Even though there is some time before the official start of this year's League of Legends World Championship, Bet365 already has 4 special LoL Worlds 2017 bets and odds available. For those of you who don't know, League of Legends Worlds 2017 will be held in China. The main event kicks off on 23rd September and will last all the way until 4th of November. Featuring a total of 24 teams from all 13 professional Lol leagues, it is without any doubts that we will be up for some fantastic matchups!

The first betting odds for LoL Worlds 2018 are already available.

Update: Find the current betting odds for EU/NA LCS Spring Split 2018 here.

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At the time of writing this article, there is still roughly 5 months until the official start of the tournament. Despite that, Bet365 has already made an introduction betting-wise by introducing 3 special bets that, needless to say, all look rather interesting. In addition to Bet365, I am sure in the next couple of weeks (or months) we will see more bookmakers doing the same. Perhaps not exactly the same special bets, but certain ones will appear nevertheless. The other online betting sites will be added when the have their first markets for the 2017 League of Legends world Championship.

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Now let's take a closer look at these special bets on Bet365 that are already available. As I've already informed you earlier, we are looking at 3 special bets, all of which seem interesting enough and are finely poised with decent odds. So, without much further adue, let's see what awaits us!

Current LoL Worlds 2017 Match Winner Betting Odds

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Outright winner

The outright winner is a well-known bet type. It basically allows you to bet on a team that you believe will win the entire tournament.

To Win Outright Betting Odds LoL Worlds 2017 Bet365

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As you can see, Faker's SKT1 is still the biggest favorite to win this year's LoL World Championship. Followed by the second greatest Korean team – Longhzu – this duo will most likely decide the winner… Read more about the Outright Winner LoL Worlds 2017 Betting Odds here.

Region of Winner

That's exactly why it comes as no surprise Bet365 offers absurd wagers on their Region of Winner special bet.

Region of Winner LoL Worlds 2017 Bet365 Odds

There are only 6 available options to bet on, and the first one is a proper no brainer. With both SKT1 and Longzhu keeping their form up and running, picking South Korea as the region of the winner is a steal!

To Reach The Final

Whoever wants to play it safe and considers the bet on the overall winner to be too risky can still bet on which team will be among the best 2. The odds are similar to the overall winner's odds, but are a bit lower because it's easier to get into the final than to reach the final and win it.

To Reach The Final Betting Odds LoL Worlds 2017 Bet365check current odds at Bet365 >>
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Not to Lose a Map

Even the best teams are surprised here and there and lose a game. However, due to the superiority of the South Korean teams, bet365 offers the possibility to bet that Longzhu or SK Telecom won't lose a single map. The chances of this are very poor, but the option is certainly interesting for those who are willing to take risks.

Not to Lose a Map LoL Worlds 2017 Bet365 Odds

Winners Group

After the draw of the groups has already been made, there are already odds on which group the later winners will come from. Of course, Group A and Group B are clear favourites, as they contain Longzhu Gaming and SK Telecom T1, while Group D has an outsider role and the best team is Team SoloMid.

Winners Group LoL Worlds 2017 Bet365

Group Qualification

Another betting option is about Play-In Stage #1. You ought to choose the teams that will make it into Play-In Stage #2.

Group Qualification LoL Worlds 2017 Bet365

Group Betting

In Group Betting, you are demanded to determine which teams will lead their group at the end of Play-In Stage #1. The odds for the top teams are therefore similarly low as for the Group Qualification.

Group Betting LoL Worlds 2017 Bet365check current odds at Bet365 >>
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