LMS Regional Qualifiers – LoL Worlds 2015

LMS Logo League of LegendsThe LMS Regionals tournament is between 4 teams. In this case it was Yoe Flash Wolves, Hong Kong Esports, Taipei Assassins and Midnight Sun Esports. These teams would have to battle it out against each other in best of 5 series’. To be granted access to the LMS Regionals these teams had to take the top seeds in their LMS summer playoffs excluding the winner who was already granted a place at the League of Legends World Championship. All 4 of these teams have shown great strength in their competitive regions, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. (Read more about the LMS here) The team that comes out on top will be rewarded with a place at the World Championship, where all of the international teams will face off to see which team and region can perform best.

With HKES and yoeFW (Hong Kong Esports and Yoe Flash Wolves) showing significantly stronger performance than the other 2 teams, MSE and TPA, by earning more than 150 circuit points. MSE and TPA would have to show some outstanding performances during this tournament to take the top places.

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LMS Regionals | LoL Worlds Qualifiers facts

  • 08/14/2015 – 08/16/2015
  • 4 Teams
  • Format: Semifinals | Finals
  • Mode: Best of 5
  • Winner gets last LMS slot to LoL Worlds 2015

Tournament Results:

Yoe Flash Wolves (yoeFW) won and qualified for LoL Worlds 2015 as LMS Seed #2
After the tournament the team changed it's name to just Flash Wolves

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  • 1st place:   Flash Wolves - LMS team logo Yoe Flash Wolves
  • 2nd place: HongKong Esports - LMS team logo Hong Kong Esports
  • 3rd place / 4th place: Taipei Assassins - LMS team logo Taipei Assassins
  • 3rd place / 4th place: Midnight Sun e-Sports - LMS team logo Midnight Sun Esports

Teams Overview and short background

  • HongKong Esports - LMS team logoHong Kong Esports (HKES) is a team that originates from Hong Kong, with now retired captain and Mid-laner Kurtis “Toyz” Lau and Wang “Stanley” June Tsan being the main components in the roster. Both coming from the Season 2 World Champions team Taipei Assassins.
  • Flash Wolves - LMS team logoYoe Flash Wolves (yoeFW) is a team that have encountered a lot of trouble. Originating from Taiwan this team started to shine in late 2013 and early 2014. Taking wins from the power house teams of the time.
  • Taipei Assassins - LMS team logoTaipei Assassins (TPA) is a team of former world champions. Winning the Season 2 World Championship, however they’ve had a lot of roster changes since, 2 of the members now on HKE. A rivalry? It would certainly be in their best interest to beat their former members.
  • Midnight Sun e-Sports - LMS team logoMidnight Sun Esports (MSE) is a team of members formerly of a team called No Game No Life, after being acquired by an Esports organisation from Taipei, Taiwan they managed to qualify for the 2015 LMS and compete. Showing great potential by going 13-15 in the summer season.

Tournament Recap

Semifinal #1: HongKong Esports - LMS team logo HKES facing off against Taipei Assassins - LMS team logo TPA.

Game 1, HKES took their first drake at 10mins. A sloppy fight broke out just moments later giving TPA a 1k gold lead. TPA managed to pressure with this small advantage advancing this lead to nearly 3k just 4 minutes later. By 20mins in they had a 6 kill advantage and a 5k gold lead, having pressured and taken all of the outer turrets in each individual lane. An impressive and aggressive tower dive at 23mins allowed them to take the bottom lane tier 2 turret and giving them a significant 7k gold lead. TPA manages to take a 25min Baron Nashor with no contest. With Baron Nashor and an 11k gold lead they manage claim their first victory at 29mins. TPA 1:0

In game 2 at 5mins TPA manage to take 2 kills in the bottom lane with phenomenal play from Chen “REFRA1N” Kuan-Ting on Elise. However with a counter-play being made at 16mins by Xue “DinTer” Hong-Wei, on Rek’sai, who manages to knock up 3 members of TPA they manage to clean up more than half of TPA and take a drake for their own, this also helped close the gold gap between these 2 teams leaving it at just 1k in TPA’s advantage. With the loss of 2 team members TPA manage to take Baron Nashor at 42mins. They manage to find a clean team fight where they kill 4 members of HKES; pushing for their second victory. TPA 2:0

During game 3, with no gold lead being taken until 16mins HKES manage to find a fight, taking out 3 members of TPA with 1 loss of their own, which lead to a small 2k lead in gold. 33mins into the game and HKES manage to pick a fight where they manage to take 4 kills, the 5th occurring just moments later, leading to a 34min Baron Nashor an additional drake and also a 7k gold lead. They manage to push this lead to 11k at 41mins in and taking a second Baron Nashor by 43mins. With such a significant advantage they manage to close the game out by 48mins. TPA 2:1

Game 4, 16mins a team fight manages to tip the lead in favour of TPA, cleaning up a few members of HKES gives them a 3k gold lead. With HKES managing to take a team fight of their own at 26mins they manage to kill all 5 members of TPA and take Baron Nashor, keeping them even at 30mins. HKES start pressing their advantage and take a 4th drake at 33mins. Although TPA had a 2k gold lead, HKE manage to take a second Baron Nashor at 35mins, at the cost of their entire team. With exceptional performance HKES manage to win a fight at 43mins and push for their second victory. 2:2 tie.

This final match went in HKES advantage early, holding a 4k gold lead and a 7-1 kill score by 14mins. With phenomenal calculated plays they manage to push this to an 11-1 kill score and 9k gold lead by 20mins. At just 26mins in HKES held a 15k gold lead after taking Baron Nashor. With the match completely in their favour they crack TPA’s base by 29mins and rotate to the other lanes, eventually taking the win by 31mins. 3:2 HKES Victory.

Semifinal #2: Flash Wolves - LMS team logo YoeFW vs Midnight Sun e-Sports - LMS team logo MSE

Showing significant team skill yoeFW break MSE with a gold lead of 5k by 22mins. Pushing their advantage to 9k by 31mins they’ve already cracked the base of MSE. Pushing their already significant advantage they manage to win a team fight by MSE’s nexus at 35mins for their first victory. 1:0 YoeFW

An extremely risky attack just 3mins in by MSE, tower diving Huang “Maple” Yi0Tang, gives first blood in favour of yoeFW. With impressive roaming from Maple yoeFW obtain a kill score of 9-1 just 14mins in giving them a 5k gold advantage. With this significant advantage already being taken, yoeFW take Baron Nashor at 21mins with a gold lead of 10k. Breaking through MSE’s base by 24mins a fight breaks out, giving yoeFW a 17-4 kill score, furthering their advantage. yoeFW take MSE’s base by 29mins and push for victory by 30mins. 2:0 YoeFW

With a 5k advantage and a 9-2 kill score YoeFW manage to take a 5k gold lead by 18mins. With an impressive amount of teamwork they manage to ace MSE at 25mins and take Baron Nashor, giving them a 9k gold lead. With next-to perfect play from YoeFW they manage to crack the base of MSE at 28mins. After rotating to the top lane and holding a kill score of 22-2 they take the final win of the series at 31mins. 3:0 YoeFW Victory.

LMS Regionals Grand Final: Flash Wolves - LMS team logo YoeFW vs. HongKong Esports - LMS team logo HKES

Game 1 between HKES and yoeFW started off slow; with a fight kicking off at 17mins HKES manage to take a 3k gold lead. Pressing this advantage they take control of the map, with a 10k gold lead by 30mins. 34mins in, as preparations for Baron Nashor commence, HKES take a fight and kill 4 members of yoeFW. In just 1 push at 35mins they break through the base of yoeFW and take not only an inhibitor but the nexus too, claiming victory. 1:0 HKES.

yoeFW take game 2 into their hands with aggressive moves allowing them to take a 6k gold lead by 23mins. With a kill score of 18-5 yoeFW make it into the base of HKES, taking a few kills and a 10k gold lead. Having taken Baron Nashor at 30mins they find a fight at 31mins, taking out multiple members of HKES and pushing for a quick 32min victory. 1:1 tie.

The 3rd game was slow until 24mins in where HKES decide to tower dive yoeFW, this lead to yoeFW taking Baron Nashor and a 5k gold lead by 26mins. Just moments later yoeFW take another fight and Baron Nashor once again, furthering their lead. Pressing this advantage they go for a big push after acing HKES taking a 38min victory. 2:1 yoeFW.

With the 4th game having their total victory on the line HKES take a drake fight at 8mins, killing 3 yoeFW and granting themselves a drake and a small gold advantage. HKES start picking off enemies and build a 4k gold lead at 20mins; this allowed them to pick up a 21min ace and 22min Baron Nashor. Taking another fight at 25mins they break yoeFWs base claiming an inhibitor. With a 18k lead HKE pick a fight and push for their 48min victory. 2:2 tie.

During the final game, with outstanding performance youFW take a 3k gold lead by 13mins. Showing complete objective control they push this to a 7k gold lead without picking up any more kills. Taking a fight and Baron at 28mins they push their lead to 12k by 30mins. Just 1 fight later yoeFW take their victory at 35mins with a 12-2 kill score and 15k gold lead. 3:2 yoeFW

With an outstanding performance Yoe Flash Wolves manage to win the 2015 LMS regionals, earning their place at the LoL World Championship. Congratulations!

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