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LCK Season 2017 LogoThe regional qualifier tournament is to determine which team from the region will be taking the last available position at the 2017 LoL World Championship; the team that manages to come out on top will punch their ticket and will be taking the 3rd seed. The Regional Qualifier tournament is a 3 round tournament where each series is a best of 5, this helps determine which team is truly stronger. The 1st round kicks off with Afreeca Freecs vs. Team MVP, so let’s start off there.

League of Legends Icon LCK Regional Qualifiers 2017 | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • Dates: 08/28/2016 – 09/02/2016
  • Format: King-of-the-Hill bracket (every series was a best of 5).
  • There were 4 competing teams.
  • Seeding was based on overall season performance.
  • The winner takes the #3 LCK seed to Worlds.

Tournament Results:

Samsung Galaxy won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2017 as LCK Seed #3
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  • 1st place: League of Legends Samsung Galaxy Logo LoL Worlds Samsung Galaxy
  • 2nd place: KT Rolster LCK League of Legends Logo KT Rolster
  • 3rd place: Afreeca Freecs LCK League of Legends Logo Afreeca Freecs
  • 4th place: MVP LCK League of Legends Logo MVP

Round 1

Afreeca Freecs LCK League of Legends Logo Afreeca Freecs vs. Team MVP MVP LCK League of Legends Logo

Game 1 has a fairly slow paced start until MVP make rotations to the bottom side of the map, they pick up first blood but it’s not enough to hold Afreeca back. Afreeca build a lead in their bottom lane and their lead shines when there’s an explosive dragon fight at 27mins. Afreeca take a 28mins Baron and quickly use it to push, the following team fight at 30mins pushes Afreeca to a 14:1 kill score and gives them a win in game 1. Game 2 has Afreeca pushing for an early lead; they secure 1st blood and make a few picks but MVP refuse to go down. At 13mins a team fight breaks out, Afreeca manage to come out on top build a sizable lead. MVP starts to pressure Baron around 23mins and they secure it but AFS find an engage and quickly ace MVP, pushing into a 6k gold lead. At 26mins another big fight erupts and AFs manage to break into the MVP base, quickly following it up with some small skirmishes as they take their win. Game 3 as a few kills traded in the earlier stages of the game and MVP manage to secure a lead. At 25mins MVP make an attempt at Baron and with a huge play they manage to secure it as well as clean up most of the following fight. This pushes them into a huge lead that has them pushing into the AFS base at 27mins, securing their win shortly after. Game 4 has both teams picking up some kills early on but shortly after 14mins MVP manage to take a fight and secure a sizable gold lead. A few more kills are traded over the next few minutes and MVP sneak Baron at 35mins, they use this along with their 7k gold lead to clean up AFS at 28mins and push for their 2nd win of the series. The 5th and final game of the series has AFS taking a quick early lead; they focus heavily on bottom lane pressure and this has them building a 7k lead before 20mins. AFs secure Baron at 24mins and they find a fight shortly after that has them pushing for the series victory.

Series Victory: Afreeca Freecs. It was a difficult series for them but they’d managed to showcase quite a few strengths. MVP was challenging but AFS managed to find their leads and pressure with them, leading them to taking the series and progressing to the next round.

Round 2

Afreeca Freecs LCK League of Legends Logo Afreeca Freecs vs. Samsung Galaxy League of Legends Samsung Galaxy Logo LoL Worlds

Game 1 has AFS taking an early lead and over the course of the early game they’re making quick rotations to pick up regular kills. At 25mins AFs manage to pick up a few kills and they start baron, SSG manage to steal it to slow down the Afs progression. At 33mins a huge fight breaks out and SSG pick up a few kills, they follow this up with a few more picks and they attempt Baron. AFS are quick to react and manage to clean up some of SSG and take the Baron. With Baron and Elder buff they quickly push into the SSG base and close out the game by 42mins. The 2nd game has AFS taking an early lead but SSG manage to equalise things. Over the remainder of the early stages of the game AFS are making constant picks and building a lead, this has them securing an early 25mins Baron. At 31mins AFS push for a fight and manage to break into the base of SSG, they follow this up with a 2nd Baron. 34mins has the final fight break out as AFS ace SSG and take the win. AFS manage to build an early lead in game 3 but SSG turn a few fights around and build a lead of their own. At 22mins SSG look for a fight and pick up a few kills, they secure Baron afterwards and push into the AFS base at 29mins; securing their 1st win of the series. Another early lead is taken by AFS in game 4 but SSG find a few picks of their own as the minutes pass. At 28mins SSG look to siege, they manage to put on a phenomenal push and pick up a few kills; this has them securing a 31min Baron that leads them to a fight at 34mins. SSG make their final push at 35mins and push for a game 5. During the 5th game there are a few kills traded between the teams in the earlier stages, with a slow split push SSG crack open the AFS base at 25mins and begin to pressure. At 26mins SSG manage to secure Baron, at 31mins they find an engage that leads to them taking the reverse sweet victory.

Series Victory: Samsung Galaxy. SSG manage to maintain their composure and figure out a way to overcome AFS, it was a difficult series for them but their fortitude had them performing consistently. They manage to make the reverse sweep happen and proceeded to the final round of the tournament where they were placed against KT Rolster.

Round 3

KT Rolster LCK League of Legends Logo KT Rolster vs. Samsung Galaxy League of Legends Samsung Galaxy Logo LoL Worlds

Game 1 had a few kills traded during the earlier stages of the game; a big fight breaks out at 24mins and Kt push into a lead. At 31mins SSG find a strong fight and turn things around, they quickly secure Baron after the fight and equalise the gold. By 44mins there’s a second fight to contest the 2nd Baron and SSG secure it, they use it to pressure the map but both teams hold out. At 51mins the 3rd baron is taken but the slow pace of the game has the teams playing safe. At 60mins there’s a huge fight where SSG ace KT and they follow it up with the 1st win of the series. Game 2 has SSG finding an early lead; they pick up 4 kills by 10mins and quickly use this lead to pressure. At 27mins a big fight breaks out and SSG manage to come out on top, following up with a Baron. 33mins has SSG pushing into the Kt base where they look to take their 2nd win of the series. An extremely slow pace in game 3 has the first fight breaking out at 25mins, Kt manage to find a lead and they continue to pressure with it. At 29mins SSG manage to make a pick and they secure Baron with a player advantage. KT continues to pressure with their kill lead and they break into the SSG base by 37mins where a fight breaks out, a turning point for SSG. SSG take a 2nd baron at 38mins and KT follow up with the elder buff. At 45mins there’s another big fight, Kt manage to come out on top and they take a baron of their own. As 58mins a huge fight erupts and SSG finally get what they were looking for, they pick off the majority of Kt and push for the series win at 59mins.

Series Victory: Samsung Galaxy. SSG managed to show a lot of strategic dominance throughout this series, even when they were playing from behind they were able to find picks on their opponents and were able to stall out the game. With diverse strengths they’re looking to make an impact as the 3rd seed from their region during the World Championship.

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