LPL Teams (China) at LoL World Championship 2015

League of Legends World Championship 2015 - LogoLPL Logo - LoL League ChinaThe Tencent League of Legends Pro League, LPL, is the Chinese seasoned tournament where 12 teams participate and compete for a position into the next season and also compete for a place at the World Championship. The top teams at the end of the season compete in a playoffs tournament to earn a ticket to the World Championship however the teams that fail to qualify by this point get to compete in a Regionals Qualifier where the 2nd to 5th teams, based on championship points, get to face off at another chance to earn a ticket to the World Championship 2015. In the Regional Qualifiers the winners of both the top and bottom bracket qualify for the World Championship 2015. The 3 teams that qualified were LGD Gaming, who won the LPL Summer Playoffs whilst also holding most championship points, Edward Gaming, who managed to win the top bracket of the LPL Regional Qualifiers Tournament, and Invictus Gaming, who managed to win the lower bracket of the Regional Qualifiers Tournament.

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LoL World Championship Season 5 | 2015 – Overview

LGD Gaming (LGD | No. 1 LPL Seed)

Qualified by: having most LPL Championship Points
Achievements: 1st place LPL Summer Playoffs, 2nd place LPL Spring Playoffs, 1st place TGA Grand Prix Winter 2013, 1st place World GameMaster Tournament 2014.
Worlds Group Stage: Group D

LGD Gaming - LPL TeamAfter a rocky summer split where LGD only managed to end in 5th place they managed to make the improvements necessary to dominate the Summer Playoff tournament where they managed to take constant dominating wins against their strongest competitors where their first 5 game series was only in the finals as they managed to beat every other team by the 4th game. Being one of the most famous rosters in their region, with the likes of “Flame” (Sub) and “Imp” being on their roster, LGD have had a rough time as of late because their performances were mediocre however when push came to shove they managed to show up when It was needed which boosted their average 5th place to 1st which earned them their 1st seed to the World Championship 2015. With a 67% win-rate during the Summer Playoffs 2015 they have shown substantial improvement and are looking to show up strong in the Worlds group stage.

LGD Gaming Roster – LoL Worlds Roster:

  • Top Lane: Choi “Acorn” Cheon-ju
  • Jungle: Zhu “TBQ” Yong-Quan
  • Mid Lane: Wei “GODV” Lian
  • Marksman: Gu “Imp” Seung-bin
  • Support: Chen “Pyl” Bo
  • Top Lane (Sub): Ho-jong “Flame” Lee

Edward Gaming (EDG | No. 2 LPL Seed)

Qualified by: winning LPL Regional Qualifiers 2015
Achievements: 1st place 2015 Season China Regional Qualifiers, 1st place Demacia Cup Summer 2015, 1st place Demacia Cup Spring 2015, 1st place Mid-season invitational 2015.
Worlds Group Stage: Group C

Edward Gaming - LPL Team LogoEDG have had a phenomenal showing in 2015 taking 1st place in 7 out of 8 of their tournaments and splits. After showing such a substantial amount of strength it came as a surprise when LGD manage to 3:0 them during the Summer Playoff tournament however they managed to bounce back strong and win the Regional Qualifiers tournament in splendid fashion by only losing a single game throughout its entirety. After defeating SKTT1 in the 2015 Mid-season invitational tournament EDG became one of the fan favourites to be a top contender to win the World Championship 2015 however it won’t come easy seeing as they’ve already managed to drop games against the likes of IG and LGD who are also attending the World Championship. If the EDG from the mid-season invitational tournament shows up we could be looking at some dominating games but we’ll have to hope because EDG have shown that they’re not a perfect team. After some time away from tournaments and with plenty of practice already having taken place we’re going to want to keep an eye on EDG as they may take the light off of the other fan favourite team, SKTT1.

Edward Gaming – LoL Worlds Roster:

  • Top Lane: Tong “Koro1” Yang
  • Jungle: Ming “Clearlove” Kai
  • Mid Lane: Heo “PawN” Wonseok
  • Marksman: Kim “Deft” Hyukkyu
  • Support: Tian “Meiko” Ye
  • Top Lane (Sub): Waiho “AmazingJ” Shek

Invictus Gaming (IG | No. 3 LPL Seed)

Qualified by: runner up LPL Regional Qualifiers 2015
Achievements: 2nd place 2015 Season China Regional Qualifiers, 2nd place Demacia Cup Spring 2015, 3rd place LPL Spring Playoffs 2015, 3rd LPL Summer Playoffs 2015.
Worlds Group Stage: Group B

Invictus Gaming - LPL Team LogoInvictus Gaming have had a mediocre season averaging 3rd place but managed to show up when the time called for it, taking the Regional Qualifiers tournament bottom bracket seed to the World Championship by defeating the regions 2nd place team Qiao Gu Reapers. Invictus Gaming have managed to prove that they are a top team by not only qualifying for the World Championship 2015 but by taking wins from the strongest teams in the region which are Edward Gaming along with LGD – Gaming, both of which are also at the World Championship. After a rough patch with lacking consistency IG managed to step up to the plate and perform phenomenally in both the Summer Playoff tournament but also throughout their most recent matches. IG is going to have to improve their consistency to make an impact at the Worlds stage but I expect to see great things from them.

Invictus Gaming – LoL Worlds Roster:

  • Top Lane: Liu “Zzitai” Zhi-Hao
  • Jungle: Lee “KaKAO” Byung-Kwon
  • Mid Lane: Song “RooKie” Eui-jin
  • Marksman: Ge “Kid” Yan
  • Support: Liu “Kitties” Hong-Jun
  • Marksman (Sub): Jingtai “Time” Tang

Predictions for the Chinese (LPL) Teams at LoL Worlds:

Prediction: Even though LGD managed to take the 1st seed I think out of all of the teams that have qualified from the LPL that they’ll have the weakest showing; however this doesn’t mean we should disregard them. They’re an extremely strong team still which they have shown and if they’re made even minor improvements they’ll be trouble for most western teams. I expect LGD to end between 3/4th place which is roughly the same for Invictus Gaming hoping they’ll also end in 3/4th which they have the potential for! EDG, in my opinion, will have the strongest showing from this region as they have had the most dominating performances of all of the teams whilst also taking games from the strongest teams from other regions. I’ll be expecting EDG to take a top 3 place at the World Championship 2015. All 3 of these groups shouldn’t have too much trouble in their groups stages and the only team I expect to run into trouble is LGD as they’re against some well performing teams from the other regions.

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