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This is it: The grand final match of the League of Legends World Championship 2015! Two teams are remaining, and the winner will take away the one million dollar prize money while the losers will go home with $ 250,000. For the finals of LoL Worlds 2015 the location is moved to the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, the capital of Germany. This is the all deciding match up that both teams have trained and fought for whole Season 5. One thing is for sure: it will be hard fight for the Koo Tigers as SK Telecom T1 have not lost a single game in the whole tournament so far. As there is no match for third place this final best of 5 series is the last match in the tournament but not the last big League of Legends match this year, as the LoL All-Star is coming up in December. But right now the most important match of this season is coming up: Welcome to the grand finals of LoL Worlds 2015!

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Schedule and Betting Odds – LoL Worlds 2015 | Finals

Opening Ceremony
(Oct. 31st, 04:00 PDT/ 07:00 EDT/ 12:00 CET/ 20:00 KST)

Grand Final: SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom vs. KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers    3  1   
(Oct. 31st, 05:00 PDT/ 08:00 EDT/ 13:00 CET/ 21:00 KST)

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Preview and Predictions

After the Koreans took down their European counterparts in the semifinals we're looking at an all Korean final! Can the KOO Tigers take down and contest the series against the undefeated SKTT1? Take a look below to see my analysis and prediction

Grand Final: SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom vs. KOO Tigers - LCK Team Logo Koo Tigers

(Oct. 31st, 05:00 PDT/ 08:00 EDT/ 13:00 CET/ 21:00 KST)

Welcome to the Finals of the World Championship 2015, both the KOO Tigers and SKT have shown great progress and improvement thus far and having a team competing that has gone undefeated so far, SKT, we’re looking at an extremely intense match between these 2 Korean teams. Can the KOO Tigers overcome the undefeated Korean powerhouse team and take the Summoners Cup? Let’s take a look and see!

SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team LogoSKTT1 – So far SKT have gone undefeated against all odds, even when they’re down in gold and their base is being pushed into this team has overcome all the odds and haven’t lost a single match. Their ability to impress by using their gold to maximum efficiency and abusing their enemy team’s vision has kept them at an advantage regardless of gold count. An extremely formidable opponent that’ll be extremely difficult to overcome.

Koo Tigers - LCK Team LogoKOO Tigers – Overcoming their own doubt the KOO Tigers managed to take down the top European team, Fnatic, with a dominating 3:0 victory. This has gone to show that the KOO Tigers can not only play from behind as they often were in their series but they can also push their advantages. They’re not afraid of taking a few risks and their champion picks are extremely fluid with their jungler picking up Zac after the global Gragas ban. They have the potential to contest the victory this series and have made many improvements so far, ready to keep SKT on their toes.

SKT are coming into this series with an undeniable advantage as they’ve only had to show a few of their strategies whilst going undefeated. This has opened up their opportunities to show new strategies and catch the KOO Tigers off guard; if they really do have any tricks up their sleeve then the KOO Tigers will be in trouble as they’ve already had to show their strategies and fresh picks. KOO Tigers are going to need to make a few adjustments to take the early game against SKT and I expect SKT to take a few late game power picks such as Ryze, they’re going to need to try and contest SKT’s river wall of vision where they fill the river throughout the map with pink wards. If they can deny the vision from SKT they should be able to run a pick-heavy composition and use this to catch their enemies out to take advantages, this is something similar to what Origen did to SKT in game 1 where they pushed into the base of SKT. If KOO have analysed that particular game they might be able to pick up on a few other details such as players champion mastery and I’m really hoping they ban Fiora to stop the SKT “Marin” split pushing because that seems to be one of SKT’s strongest points. SKT are going to want to stick to their comfort picks and depending on what mid-laner they choose they may build a team fighting composition or a split-pushing triple threat composition, having the ability to adapt to their mid-laners once again puts KOO to a disadvantage but they’ve shown a phenomenal ability to adapt to their enemies to we’re going to want to keep an eye out for any surprise picks. As well as their needed improvements in vision they’re going to want to adapt to SKTs objective control and try and rotate around SKT’s decisions, if they manage to take an early game advantage I expect them to heavily abuse SKT at which point they will be able to take victories.

Prediction: I have a lot of faith in KOO but ultimately I think SKTT1 are going to take the series victory, they have a much better mastery of their champion picks along with vision and global objective control. This will lead to them eventually taking the series however I also expect KOO to take at least 1 game in the series whilst contesting the other games heavily.

Final Teams LoL worlds 2015

Live Stream / Vods – Finals League of Legends Worlds

Watch the english live-stream of the grand final match of the League of Legends World Championship Knockout Stage right here. After the live stream has ended the whole grand final will be available as Vod!

Youtube Vod / Live Stream

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