League of Legends Worlds 2013: The Finals

Logos of the two teams in the League of Legends World finals 2013: SK Telecom T1 and Royal ClubAfter two weeks of aggressive gameplay, tower diving, gamechanging strategies, and wrecked dreams, the World Championships have finally come to its head with the Finals. After last week's Semi Finals, two teams have emerged victorious – China's Royal Club and South Korea's SK Telecom T1. The final match will be a set of 5 games to be held at none other than the iconic Staples Center in Los Angeles. The final match will close out Season 3 at an all time high. With the final match coming this Friday, October 4, we will take a closer look of each team's journey right from the beginning of the World Championship up until the time they will take the stage for the League of Legends World Finals.

Worlds Finals: the facts

  • SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Club
  • October, 4th/5th 2013 (depending on your timezone)
  • Central Europe it's: 05:00 October 5th
  • best of 5 mode
  • LoL bets for all matches available
  • Winnter takes: $1,000,000
  • Looser takes: $ 250,000
  • Predictions and esports betting tips

Worldchampionship Finals: The Teams

It's time to meet the two teams batteling out the title: League of Legends World Champion!

SK Telecom T1 (Korea)

League of Legends Team SK Telecom T1

SK Telecom T1

It has been a rough journey for this South Korean team but time and time again, they have proven that they have what it takes to be the top team of League of Legends. Back in the OGN Championships, they had the same journey. After competing and winning the HOT6ix Champions Summer 2013 against KT Rolster Bullets, SKT once again met with the Bullets for the Regional Finals and won hence they were able to qualify for the Group Stages at Worlds.

As soon as they were able to step on the Group Stage, expectations were made but during the first few days, the audience was a bit disappointed by their lackluster gameplay but in reality, they were just sizing up their opponents and studied their moves until it was time to break out their guns and fire away to the Quarter Finals. Once they landed a spot at the Quarter Finals, it was a smooth ride for them when they faced Taiwan's Gamania Bears. But, things started to become shaky when they were matched up against another Korean team – Najin Black Sword. After a gripping 5th match, SKT proved once again that they were the team to beat and earned a spot at the LoL Finals 2013.

Everyone has their eyes on Faker, SKT's midlaner. Faker has been known to dominate his lane with an aggressiveness that cannot be matched by anyone. And when the right time comes, he turns on his switch and becomes a killing machine. Piglet and PoohManDu's bot lane is not to be trifled with as the duo has been known to be very dominating in lane as well. With Mandu as captain, he has the ability to correct the mistakes of his teammates including his with the right ultimate skill. Now, the time has come for SKT to really shine and be the team to beat as they have gone a long way since the start of the Group Stage. SKT is the true symbol of a team that deserves to be in the Finals.

Royal Club (China)

League of Legends Team Royal Cloub

Royal Club

Royal Club from China is one of the most humble teams in the World Championships. Often times they would group up and sing songs, they treat the World Championship as part of their lives. But, when the time comes that they need to step up, they become monsters in both lane and teamfights. Known for their aggressive laning phase and tower dives, Royal Club is the perfect matchup for SKT's aggressiveness. Both teams will surely butt heads with each other in terms of aggressive gameplay. But, who will come out much stronger? We will surely find out come Friday.

Royal Club has always been the aggressive team ever since they broke out off the Chinese LPL. They have dominated the likes of IG and World Elite who were favorites to come to the World Stage. After winning the Chinese Regionals, they were able to procure a bye for the Quarter Finals where they were matched up with another crowd favorite from the Group Stage – their long time rival – Team OMG. In true blue Chinese fashion, Royal Club once again proved that they were the top team in China when they defeated OMG at the Quarter Finals. Moving on to the Semi Finals, they were matched up against Fnatic. But, Fnatic's chances of securing another championship win was immediately squashed by Royal Club and now they earn the spot to face SKT T1 in the Finals.

Royal Club's gameplay has always been playing loose cannon. Whenever there is a slight chance that they can turn the tide of battle, they will take it no matter the risks and the consequences involve because they know they can handle it. It is that level of confidence within each other that separates Royal Club from any other professional League of Legends team today. That level of trust stems from living together and enjoying the company of each other even outside of the game comes as a huge advantage for Royal Club.

Betting Information

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Finally, Season Three of League of Legends will come to a close but not without a huge explosion from the crowd. It will surely be a blast!

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