LMS Summer Playoffs 2017 – Recap | LoL Worlds 2017 Qualifiers

League of Legends Masters Series LMS 2017 LoL LogoThe LMS Playoff tournament was to determine which team could take a seed to the 2017 LoL World Vhampionship, it was comprised of 3 rounds which where all best-of-5 series’. Kicking things off with an exciting series between AHQ Esports Club and J Team, we’ll be looking over and recapping the events of the tournament to see who was able to progress to the World Championship 2017!

League of Legends Icon LMS Summer Playoffs 2017 | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • Date: 08/18/2016 – 08/25/2016
  • Format: King-of-the-Hill bracket (every series was a best of 5).
  • There were 4 competing teams.
  • The winners get the LMS 1st seed to LoL Worlds 2017.
  • There were 3 regions participating.
  • Tournament seed was based off of season standings.

Tournament Results:

Flash Wolves won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2017 as LMS Seed #1
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  • 1st place: Flash Wolves LMS League of Legends Logo Flash Wolves
  • 2nd place: Ahq e-Sports Club LMS League of Legends Logo ahq e-Sports Club
  • 3rd place: Raise Gaming LMS League of Legends Logo Raise Gaming
  • 4th place: J Team LMS League of Legends Logo J Team

Round 1

Ahq e-Sports Club LMS League of Legends Logo AHQ Esports Club vs. J Team J Team LMS League of Legends Logo

Game 1 had AHQ taking an early lead and they managed to expand it significantly by 15mins, until JT made some moves of their own. Around 26mins a fight breaks out and AHQ come out on top, securing Baron after. At 28mins JTeam find a phenomenal engage but AHQ manage to turn it around, solidifying their lead. At 34mins AHQ take a 2nd Baron and the skirmishes that followed had them pushing for a win. JTeam find a lead in the 2nd game and they manage to pick up their 6th kill around 13mins. JTeam continue to pressure with this lead and they pressure Baron around 25mins, AHQ manage to steal it. At 27mins a fight breaks out by Dragon and JTeam clean up most of AHQ, these skirmishes continue for the next few minutes as JTeam secure a 32min Baron. Around 37mins JTeam find a huge fight that leads to them pushing down the middle lane and securing a win. Game 3 has JT pushing for an early lead but AHQ find a way ahead by 18mins. A few skirmishes has JT picking up kills but AHQ lead with map pressure, this becomes more apparent when AHQ secure baron at 26mins. By 36mins AHQ find a phenomenal fight that has them securing their 2nd Baron; the following fight has them pushing the JT base for another win. Game 4 has a fair amount of early action and JT find a lead, this only expands when they manage to steal Baron at 21mins. At 31mins JT find a favourable fight and they secure a Baron, this is quickly used to break into the AHQ base at 35mins where they secure their 2nd win of the series. Game 5 has JT taking a huge early advantage as they push for a 6:0 kill score by 20mins. A fight breaks out by Baron at 25mins and AHQ come out on top, securing Baron after. At 33mins a fight erupts and AHQ manage to ace JT, claiming their win in the series.

Series Victory: AHQ Esports Club. AHQ ran into issues with skirmishing throughout this series but their superior macro management had them equalising gold and finding advantages, this has them regularly in superior positions in comparison to JT and gave them favour in taking this series.

Round 2

Ahq e-Sports Club LMS League of Legends Logo AHQ Esports Club vs. Raise Gaming Raise Gaming LMS League of Legends Logo

AHQ take an early lead in game 1 and they build a 2k lead before 10mins. They use this lead to pick fights regularly and expand their pressure; this has them finding a great fight at 24mins where they secure Baron afterwards. At 28mins AHQ break into the RG base and push for the 1st win of the series. RG find a dominant stride during game 2 and manage to build a huge lead by 20mins, they pressure massively until AHQ find a few favourable fights; at 27mins AHQ find their way into the stronger position and secure baron. At 37mins RG find a few picks and start sieging the AHQ base, this leads to them close out the game and take the win. Game 3 is explosive, there are regular skirmishes and kills are often traded between the teams. At 19mins AHQ manage to expand a lead and they quickly turn their focus onto Baron. After securing it they come out on top of a fight and start their siege. AHQ find a few additional fights that lead them down the middle lane, they crack into the RG base and close out the game by 36mins. The 4th game of the series starts off fairly slow; each team is sitting at a 2:2 kill score until 22mins where a fight breaks out. AHQ find a way on top of the fight and quickly secure Baron afterwards. By 25mins AHQ are sieging the bottom lane, a fight erupts and AHQ crack the RG base. Just moments after, a fight is found in the middle lane where AHQ find an advantage and push for their series win.

Series Victory: AHQ Esports Club. They managed to show great strength throughout this series, even when they were having a difficult time in the earlier stages of the game they were creating a gold lead. Their global pressure and map control gave them the advantages they needed to come out on top.

Round 3

Ahq e-Sports Club LMS League of Legends Logo AHQ Esports Club vs. Flash Wolves Flash Wolves LMS League of Legends Logo

Game 1 has a few kills traded in the earlier stages of the game; Flash Wolves manage to find a lead when they take a fight by Dragon at 16mins. By 23mins both teams are looking to Baron, FW find a few picks and their advantage leads to them securing the buff by 26mins. They quickly use this to crack the AHQ base and push for a 29min victory. Game 2 starts off in a similar fashion, early kills are traded but FW manage to find a sizable gold lead. They capitalise on this at 25mins when they find a fight at baron, which they secure just moments later. FW find a few picks at around 30mins and they use the player advantage to siege the AHQ base and take their 2nd win of the series by 32mins.AHQ find an early lead in game 3 but this crumbles when FW pick fights around 16mins. At 22mins there’s pressure on Baron, both teams converge and a fight breaks out where FW come out on top and secure the buff shortly after. FW use this buff to find a fight at 30mins where they crush the AHQ line-up and push for their series win by 32mins with a 12:4 kill score.

Series Victory: Flash Wolves. Flash Wolves rarely faulted throughout this series, there were a few mistakes made but they were able to walk into advantageous positions and force AHQ into fights. This had them in stronger positions across the map and gave them a clean series victory. With their victory of AHQ, Flash Wolves were able to punch their ticket to the World Championship 2017.

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