LPL Regional Qualifiers – LoL Worlds 2015

LPL Logo - LoL League ChinaThe LPL Regionals tournament is where the top 4 remaining teams, who’ve not already qualified for the World Championship 2015, have to go head to head to fight for the final 2 seeds obtainable to gain access to the World Championship 2015. For the LPL, LoL Pro League, the 4 teams that qualified are Edward Gaming, Qiao Gu, Team Snake and Invictus Gamng. The tournament is a double elimination series where the first round is a best of 3 and every round after is a best of 5, the final 2 standing teams earn a seed to the World Championship 2015 each. All of these teams have shown outstanding ability to perform in the Chinese region, where the LPL is hosted. LGD has already qualified for Worlds by winning the LPL Summer Playoffs.

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LPL Regionals | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • 09/04/2015 – 09/05/2015
  • 4 Teams
  • Format: double elimination
  • Mode: Best of 3 | Best of 5
  • Winners get last two LPL slot to LoL Worlds 2015

Tournament Results:

Edward Gaming and Invictus Gaming qualified for Worlds 2015 as LPL Seed #2 and #3

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  • 1st place:   Edward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming
  • 2nd place: Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus Gaming
  • 3rd place: Qiao Gu - LPL Team Logo Qiao Gu Reapers
  • 4th place: Team Snake - LPL Team Logo Team Snake

Teams Overview and short background

  • Edward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming (EDG) is currently a ‘powerhouse’ team that has already participated at the highest competitive levels. Taking down SKTT1 during the Mid-Season Invitational and taking top place in the LPL during both the spring and summer splits. They’re currently the team to beat.
  • Qiao Gu - LPL Team Logo Qiao Gu Reapers (QG) stormed into the League of Legends competitive scene with great fashion, showing great performance since their formation. They’ve shown to be a top Chinese team holding places between 3rd place and 1st.
  • Team Snake - LPL Team Logo Team Snake (SS) are a team full of potential, showing more strengths than weaknesses, during the LPL summer split they managed to take the 4th place by the end of it. With them being a very new team their performance was phenomenal. Having only formed in 2014 and having only competed in the 2015 summer split.
  • Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus Gaming (IG) have held the title of being a top Chinese team for a while now. Being one of the legacy teams in the LPL they’ve got a lot of experience that they’re able to use against their enemies to help them hold a top spot. Constantly taking a top 3 place has earned them their place at the World Championship, where they have previously been during Season 2, World Championship 2012.

Full Tournament Recap

LPL Regionals 2015 – Upper Bracket:

Upper Bracket Round 1: Edward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming vs Team Snake - LPL Team Logo Team Snake

The first game started off with a bang, 6 minutes in and the well-known Chinese aggression kicks off where EDG tower dive the bottom tier 1 turret and pick up 3 kills, picking up a 4th just moments later and earning a 4k gold lead. Once again at 9mins into the match a drawn out fight erupts and SS pick up their first kill, at the cost of 3 members of their own team. This pushed Edward Gaming’s lead to nearly 5k before 10mins. Edward Gaming relentlessly tower dive at 12mins killing 4members of SS with no loss, taking hold of a 7k gold lead. By 20mins EDG with a 10k gold lead a multiple tower dives take complete control of the camp and start punishing every miss-step by SS. By 28mins with a kill score of 25:3 and a 23k gold lead EDG seemed unstoppable and pushed for victory at 29mins with 5 dragons and a kill score of 30:3. EDG 1:0

During the second game SS manage to take an early lead by picking off a few members of EDG and push this to a 3k gold lead by 20mins. Being a much slower match than the first EDG claw their way back at 23mins as a fight breaks out by dragon pit, with wonderful co-ordination they manage to ace Team Snake. Taking another fight off of Team Snake at 31mins EDG try to force baron, which is stopped, but the resulting deaths equals out the gold for both teams. 43mins into the game and any mistake will lose the game for either team. Team Snake manage to take a fight off of EDG but are punished for staying too long as EDGDeft, EDG’s Marksman, manages to clean up a triple kill and pushes into the base of team snake, allowing EDG to claim global pressure and taking an inhibitor, also letting them take Baron. With Team Snake being caught out of position EDG manage to push for victory by 48mins. EDG Victory 2:0.

Upper Bracket Round 1: Qiao Gu - LPL Team Logo Qiao Gu Reapers vs Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus Gaming

During game 1 both of these teams are battling it out regularly, however by 18mins both teams are on 9 kills with a small gold lead in QG’s favour by 2k. This continued all the way to 27mins where a fight by dragon pit allowed IG to ace QG however the gain was minimal. At 31mins into the game QG pick off a few members of IG and prepare Baron; IG KaKAO, IG’s Jungler, manages to steal the Baron and kill 2 members of QG at the same time. With both teams focusing heavily on objectives the next fight to start is by dragon pit at 34mins where IG get an unofficial ace after killing all 5 members of QG. Whilst trying to take an inhibitor QG get a few revenge kills but are unable to capitalise on anything. 40mins in and IG fight once again at dragon pit, killing 4 members of QG and taking Baron Nashor for a second time. The final fight, by dragon pit again, allowed IG to ace QG and push for victory by 47mins. IG 1:0

A slower paced start to the game being broken at 16mins as a 4v5 fight starts but because of phenomenal mechanical play, from mid laner IG RooKie, IG manage to gold out and even take 3 kills at the cost of 3 of their own. Considering the situation this was remarkable. However at 18mins QG push for another fight and kill 2 members of IG which goes unanswered. 26mins into the game and IG catch out a few members of QG, allowing them to take Baron by 27mins. With both teams looking for openings they clash at 29mins where IG manage to get a Quadra-kill on their top laner and eventually an ace on QG, giving them a 5k gold lead by 31mins. By 32mins IG press their lead and kill 4 members of QG whilst pushing their base and taking 2 inhibitors. IG decides to pressure baron at 34mins and take a fight with QG. With IG taking this fight and acing QG they push for a 35min victory. IG Victory 2:0

Upper Bracket Round 2: Edward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming vs Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus Gaming

As the first game kicks off everything starts slow but fortunately for IG they manage to pick off a few members of EDG and gain a miniature advantage. 16mins in and EDG clear dragon but, due to taking too much damage and being zoned out, IG manage to pick up more kills leaving the kill score 0:5 to IG and giving them a 3k gold lead. Not long after that EDG try and make something happen in the bottom lane but thanks to quick reactions from IG their attempt is halted and IG pick up 3 kills at the cost of 1 of their own, pushing their lead to 5k by 19mins. Into the 31st minute IG decide to attempt Baron, after taking it EDG use everything they could possibly throw at IG and manage to ace them, however IG still hold a 7k gold lead. 34mins in and EDG pick a fight of their own, regardless of the 6k gold deficit, and manage to kill a few members of EDG closing the gold gap even more. One of the more memorable moments of this game was at 39mins as EDG rush to Baron and start to kill it as fast as they can, only to have it taken by IGZz1tai, IG’s top laner. As IG are sieging at 41mins trying to break the base of EDG they get engaged on and lose 3 members whilst taking down only 1 of EDG. 44mins in and EDG decide to flank IG trying to push into their base, a big miss-step from EDG allow them to get aced during an extremely long and drawn out fight that finishes by 46mins, once aced IG push for a 46min victory. IG 1:0

Game 2 starts off in an opposite way to game 1 where EDG manage to pick up a few early kills and a 1.5k gold lead. 23mins and EDG pick up another kill near Baron pit and start it however they decide to pick up a few more kills instead of finishing it and advance to a 4k gold lead with a kill score of 3:6 in favour of EDG. 33mins into the game EDG start to siege turrets but due to over aggression they only manage to trade 2 kills with IG. Both teams have their sights on dragon at 39mins and a large fight breaks out, EDG manage to steal the dragon and kill 4 members of IG which allowed them to take baron by 40mins. At the 44th minute a fight starts as IG’s top laner is caught out in the mid lane. EDG pick up a 5th dragon and ace the final surviving team members of IG, pushing into IG’s base at 46mins. IG try and stop EDG’s 47min Baron but with the 11k gold deficit they fall and lose multiple members, letting EDG take Baron once again. At 51mins an over aggressive IG manage to get aced and EDG finish the game by 51mins. 1:1 tie.

A lot of aggressive plays allow 7 deaths to happen by 12mins. By 20mins EDG are looking to team fight and manage to find one, after taking a few kills IG are however still hold a small gold lead. 29mins into the game ad EDG take a fight by dragon, managing to steal it from IG and cleaning up 3 members of IG at the loss of 1 of their own. 32mins in and EDG are attempting baron, they decide to turn and fight IG as they attempt to stop them. During this fight IG manage to take 3 kills from EDg and attempt a baron of their own. Just a minute later as EDG members re-spawn they re-engage on IG and clean up the remaining IG members that are there, allowing them to take a Baron of their own. 35mins and EDG start playing extremely aggressively, attempting multiple tower dives they find one at 36mins, killing IG’s top laner and taking the bottom tier 2 turret, this pushes their gold lead to 8k. 43mins and EDG try and pick a fight however phenomenal mechanical play allows IG to clean up a few members of EDG and take a baron of their own. 48mins into the game and EDG tower dive IG’s inhibitor turret taking out 3 members of IG. This allowed EDG to take the nexus turrets and eventually the nexus by 49mins. EDG 2:1

With an extremely slow beginning to game 4 the first fight breaks out at 13mins where EDG manage to pick up a few kills of IG and taking a small gold advantage. 16mins into the game and IG take a fight where they manage to ace EDG and take the gold lead for themselves. 24mins and a huge fight starts at dragon pit where EDG manage to kill all 5 members of IG and eventually take Baron. IG are looking to fight once again at 30mins and a huge play by EDG Mid-laner PawN allows EDG to easily take this fight, cleaning up 4 member of IG and taking a 4k gold lead. Holding a 9k gold lead at 36mins EDG pick off a member of IG and take 5th dragon, slowly making their way into IG’s base at 40mins. After acing IG in their own base, EDG push and take the win by 42mins. EDG Victory 3:1

Congratulations to Edward Gaming for taking LPL’s second seed to the World Championship.

After the winner’s bracket where EDG managed to defeat IG and take a seed to the World Championship 2015 there’s a loser bracket. This is because of the double-elimination format of the tournament. Because of IG making it to the semi-finals in the upper bracket of the tournament they advance through to the finals of the losers bracket. The winner of the loser bracket will take the final seed to the League of Legends World Championship 2015. All of these games are best of 5 series’.

LPL Regionals 2015 – Lower Bracket:

Lower Bracket Round 1: Qiao Gu - LPL Team Logo Qioa Gu Reapers vs Team Snake - LPL Team Logo Team Snake

Both teams in game 1 make a lot of aggressive plays, 10 kills in the game by 9mins. Team snake manage to hold a 5k gold lead by 16 mins with a kill score of 5:9 in favour of SS. QG start to chase for kills at 21mins and manage to ace SS giving them 11:10 kill lead however they’re still at a 3k gold deficit. After managing to pick off a member of Team Snake at 24mins QG attempt baron, SS engage and look to take a fight but QG take their time and manage to kill 3 enemies at a loss of 2 of their own. 29mins at dragon pit and QG steal it, taking a fight of their own killing 4 members of team snake, QG then head towards baron and take it uncontested. 32mins and Qg start to rotate between lanes taking inhibitors, however just 1 minute later and QG take a fight, killing multiple members of SS and taking a second inhibitor. 36mins in and QG are looking to take the 3rd inhibitor, SS engage however QG manage to ace them and finish the game by 37mins. QG 1:0

Game 2 was extremely aggressive early, QG manage to take 4 kills by 13mins and SS take 3 of their own. Shortly after 13mins passes QG are looking to fight in the jungle of SS, trading support deaths and leaving QG with a small gold lead. 18mins and QG manage to take 3 easy kills, pressing a 2k gold lead. 21mins into the game with a kill score of 5:10 in favour of QG, both teams manage to start picking off members of the opposing enemy teams. By minute 24 SS are trying to press their advantage but due to a slight miss-step QG manage to take more from the situation by killing 2 members of SS at the cost of 1 of their own, this pushes QG’s gold lead to a miniature 2k. Over the next few minutes SS manage to pick off a few members of QG, equalising the gold lead. 34mins and QG manage to take baron, engaging on the surrounding SS members and killing 4 of them. QG look to siege at 37mins and SS land a taunt on QG’s Mid-laner allowing them to instantly kill him. However QG, even with a missing member, manage to kill 4 members of SS and take an inhibitor by 39mins. After rotating at 40mins and taking a second inhibitor they manage to ace Team Snake and win the game by 41mins with a 12k gold lead. QG 2:0

Team Snake manage to take an early lead with first blood in game 3 but at 8mins QG’s aggression allow them to take a few kills of their own and the first dragon of the game. 15mins and SS find a fight where they quickly take 2 kills however QG manage to reply quickly by acing Team Snake due to them having such low health. All of the aggressive QG plays up to this point allowed QG to take a kill score of 10:3 and a 7k gold lead. 22mins and QG tower dive SS, after acing them and taking yet another turret QG gold an 11k gold lead. During the 25th minute QG find another fight killing 2 members of SS and taking baron afterwards. QG crack Team Snake’s base at 28mins and dive into SS, losing this fight allowing SS to pick up 3 kills. 35mins QG engage and kill multiple members of SS, losing this fight allowing SS to pick up 3 kills. 35mins QG engage and kill multiple members of SS, acing them by diving into the fountain. After acing them they finish the game by 35mins with an outstanding 17k gold lead. QG Victory 3:0

Lower Bracket Round 2: Qiao Gu - LPL Team Logo Qiao Gu Reapers vs Invictus Gaming - LPL Team Logo Invictus Gaming

Game 1 was played out extremely slowly at the start with both teams avoiding much conflict, at 16mins a fight starts and IG take 4 kills whilst giving QG 2. Shortly after IG take their second dragon around 19mins QG look for a fight, taking down 2 members of IG and balancing the kill score 4:4. A while into minute 25 and IG look to take a 3rd dragon but are engaged on by QG, IG however manage to ace them and take a 26min baron, taking the 3rd dragon shortly after. With a 7k gold lead by 27mins IG are sieging the base of QG, taking a 28min inhibitor. After 30mins the game is completely in IG’s control. 34mins and IG look to bait by Baron, hoping to pick up a few easy kills, after killing 2 members of QG they take a 34min baron. With a 14k gold lead at 38mins IG rampage through QG’s base, leaving to take a 5th dragon at 40mins. After pushing 3 inhibitors IG ace QG and finish the game by 43mins with a 20k gold lead. IG 1:0

In game 2 there’s an action packed bottom lane where fights break out at both 10mins and 18mins. With the gold lead being slightly in IG’s favour. During the 18 minute brawl IG’s top laner manages to pull off a phenomenal stun, locking down 4 members of QG and eventually getting aced. With a 4k gold lead at 30mins IG start taking down baron, after taking it they manage to kill 3 members of QG whilst losing 1 of their own. 36mins into the game and IG start a fight and take down multiple members of QG and start pushing into the base of QG. IG take their 5th dragon at 39mins and QG start Baron, IG kill 4 members, take baron and as the game is about to end QG surrender. IG take their second victory of the series with a 16k gold lead. IG 2:0

IG in game 3 manages to take a few early kills, giving them a 3k gold lead. At 14mins IG look to fight QG and take a few kills, pushing their lead to 5k. 17mins in and QG engage a fight of their own, however IG eventually ace QG. By 22mins IG have a kill score of 10:0 and an 8k gold lead, clearing Baron. QG engage yet another fight looking to pick off a few members of IG but at this point, 23mins into the game, IG ace QG once again and push their lead into the enemy base. QG continue to look for fights that they can’t handle, with a kill score of 20:1 and a 19k gold lead IG manage to take down the nexus. IG Victory 3:0.

Congratulations to Edward Gaming who won the second World Championship seed by winning the upper bracket of the LPL regional tournament and also Invictus Gaming who won the lower bracket of the tournament taking the no.3 seed to the World Championship 2015.

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