LoL World Championship Semi Finals

LoL World Championship bracketTen teams have battled it out in the Group Stage last week. Earlier this week, four teams that emerged victorious in the Group Stage met the seeded team for the Quarter Finals. And now, only four teams remain for the Semi Final Round in the World Championships. SK Telecom T1, Najin Black Sword, Fnatic, and Royal Club are now the top four teams all over the globe. Who will come out victorious and meet their match in the Championship Round to be held at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles? This week will unravel who will fight it out for the best League of Legends team in the world. Read more about LoL Worlds…

Semi Finals: Matches

League of Legends Worlds Semi finals matches
SK Telecom T1 vs Najin Black Sword

Winner: SK Telecom T1

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Friday, September 28th

Out of all the teams that have conquered the stage, fate has decided that both South Korean teams would face again. This time, their match would be held in a foreign land away from the comforts of the OGN stage. If anyone ever bothered to bet that SKT and Najin Black Sword would somehow meet in the tournament, everyone else would say yes. It is no wonder that both these teams would meet in the Semi Final round after displaying amazing plays and skills in their previous matches. Now, all cards are on deck as they play against each other to quality a spot for the World Finals.

Both teams have star players that know how to make plays when they need it. Faker has proven time and time again that he owns the mid lane. Both teams' AD carry also proved to the world that they can stand on their own as well. We have seen how much SKT's Piglet has come to his own in the Group Stage but he should not undermine the mechanical prowess of Najin's Pray. SKT came in to the World Championships only betting on Faker to do the plays but as they progressed all team members have been able to stand on their feet. SKT truly shines during the extended series where they would snowball their lane wins into a victory. Meanwhile, Najin Black Sword came out strong in the previous round but it would take a lot of effort from them to take down one, if not, the strongest team in the world right now.

Fnatic vs Royal Club

Winner: Royal Club

Saturday, September 29th

Fnatic and Royal Club both have different styles in playing their game. One is a well thought out strategic gameplay while the other has a hyperaggressive gameplay. This series just screams hype as both teams have been known to give the audience the satisfaction of watching a game turn on its head. Fnatic continues to claw their way into the Finals after defeating Cloud 9 in the Quarter Finals. Now, they will have to face one of the most aggressive teams in the world – Royal Club. Known for their tower diving mechanics and ganking abilities, Royal Club is a force to be reckoned with. Their previous match against OMG proved that they are not pushovers.

With their match against Royal Club, Fnatic will have to come together as a team and not rely heavily on xPeke to make amazing plays for their team to get ahead. It is already known that Royal Club loves to make plays even down to their support player and in order for Fnatic to secure a spot at the World Finals, they will have to counter Royal Club's amazing hyperaggressive strategy.

Betts and Odds for the Semi Finals

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