Casters and Analysts – LoL Worlds 2015

League of Legends is undoubtedly a fun game to watch. No one is arguing against that. In fact, it’s one of the games with a most loyal fan-base, which speaks volumes of the title’s entertainment value. However, no matter how exciting an e-sport is to watch, there is one thing that always makes it better – casters. A good caster can be the difference between a fantastic experience and multiple facepalms. Casters curate the experience and lead us on this magical journey that is a League of Legends tournament and Worlds is the most major of them all. Lucky for us, the people who will be narrating this year’s World Championship are, as always, top notch. Here’s the talents we’ll be listening to on the English LoL Worlds Live Stream:

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NA LCS Casters LoL Worlds 2015

RivingtonBisland IIITwitter

Kobe – Sam Hartman-Kenzler – Twitter

Jatt – Joshua  Leesman – Twitter

Phreak – David Turley – Twitter


EU LCS Casters LoL Worlds 2015

Quickshot – Trevor Henry – Twitter

Deficio – Martin  Lynge – Twitter

PiraTechnics – Devin  Younge – Twitter

Sjokz – Eefje Depoortere – Twitter

Krepo – Mitch Voorspoels – Twitter


LCK And LPL Casters LoL Worlds 2015

PastryTime – Julian  Carr – Twitter

Atlus – Max  Anderson – Twitter

MonteCristo – Christopher  Mykles – Twitter

DoA – Erik Lonnquist – Twitter

Analyst Desk Team – LoL Worlds

Analyst Desk Team at LoL worlds

Dash – James  Patterson – Twitter

Zirene – Aidan  Moon – Twitter

Spawn – Jake  Tiberi – Twitter

The analyst desk will be debating over players’ decisions, plays, strategies, tactics, team compositions, odds, and more. They’ll be the ones translating what is going on to the less savvy viewers. They’ll also be the ones that will offer some more insight as to why games turned out the way they did. There will be guest spots throughout the tournament for pro players, coaches, and more. It will be lots of fun. Tune in October 1st when the epicness begins.

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