LMS Summer Playoffs 2016 – Recap | LoL Worlds 2016 Qualifiers

League of Legends Masters Series LoL LogoThe League of Legends Master Series is a tournament where the top 4 teams from the LMS battle out for the opportunity to make it to the LoL World Championship 2016. All of the matches played during the LMS Summer Playoffs were a best of 5 series, some of which were extremely close, where the winning teams advance through until the make it to the finals. At this point they’ve already earned a lot regarding Championship Points and increasing their chances at making it to the World Championship but the winner takes the 1st seed. The participating teams were Hong Kong Esports, ahq e-Sports Club, Flash Wolves and J Team. The seeding for this tournament was based on their ranking during the LMS Summer Split. The Tournament kicked off with Hong Kong Esports vs. ahq e-Sports Club and AHQ quickly took control of the series and worked their way into a dominating 3:0 victory. This meant they were advancing through the tournament and will be playing against the Flash Wolves in the semi-finals. This ended up being the closes series of the tournament and was fairly back and forth, AHQ took a quickly lead and won the first 2 games of the series but Flash Wolves turned everything around and pulled off an impressive reverse sweep to take the series 3:2. Because they were able to overcome AHQ, the Flash Wolves managed to advance to the finals where they were going to battle it out against J Team. Flash Wolves made quick work of the finals and took the series 3:0 to come out on top as the LMS Summer Champions.

League of Legends Icon LMS Summer Playoffs 2016 | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • Date: 08/17/2016 – 08/21/2016
  • Format: King-of-the-Hill bracket (every series was a best of 5).
  • There were 4 competing teams.
  • The winners get the LMS 1st seed to Worlds.
  • There were 3 regions participating.
  • Tournament seed was based off of season standings.

Tournament Results:

Flash Wolves won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2016 as LMS Seed #1
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  • 1st place: Flash Wolves LMS Team Logo LoL Flash Wolves
  • 2nd place: J Team LMS Team Logo LoL J Team
  • 3rd place: ahq e-Sports Club LMS Team Logo LoL ahq e-Sports Club
  • 4th place: Hong Kong Esports LMS Team Logo LoL Hong Kong Esports

League of Legends Icon Qualified Team

Flash Wolves (FW) – (LMS No.1 Seed)
Qualified by: Winning the LMS Summer Playoffs.

Flash Wolves LMS Team Logo LoL

After a gruelling tournament and a rough start at the middle of the pack the Flash Wolves worked their way through every series showing a new strength to come out on top and take the LMS 1 st seed to the World Championship. Heading into Worlds they could reflect a similar FW to their 2015 performances but after facing down their challenges they could rise and be a new formidable team, they’ve put in a lot of time and effort to get this far and there’s no way they’re ready to stop in the Group Stage.

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