LoL Worlds 2018 | League of Legends World Championship

The LoL World Championship is still some months away as the 8th season has just begun and the fans are watching the LCS 2018.  Also before the LoL Worlds, the Mid-Season Invitation (MSI) 2018 will take place again in spring. Last year, some changes were made to the format of both tournaments, which meant that instead of the annual Wildcard qualifier, the MSI and LoL World Championship are now divided into two stages, the Play-In Stage and the main event. Since Riot has not yet published an official statement on the format of the two tournaments, it can be assumed that the division into the two stages will continue in 2018. It is also appropriate to go so far to predict that a South Korean team will once again win the World Championship title this year, and probably both participants of the LoL World Cup final will come from the LCK as well. Triple world champion SK Telecom T1 has a lot to make up for after the lost final at LoL Worlds 2017. The team, however, lost some of the top performers and, despite good performances by Faker, has big problems in the Korean league at the moment. It is also interesting to see whether the gap between western teams and those from China and South Korea has narrowed or widened further.

LoL Worlds 2018 Facts (World Championship Season 8):

  • Location: TBA
  • Teams: Most Likely 24 Teams
  • Expected Format:
  • Play-In-Stage: TBA
  • Group Stage: TBA
  • Playoffs: TBA
  • Regions (expected number of teams based on last year’s event): 
    • South Korea (3), Europe (3), North America (3), China (3), Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao (3)
    • Turkey (1), CIS (1), Southeast Asia (1), South America South (1), South America North (1), Japan (1), Brazil (1), Oceania (1)
    • one Wildcard team from MSI 2018
  • Prize pool: TBA + TBA (most likely 25% of Championship Skin sales)
  • Patch: TBA
  • LoL Worlds 2018 betting odds available for every game
  • Tickets: purchasable some weeks before the tournament
  • Livestream for all matches

Prize Money

In addition to the honor of being the world champion, there is also a lot of money to win for the participating teams. It is not yet known how much prize money will be distributed. It is expected that the total prize money will exceed USD 5 million.

In the previous year, the prize pool reached a total of $4,596,591 and thus did not exceed the $5 million mark, as opposed to 2016, when prize money of $5,070 million was distributed.

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