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League of Legends Pro League LogoThe LPL Regional Qualifiers tournament had 4 teams competing for the 3rd and final seed from their region for the League of Legends World Championship 2016. Every series played throughout the tournament to reach the finals was a best of 5 series and the seeding of the tournament is based on team standings in regards to their overall season performances. This meant that round 1 was between Vici Gaming and Snake Esports, followed by Team WE who were seeded in the semi-finals and then onto IMay who were automatically seeded in the finals. These were the 4 competing teams but competition was tough and the winner was quickly narrowed down. Vici Gaming fell to Snake Esports in round 1 after a difficult and exhausting 5 game series; this meant Snake Esports were against Team WE in the semi-finals. Team WE managed to come out on top of this particular 5 game series which had a lot of back and forth competition. This left IMay and Team WE in the finals and after its completion it meant that every single series played during the LPL Regional Qualifiers was a 5 game series. IMay managed to come out on top against Team WE after an extremely challenging 5th game. Team WE held a lead for a large portion of the game but as the duration went on the gold became insignificant. IMay began their comeback at 50mins and eventually took the series along with the no.3 LPL seed to the World Championship.

League of Legends Icon LPL Regional Qualifiers 2016 | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • Date: 08/27/2016 – 08/28/2016
  • Format: King-of-the-Hill Bracket (each series is a best of 5)
  • There was a best of 3 to determine the 3rd place team.
  • The overall winner takes the LPL no.3 seed to Worlds.
  • There were 4 competing teams.
  • Seeding was based off of overall season performances (Circuit points).

Tournament Results:

I May won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2016 as LPL Seed #3
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  • 1st place: I May LPL Team Logo LoL I May
  • 2nd place: Team WE LPL Team Logo LoL Team WE
  • 3rd place: Snake eSports LPL Team Logo LoL Snake eSports
  • 4th place: Vici Gaming LPL Team Logo LoL Vici Gaming

League of Legends Icon Qualified Team

IMay (IMAY) – (LPL No.3 Seed)

I May LPL Team Logo LoLI May had quite a task ahead of them when they were heading into this tournament, they may have been seeded into the finals right from the get-go but after a few rough weeks they were going to be challenged. In the finals they were facing off against Team WE who was one of the favourite teams to take the regional qualifiers tournament but after a gruelling 5 game series and an extremely close 5th game they managed to take the LPL no.3 Seed to the 2016 World Championship.

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