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A few days before the start of the LoL World Championship 2017, there is already a plentiful supply of odds for all games in the Play-In Stage. From September 23rd 2017,12 teams will fight for the last 4 spots in the Group Stage, but according to the bookmakers it seems to have been decided who these lucky winners will be. Not only the teams from the former wildcard regions will be involved in the LoL Worlds Play-In Stage, but also one team each from North America, Europe, China and Taiwan – Hong Kong – Macao. Four groups of three teams make up 24 matches in the first four rounds, and you can bet on each of them. Not only the typical odds for the winning teams are available, but also many other possibilities like “Team to slay the first Baron” are already offered. Of course there are also betting odds for the Group Stage of the LoL World Championships – read more about this in our report on Betting, Odds and Betting Sites of the LoL Worlds 2017.  Since all participants have already been decided, there are also odds for the Outright Winner of the LoL World Championships 2017. if you don't know what to do with the teams of the Play-In Phase, you can get a short overview about the Teams and Players of the LoL World Championships 2017 on our page. In the following we would like to inform you about all currently offered betting possibilities and odds.

League of Legends Worlds 2017 Play-In Stage Betting Odds

The LoL Worlds 2017 Play-In Stage offers odds similar to the LCS games. You can bet on the winner, the number of kills, the number of slain barons, etc. In addition, there are odds for the group winner and the teams that qualify for Play-In Stage #2. These are the best two teams from each group. Below we will present some of these LoL betting types.

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Play-In Match Winner 2-Way

The conventional odd is, of course, the one for the winner of a game. As mentioned above, the Play-In Stage #1 already includes 24 games and therefore offers plenty of material for LoL betting.

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Group Qualification

This betting option is about determining which teams make it into the Play-In Stage #2. Two teams rise from each group, resulting in the exorbitantly low odds for Cloud9, Fnatic and Co.

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Group Betting

For the LoL Worlds 2017 Play-In Group Betting, it is important to determine which teams will lead their own group at the end of Play-In Stage #1. The odds are therefore slightly higher than for the Group Qualification. However, anything but group victories for the favourite teams would be a huge surprise. The most balanced group is Group D, as the difference between Hong Kong Attitude and Fenerbahce is not as big as in other groups.

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Team to Score the Most Kills

At the moment it is still difficult to estimate how much the chance of a team's victory depends on the number of kills. To win a game, you don't necessarily have to kill more champions than your opponent, all that matters is the nexus. For the bookmakers, however, this is so closely linked that the odds are the same as those of the winners.

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Total Dragons Slain

How many dragons are killed in a game depends very much on luck. Why? Because Mountain and Infernal drakes are fiercely contested and are killed by teams as quickly as possible, while Cloud and Ocean drakes are sometimes completely ignored. The total duration of a game is also decisive, because in short games fewer dragons appear – of course. So the superiority of a team should be kept within limits, so that it doesn't get to stomp the enemy in 20 minutes.

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A particularly exciting betting option has recently been added to bet365. Under the category “Specials” you can bet on the most played and most banned champions. The odds are based mainly on the last competitive games, namely the Regional Qualifiers. However, it was not considered that the LoL Worlds will take place on a different patch, the LoL Patch 7.18 – patch of the LoL Worlds 2017. In the last games of the LCS Kalista was banned in 100% of the games, which explains her low odds on the specials, but she has been nerfed in patch 7.18. Possibly she is no longer overpowered and becomes the most played champion.

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