LPL Summer Playoffs 2016 – Recap | LoL Worlds 2016 Qualifiers

League of Legends Pro League LogoThe LPL Summer Playoffs is handled in a very exceptional way; it’s extremely different from the other regions and is held in 2 separate brackets. The winner of the entire tournament is decided when the winners of each bracket battle head to head for their chance at heading to the 2016 LoL World Championship. Every match during the LPL Summer Playoffs is a best of 5 series so we’re seeing the best that each and every competing team can perform. Even the seeding in the LPL Playoffs is handled differently, during the 2016 LPL Playoffs both Game Talents and IMay started off their 1st rounds with a 1 win lead. Bracket A had Vici Gaming in the 1st round who quickly advanced after taking down Game Talents, the VG run quickly ended as they were taken down by Team WE. Team WE came close to taking away Bracket A but EDG stood their ground. The series was regularly back and forth but when it came to game 5 EDG managed to come out on top of Bracket A and advance to the finals of the tournament. Bracket B kicked off with IMay making quick work of their first 2 series against Invictus Gaming and then Snake Esports. This meant IMay worked their way through to the finals of their bracket and the semi-finals of the tournament where they were facing off against Royal Never Give Up. Once again there was an extremely enticing series played between IM and RNG, a 5 game series that had both teams pulling wins and making for an even closer series. This came to a close as RNG took the 5th game and made it to the tournament finals where they’ll be facing off against EDG. The finals was an extremely quick series where EDG managed to prove once again that they are a dominating and formidable team, taking the series 3:0 and winning the LPL Summer Playoffs.

League of Legends Icon LPL Summer Playoffs 2016 | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • Date: 08/10/2016 – 08/26/2016
  • Format: Every series was a best of 5).
  • There were 8 competing teams.
  • It was a double bracket tournament.
  • Seeding offered +1 wins for higher placed teams in round 1 of bracket A.
  • The winners of the LPL Summer Playoffs get 1st seed to Worlds.
  • Remaining tournament seedings were based off of season standings.
  • The 2 bracket winners face off in the finals.

Tournament Results:

Edward Gaming won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2016 as LPL Seed #1
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  • 1st place: EDward Gaming LPL Team Logo LoL EDward Gaming
  • 2nd place: Royal Never Give Up LPL Team Logo LoL Royal Never Give Up
  • 3rd place: I May LPL Team Logo LoL I May
  • 4th place: Team WE LPL Team Logo LoL Team WE
  • 5th place: Snake eSports LPL Team Logo LoL Snake eSports
  • 6th place: Vici Gaming LPL Team Logo LoL Vici Gaming
  • 7th place: Game Talents LPL Team Logo LoL Game Talents
  • 8th place: Invictus Gaming LPL Team Logo LoL Invictus Gaming

League of Legends Icon Qualified Team

Edward Gaming (EDG) – (LPL No.1 Seed)
Qualified By: Winning the LPL Summer Playoff tournament.

EDward Gaming LPL Team Logo LoLEDward Gaming didn’t run into much trouble when working their way through the summer playoffs. Because of their summer standings they were seeded into the finals of Bracket A, this is where they had to overcome Team WE which proved to be a challenge. They managed to take the 5th game and work their way into the finals where they crushed Royal Never Give Up and took the No.1 seed from the LPL after taking the 3:0 win.

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