North American Teams at the LoL World Championship

North American Team Cloud 9 all 5 members

LCS NA winner Cloud 9

With the World Championships drawing closer each day, teams from all regions have finally stepped up to grab the top spot as the World's best League of Legends team. As we look forward to the start of the Group Stage on September 15th , it is noteworthy to talk about the teams in different regions starting with the North American region. This year, Cloud 9 takes the lead as the avail the bye slot and head directly to the Quarter Final round while Vulcun and TSM each earn a spot at the Group Stage. TSM rounds up Group A while Vulcun gets Group B.

Team TSM Snapdragon

Team TSM Snapdragon aka  SoloMid

Cloud 9's early dominance as well as objective based gameplay has been phenomenal this entire Spring Season and it has carried well into the Regional Finals where they did not lose a single match. Vulcun, on the other hand, had a very rough start during the first few days but ultimately solidified their standing by the end of Day 3 by taking the second spot. The battle for the third spot was a bloodbath but ultimately, Team SoloMid grabbed the third place as we get to see TSM again in the World Finals since last year. Note that TSM was the winner of last year's Regionals but this year came close to losing a slot at the World Championships.

Will Team Cloud 9 Take the Reins for NA in the World Finals?

Team Vulcun representing NA LCS at LoL World Championship 2013

Team Vulcun

Teams from the NA Region will have to face different teams from all over the world. They will have to face the dominating force of Korea's MVP Ozone, now known as Samsung Galaxy Ozone, as well as Najin Black Sword and SK Telecom T1. Then, they will also be forced to face old grudge matches from Europe's Team Fnatic and former Moscow 5 team, Gambit Gaming as well as the new team Lemondogs. Early rumors have been spoken that Korea will have this one in the bag with their great mechanical skills in champions that are considered to be very highly competitive but there are still teams that have shown great promise including those that are in the NA region and other regions as well. It is best not to relegate SEA, HK region, and Wildcard champion, out of the limelight as they are also a force to be reckon with considering last year's champions, the Taipei Assassins, came crashing through the gate with their underdog story but highly dominant gameplay and strategy.

Now, as the world prepares for teams to clash in Summoner's Rift, summoners will get to choose which teams will make it to the top. Players who are avid fan of eSports betting will surely find it delightful that all of the teams qualified for the World Champions have an equal footing as they step into the stage. It is time for the ultimate battle – games begin on September 15! Read more on the LoL World Championship 2013

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