EU LCS Teams (Europe) at LoL Worlds 2016

Europe are able to send 3 teams to the LoL World Championship 2016, 2 of these positions have already been taken as G2 Esports managed to take the 1st seed, being the 2016 EU LCS Summer Playoffs winners, and H2k managed to take the 2nd seed, having taken the most Championship Points over the year. A 3rd and final team is yet to be decided as the European Regional Qualifier tournament is close to kicking off. We’ve seen a lot of fantastic games from these teams and they’ve shown phenomenal skill but how well will they perform at the world championship? G2 Esports managed to qualify for the World Championship previously but that quickly came to an end for them. Will they make the same mistakes? H2k are a team that have dedicated a lot of time for this opportunity and I’m sure they’re doing everything they possibly can to have a huge impact.

LCS EU Logo Season 6 | 2016These teams will need to work through a rigorous double round robin group stage where they will play each team in their group twice; the 2 teams that manage to come out on top of this stage make their way into the final stage. The knockout stage is where the competing teams will truly be tested as they work through the quarterfinals, semi-finals and into the finals. Will the European teams make it that far? The competing European teams were able to in 2015. The groups will be drawn on September 10th and from that point forward these teams will need to focus on studying their opponents and figuring out how to come out on top, not taking a vacation. They will be representing their region as well as their organisations. This has been a dream for a few of these players and now it’s a reality, let’s hopes they’re able to give it their best and make it through many stages before taking that final trip back home.
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League of Legends Icon G2 Esports (G2) – (No.1 Seed Europe)

Qualified by: Winning the 2016 EU LCS Summer Playoffs.
Groupstage: LoL Worlds 2016 Group A.
Achievements: 1st Place EU LCS Summer Playoffs, 1st Place EU LCS Summer Split, 1st Place EU LCS Spring Playoffs, 1st Place EU LCS Spring Split.

G2 Esports - EU LCS team LogoG2 Esports have shown over a long period of time that they’re the best team in Europe and they’ve constantly strived to improve. This became apparent after their weak international performances; they took a few hard hits at the 2015 World Championship along with at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational. After a few changes to the team they were able to head into the Summer Split fairly confidently, a place where they were able to constantly go against their opponents and not drop a single series loss. The EU LCS was running a best-of-2 style points system where a single series loss would greatly impact the points that the team had earned, G2 Esports had proven time and time again that they were only willing to lose a single game during a series and end it in a tie. Ties won’t be available for them at the World Championship and I’m sure they’ve learnt from their mistakes from 2015. The organisation and staff will be grilling the team and making sure that they’re prepared enough to face off against the most challenging opponents. Once they make it to the actual performances they will be constantly challenged by world class teams and there will be no room for mistakes. During the 2015 World Championship there were a lot of mistakes and these were points out extremely often, G2 Esports are going to need to head into the 2016 World Championships much more confidently and with significantly more practice than last year if they want to make an impact and work their way into the knockout stage. Once they’ve made it that far it’ll be down to preparation and practice instead of just ‘talent’. They might have earned their ticket to the world championship but now things will be serious for them, this is their chance to show the world that 2015 was a mistake and that they’re a serious team with a serious agenda. They’re chasing the World Championship 2016 title and are ready to reap the rewards.

League of Legends Icon G2 Esports – World Championship Roster

  • Top: Ki “Expect” Dae-han
  • Jungle: Kim “Trick” Gang-yun
  • Mid: Luka “PerkZ” Perković
  • ADC: Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen
  • Support: Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez

G2 Esports - Team and Players, EU LCS

League of Legends Icon H2K Gaming (H2K) – (No.2 Seed Europe)

Qualified by: Highest Circuit / Championship Points in EU LCS 2016.
Groupstage: LoL Worlds 2016 Group C.
Achievements: 3rd Place 2016 EU LCS Summer Playoffs, 2nd Place 2016 EU LCS Spring Playoffs, 4th Place 2016 EU LCS Summer Split.

H2K Gaming EU LCS Team Logo LoLH2K Gaming were one of the team representing Europe during the 2015 World Championship but didn’t make it very far. Now they’ve got more passion and drive on their team, they’ve got a roster who’s dream it has been to make it this far and to push it even further. H2k might not have been the most stable team during the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split but at the end they made a change, it wasn’t the most unexpected change but it quickly brought them fantastic performances and their shot at the World Championship title. They brought in “FORG1VEN” who has always had a dream of performing on the Worlds stage. This is his chance; can he push H2k further than they’ve ever been before? It’s questionable. H2k were unable to push their way through the Summer Playoffs but they still manage to take a notable spot as a top 3 performing team in their region. They did this fairly convincingly too, they were unable to come out as a higher placing team though when things got challenging. They ended up facing off against Fnatic at the start of the playoffs and made quick work of them with a 3:0, the next stage was where things got tough. After going against Splyce and losing the series they had to face off against a semi-finals team, Unicorns of Love, for the 3rd place. They made a good stand during the series and only dropped a single game before taking it away and securing their 3rd place in the EU LCS and earning enough points to grant them a ticket to the world championship. If they had lost the series against the Unicorns of love they’d be in the EU LCS Regional Qualifier tournament right now but they have proven to the world that they deserve this opportunity regardless of how hectic their summer split was. They’ve got a great opportunity here and unlike a few teams they won’t squander this chance, H2k are a passionate team with a lot of drive; they will be giving this everything they’ve got so expect some exciting games from them. I think we’ll be able to visually see the passion this team holds.

League of Legends Icon H2K Gaming – World Championship Roster

  • Top: Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu
  • Jungle: Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski
  • Mid: Yoo “Ryu” Sang-ook
  • ADC: Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou-Napoleon
  • Support: Oskar “VandeR” Bogdan

H2K Gaming - Team and Players, EU LCS

League of Legends Icon Splyce (SPY) – (No.3 Seed Europe)

Qualified by: Winning the EU LCS Regional Qualifiers.
Groupstage: LoL Worlds 2016 Group D.
Achievements: 2nd Place 2016 EU LCS Summer Split, 2nd Place EU 2016 LCS Summer Playoffs, 1st Place 2016 EU LCS Regional Qualifiers.

Splyce EU LCS Team Logo LoLSplyce only entered the LCS in 2016 and they’ve already improved massively. After purchasing their place in the tournament and building a team they were struck with a rough first split, ending in 8th place and having to re-qualify for the LCS. Once the Summer Split came around Splyce turned up, they managed to consistently play well against their opponents and took and extremely promising position on the ladder. They managed to do this fairly confidently which was apparent from their games, this quickly turned into them gaining a qualification for the playoffs but they were still cursed by their bad spring split. They weren’t able to qualify through the playoffs and because of their previous split they were unable to qualify through championship points, this only left them with a single option and after many exciting games they came out on top to secure their ticket to the World Championship 2016. It was fairly difficult for Splyce to come out on top of their opponents but due to their consistency, ability to perform for long periods of time and in stressful situations along with their massive improvements over the course of the summer split they have shown that they definitely deserve their place on the worlds stage to represent Europe. I think Splyce could run into a few issues during the group stage but will still outperform quite a few of the western teams in the tournament. Splyce tend to take their training and practicing seriously and if they’re on the verge of improving more then they’re going to do well.

League of Legends Icon Splyce – World Championship Roster

  • Top: Martin “Wunder” Hansen
  • Jungle: Jonas “Trashy” Anderson
  • Mid: Chres “Sencux” Laursen
  • ADC: Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup
  • Support: Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle

Splyce - Team and Players, EU LCS

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