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The amount of betting sites offering lines and odds for LoL Worlds 2015 is significantly higher than for the League of Legends World Championship last year. Besides normal match bets various bookmakers have special bets (like which teams will get out of group stage, or which team will get the first kill in a certain match) available. Below you find an overview of the available and licensed betting sites. Please note, that not all bookmakers with bets for the League of Legends World Championship might be available in your region. For example players from the US are only allowed to use the fantasy betting service from Vulcun whereas most players from EU and other regions can choose from all available betting sites. In case you are not sure if a bookmaker is available in your country please visit the website and ask the support! On this page we will list the betting odds for all upcoming matches of the tournament – if you are interested in betting on the tournament winner take a look at the outright winner odds for Worlds 2015. Of course we will try to set up special promotions for our users so make sure to check soon!

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LoL Worlds Betting Sites Overview

The below listed bookmakers have betting markets for all matches of the upcoming World Championship. You can either read the our reviews of their services or take a look at the current odds by clicking below or take a look at all esports betting sites here.

LoL World Championship – Fantasy Betting (US Players Welcome):

Vulcun esports betting banner


Upcoming Matches and Betting Odds

Below you can find all upcoming matches of the 2015 League of Legends World Championship with the according betting odds provided by LoL bookmaker Pinnacle Sports. During the group stage of the tournament normal match betting and special bets are available. Handciap bets will be added when LoL Worlds has reached the Knockout Stage (Playoffs).

Preview and Predictions:

Finals – LoL Worlds 2015 – – Saturday, October 31st

Semifinals – LoL Worlds 2015 – – Saturday, October 24th to Sunday, October 25th

Quarterfinals – LoL Worlds 2015 – – Thursday, October 15th to Sunday, October 18th

Results Group Stage #2:
Group A Finals | Group B Finals | Group C Finals | Group D Final

Results Group Stage #1:
Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4

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