2017 Worlds on the Big Screen at Coke Viewing Parties

League of Legends World Championship 2017 takes place in China and poses as the culmination of the long, exciting season. The popular Worlds is the perfect opportunity to see the best teams in the game together at the same competition. The tournament has a lot of action and we, simply, can’t wait to see who’s going to be crowned as the best. The Grand Finals of the 2017 LoL Worlds is taking place in Bejing on November 4th, but there are options for public viewing in all major cities. People all around the are going to gather and watch the game SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy in public places. If you planned to watch the final of Worlds on streams, you will be happy to know that just like in previous years, Coke will host viewing parties. Read on to find out, where you can watch the biggest game of the year together with your friends. If you want to watch the final lol worlds game from home, you can still find the live stream here.


Viewing parties

On November 4th instead of looking for streams and hoping nothing will break your internet connection while watching the grand finale of Worlds, head to the nearest viewing party hosted by Coke. It seems like Coke is aimed to make these viewing parties a tradition, and we have no objection to that. The viewing parties will take place at theaters across the US, Canada, and Europe. These viewing events will be arranged in all the major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin, Toronto, and others. In order to find the nearest viewing party, and to see whether your city is on the list, simply click here. The link navigates you to the official Coke Esports website where you can enter the name of the city or the ZIP code to find the nearest party.

For example, if you live in Los Angeles and enter it in the Coke Esports’ search, you would see the following results:

  • Regal LA Live Stadium 14, 1000 W. Olympic Blvd
  • Cinemark Playa Vista & XD, 12746 West Jefferson Blvd
  • Orange Stadium Promenade 25 with XD, 1701 W Katella AVE


Reasons to go to a viewing party

If Coke is hosting viewing parties in your city, you should definitely go. Here are some reasons why you should skip watching the final at home and go to cinema whose name is provided on Coke’s website:

  • You’ll watch the final on the big screen, which is more exciting than staring at the laptop screen
  • Just imagine, comfortable seats, ultra HD, and the opportunity to witness an important League of Legends event together with other people
  • Viewing parties allow you to connect, socialize, and meet other like-minded people. Who knows, maybe you meet your soul mate or new friends right there
  • You get to comment the action with others who are watching the same thing, rather than having to instant message someone and miss something important
  • A one-off experience because grand finale doesn’t have a rerun
  • Deciding to go to the viewing party means you actively support esports and allow this type of sport to be more recognized by others. Esport events are equally important as many others. The more people go to the viewing parties, the more events like this one will be organized in the future. In a few years, these viewing parties will take place at more locations, in more cities and movie theaters, but it’s only possible if you and your friends decide to go
  • An opportunity to support your favorite team and cheer them on in a proper setting that only builds the excitement


Bottom line

Like previous years, the 2017 Worlds final will be broadcasted in many movie theaters across the US, Canada, and Europe. These viewing parties are sponsored by Coke. Visit the official website of Coke Esports to find out where is the nearest viewing party and go. Viewing parties only enhance the overall experience and you’ll have fun for sure.


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