especially the cash prize. KT Rolster Arrows have a lot more pressure as they will need the circuit points in order to get the spot. As it turns out, it will be a match worth seeing as both teams have never faced each other. Will the Arrows get their grip on Blue or will Blue show them who the bosses are when it comes to Korean League of Legends?

Prediction: Based on performance alone, it is clear that Samsung Galaxy Blue has what it takes to bring down the Arrows. A prediction of 3-1 in favor of Blue is inevitable.

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